Английские идиомы на букву T


Teaching Assistant – помощник учителя

Wanda didn’t have much experience in teaching and was able to get only the job as a TA at the community college.

Table a discussion

Перенести обсуждение на более позднее время

They Tabled the discussion About the sponsorship until the next meeting.

Table a motion

Отложить обсуждение чего-либо (во время собрания)

They decided To table a motion to discuss the security issue at another meeting.

Tackle a problem

Биться над проблемой

All the members of the staff had To tackle the problem of advertising.

Tag along with (someone)

Плестись за кем-либо

I saw two little kids Tagging along with their mother.

Tail between one’s legs

Быть пристыженным или побежденным

Steve had boasted he would win the tournament, but he went home with his Tail between his legs.

Tail wagging the dog

Ситуация, когда кто-либо незначительный держит все под контролем

Jim is just a minor employee in the firm, yet he tries to give everyone orders; I think it’s a case of The tail wagging the dog.

Take a backseat to (someone or something)

Занять скромное положение, отойти на задний план

I didn’t intend to accept a lower position and To take a backseat to Jack.

Take a bath (on something)

Потерять много денег (на чем-либо)

My uncle Took a bath on horse races.

Take a beating

Понести убытки, потерять много денег

To avoid Taking a beating I decided not to sell my country house.

Take a bow

Раскланиваться на аплодисменты, заслужить похвалу

The singer lingered on the stage To take a bow.

Take a break

Сделать перерыв, передохнуть

While working on the computer I Take a break every hour.

Take a chance/risk


If I were you I would Take a chance and find a better job.

Take (a company) public

Продавать акции компании

всем желающим (широкой публике)

There was no any other way out; they had To take their company public in order to avoid bankruptcy.

Take a course in (something)

Записываться на курсы, чтобы изучать что-либо

Fanny is fond of patchwork and she has decided To take a course in it this year.

Take a crack at (something)

Пытаться сделать что-либо

I would like to become a journalist and I will Take a crack at writing my first newspaper article.

Take a dig at (someone)

Критиковать, говорить что-либо неприятное, “подковыривать”

Alana likes to irritate people, and she is always trying To take a dig at me.

Take a dim view of (something)

Не одобрять что-либо

My father Takes a dim view of my habit of sitting up late.

Take a fancy/liking to (someone or something)

Полюбить кого-либо \ что-либо, привязаться, увлечься

Sam has a nice taste in wines, and he Took a fancy to Tokay which is produced in Hungary.

Take a gander at (someone or something)

Взглянуть на кого-либо \ что-либо

I asked my friend To take a gander at my computer.

Take a hand in (something)

Принять участие в чем-либо

I’d like To take a hand in arranging a homecoming ball at school.

Take a hard line (with someone)

Быть твердым по отношению к кому-либо

The mother tries To take a hard line with her lazy son.

Take a hint

Понять намек

George is never able To take a hint and he does not behave accordingly.

Take a leaf out of (someone’s) book

Брать пример с кого-либо, подражать кому-либо

Sally always Takes a leaf out of her favorite actress’s book.

Take a leak

Мочиться, выделять мочу

“Will you stop the car at the side of the road? The kids want To take a leak.”

Take a load off one’s feet

Сесть и отдохнуть

“Come in and sit down. Take a load off your feet.”

Take a look at (someone or something)

Взглянуть на кого-либо \ что-либо

My Mom wanted To take a look at the shoes which I had bought the other day.

Take a look for (someone or something)

Поискать кого-либо \ что-либо

“Will you, please, Take a look for the lighter that I had probably left in your house?”

Take a nap


We are all busy in the evening except Dad who usually Takes a nap on the sofa.

Take a new turn

Принять новый оборот

The fund rising campaign Took a new turn when a big company joined in it.

Take a nosedive

Терпеть крах, резкий спад

The stock market Took a nosedive when the profit of the coal company decreased.

Take a pay cut

Понижение заработной платы

The construction workers were forced To take a pay cut after the strike.

Take a potshot at (someone or something)

Критиковать кого-либо \ что-либо

One of the employees ventured To take a potshot at the boss.

Take a powder


I am going To take a powder right after the meeting.

Take a punch at (someone)

Ударить кого-либо кулаком

The man moved forward and suddenly Took a punch at the policeman.

Take a shine to (someone)

Понравиться кому-либо

The girl Took a shine to her new next door neighbor.

Take a shot/stab at (doing something)

Попытаться сделать что-либо

Helen decided To take a shot at painting still-life.

Take a shower/bath

Принимать душ, ванну

Edna Took a hot bath as soon as she got home.

Take a spill

Упасть, свалиться

Ted Took a spill from the ladder when he was trying to whitewash the ceiling in the bathroom.

Take a stand on (something)

Заявить свою позицию относительно чего-либо

Lucy had To take a stand on this important matter.

Take a toll on (someone or something)

Наносить ущерб кому-либо \ чему-либо

The war Took a heavy toll on the population of this country.

Take a trip

Отправиться в путешествие, поездку

I Took a trip to the Himalayas last summer.

Take a turn for the better

Изменяться к лучшему; поправляться

Things began Taking a turn for the better.

Take a turn for the worse

Становиться хуже

The patient seemed to be recovering, but all of a sudden he Took a turn for the worse.

Take a vacation

Взять отпуск; уехать в отпуск, на каникулы

I have made up my mind To take a vacation in July and go to the country.

Take a whack at (someone)

Ударить кого-либо

Mark didn’t expect the man To take a whack at him.

Take a whack at (something)

С жаром браться за что-либо

Jim Took a whack at fixing the truck but without any success.

Take advantage of (someone or something)

Воспользоваться, использовать кого-либо \ что-либо (в своих целях)

Theodor always Takes advantage of the mistakes made by his rivals.

Take after (someone)

Походить на кого-либо

Jill Aster Takes after her mother; she is fair-haired and blue-eyed like Mrs. Aster.

Take aim at (someone or something)

Целиться в кого-либо \ во что-либо, сосредоточивать внимание

The reporter Took aim at the congressmen leaving the Capitol after the session.

Take an interest in (something)

Заинтересоваться чем-либо

Not long ago my husband Took an interest in golfing.

Take an oath

Произнести клятву

Ron took the stand and Took an oath to tell the truth.

Take attendance

Отмечать, регистрировать присутствующих

The Dean asked our monitor To take attendance when the students came to the lecture.

Take back (something)

Взять (свои слова) обратно

Adam told us That he would take back what he had said about Sam being stingy.

Take care of number one

Заботиться, думать только о себе любимом

Sofia is extremely selfish; she only Takes care of number one and never thinks about other people.

Take care of (someone or something)

Заботиться о ком-либо \ чем – либо

Everyone is to visit a dentist at least once a year To take care of their teeth.

Take care of (something)

Быть осторожным с чем-либо, принять меры к чему-либо, постараться

Take care of The pence and the pounds will Take care of themselves.

Take charge of (someone or something)

Взять в свои руки что-либо, контролировать кого-либо

The great corporations Have taken charge of the press and the radio and the state legislatures through their lobby system.

Take down (something)

Записывать что-либо

Rita gave me her phone number and I quickly Took it down.

Take effect

Вступить в силу (о законе, постановлении)

The new tax law Took effect a few months ago.

Take exception to (something)

Возражать против чего-либо, относиться неодобрительно

Sullivan Took exception to what I said about his job performance.

Take five

Отдохнуть 5 минут, немного передохнуть

I decided To take five before going on with the cleaning.

Take great pains to do (something)

Делать большое, значительное усилие

Now that Rose had enough money she Took great pains to wear good clothes.

Take heart

Воспрянуть духом, подбодриться

“It is impossible not To take heart in the company of such a nice person like you.”

Take heed

Быть осторожным, соблюдать осторожность

Take heed when you cross the road.

Take hold of (someone or something)

Овладеть кем-либо \ чем-либо, иметь влияние

His plan Took hold of my imagination.

Take in (clothes)

Ушивать (одежду)

“The suit would fit perfectly if you had Taken in a few inches at the waist.”

Take in (money)

Получать деньги

Towards the end of the month they Had taken in about $5,000.

Take in (someone)

Давать приют кому-либо, приводить к себе

Mrs. Stonehead Took in two boarders.

Take in (something)

Понять сущность чего-либо

John took in the situation at once.

Take in

Посетить, побывать, сходить (в кино, на лекцию)

They would Take in a museum or an art gallery in the morning and have a bit of lunch in the afternoon.

Take inventory

Проводить инвентаризацию

We Take inventory in our warehouse every other month.

Take issue with (someone)

Вести дискуссию, спорить с кем-либо

I am ready To take issue with you on this point.

Take it away

Начать представление

“Let’s Take it away and start up the performance.”

Take it easy on (someone or something)

Относиться спокойно к кому-либо, не слишком усердствовать в чем-либо

Try To take it easy on the salt; too much salt is bad for your health.

Take it easy

Расслабляться, отдыхать

They had been working hard to finish the project and when it was over, they decided To take it easy for a week.

Take it into one’s head to do (something)

Взбрести кому-либо в голову

Why did you Take it into your head to invite Elvis to the party? He is such a wet blanket.

Take it on the chin

Потерпеть поражение, быть побежденным

Paul Took it on the chin in the chess tournament.

Take it or leave it

Не хотите, не берите; не хочешь, как хочешь

The man said the price of the cottage was $100,000, Take it or leave it.

Take it out on (someone or something)

Выместить на ком-либо \ чем-либо (свое плохое настроение)

Tim came home angry at losing his job and Took it out on his wife.

Take it slow

Идти, передвигаться медленно

I don’t like an icy road and always Take it slow.

Take it upon oneself to (do something)

Брать на себя ответственность

“You can’t possibly Take it upon yourself to make such a serious decision.”

Take it

Понимать что-либо

“I Take it that you are not going to help me. Am I right?”

Take its toll

Причинять вред, ущерб

The war Took its toll on the nation’s manhood.

Take kindly to (someone or something)

Быть довольным кем-либо \ чем-либо

I don’t Take kindly to people who try to impose their opinions on me.

Take leave of one’s senses

Сойти с ума, потерять рассудок, обезуметь

My brother had taken my car without my permission; I got angry and told him he Had taken leave of his senses.

Take liberties with (someone or something)

Позволять себе вольности с кем-либо \ чем-либо

“You must stop Taking liberties with the young woman who works in your office.”

Take minutes

Вести протокол (на собрании)

“Who is To take minutes at the meeting today?”

Take no stock in (something)

Не обращать внимания на что-либо

“I advise you To take no stock in what people say about your appearance.”

Take note of (something)

Подмечать и запоминать что-либо

The father Took note of the time to give his son some medicine.

