Английские идиомы на букву N

Nail in (someone’s) coffin

Что-либо, что может навредить кому-либо (“вбить гвоздь в чей-либо гроб”)

“Fighting with him will only be A nail in your coffin. It won’t get you anywhere.”

Nail (something) down

Требовать от кого-либо выполнения чего-либо

“Please Nail down the exact place where you can meet with our supplier.”

Naked eye

Невооруженный глаз

This is the truth; and even a very short-sighted person can see it with a Naked eye.

Name of the game

Главное, основное дело

The name of the game is selling printed matter and not dealing with other things.

Name (someone) after (someone or something)

Назвать кого-либо в честь кого-либо или чего-либо

Many Russian towns Are named after famous people.

Narrow escape

Опасное, рискованное положение, быть “на волоске от гибели”

“That was A narrow escape,” said Alice very frightened at the sudden change.


Ограниченный, недалекий

George is generally very open about a lot of things, but when it comes to politics, he is terribly Narrow-minded.


National Aeronautics and Space Administration – Американская космическая организация (НАСА)

A spokesperson for NASA declared that a rocket will be launched next month.


North Atlantic Treaty Organization – НАТО, Североатлантический союз

Georgia’s government is eager to join NATO as soon as possible.


Nota Bene – нотебене, обрати особое внимание

When I want to memorize something well, I always mark it NB.

Near at hand

Близко, под рукой

When I repair something, I prefer my tools to Be near at hand.

Neck and neck

Быть равным в состязании; идти “голова в голову”

Davidson and Marshal were riding like demons, Neck and neck.

Neck of the woods

Район, местность где живешь

If Tim talks about his Neck of the woods, he means the area where he lives.

Need one’s head examined

У кого-либо с головой не в порядке

Lola Needs her head examined. She always makes silly remarks.

Need (something) like a hole in the head

Что-либо совсем не нужно, “нужно как собаке пятая нога”

“You need that old second-hand car as you Need a hole in the head.”

Need (something) like (one needs) a hole in the head

Совершенно ненужная (вещь), “как собаке пятая нога”

Steve Needs a new fishing tackle like he needs a hole in the head.

Need (something) yesterday

Нуждаться в чем-либо в срочном порядке

Ms. Polehead Needs double glassed windows yesterday.

Needle in a haystack

Иголка в стоге сена”; то, что очень трудно найти

Looking for the lost letter among the hundreds of other letters is like looking for A needle in a haystack.

Neither fish nor fowl

Ни то, ни се; “ни рыба, ни мясо” (о нерешительном человеке)

Mike is Neither fish nor fowl, and he doesn’t really fit into any of the student group.

Neither here nor there

Ни к селу, ни к городу; к делу не относится

“You don’t know what you are talking about; your proposal is Neither here nor there.”

Neither hide nor hair (of someone or something)

Ни слуху, ни духу (о ком-либо \чем-либо)

Jill borrowed some money from me, and I have seen Neither hide nor hair of her lately.

Nervous Nellie

Застенчивый, нерешительный человек

I think Daniel is A nervous Nellie; he is so shy he won’t say boo to a goose.

Nest egg

Сумма денег, отложенная на черный день

Weber liked to keep a little Nest egg for himself.

Never fear

Не бойтесь, не опасайтесь

“Never fear, I will give you back the money I borrowed from you.”

Never in one’s life

Никогда в жизни

This film is something; I have Never in my life seen such a weird movie.

Never mind

Не важно, не беспокойся

“If you don’t have time to take the books to the library today, Never mind, you can do it tomorrow.”

Never would have guessed

Никогда бы не подумал \не догадался

I Never would have guessed that the man who was jogging was over ninety years old. He looked so vigorous.

New blood

Свежая кровь (люди с новыми идеями)

They needed New blood: new ideas and people to carry out these ideas.

New broom sweeps clean

Новая метла по-новому метет

‘A new brush sweeps clean’ means that a person with a new perspective can make great changes.