Take notice of (something)

Замечать, обращать внимание на что-либо

I Took notice of the car standing in my drive way and wondered whose car it might be.

Take off after (someone or something)

Преследовать, гнаться за кем-либо \ чем-либо

The dog Took off After the cat which quickly jumped on the fence.

Take off clothes/shoes etc.

Снять одежду \ обувь

“You are wet through. Please, Take off Your clothes and leave them in the bathroom.”

Take off one’s hat to (someone)

Выражать восхищение, преклоняться перед кем-либо, “снимать пере кем-либо шляпу”

I Take off my hat to Sally for her courage and endurance.

Take off time

Отсутствовать, взять отгул (на работе)

I wanted to visit my parents, so I Took off a few days from work.

Take off

Быстро или внезапно уйти, убежать

The children were playing ball in my garden; they Took off when they saw me.

Take offense at (someone or something)

Обидеться на кого-либо \ что-либо

Mike is quick To take offense at His girlfriend.

Take office

Приступить к должности (после выборов или назначения)

The President is expected To take office a week after the election.

Take on (an employee)

Нанять, взять кого-либо на работу

Fanny’s luck held; they Took her on at $ 500 a week.

Take on (someone)

Принимать кого-либо на работу, службу

Fanny’s luck held; they Took her on at $ 500 a week.

Take on (something)

Загружать, брать груз

The huge jet Took a lot of cargo On board.

Take on the look/appearance of (something)

Начать походить на что-либо

The puppies have gradually begun To take on the look of grown-up dogs.

Take on too much

Брать на себя слишком много (работы, заданий)

I don’t want my mother To take on too much house work.

Take one’s cue from (someone)

Воспользоваться чьим-либо указанием, понять намек

The actors Took their cue from the film director when the new movie was being shot.

Take one’s eye off the ball

Отвести глаза от чего-либо, упустить

The mother Took her eye off the ball for only a second, and the child fell into a puddle.

Take one’s hat off to (someone)

Преклоняться перед кем-либо, выражать восхищение, снять шляпу перед кем-либо

Zeta deserves every praise there is in the world; I Take my hat off to her.

Take one’s leave of (someone)

Попрощаться с кем-либо

The delegation Took their leave of the President and left the assembly room.

Take one’s mind off (something)

Отвлечься от чего-либо, перестать беспокоиться

Susan went shopping To take her mind off her family problems.

Take one’s own life

Покончить жизнь самоубийством

Nobody knows the reason why the young man Took his own life.

Take one’s own medicine

Принять заслуженное наказание, не жалуясь

Criticizing others is one thing; Taking one’s own medicine is something different.

Take one’s time

Не торопиться, не проявлять торопливости

“Take your time and tell me in plain words what you want.”

Take one’s vows

Давать клятву верности (во время бракосочетания)

The bride and groom turned to face each other in front of the people and the priest, held each others’ hands and Took their vows.

Take out a loan

Взять кредит, ссуду

Edna had To take out a loan to buy a new house.

Take out (someone)

Пригласить на свидание, повести (в кино, в театр и т. д.)

I like Sally, but I have no chance Of taking her out.

Take over (something)

Брать что-либо под контроль, под ответственность или принимать во владение

The government is going To take over the mining industry of the country.

Take part in (something)

Принимать участие в чем-либо

“Are you planning To take part in the concert next week?”

Take pity on (someone or something)

Пожалеть кого-либо \ что-либо

I Took pity on the little kitten sitting in the rain and decided to take it home.

Take place


“Where will the meeting Take place? Do you know?”

Take precedence over (someone or something)

Иметь первоочередность, преимущество перед кем-либо \ чем-либо

The rights of handicapped people Take precedence over the rights of healthy people.

Take pride in (something)

Гордиться чем-либо

Mrs. Williamson Takes pride in her well-kept garden.

Take root

Пускать корни, приживаться

Their cause Has taken root and has spread its branches far and wide.

Take shape

Принять форму, воплотиться, оформиться

Suspicion of a frame-up began To take shape in their mind.

Take sick/ill


The little girl developed a high temperature last night; evidently she Had taken ill.

Take sides

Встать на чью-либо сторону, примкнуть к той или иной стороне

It is always safer To take sides with a stronger party.

Take (someone) at his or her word

Поймать кого-либо на слове

Mary told Ted to make himself at home; he Took her at her word and spent most of his time in her sitting-room.

Take (someone) by surprise

Застать врасплох, сильно удивить кого-либо

The sudden departure of Fiona Took her relatives by surprise.

Take (someone) down a notch/peg or two

Осадить кого-либо, сбить спесь

Rita started to put on airs, and David decided To take her down a peg or two.

Take (someone) for a ride

Поднять на смех или дурачить кого-либо

I am afraid that Hillary Has been taking me for a ride; she likes playing tricks on people.

Take (someone) for an idiot/fool

Принимать кого-либо за идиота, за дурака

“Am I supposed to believe all that crap? Do you Take me for a fool?”

Take (someone) for granted

Принимать кого-либо как само собой разумеющееся

Juliann was a stranger to the children, but he was their father and they Took him for granted.

Take (someone) for (someone or something)

Принять кого-либо (по ошибке) за кого-либо другого или за что-либо

“I beg your pardon. I Have taken you for a friend of mine.”

Take (someone) hostage

Взять кого-либо в заложники

The hijackers Took the passengers of the jet hostage and demanded one million dollars as a ransom.

Take (someone) into one’s confidence

Поверять кому-либо свои секреты

I usually Take my best friend into my confidence when I have problems.

Take (someone or something) in hand

Взять в свои руки, пытаться контролировать кого-либо \ что-либо

When disorders began, the police quickly Took the situation in hand.

Take (someone or something) off (someone’s) hands

Избавить от кого-либо \ чего-либо

“Can you possibly Take this problem off my hands?”

Take (someone or something) on

Предпринимать что-либо, иметь дело с кем-либо

I don’t feel like Taking on any more work at the moment; I am too busy as it is.

Take (someone or something) wrong

Неправильно понять кого-либо \ что-либо

William Must have taken me wrong for he looked offended.

Take (someone or somewhere) by storm

Стать популярным, заслужить популярность у кого-либо

The new performance of the Drama Theater Took the spectators by storm.

Take (someone) to task

Упрекать кого-либо, делать выговор

Mrs. Shelby Took her husband to task for his cruel conduct to his cousin Jeffrey.

Take (someone) to the cleaners

Обмануть кого-либо

The other day George went to the casino and they Took him to the cleaners.

Take (someone) under one’s wings

Взять кого-либо под свое покровительство, “под крылышко”

Diana Took Moira, who was just out of high school, Under her wing.

Take (someone) up on (something)

Ухватиться за чье-либо предложение сделать что-либо

Jami Took me up on my suggestion to go on a picnic on the weekend.

Take (someone’s) breath away

Поразить, ошеломить кого-либо

The unexpected news of my uncle’s generosity Has taken my breath away.

Take (someone’s) part

Встать на чью-либо сторону (в споре)

My mother always Takes my husband’s part when we have a quarrel.

Take (someone’s) pulse

Щупать, измерять пульс

When the doctor came, she listened to my heart and lungs and Took my pulse.

Take (someone’s) temperature

Измерить температуру

The mother Took her son’s temperature and gave him some medicine to bring down the fever.

Take (something) at face value

Принимать что-либо за чистую монету

I Took his promise to help at face value and was upset when he didn’t keep his word.

Take (something) by storm

Взять что-либо штурмом

It was a very bold attack; the soldiers Took the terrorists’ hiding-place by storm.

Take (something) for granted

Принимать что-либо как само собой разумеющееся

Tim Took it for granted that Gina was doing very well and he was relieved of further worry.

Take (something) in stride

Относиться спокойно к чему-либо

Willoughby Took the praise in his stride.

Take (something) into account

Принимать что-либо во внимание

While choosing a career you should Take your inclination and your character into account.

Take (something) lying down

Безропотно сносить что-либо

Jeremy never Takes unpleasant things lying down; he always fights back.

Take (something) on faith

Принять что-либо на веру

Tobias is not a very trustful person; he never Takes anything on faith.

Take (something) on the chin

Испытать, терпеливо вынести что-либо

Jeremy Took his failure on the chin.

Take (something) out on (someone or something)

Выместить что-либо (гнев, страх) на ком-либо \ чем-либо

Hob came home angry at losing his job and Took it out on his wife.

Take (something) personally

Принять что-либо на свой счет

I criticized the work of our department, and my boss Took it personally.

Take (something) the wrong way

Неправильно истолковать что-либо

The man in the bar Took my remarks the wrong way and became a little annoyed.

Take (something) to heart

Принимать что-либо близко к сердцу

Poor little Jennet! She Took things awfully to heart.

Take (something) to one’s grave

Унести что-либо (тайну) с собой в могилу

“It is not as if you would Take all your money to your grave.”

Take (something) up with (someone)

Поднимать (вопрос), обсуждать что-либо с кем-либо

“This is my private matter and I am not going To take it up with you.”

Take (something) with a grain of salt

Относиться к чему-либо недоверчиво, скептически

My friend is an imaginative person, and I always Take Everything he says With a grain of salt.

Take (something)

Переносить, терпеть что-либо

I can’t Take my cousin’s constant unreasonable arguments.

Take (something/it) to the bank

Считать что-либо надежным

Your business project seems to be shady, and I am not sure you can Take it to the bank.

Take steps to (prevent/do something)

Принять меры (чтобы предотвратить что-либо)

They have installed the fire alarm system in order To take steps and be warned in case of fire.

Take stock in (something)

Относиться с доверием к чему-либо

I have never Taken stock in his crazy ideas.

Take stock of (something)

Тщательно изучить, проанализировать ситуацию или возможности

After Taking stock of all the opportunities, I decided to take Accounting as my major.

Take stock

Проводить инвентаризацию, учет

We are planning To take stock next week.

Take that tack

Взять другой курс, изменить линию поведения

Jimmy decided To take that tack when he understood that his previous plans were no good.

Take the bitter with the sweet

Стойко переносить превратности судьбы

Theo was tough; he was able To take the bitter with the sweet.

Take the bull by the horns

Решительно взяться за дело, “взять быка за рога”

Margaret decided To take the bull by the horns and ask Desmond if he was going to marry her.

Take the cake

Превзойти самого себя (в лучшую или худшую сторону)

Edna was extremely cordial. Her friendliness Took the cake.

Take the checked flag

Закончить гонку первым

The French racer Took the checked flag for the first time and was very proud.

Take the day off

Взять отгул (на работе)

I’d better Take the day off; I am feeling very tired and depressed.