New deal

Дать шанс начать все сначала

The owner of a small business was given A new deal as he was able to get a loan from the bank.

New hire

Новый сотрудник

The secretary in the firm was A new hire, and she was not very good at her job.

New lease on life

Обновленный взгляд на жизнь

George found new enthusiasm and energy for his job, in other words he had A new lease on life.

New person

(стать) новым человеком, измениться

Horace is A new person now that he has quit worrying about his job.

Next-door neighbor

(ближайший) сосед

My Next-door neighbor often helps me to look after the baby when I am out shopping.

Next of kin

Близкий родственник

Margaret was run over by a car, and the police had to notify The next of kin about the accident.

Next to nothing

Почти ничего, очень мало

Willy is a very ignorant person; he knows Next to nothing.

Nice and (some quality)

Хороший, симпатичный и…

The sofa was Nice and comfortable to sit on.

Nickel and dime (someone)

Постоянно просить у кого-либо денег или тратить небольшие суммы

My cousin Ben is constantly asking for small sums of money; I am afraid he will Nickel and dime me to death.

Night on the town

Празднование, торжество

They went out for a Night on the town when they were through with the project.

Night owl

Сова (человек, привыкший ложиться спать поздно)

I am A night owl and my husband is an early bird.

Nine-day’s wonder

Кратковременная сенсация, предмет недолгих толков

The pop singer was A nine day’s wonder and it was not surprising that he was soon forgotten.

Nine times out of ten

Почти всегда, в девяти случаев из десяти

Nine times out of ten if you have a car problem, it is not very big and it can easily be fixed.

Nine-to-five attitude

Делать что-либо по минимуму, не делать ничего лишнего

My boss said he didn’t like my Nine-to-five attitude towards my work, and he asked me to be more active and creative.

Nine-to-five job

Нормированный рабочий день (с 9 до 5)

The majority of people prefer to work the regular hours of A nine-to-five-job.

Nip and tuck

Плечом к плечу; впритык

For most of the race the two skaters were running Nip and tuck, but the younger skater was the first to cross the finish line.

Nip (something) in the bud

Пресечь в корне

If you prefer to deal with a problem when it is still small, you should Nip it in the bud.

No bed of roses

(не) ложе из роз (о не благоприятной ситуации)

“I don’t think your married life will be A bed of roses.”


Легко понять, не требуется особых доказательств

It is No-brainer that if you do not work hard, you won’t make any progress in English.

No cigar

Не вышло, не получилось

I was promised a good job and was about to get it, but unfortunately it was No cigar.

No deal


It was no deal when Ben’s project was rejected by his boss.

No dice

Ни за что, никогда

“No dice. I will never let you use my computer.”

No doubt


No doubt Emily will get what she wants; she is very persistent.

No end of/to (something)

Бесконечно много, масса, уйма

Bob had No end of books on art.

No end

Чрезвычайно, безмерно, в высшей степени

A box at the opera house costs No end.

No flies on (someone)

Быть очень быстрым или очень занятым (весь в движении)

There are No flies on Theodor. He is always on the move.

No go

Ничего не выйдет, этот номер не пройдет

“You want to make fun of me, don’t you? No go.”

No great shakes

Ничего особенного, не ахти как хорошо (какой хороший)

Ron wasn’t much of a student, so his knowledge of History was No great shakes.

No hard feelings

Без чувства обиды или злости

“I didn’t want to offend you. No hard feelings were meant. Nothing personal.”

No holds barred

Без ограничения

There are No holds barred, and the first person to reach the 1 million sales target with get a big bonus!

No ifs, ands, or buts about it

Вне всякого сомнения, без возражения

“Jimmy, you are to see your dentist tomorrow – No ifs, ands, or buts about it.”

No joke

Серьезное, не шуточное (дело)

Keeping crocodile at home as a pet is No joke; it may cause serious problems.

No kidding

Без шуток

“No kidding, is Simon really going to buy a Jaguar?”

No laughing matter

Серьезное, не шуточное дело

The fire in a two storey house was No laughing matter and was taken very seriously by the firefighters.