Take the edge off (something)

Притупить, ослабить, умерить что-либо

Cora’s objection Took the edge off his arguments.

Take the Fifth

Прибегнуть к пятой поправке (гарантирующей право не свидетельствовать против самого себя)

He knew his right not to incriminate himself while testifying at a trial, so he decided To take the Fifth.

Take the initiative to (do something)

Проявить инициативу (сделать что-либо)

“Why not Take the initiative to arrange a nice party?”

Take the law into one’s own hands

Расправиться без суда, пытаться отправлять правосудие самому

Ned decided To take the law into his own hands and avenge himself on his offender.

Take the liberty of (doing something)

Позволить себе сделать что-либо

I Took the liberty of telling my instructor what I thought about his method of teaching skiing.

Take the money and run

Принять предложенное пока предложение в силе

Bill planned To take the money and run as he was not sure that he would be given any more money for the settlement of his car accident.

Take the plunge

Сделать решительный шаг, принять серьезное решение

Pauline finally made up her mind To take the plunge and divorce her two-timer spouse.

Take the rap for (someone or something)

Получить наказание за что-либо или вместо кого-либо

Wanda felt miserable; she Took the rap for what she hadn’t done.

Take the roll

Делать перекличку

Before the teacher began the lesson she Took the roll.

Take the stand

Занять место свидетеля (в зале суда)

Berth Took the stand in the murder trial yesterday.

Take the starch out of (someone)

Сбить спесь с кого-либо, осадить

I think Alice is too highbrow and arrogant; I wish someone would Take the starch out of her.

Take the trouble to (do something)

Стараться, делать усилие

“Will you please Take the trouble to inform Miss Nordie that she is not going to have any lessons today?”

Take the wind out of one’s sails

Отбить охоту, расстроить чьи-либо планы, “выбить почву из-под ног”

Ron applied for a job of a computer programmer but was rejected, and It took the wind out of his sails.

Take the wind out of someone’s sails

Расстроить чьи-либо планы, выбить почву из под ног, обескуражить

Kathy’s answer was so cool, so rich in bravado that it Took the wind out of his sails.

Take the words out of (someone’s) mouth

Предвосхитить то, что хотел сказать другой

I wanted to add a few more items to the agenda, but the chairman Took the words out of my mouth.

Take time off

Сделать перерыв в работе

Sue had been studying Chinese for a couple of years before she decided To take time off.

Take to one’s heels

Убегать, удирать

The boys were stealing apples from the garden and Took to their heels when they saw the owner approaching them.

Take to (someone or something)

Привязаться к кому-либо \ чему-либо, полюбить

Sally Took to the new teacher at once.

Take to (something)

Начать что-либо, взяться за что-либо

Hillary Took to the work of a fashion designer and was a great success.

Take to the woods

Уклоняться от ответственности, спрятаться в кусты

Jeremy Scott was determined To take to the woods rather than that pay alimony to his wife.

Take turns

Делать что-либо по очереди (с другими)

The majority of people in our office prefer to take their holidays in summer, so we have To take turns.

Take umbrage at (something)

Обижаться, чувствовать себя обиженным

George is too quick To take umbrage at any remark.

Take up a collection

Собрать деньги на что-либо

Sam is willing To take up a collection for his holiday abroad.

Take up arms against (someone or something)

Взяться за оружие против кого-либо \ чего-либо, встать на защиту

The people of the Soviet Union Took up arms against the Nazis to defend their country.

Take up (clothes)

Укоротить, сделать короче

My skirt is too long; I need to have it Taken up.

Take up (something)

Начать заниматься чем-либо (спортом или каким-либо делом)

Ralf didn’t Take up golf until he was fifty.

Take up (somewhere)

Начать с того места, где закончили

“Look here, class! We will Take up the exercise where we left off yesterday.”

Take up (space or room)

Занимать место, наполнять собой

The copying of these letters Took up all day.

Take up (time)

Отнимать время

“You Have taken up quite enough of my time, Bob.”

Take up where one left off

Начать с того, чем закончили

I stopped reading the book at chapter six and now I Will Take up where I left off.

Take up with (someone)

Начать общаться, водить компанию с кем-либо

After the holiday I never Took up with Adam again.

Taken aback

(неприятно) удивиться

Sue was downright rude to me and I was Taken aback.

Taken for dead

Считаться умершими

After the avalanche a few people were Taken for dead though their bodies were not found.

Talk a blue streak

Говорить без умолку

The women who sat behind me Talked a blue streak, and I couldn’t hear the film very well.

Talk back to (someone)

Возражать, дерзить кому-либо

Bob is a naughty boy; he always Talks back to his parents.

Talk big


When Erick visited us, he Talked big about a lot of money he was going to get soon.

Talk down to (someone)

Выставлять себя в лучшем свете (перед кем-либо)

Jane is the smartest student in her class, but she never Talks down to her friends or classmates.

Talk in circles

Говорить одно и тоже, “толочь воду в ступе”

“Stop Talking in circles; tell me straight what you want me to do.”

Talk of (somewhere)

Предмет разговора (где-либо)

The recent arrest of the prominent banker has become The talk of The town.

Talk oneself out


I saw that Ron was very upset and I let him Talk himself out.

Talk out (a problem)

Обсудить (проблему) до конца

I have decided To talk things out with Charles.

Talk shop

Говорить на профессиональные темы

As they walked up the street together they began To talk shop.

Talk (someone) down in price

Уговорить кого-либо снизить цену

I tried To talk the man down in price for the car, but he didn’t comply.

Talk (someone) into (doing something)

Уговорить кого-либо сделать что-либо

I talked my friends into taking a car trip to the country.

Talk (someone) out of (doing something)

Убедить кого-либо не делать что-либо

I tried To talk my husband out of buying a spots car, so far without any success.

Talk (someone) out of (something)

Отговорить кого-либо от чего-либо, разубедить

I tried To talk my husband out of buying a spots car, so far without any success.

Talk (someone’s) ear off

Замучить кого-либо разговорами

The woman sitting beside me in the compartment Talked my ear off.

Talk (someone’s) head off

Много говорить, болтать без умолку

“Look here Emma! You Are talking my head off! Will you stop for a while?”

Talk (something) over

Обсудить что-либо, обговорить

“I’d like To talk over the existing problem with you, if you don’t mind.”

Talk through one’s hat

Вести глупые разговоры, “нести чушь”

“You Are talking through your hat! What’s got into you, I wonder?”

Talk turkey

Серьезно обсуждать что-либо

It’s necessary To talk turkey as far as her future plans are concerned.

Talk until one is blue in the face

Говорить до посинения

I could Have talked until I was blue in the face, but he wouldn’t listen to reason.

Talk up (someone or something)

Расхваливать кого-либо \ что-либо

My Mom always warms to anyone who Talks up her food.

Tamper with (something)

Неумело пытаться сделать что-либо

Someone Has tampered with the seal of this letter.

Tan (someone’s) hide

Наказать, нашлепать кого-либо

I told my brother that I would Tan his hide if he used my computer again.

Taper off

Утихать, становиться меньше

The storm didn’t Taper off for several days.

Tar and feather (someone)

Строго наказать кого-либо (вымазать дегтем и обвалять в перьях)

The owner of the cottage threatened that he would Tar and feather anyone who broke into his house.

Tarred with the same brush

Люди одного склада, “одного поля ягода”, “одним миром мазаны”

These politicians are all Tarred with the same brush; they promise much but do little.

Taste blood

Быть в состоянии причинить вред (своему врагу)

Jimmy could Taste blood when he discovered the weak points of the man whom he detested.

Taste of (something)

Почувствовать вкус чего-либо

Adam got A taste of Playing cricket while he was on holiday in Manchester.

Taste of things to come

Образец грядущих событий

The rent increase was A taste of things to come with the new owner of our apartment house.


Облагать налогом (что-либо приобретаемое в собственность)

The Tax-and-spend attitude is convenient for the government but many people do not like it.


Tuberculosis – туберкулез

One of Andrew’s patients got TB and was taken to hospital.


To Be Announced – подлежит объявлению (позднее)

I looked at the Board to find out the time of the arrival of my train but it only said TBA.

Teach one’s grandmother to suck eggs

Поучать старших, “учить ученого”

Bill was trying to show the mechanic how to repair his car, and it was like Teaching my grandmother to suck eggs.

Teach someone a lesson

Преподать кому-либо урок, проучить кого-либо

The burns the child got from playing with matches Taught him a lesson.

Teacher’s pet

Любимчик (учителя)

I never was my Teacher’s pet When I studies in high school.

Team player

Человек, умеющий работать в команде с другими людьми

Ogden Nash turned out to be a good Team player; he works well with all of the other members of the staff.

Team up with (someone)

Присоединяться к кому-либо

Many children Teamed up with us to play games in the playground.

Tear down (someone)

Говорить плохо о ком-либо, критиковать

The speaker Tore down one of the city authorities for his poor job performance.

Tear down (something)

Разрушать что-либо, сносить

Across the river I saw the walls of old houses that were being Torn down.

Tear into (someone or something)

Ругать, набрасываться на кого-либо \ что-либо

The woman Tore into her husband for having bought an expensive car.

Tear off

Поспешно уйти или убежать

I was eager to show my friend my purchases, but she suddenly Tore off.

Tear one’s hair out

Быть очень обеспокоенным, расстроенным или злым

The brother Was tearing his hair out because he had lost an important document.

Tear up (someone)

Причинять много горя

The boy isn’t doing well at school, and it Is tearing up his mother.

Tear up (something)

Разорвать на клочки, изодрать что-либо

Cathy Tore up The letter, went to the fireplace and threw the pieces into the fire.

Tear/rip (someone) limb from limb

Разорвать кого-либо на части

Two large dogs attacked a small kitten and Tore it limb from limb.

Teething problems/troubles

Проблемы, трудности становления

Our new project is having many Teething problems at the moment, but I am sure we’ll get over them.

Tell apart (two things or people)

Отличать (одно от другого)

The puppies look so much alike; it’s difficult To tell them apart.

Tell it like it is

Говорить как есть, говорить правду

I decided to be honest with my friend concerning our relationship and tell It like it is.

Tell it to the marines/Sweeney

Чепуха, ври больше! Расскажи это своей бабушке!

I didn’t believe Emma’s crazy story about her love affair and I told her To tell it to the marines.

Tell on (someone)

Рассказать о чьем-либо проступке

Marcia Told on her younger brother for having eaten all of the ice-cream.

Tell (someone) a thing or two (about something)

Сказать кому-либо кое-что (неприятное), ругать кого-либо

My cousin took my laptop without my permission, and I am going to tell her a thing or two.

Tell (someone) a thing or two

Сказать кому-либо кое-что (неприятное)

My cousin took my laptop without my permission and I am going to tell her a thing or two.

Tell (someone) off

Бранить, отчитать, распекать кого-либо

I had meant To tell Anna off, but she didn’t turn up that day.

Tell (someone) to his or her face

Сказать кому-либо прямо в лицо

We are going To tell Willy to his face that he had let us down.

Tell (someone) where to get off

Ругать кого-либо, пробирать

Rick was playing loud music late at night and I Told him where to get off.

Tell time

Сказать сколько времени на часах (говорится обыкновенно о детях)

“Can you little daughter Tell time yet?”

Tempest in a teapot

Волнение из-за пустяков, “буря в стакане воды”

“Your difficulty is just A tempest in a teapot, and I am sure it will dissolve in a few days.”


Вас понял

I called my friend to tell him that I would be waiting for him outside the movie theater and he said, “Ten-four.”

Ten to one

Весьма вероятно

Ten to one George will never come to see Donna again.


Мучиться неизвестностью, ожидать или опасаться чего-либо (неприятного)

I was on Tenterhooks lest Tim should tell my parents about my problems at school.

Test the water

Подвергать что-либо испытанию

The furniture company Tested the water before they began to produce a new design of furniture.


Thank Goodness (God) It’s Friday – Слава богу! Сегодня пятница

In the window the cafe had a large TGIF sign which said that all drinks were half price.

Thank one’s lucky stars

Благодарить судьбу, благодарить свою счастливую звезду

John Thanked his lucky stars that he had escaped with minor injuries.

Thankful for small blessings

Быть благодарным (даже) за малое благодеяние

I Am thankful for small blessings when it concerns my family’s peaceful and healthy life.

Thanks to (someone or something)

Благодаря кому-либо \ чему-либо

Thanks to his talent as a painter he soon became quite popular.

That makes two of us.

То же самое справедливо и обо мне

“I don’t want to take part in the track and field event,” Lucy said. -“That makes two of us,” Cathy replied.

That will be the day

То, что, вероятно, никогда не произойдет

“That will be the day when you marry a prince.”

That’s all she wrote.

Вот и все

“I’ve told you everything I wanted to. ‘That’s all she wrote’,” I said when I finished my story.

That’s the way the ball bounces.

Такова жизнь.

Tim complained to his friend that he had lost his job and the latter replied, “That’s the way the ball bounces.”

That’s the way the cookie crumbles

Такова жизнь, вот как все происходит в жизни

That’s the way the cookie crumbles, I thought when I understood that I would not be able to afford a new car.

Then and there

Тотчас же, на месте

I told Emma Then and there what I thought of her nasty character.

There are plenty of other fish in the sea

Есть и другой выбор, другие люди

My friend refused to go to the movies with me; I was not upset because I know There are plenty of other fish in the sea.

There is more than one way to skin a cat

Есть много способов добиться своего

“How did you get your son to study so hard?” I asked my friend. “I disconnected the television set,” she answered. “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.”

There is no such thing as a free lunch

Бесплатно ничего не получишь, “бесплатный сыр только в мышеловке”

I have to work hard to succeed because I know There is no such thing as a free lunch.


Толстокожий, не чувствительный

It’s good to be Thick-skinned; then you are not easily hurt or upset.


Тупой, неразумный

Blondes are considered to be pretty Thick.

Thin on top


Franklin had a massive chin, puffy cheeks, small beady eyes, and he was a bit Thin on top.


Тонкокожий, чувствительный

Alan is so Thin-skinned that even an innocent remark might hurt him.

Think a lot/great deal/highly/much of (someone or something)

Быть высокого мнения о ком-либо, ценить что-либо

I don’t Think much of this pop singer.

Think back on (someone or something)

Вспоминать о ком-либо \ чем-либо

When Gina Thinks back on her married life, she remembers how unhappy she was.

Think better of (doing something)

Передумать, изменить свое решение

Mark was about to tell Edna about his feelings; then he Thought better of doing It.

Think inside the box

Мыслить традиционно

Most people Think inside the box and only a few are able to have new ideas.

Think little of (someone or something)

Быть неважного мнения о ком-либо \ чем-либо

Personally I Think very little of his acting.

Think nothing of (something)

Считать пустяком, не придавать значения

George is a reckless driver; he Thinks nothing of driving eighty miles an hour.

Think on one’s feet

Думать о чем-либо мимоходом

“This is a very serious matter; I don’t want you To think on your feet.”

Think out loud

Размышлять вслух

When I am alone, I often Think out loud.

Think out (something)

Продумать что-либо до конца

I carefully Thought out what I was going to say to my boss.

Think outside the box

Представлять что-либо образно, творчески

An imaginative and creative person is able To think outside the box.

Think over (something)

Обдумать что-либо

I was left alone To think over the sudden and wonderful events of the day.

Think (someone or something) fit for (something)

Считать кого-либо \ что-либо подходящим для чего-либо

I don’t Think Sally to be fit for the work of a teacher; she is too impatient.

Think the world of (someone or something)

Быть очень высокого мнения о ком-либо \ чем-либо

Mrs. Summerfield Thinks the world of her children.

Think twice (before doing something)

Хорошенько подумать о чем-либо

My teacher advised me To think twice About My future before deciding to quit school.

Think up (an excuse/idea)

Придумать (оправдание, план)

Samantha sat in her room, Thinking up silly things to feel less bored.

Third degree

Допрос с пристрастием, допрос с применением пытки

Mary’s husband is extremely jealous and she is often given The third degree.

Thirst/thirsty for (something)

Страстное желание, жажда чего-либо

The young woman has an unusual Thirst for traveling.

Thorn in (someone’s) side

Источник постоянного раздражения или неприятностей; “бельмо на глазу’

Julia was his brother’s wife and A thorn in his side.

Those three little words

Я люблю тебя (эти три маленьких слова)

I don’t know what prevented me from saying Those three little words to Kelly.

Thousand and one

Очень много, тысяча и один

The pupil did A thousand and one sums in order to be ready for a Math test.

Thrash (something) out

Тщательно обсуждать что-либо, прорабатывать

“You may have a few meetings of your own with him To thrash some of the details out.”

Thread (one’s way) through (something)

С трудом прокладывать себе дорогу, проталкиваться через что-либо

The platform swarmed with people and Dave had To thread his way through the crowd to get to his carriage.

Three R’s

Три составные начального образования: чтение, письмо, арифметика

Students study The three R’s in elementary school.

Three sheets to the wind

Быть очень пьяным, нетвердо держаться на ногах

I saw my neighbor walking down the street last night; he seemed to have Three sheets to the wind.

Thrill (someone) to pieces/death

Быть чрезвычайно довольным кем-либо

It Thrilled Julia to death when the teacher praised her essay.

Through and through

Досконально, основательно

Nathan read the book Through and through, from cover to cover.

Through hell and high water

(пройти) через всевозможные трудности, (пройти) огонь и воду

Mark is a very reliable man; I could go Through hell and high water with him.

Through the grapevine

(услышать, узнать) от других людей

We heard it Through the grapevine that Jill is to be promoted soon.

Through the mill

Переживать трудную ситуацию

Pauline has been Through the mill because of her untimely husband’s death.

Through thick and thin

Решительно поддерживать кого-либо, действовать стойко

There were five hundred men to back him up Through thick and thin.

Throw a fit

Прийти в ярость, закатить истерику

Sam’s mother Threw a fit when she learnt that her son had dropped out of school.

Throw a monkey wrench into the works

Испортить все дело; вставлять палки в колеса

The game went smoothly until Jeremy Threw a monkey wrench into the works by fussing about the rules.

Throw a party for (someone)

Устраивать вечеринку для кого-либо

We usually Throw a party for our mother on Mother’s Day.

Throw away a chance or opportunity

Не использовать благоприятную возможность

I am afraid I Have thrown away a chance to get a good job.

Throw caution to the wind

Отбросить всякую осторожность

Olaf Threw caution to the wind and became very careless about what he was saying to people.

Throw cold water on (something)

Отбить охоту делать что-либо, окатить холодной водой

Kelly’s father Threw cold water on her plans to continue her education by saying he could not afford to pay for it.

Throw down the gauntlet

Бросать вызов

They had to take up the Gauntlet thrown down to them and fight out the struggle whether they liked it or not.

Throw good money after bad

Тратить деньги впустую, упорствовать в безнадежном деле

They closed the mine because they couldn’t afford To throw good money after bad.

Throw in one’s lot with (someone or something)

Принять участие в чем-либо, присоединиться к кому-либо

I saw a peaceful demonstration and decided To throw in my lot with the marchers.

Throw in (something)

Добавлять, давать в придачу

The shop advertised that with every suit of clothes they would Throw in a pair of leather gloves.

Throw in the towel/sponge

Прекратить борьбу, сдаться, выбросить белый флаг

When Martin saw his arguments were not being accepted, he Threw in the towel and left.

Throw money around

Сорить деньгами

Paul made up his mind to buy a piece of waste land and built a swimming pool on it, but I believe that he is simply Throwing money around; the idea doesn’t seem to be good.

Throw money at (something)

Вложить деньги в решение чего-либо, пытаться решить проблему при помощи денег

The local government is willing To throw much money at an environmental problem.

Throw off an illness

Поправиться после болезни

It took rather long before Frank was able To throw off his pneumonia.

Throw off (someone)

Сбивать с пути, запутывать, отделаться от кого-либо

The runaway was able To throw off his pursuers.

Throw one’s hands up in despair

Возвести руки вверх в порыве отчаяния

I Threw my hands up in despair; I didn’t know whom to turn for help.

Throw one’s hands up in horror

Быть потрясенным, ужаснуться

When Madge saw her beautiful garden destroyed by the flood, she Threw her hands up in horror.

Throw one’s hat into the ring

Принять вызов, решить принять участие в соревнованиях или выборах

Pauline decided To throw her hat into the ring for the election of Dean of the Arts Faculty.

Throw one’s voice

Произносить слова с закрытым ртом (чревовещать)

The voodoo priest knew how To throw his voice.

Throw one’s weight around

Осуществлять нажим, настойчиво использовать свое влияние

Charley likes To throw his weight around To get what he wants.

Throw oneself at (someone)

Бросаться в объятия кого-либо, добиваться любви

Sara Threw herself at Ron; she behaved without restraint, trying to win his love.

Throw oneself at (someone’s) feet

Унижаться перед кем-либо, каяться

I knew I was guilty, but I was not going To throw myself at my friend’s feet.

Throw oneself at the mercy of the court

Просить помилования, пощады

Saying that he was sorry for what he had done, the man Threw himself at the mercy of The court.

Throw oneself at/on the mercy of the court

Просить помилования, пощады

The man Threw himself at the mercy of his captors.

Throw out (someone)

Заставить уйти, выгнать кого-либо

The bartender Threw out a man who was very drunk.

Throw (someone) a curve

Сбить кого-либо с толку, обмануть

John Threw me a curve about the hiring of new employees.

Throw (someone) for a loop

Смутить или неприятно удивить кого-либо

Mrs. Simpson Was thrown for a loop when her husband lost his job.

Throw (someone) for a loss

Заставить кого-либо сомневаться; быть в растерянности

It Threw Jane for a loss when she failed the test in French.

Throw (someone) off (someone’s) trail

Сбить кого-либо со следа

Even if he managed To throw the police off his trail, his landlady, Miss Bunting, would give him away.

Throw (someone) to the lions

Взвалить ответственность за провал на кого-либо; “сделать кого-либо козлом отпущения”

The company was about to go bankrupt. It was decided To throw the financial director to the lions, which was absolutely unfair.

Throw (someone) to the wolves

Отдать кого-либо на растерзание

In order to explain the situation to the press the governor blamed the mayor and Threw him to the wolves.

Throw (someone)

Озадачить кого-либо

I thought my boss was on a business trip, and it Threw me when I saw him in the office.

Throw (someone’s) name around

Произвести впечатление, упомянув имя знаменитости

Jennet likes To throw the names of influential persons around.

Throw (something) back in (someone’s) face

Ответить, отплатить кому-либо тем же

Ivory insulted me and I immediately Threw the insult back in his face.

Throw (something) into the bargain

Включить что-либо дополнительно (в качестве подарка) в покупку

It was announced that the store would Throw some computer games into the bargain if one buys a laptop.

Throw (something) together

Сделать что-либо на скорою руку

It was getting dark, so we had To throw our tents together and go to bed.

Throw the baby out with the bathwater

Отвергнуть все полностью (включая полезные вещи)

There are weaknesses in the program, but if they act too hastily, they may cause the baby To be thrown out with the bathwater.

Throw the book at (someone)

Сурово наказать кого-либо

Because it was the third time Sam Jordan had been caught speeding, the judge Threw the book at him.

Throw together (people)

Оказаться в группе случайных людей

A group of strangers Was thrown together when the storm trapped them in the mountains.

Throw up one’s hands (in defeat)

Отказаться от попыток, признать себя побежденным, махнуть рукой на что-либо

I was not sure that I would succeed in my venture, so I Threw up my hands.

Throw up one’s hands (in despair/frustration)

Возвести руки вверх в порыве отчаяния или разочарования

I Threw my hands up in despair; I didn’t know whom to turn for help.

Throw up

Тошнить, извергать рвотные массы

Susan took the medicine but Threw it up a minute later.

Throw/pitch someone a curve

Сбить кого-либо с толку

John Threw me a curve about the hiring of new employees.

Thrust and parry

Словесная перепалка

The meeting looked more like Thrust and parry debate than a real session.

Thumb a lift/ride

Путешествовать бесплатно на попутных машинах

Martin and Jimmy, who were hitch-hiking, Thumbed a lift to the nearest town.

Thumb one’s nose at (someone or something)

Смотреть с неодобрением на кого-либо \ что-либо, воротить нос

Sofia Thumbed her nose at her mother’s request to stay home on Saturday.

Thumb/hitch a ride

Путешествовать (бесплатно) на попутных машинах

Martin and Jimmy, who were hitch-hiking, Thumbed a lift to the nearest town.

Thumb/leaf through (something)

Листать что-либо (книгу, журнал)

Steve absent-mindedly Thumbed through a News Week magazine while he was waiting for me.

Thumbnail sketch

Краткое описание кого-либо \чего-либо

All the books of this author include A thumbnail sketch of the plot.

Thumbs down on (someone or something)

Не одобрять что-либо или чьи-либо действия

I intend to vote Thumbs down on the policy of our department.

Thumbs up on (someone or something)

Одобрять что-либо или чьи-либо действия

We were very pleased that everybody had voted Thumbs up on our project.

Tickle (someone’s) fancy

Понравиться кому-либо, возбудить интерес

I was too tired that day and going out did not Tickle my fancy.

Tickled pink

Быть очень довольным

Bobby was Tickled pink with his new bike.

Tide (someone) over

Помочь кому-либо продержаться (в трудной ситуации)

Jeffrey sold his car To tide himself over his period of unemployment.

Tidy sum of money

Довольно большая сумма денег

Samuel decided to sell his shop and hoped to get A tidy sum of money from the sale.

Tie down (someone or something)

Обязать выполнять условия, связывать, привязывать

The baby naturally Tied Rita down, and she was not so active socially as before.

Tie in (something) with (something)

Связывать что-либо с чем-либо

The detectives Tied in the fingerprints on the man’s gun With those found on the safe.

Tie (someone) up in knots

Сильно нервничать или беспокоиться

The thought of going to the dentist to have her tooth pulled Tied Tina up in knots.

Tie (someone’s) hands

Мешать, связать кому-либо руки

Mr. Brown hoped his son would not quit school, but his hands Were tied; Jim was old enough to decide it himself.

Tie the knot

Соединиться узами брака

Brian and Lucy had been dating for a year before they decided To tie the knot.

Tie up (a boat)

Привязать (лодку), поставить на прикол

They Tied up their yacht at the pier when the storm was brewing.

Tie up (someone)

Занять чье-либо время (полностью)

I am afraid that the meeting will Tie me up until noon.

Tie up (something)

Ограничить условиями (переход имущества или денег по наследству)

The father Tied up the money in his daughter’s marriage settlement.

Tie up (traffic)

Ограничить движение транспорта

The crash of two cars Tied up the traffic downtown.

Tie up with (someone or something)

Вступить в сотрудничество с кем-либо \ чем-либо

Their company Has tied up with another firm to support the art festival.

Tied to one’s mother’s apron strings

Держаться за мамину юбку, быть зависимым от матери

Even after Jeffery grew up, he was still Tied to his mother’s apron strings.

Tied up

Быть занятым

He can’t see you now. He’s Tied up on the telephone.

Tight spot

Трудная ситуация

The school lacked skilled teachers, so the director was in a very Tight spot.

Tight squeeze

Трудная финансовая ситуация

The Browns aren’t going on a holiday this year; they are in a Tight squeeze.

Tighten one’s belt

Пойти на лишения, “затянуть потуже пояс”

When the father lost his job, the family had To tighten their belts.

Tightfisted/closefisted (with money)


Ogden’s father is Tightfisted with money, and he wouldn’t give his son an allowance.

Tilt at windmills

Сражаться с ветряными мельницами, донкихотствовать

Leo is a bore; when it comes to departmental meetings, he wastes everybody’s time by constantly Tilting at windmills.

Time after time

Раз за разом, неоднократно

I have told my younger brother Time after time not to tamper with my papers.

Time and time again

Снова и снова, неоднократно

Children are forgetful and must be told Time and time again how to behave.

Time flies

Время бежит незаметно

Time flies and I suddenly realized that was time to leave.

Time is money

Время – деньги

“Don’t waste your time doing nothing; remember Time is money.”

Time is ripe

Пришло время

Cathy thought The time was ripe to tell her mother about the broken vase.

Time of one’s life

Замечательное, удивительное время

Nancy had The time of her life at the party.

Time off

Время свободное от работы

If I had had some Time off yesterday, I could have sent a lot of e-mail letters to my friends abroad.

Time out

Перерыв (в игре, работе) таймаут

Ann took some Time out from studying to visit her friend.

Time to catch one’s breath

Достаточно времени, чтобы передохнуть

Mrs. Normandy had no Time to catch her breath because her grandchildren were staying with her.

Time was (when)

Было время когда

Time was when everybody in our town kept their doors unlocked all of the time.

Tin ear for (something)

Не иметь слуха, неспособность судить о чем-либо

I think Cora has A tin ear for music and she is not able to judge the value of it.

Tip (someone) off

Намекать или информировать кого-либо

The thieves did not rob the bank because someone Tipped them off that it was being watched by the police.

Tip the balance

Оказаться решающим фактором, перевесить

Collin’s vote Tipped the balance in their favor, and they won the election.

Tip the scales at (something)

Весить какую-либо величину

Edna Tipped the scales at 140 kilograms.

Tire (someone) out

Утомить кого-либо, измучить

The long walk Tired me out.

Tired out

Быть очень уставшим

My father looked Tired out after working hard all day.

Tit for tat

Отплата, “зуб за зуб”, услуга за услугу

Jack hit Betty, and she gave him Tit for tat.


Technical Knockout – технический нокаут

The boxer was awarded a TKO and won the boxing match.


Tender Loving Care – нежная забота

With lots of TLC the little puppies felt very well.

To a fault

Чрезмерно, чересчур, слишком

Sandra is generous To a fault.

To a great/large extent

Главным образом, в значительной степени

The flight was delayed To a great extent due to the fog.

To a T

В точности, идеально (подходить), “тютелька в тютельку”

It’s a very nice hat and it suits me To a T.

To and fro

Взад и вперед, туда и сюда

The train was full of people; the guard went To and fro opening and closing the doors.

To be broke

Быть разоренным, не иметь денег

“I am sorry I can’t lend you a penny; I Am Absolutely Broke.”

To be green

Неопытный\ незрелый человек, “салага”

“I want you to instruct this new worker; he Is green and he doesn’t know his job yet.

To be hale and hearty

(быть) крепким и бодрым (обычно о старых людях)

Nick’s Uncle Ben Was hale and hearty in his old age.

To be half the battle

Большая часть работы

We have to get ready for the wedding reception; writing invitations is only Half the battle.

To be halfhearted about (someone or something)

Не испытывать энтузиазма по поводу кого-либо \ чего-либо

Adam was Halfhearted about going out with Clara that evening.

To be hard on (someone’s) heels

Следовать за кем-либо по пятам

As I was going along the street, I noticed a stranger who was Hard on my heels.

To be high time

Пора бы

It is high time the children were in bed; it’s ten o’clock already.

To be hopeless at (doing something)

Неумеющий делать что-либо хорошо

I Am hopeless at repairing electric appliances.

To be hopped up on (something)

Быть под сильным воздействием наркотика или алкоголя

The young man, who tried to steal a car, Was hopped up on a lot of alcohol.

To be hot and bothered

Быть обеспокоенным и недовольным

Liza Was hot and bothered about something, but we didn’t know what the matter was.

To be hung up on (someone or something)

Быть одержимым, увлеченным кем-либо \ чем-либо

Sonia is Hung up on playing computer games.

To be hungry for (something)

Желать \ хотеть чего-либо

I Was hungry for the beginning of the school year; I missed my classmates.

To be hyped-up

Взбудораженный, возбужденный

The little girl Was hyped up all day because her sister and she were going to the circus in the evening.

To be in hand

Под контролем

During the demonstration the police had the situation with the crowd In hand.

To be in high spirits

Быть в хорошем настроении

I am In high spirits today.

To be in hot water

Быть в беде

Emily Was in hot water because of her debts.

To be on easy street

В полном довольстве, богатстве

Jenny Has been on easy street since she inherited a lot of money.

To be on hand

(быть) в наличии, в распоряжении, имеющийся налицо

The shop has a large stock of clothes On hand.

To be on the safe side

На всякий случай

The train ticket might cost a bit more, so To be on the safe side I should have more money about me.

To be onto (someone or something)

Обнаружить правду о ком-либо \ чем-либо

My neighbor Was onto my dog that was digging in his garden.

To be raised in a barn

Вести себя плохо, быть невоспитанным

Tim is a very ill-mannered guy; it looks as if he had been Raised in a barn.

To be reminiscent of (someone or something)

Напоминающий кого-либо \ что-либо

The music, which I heard on the radio, Is reminiscent of the songs popular in the sixties.

To be rolling in (something)

Иметь большое количество чего-либо (обычно денег)

Mr. Hobson Was rolling in money and didn’t have to work.

To be running high

Быть в состоянии волнения или гнева

Feelings about the riot in front of the City Hall Are running high and the local authorities must stop the unrest.

To be safe

Быть вне опасности

The children Were safe At home.

To be sick in bed

Болеть и лежать в постели

My little son had caught cold and Was sick in bed for a few days.

To be sure

Без сомнения, конечно

Felix works slowly, To be sure, but he does a good job.

To be talked out

Устать от разговоров

I Was talked out, so Mike did most of the speaking at the session.

To be under a cloud (of suspicion)

Быть под подозрением

It was hinted that Pat and Pam were drug dealers and were Under a cloud of suspicion.

To beat the band

(работать) очень много или очень быстро

They had a huge amount of work, but they were working To beat the band.

To be/go out on a limb

Оказаться в опасной или рискованной ситуации

Pat Went out on a limb when she agreed to help her friend.

To boot

К тому же, в придачу

Evelyn not only got fifty dollars as a reward, but they bought her dinner To boot.

To bring someone for a visit

Привести кого-либо с собой

“Would you mind if I Bring My sister over For a visit?”

To bundle up

Закутаться, тепло одеться

There is no need for you To bundle up; it’s quite warm outside.

To cease and desist

Не подлежать обжалованию, окончательный приговор

To cease and desist means that one should stop doing something forever and not start again.

To date

Вплоть до настоящего времени, пока что

The police have not found the criminal To date.

To ground (someone)

Мучить (чрезмерной требовательностью)

Teenagers Are Often Grounded by their parents and teachers.

To hand it to (someone)

Отдать должное, похвалить кого-либо

We have To hand it to our teacher for being patient and understanding.

To hand out (something)

Раздавать что-либо

On the Eve of Christmas they Handed out food to the poor.

To harp on (something)

Надоедливо толковать об одном и том же, “завести волынку”

Alice bores me stiff; she Is always Harping on her problems.

To head up


Dr. Jellyfish is going To head up the Committee for Environmental Protection.

To heel

Подчиняться (дисциплине), контролировать

When John was sixteen, he thought he could do as he pleased, but his father cut off his allowance, and he soon came To heel.

To hell and gone

Очень запущенная ситуация, хуже некуда

My state of affairs was already To hell and gone when my friend offered his help.

To hem and haw

Увиливать от ответа; быть уклончивым

Len Hemmed and hawed when I asked him if he would take part in the outing.

To hook up (something)

Подключить что-либо

“Could you possibly Hook up my computer; I don’t think I can do it myself.”

To hope against hope

Все еще надеяться; надеяться, не смотря ни на что

The firefighters Hoped against hope that they would be able to rescue the people in the house.

To horn in on (someone)

Навязаться на кого-либо, придти без приглашения

Tim was not welcome to our party; he just Horned in on us.

To horse around

Шуметь, возиться

The children Were horsing around in the back yard.

To horse trade

Вести трудные переговоры

They had To horse trade, but they were finally able to make a business agreement.

To hound (someone)

Подвергать гонениям, изводить кого-либо

It seemed to Edna that the boss Was hounding her, and she decided to quit her job.

To hunger for (something)

Жаждать чего-либо

Colin is obsessed with speedy cars and he Hungers for participation in a car race.

To hush up

Замалчивать, скрывать

All this quarreling should immediately Be hushed up.

To jazz up (something)

Оживлять что-либо

We decided To jazz up the campus before the homecoming ball.

To kick off (something)

Начинать что-либо, запускать

The new project Was kicked off that day.

To lay over

Прервать путешествие

They had To lay over in Moscow for a few hours before going to Warsaw.

To matter

Иметь значение

It does not Matter if he wins in a swimming competition or not.

To mean business

Быть серьезно готовым к действию, быть настроенным на работу

Mr. Josef Parker Meant business when he said that he was going to take over the management of the company.

To mean for (someone) to (do something)

Предполагать, рассчитывать, что кто-либо будет делать что-либо

Della Meant for me to arrange a get together party and not anybody else.

To mean nothing to (someone)

Не иметь никакого значения для кого-либо

Ben is very frivolous, and to break his promise Means nothing to him.

To mean (something) to (someone)

Значить что-либо для кого-либо

Being able to socialize with her friends Means a lot to Flora Brown.

To mean to (do something)

Намереваться делать что-либо

“I Meant to have shown you the attractions of the town; I am sorry I couldn’t do it.”

To mix it up

Спорить или драться

In the park I saw two groups of young men who Were mixing it up.

To mix up (something)

Перепутать что-либо, ошибиться

I made a mistake the other day; I Mixed up the dates of my father’s arrival.

To nose down

Снижаться (носом вниз – о самолете)

The pilot began To nose down the helicopter as soon as he saw the bright lights of the airport.

To one’s heart’s content

Сколько душе угодно

I borrowed a few books from the library so that I could read them To my heart’s content.

To one’s name

(иметь) что-либо в собственности, “иметь за душой”

Edna had only one dress To her name.

To order

(сделано) на заказ

A very stout person often has his clothes made To order.

To pieces

(разбить, развалиться) на куски

While washing the dishes I dropped a cup and it broke To pieces.

To put it mildly

Мягко говоря

After what they did for Steve, his behavior toward them, To put it mildly, was rather strange.

To say nothing of (someone or something)

Не говоря уж о ком-либо \ чем-либо

To go hiking they took some provision and drinking water To say nothing of the sleeping bags.

To say the least

Без всякого преувеличения

It was not a very good party To say the least.

To set up (something)

Установить что-либо, собрать из частей

Little Bobby managed to take a clock to pieces, but his father was able to Set it up.

To show cause

Давать объяснение

The man was asked To show cause as to why he had assaulted a passer-by.

To show good faith

Продемонстрировать, проявить добрую волю

My neighbor Showed good faith when she promised to help me in the garden.

To show off

Пытаться привлечь внимание, “пускать пыль в глаза”

Mark enjoyed being in the center of everyone’s attention; he was definitely Showing off.

To show up

Появиться, показаться

I had been waiting for Ron for more than an hour, but he never Showed up.

To sign on the dotted line

Поставить (свою) подпись в указанном месте

At the post office they handed me a parcel and told me To sign on the dotted line.

To skip bail

Не появиться в суде, несмотря на внесенный ранее залог

“I cannot guarantee that the man won’t run away; he may easily Skip bail.”

To some extent

В какой-то мере, частично

I liked the book To some extent, but actually it was not quite what I had expected it to be.

To (someone’s) liking

На чей-либо вкус, по нраву

I bought a nice dress which is exactly To my liking.

To (someone’s) mind

По чьему-либо мнению

“To my mind you are paying too much attention to Steve.”

To (someone’s) way of thinking

По чьему-либо мнению

To my way of thinking George is too arrogant and highbrow.

To speak of

(что-либо) важное, о чем стоит говорить

Fanny fell from her bike, but her injuries were nothing To speak of; just a few scratches.

To stand trial

Быть под судом

Bella Summerfield will have To stand trial for forgery.

To stretch the truth

Представлять в ложном свете, давать неправильные сведения

I think the witness Was stretching the truth a little when she characterized the accused as a pessimist.

To strike out

Нанести сильные удары

Mark lost his temper and Struck out wildly.

To take it

Выносить, терпеть (неприятности, критику, оскорбления)

“I am not going To take it submissively, mind you.”

To take off

Взлететь, оторваться от земли

The helicopters will Take off When the weather clears.

To take on (something)

Брать на себя, предпринимать что-либо

“I don’t feel inclined To take on any more work at the moment. I am too busy.”

To the best of one’s ability

По мере чьих-либо сил, в силу чьих-либо способностей

I am always ready to help my friends To the best of my ability.

To the best of one’s knowledge

Насколько мне известно

To the best of my knowledge the Browns are a very devoted couple.

To the bitter end

До самого конца

Although Cora was bored to death by the performance, she thought it her duty to stay To the bitter end.

To the bone

До основания, насквозь, до костей

I am afraid I have worked my fingers To the bone.

To the contrary

Нечто обратное, противоположное (тому, что было сказано ранее)

Although Joan was going to the movies with her boy friend, she told her parents To the contrary.

To the core

Целиком, глубоко, насквозь

The police system in that country was rotten To the core.

To the ends of the earth

На краю земли, глухое и труднодоступное место

Ardent travelers are ready to go To the ends of the earth to see something unusual.

To the eye

На первый взгляд, по-видимому

Those jeans appear To the eye to be a good buy, but they might turn out to be not so good.

To the full

В полной мере, сполна

We went to Japan for our holiday and enjoyed our trip To the full.

To the hilt


The man’s guilt was proved To the hilt.

To the last

До конца

Yesterday I went to a wedding reception and stayed at the party To the last.

To the letter

В точности, беспрекословно

When filling in a document, you should follow the instructions To the letter.

To the naked eye

На (первый) взгляд, (видеть) невооруженным глазом

To the naked eye it looked like there was little damage to the house after the explosion.

To the nth degree

Предельно, в высшей степени

Scales must be accurate To the nth degree.

To the tune of (an amount of money)

В размере, на сумму

We had to pay To the tune of twenty dollars to be admitted to the amusement park in Springfield.

To the wall

(прижать) к стене, поставить в безвыходное положение

Cynthia failed the last test, and it drove her To the wall.

To turn on a dime

Изменить планы или ориентацию

John’s life Turned on a dime when he immigrated to Chili.

To turn out (something)

Производить, выпускать что-либо

Huge power driven presses are capable of Turning out 120,000 copies of a big newspaper in an hour.

To turn over


When the car hit the hill, it Turned over and stopped.

To whom it may concern

Кого это касается (так следует начинать письмо, если адресат не известен)

If you do not know the name of addressee, you should begin your letter with the phrase, “To whom it may concern.”

To wit

А именно, то есть

There were a lot of celebrities at the presentation of a new film, To wit famous actors, producers, and popular singers.

Toe the line

Подчиняться, слушаться

The new teacher is strict and she will make the students Toe the line.

Toe the line/mark

Подчиняться правилам, слушаться

The new teacher is strict and she will make the students Toe the line.

Toing and froing (on something)

Склоняться то в одну, то в другую сторону; менять решение относительно чего-либо

Lana Has been toing and froing for a long time On changing her job.

Tone (something) down

Сделать что-либо менее насыщенным, смягчить что-либо

The artist Toned down the cruder colors on his painting.

Tongue in cheek

Насмешливо, иронично, в шутку

The remark was made Tongue in cheek, but Bill got offended.

Too bad

Очень жаль

It was Too bad Sara had smallpox when the circus came to town.

Too big for one’s boots/breeches

Самонадеянный, зазнавшийся (человек)

When the teacher made Peter a monitor, he got Too big for his boots and she had to warn him.

Too big for one’s britches/boots

Самонадеянный, самодовольный (человек)

When the teacher made Peter a monitor, he got Too big for his boots and she had to warn him.

Too close for comfort

(быть) в опасной близости

When the sniper’s bullet hit the tree, the man exclaimed, “Gosh, that was Too close for comfort!”

Too close to call

Невозможно предсказать исход (соревнования, выборов, и т. д.)

The election was Too close to call until the very last hour.

Too good to be true

Слишком хорошо, чтобы быть правдой

The offer is Too good to be true; it is almost unbelievable to be included into the Olympic athletic team.

Too many cooks spoil the broth/stew

Когда за дело берутся слишком много людей, ничего хорошего не выходит. У семи нянек дитя без глазу. (посл.)

“I don’t want you to employ too many people to work at the project. As you know ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’.

Too many irons in the fire

Слишком много дел сразу

There were Too many irons in the fire and all the undertakings needed my attention at the same time.

Too much of a good thing

Хорошего понемножку, чересчур, это уж слишком

Mike’s diplomacy was Too much of a good thing, and I finally had to interfere to get things straight.

Too rich for (someone’s) blood

(быть) слишком дорогостоящим для кого-либо

A holiday in Spain is Too rich for my blood so I decided not to go there.

To/of no avail

Безуспешно, бесполезно

They pulled the boy out of the river and tried to revive him, but To no avail.

Toot/blow one’s own horn

Хвастаться или похваляться

You are easily tired of a person who Is always blowing his own horn.

Tooth and nail

Изо всех сил, не жалея сил, неистово

When the man was captured, he fought Tooth and nail to get away.

Top banana

Важная персона, босс, лидер

“Who is the Top banana in your organization?”

Top dog

Самая важная персона в организации

Mr. Abrahams is the Top dog in his company.



Mr. Alison is a Top-drawer executive and gets a very high salary.


Первосортный, наивысшего качества

Pauline’s art work was Top-notch material.

Top (someone or something)

Превосходить кого-либо \ чего-либо

The young athlete Topped everyone in the cross-country race.

Top (something) off with (something)

Закончить чем-либо

Richard batted three runs and Topped off the game with a home run.

Top (something) off

В добавок к чему-либо

George had steak for dinner and Topped it off with a huge sundae.


Вверх ногами, в беспорядке

Gilda’s world became Topsy-turvy when her husband filed for a divorce.

Torn between (two things)

Трудный выбор между двумя (вещами)

John was Torn between his family and his risky job.

Toss a salad

Заправить салат

I Tossed the salad and we sat down to dinner.

Toss off (an answer)

Ответить (на вопрос) не задумываясь

When Miss Willows asked me this question, I was able To toss off the answer immediately.

Toss off (something)

Выпить залпом, “опрокинуть”

Simon Tossed off the last of the drinks and got up.

Toss one’s cookies

Вырвать, извергнуть рвотные массы

The dog ate something bad and Tossed his cookies at once.

Toss (someone) out of (somewhere)

Заставить уйти, выпроводить кого-либо откуда-либо

The young men were drunk and quarrelsome, and the porter had To toss them out of the hotel.

Touch a sore spot/point

Затронуть больное место

I Touched a sore spot when I asked Helen about her relationship with Tim Burk.

Touch and go

Критическое или опасное положение

At one time while we were climbing the cliff, it was Touch and go whether we could do it.

Touch base with someone

Встретиться с кем-либо и поговорить накоротке

They were ready to make a decision, but first they decided To touch base with the financial manager.

Touch off (someone)

Задеть кого-либо, разозлить

Someone or something must have Touched Jack off for he dashed out of the room like mad.

Touch off (something)

Вызвать (беспорядки)

The arrest of the men’s leaders Touched off a disturbance in the area.

Touch off

Стать причиной (взрыва), воспламенить что-либо

The boy Touched off A firecracker.

Touch on/upon (something)

Говорить о чем-либо, затронуть (тему); писать что-либо кратко

The speaker Touched upon several important issues.

Touch up (something)

Ретушировать, отделывать

The photograph looks as if it Had been touched up.

Touch up

Подправить что-либо

The woodwork is done, but there are a few places I have to Touch up.

Touched by (someone or something)

Обеспокоенный из-за кого-либо, взволнованный чем-либо

Laura was Touched by pity when she heard about Ken’s illness.

Touched (in the head)

Спятил, свихнулся

“What’s the matter with you? You are acting as if you were Touched in the head tonight.”

Touch/hit/strike a raw nerve

Задеть за живое

My friend didn’t understand that she Had touched a raw nerve when she had asked me about my relationship with Mark.

Tough act to follow

Превосходное исполнение

Her performance of Desdemona was A tough act to follow in every sense.

Tough break

Неудачное событие, злоключение

“It was A tough break; my date didn’t show up.”

Tough it out

Пережить трудную ситуацию

Joe was in low water for some time, but finally he Toughed it out.

Tough row to hoe

Браться за трудную задачу

Learning to skate seems to be A tough row to hoe for Linda.

Tourist trap

Слишком дорогое удовольствие (для туристов)

I don’t want to go to Jamaica for my holiday; I think it to be A tourist trap.

Tower of strength

Надежная опора

Sam is an affectionate husband who has been A tower of strength to Marcia all those years.


Взаимоотношения между населением города и, расположенном в нем, университетом

There are Town-and-gown fights almost every year when parties are held for the new graduates.

Toy with (someone or something)

Несерьезно относиться к кому-либо \ чему-либо, забавляться

Sam Croft Was toying with The idea of accepting the company’s offer of the vice presidency in Madrid, but he didn’t think seriously about it.


Toilet Paper – туалетная бумага

Sally bought several rolls of TP.

Track (someone or something) down

Искать кого-либо \ что-либо

Louse spent weeks in the library Tracking down the information about her family tree.

Trade in (something)

Отдавать старую вещь в счет покупки новой

I decided To trade in my out-dated computer for a modern one.

Trade on (something)

Воспользоваться ситуацией (с выгодой для себя)

The mayor Traded on his reputation to settle the conflict.

Train one’s sights on (something)

Стремиться к какой-либо цели

Mitch has been Training his sights on joining the top hokey team in the country.

Travel light

Путешествовать налегке

I don’t like taking a lot of luggage with me; I prefer To travel light.

Travesty of justice

Искажение, пародия на систему правосудия

I regard court martial to be A travesty of justice.

Tread on (someone’s) toes

Задеть чьи-либо чувства

“Do you know that you Have Treaded on your aunt’s toes when you spoke ill of her gardening skills?”

Treat (someone)

Угощать кого-либо, платить за угощение

I Treated Evelyn to a nice pizza in a pizza hut downtown.

Trial and error

(метод) проб и ошибок

The only way I could solve the geometry problem was by the method of Trial and error.

Trial balloon

Пробный шар

The editorial was A trial balloon to test the public’s opinion on several important issues.

Trials and tribulations

Тяжелые испытания

Mrs. Small’s life has always been full of Trials and tribulations.

Trick of the trade

Специфические приемы в каком-либо деле

Anyone can learn how to tile the walls in the bathroom, but only an expert can show you The tricks of the trade.

Trick (someone) into (doing something)

Заставить обманным путем делать что-либо

The gypsy Tricked me into giving her all of the money I had about me.


Проверено временем

I decided to use A tried-and-true method to remove stains from my dress.

Trip the light fantastic

Идти на танцы

It was Saturday night, so my friends and I went downtown To trip the light fantastic.

Trip up (someone)

Заставить кого-либо сделать ошибку или быть причиной неудачи

The test contained tricky questions To trip up those students who were not attentive enough.

Trip up

Ошибиться, запнуться

While reading a difficult text, Billy Tripped up several times.

Trot (something) out

Упомянуть что-либо вскользь

I know Tim Has trotted out some information, but I don’t remember what it was about.

Trouble one’s head about (someone or something)

Волноваться из-за кого-либо \ чего-либо, беспокоиться

Lionel never Troubles his head About such matters.

Trouble oneself about (someone or something)

Беспокоиться о ком-либо \ чем-либо

“I wish you would not Trouble yourself about such trifles.”

Trouble (someone) for (something)

Просить кого-либо о чем-либо

“May I Trouble you for a match?”

Trouble (someone) to (do something)

Просить кого-либо сделать что-либо

“May I Trouble you to pass a few pieces of bread?”

Trouble (someone) with/to do (something)

Надоедать кому-либо чем-либо, беспокоить, причинять неудобство

“Will you please stop Troubling me with Your silly questions?”

True love

Настоящая любовь

“You are too young to marry Noel. You may have taken infatuation for True love,” Rita said to her daughter.

True to form

Как и ожидалось

True to form the secretary refused to do any work after office hours.

True to one’s word

Верный своему слову, обещанию

My friend promised to call me and he was True to his word.

Trump card

Козырная карта; убедительный, веский довод

There were several ways to persuade my friend to go to the party with me; my Trump card was that John would be there too.

Trump up (something)

Выдумать что-либо, придумывать ложные обвинения

Every time Sam is late for work, he Trumps up some new excuse.


Выдумывать что-либо, придумывать ложные обвинения

Every time Sam is late for work, he Trumps up some new excuse.

Truth will out

Правда выйдет наружу

I am sure that finally The truth will out and I will know exactly who has stolen my cell phone.

Try on (something)

Мерить (одежду)

Sue Tried on several pairs of sandals before she found one to her liking.

Try one’s hand (at something)

Попробовать свои силы в чем-либо

I am going To try my hand at poker tonight.

Try one’s luck at (something)

Попытать счастья

Helen decided To try her luck at buying a ticket to the theatre just before the performance.

Try out for (something)

Пытаться принять участие в чем-либо (в игре)

Tom Tried out for his university basketball team.

Try out one’s wings

Пытаться сделать что-либо, чему только что научился

Tina has had only ten German lessons, but she wants To try her wings by speaking with our visitors from Germany.

Try out (something)

Испытывать что-либо

I intend To try out several makes of cars before making a final choice.

Try (someone’s) patience

Испытывать чье-либо терпение

Nora’s naughty children are constantly Trying her patience.

Try (something) out on (someone)

Испытать что-либо на ком-либо

I was able to cook all kinds of inexpensive dishes and Try them out on Noel.

Tub of lard

Очень толстый человек, “жиртрест”

Tim complained to his mother that the boys in his class called him A tub of lard.

Tuck into (something)

Есть что-либо с удовольствием

There were a lot of tasty things on the table and the children Tucked into their dinner as soon as they sat down.

Tug at (someone’s) heartstrings

Заставить кого-либо испытывать жалость, сочувствие

Seeing two helpless little kittens in a cardboard box outside, Tugged at my heartstrings.


Борьба за что-либо

A Tug-of-war developed between the boys who wanted to go swimming and those who wanted to go boating.

Tune in (a radio)

Настраивать радиоприемник

Bob Tuned in his portable radio to listen to music.

Tune in

Настраиваться (на что-либо)

Greg is not very well Tuned in To his surroundings.

Tune out (someone or something)

Игнорировать кого-либо \ что-либо, не слушать

I am able to work in a noisy environment because I can simply Tune it out.

Tune up (a musical instrument)

Настраивать (музыкальный инструмент)

The orchestra came out onto the stage and began To tune up for the concert.

Tune up (an engine)

Наладить, отрегулировать двигатель

Jim took his car to the garage to have the engine Tuned up.

Turn a blind eye to (someone or something)

Не замечать кого-либо \ что-либо

Adam preferred To turn a blind eye to the “No Fishing” sign.

Turn a deaf ear to (someone)

Игнорировать, не слушать кого-либо \ что-либо

I asked Alfred to help me, but he Turned a deaf ear to my request.

Turn a profit

Получать прибыль

Our company Has been turning a profit since it opened two years ago.

Turn down (someone or something)

Отказаться признать, отвергнуть кого-либо \ что-либо

“You seem To be turning down a golden opportunity in leaving the company.”

Turn down (something)

Убавить что-либо (звук, свет, газ)

“That radio is pretty loud. Can’t you Turn it down a little?”

Turn in (someone)

Сдать кого-либо

Sheila Turned in the teenagers to the police for drug taking.

Turn in (something)

Отдать что-либо

When the football season was over, the players Turned in their uniforms.

Turn in

Ложиться спать

I Turned in at ten that night and I thought I would sleep well, being tired; but I didn’t.

Turn of the century

На рубеже веков

Cars were odd things to see at The turn of the century.

Turn off (someone)

Внушать отвращение, неприязнь

Jack has decided not to date Christine anymore – she begins To turn him off.

Turn off (something)

Выключить (свет), закрыть (кран)

My mother wanted me To turn off the water in the bathroom.

Turn off (somewhere)

Повернуть на другую дорогу, свернуть

The car Turned off on Main Street.

Turn on a dime

Развернуться в очень узком месте (величиной с монету)

My new sports car can Turn on a dime.

Turn on one’s heel

Круто повернуться

Jonathan Turned on his heel and dashed out of the room.

Turn on (someone)

Напуститься на кого-либо

Jack Turned on his brother, who he thought had deceived him.

Turn on (something)

Включить (свет, радио и т. д.)

“It’s getting dark, please Turn on the light.”

Turn one’s back on (someone or something)

Отказать в помощи кому-либо, отвернуться, покинуть кого-либо в беде

Peter Turned his back on his own family when they needed help.

Turn one’s hand to (something)

Взяться за что-либо (отличное оттого, что делали ранее)

After Mark finished writing a thriller, he Turned his hand to screen plays.

Turn one’s nose up at (someone or something)

Отвергать кого-либо \ что-либо

The young man Turned his nose up at the chance to go to an agricultural college.

Turn out (a light)

Выключать (свет)

Please Turn out the light if you I do not need it.

Turn out all right/good

Закончиться хорошо

At first they thought that their offer would not be accepted but it Turned out all right.

Turn out (someone)

Выгонять кого-либо

He was my guest and I couldn’t possibly Turn him out.

Turn out (something)

Вывернуть что-либо

Samantha Turned out her handbag looking for her cell phone.

Turn out

Оказаться, придти

The day Turned out to be warm and clear.

Turn over a new leaf

(в корне) измениться, начать все с начала

After the divorce Margaret decided To turn over a new leaf and be happy again.

Turn over (an engine)

Завести мотор

I think the battery is dead that’s why the engine won’t Turn over.

Turn over in one’s grave

Перевернуться в могиле, быть очень сердитым

If your grandfather could see how you’re wasting his money, he would Turn over in his grave.

Turn over (something) to (someone)

Отдать, передать что-либо кому-либо

Hillary Turned her library books over to the librarian, Mrs. Gorring.

Turn over

Иметь оборот денежных средств

The machine building plant Turns over a lot of money each month.

Turn (someone) on

Интересовать, заинтересовать кого-либо

Beethoven’s music always Turns me on.

Turn (someone’s) head

Вскружить кому-либо голову, приводить в смятение

When David saw Tina for the first time, her beauty Turned his head. He fell in love at first sight.

Turn (someone’s) stomach

Вызывать тошноту

The rolling of the boat turned his stomach.

Turn (something) on its ear

Перевернуть что-либо (вверх дном)

I Turned my bedroom on its ear when I was looking for my pantyhose.

Turn (something) on its head

Поставить с ног на голову, придать чему-либо противоположное значение

The judge accused the lawyer of Turning the statement on its head.

Turn (something) over in one’s mind

Постоянно думать о чем-либо, держать в уме

I slept badly that night because I Was turning the conversation with my father over in my mind.

Turn (something) to good account

Использовать что-либо с выгодой, найти хорошее применение

Wanda at once saw how this event might Be turned to good account to secure her property.

Turn (something) to one’s advantage

Обратить в свою пользу, использовать в своих интересах

Mark Turned his influence to his advantage and achieved considerable competency.

Turn tail

Поспешно уйти или броситься бежать

The men in front of me Turned tail like a dog that had been whistled home, and fled like the wind.

Turn the clock back

Повернуть вспять

Mrs. Brown wishes she could Turn the clock back to the days before the children grew up and left home.

Turn the heat up on (someone)

Усилить нажим на кого-либо

The new manager Turned the heat up on the members of the department.

Turn the other cheek

Подставить другую щеку, быть безответным, не мстительным

I know it was an excellent opportunity for Turning the other cheek, but I didn’t think of it in time.

Turn the tables on (someone)

Поменяться ролями с кем-либо

Mark had To turn the tables on his opponent to save himself.

Turn the tide

Изменить ход событий, создать перелом

At the very moment when Martin was about to abandone the fight, The tide turned.

Turn the trick

Добиться результатов

I hoped that the correct tool would Turn the trick to fix the leaking tap.

Turn thumbs down on (someone or something)

Быть против, запрещать

Everyone Turned thumbs down on his suggestion.

Turn thumbs down (on something)

Не одобрить или отклонить что-либо

Everyone Turned thumbs down on his suggestion to sell the company.

Turn to (someone or something)

Обратиться к кому-либо (за помощью, советом), прибегнуть (к помощи чего-либо)

The instructor Turned to the boys for help.

Turn turtle

Перевернуться вверх дном

My tires began to slip; the car Turned turtle and stopped.

Turn up one’s nose at (something)

Отнестись пренебрежительно к чему-либо, “воротить нос”

Sally is very choosy; she Turns up her nose at many foods.

Turn up

Найтись, обнаружиться, (внезапно) появиться

“I will meet you on Monday unless anything special Turns up.”


Товарооборот, текучесть

The Turnover Of summer clothes is at its peak this season.

Twiddle one’s thumbs

Бездельничать; сидеть, сложа руки

I’ve got to be busy. I can’t sit down and Twiddle my thumbs.

Twist (someone) around one’s (little) finger

Обвести кого-либо вокруг пальца

Susan can Twist any of the boys around her little finger.

Twist (someone’s) arm

Силой заставлять кого-либо (делать что-либо)

I often have To twist my son’s arm to make him eat properly.

Twist (someone’s) words around

Исказить чьи-либо слова

My sister Twisted my words around when she told my mother about my problems at work.

Two bits

25 центов

A haircut only cost Two bits when Grandfather was young.

Two bricks shy of a load

Не умный, тупой, “винтиков не хватает”

Martin is Two bricks shy of a load and he is hard to deal with.

Two can play that game

Ответить тем же, отплатить той же монетой

Cora offended me; I told her that Two can play that game, but actually I am not going to do the same to her.

Two cents (worth)

Мнение (о котором не спрашивают)

The boys were talking about tennis, and Hilda put in her Two cents worth, even though she didn’t know much about tennis.

Two cents

Незначительный, грошевый

My computer is not in a very good working condition, and they won’t give me Two cents for it.


Неискренний, двуликий

Don’t confide too much in Dana as she has the reputation of being Two-faced.

Two heads are better than one

Одна голова хорошо, а две лучше

“Let’s discuss these problems between the two of us; Two heads are better than one, you know.”

Two of a kind

Два одинаковых (человека), “два сапога пара”

John and Jack are Two of a kind and they are always seen together.

Two strikes against someone

Две упущенный возможности, так что остается только один шанс

Poor Lorna has Two strikes against her when it comes to her love for Frank: first she is too fat and second she is too silly.

Two-time (someone)

Изменять кому-либо (супруге или супругу, партнеру)

Silvia was very upset when she discovered that Tim was Two-timing her.

Two wrongs don’t make a right

Злом зла не поправишь (посл.)

Though Lionel’s words hurt my feelings I am not going to try and offend him; I am sure Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Two’s company, three’s a crowd

Где двое, там третий – лишний

I was going out with my date, and I didn’t want Jim to accompany us; I told him that Two’s company and three’s a crowd.

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