No love lost between (two people/groups)

Сильная неприязнь или ненависть (двух человек или групп)

There is No love lost between Clark and Dave; they have had a strong enmity towards each other for a long time.

No matter what happens

Не важно, что случиться; в любом случае

No matter what happens, we are going fishing on the weekend.

No matter

Не важно

No matter how hard it snows, I will go skiing in the woods.

No picnic

Не легкое дело, не шутка

It is No picnic trying to convince him that he was not right.

No point in (something)

Нет смысла делать что-либо

There was No point in going to that dull party; we might as well stay at home and watch TV.


Не явившийся (человек, который делает заказ, а затем не является за ним)

If was probably because of the storm that there were many No-shows for a boat trip.

No skin off (someone’s) nose/teeth

Нет дела до чего-либо

It is No skin off my nose whether or not Leila will get this job.

No skin off (someone’s) teeth/nose

Не затрагивать (чьих-либо интересов), совсем не беспокоить

It will be No skin off my nose if Sheila does not go on an excursion with us.

No sooner said than done

Сказано – сделано

Hilda’s request for some repairs to her car was No sooner said than done.

No spring chicken

(человек) не первой молодости

“If I were you, I wouldn’t work so much. Don’t forget you are No spring chicken.”

No sweat!

Не трудно

“It is No sweat for me to help you clean up your kitchen.”

No trespassing

Не нарушать чужое право владения

There was a ‘No trespassing’ sign on the gate of the private property.

No two ways about (something)

Об этом не может быть двух мнений

“There are No two ways about it; you are to consult a doctor and do it immediately.”

No-win situation

Безнадежная, проигрышная ситуация

There was not enough money to repair the house; it was A no-win situation from the very beginning.

No wonder

Не удивительно

Sally went to a night club and came home early in the morning; No wonder she is tired and sleepy.

Nobody in his/her right mind would do (something)

Никто в здравом уме не сделал бы это

Nobody in his right mind would have refused to go to Spain for free.

Nobody’s fool

Не глупый человек, не дурак

“This man Drawling, the solicitor, is Nobody’s fool; let me tell you this.”

Nobody’s home

Рассеянный или недалекий (человек)

The man was talking nonsense; he seemed to me like Nobody’s home.

Nod off

Задремать (сидя на диване или за рулем)

Jess Nodded off While she was driving and hit a lamppost.

None of (someone’s) business/beeswax

Не ваше дело, не лезьте не в свое дело

When Adam started talking about Muriel’s personal affairs, she said angrily that it was None of his beeswax.

None other than (someone)

Не что иное, как; не кто иной, как

I went to a party last night and saw None other than Sam Willows whom I hadn’t seen for ages.

None the wiser

Зная не больше, чем до этого; “не солоно хлебавши”

Judy and Pat went to see their rich uncle and came back None the wiser.

None the worse for wear

Ничуть не хуже

I looked at my old jeans; they were None the worse for wear even though I have had them for two years.

None too (something)

Не слишком (красивый, умный и т. д.)

Celia was None too smart to try and cheat at the exam.

Nose about/around (something)

Вынюхивать, любопытствовать

Miss Millie’s companion Was nosing around trying to find out where the jewelry was kept.

Nose into (something)

Лезть не в свое дело

Helen is a woman who Is always nosing into other people’s affairs.

Nose (someone) out

Выталкивать кого-либо

The older boys Nosed the younger ones out of the bus.

Not a bit


Gina has eaten all of the cake; Not a bit of it is left on the plate.

Not a dry eye in the house

У всех зрителей глаза на мокром месте

The melodrama was so sad and tearful that there was Not a dry eye in the house during the performance.

Not a lick of work

Ни малейшей работы

The mother was away all day, and the children didn’t do A lick of work about the house.

Not a living soul

Никто, ни одна живая душа

There was Not a living soul in the house when he came home.

Not a moment to spare

Ни минуты свободной

I have been very busy lately with Not a moment to spare.

Not a snowball’s chance in hell

Никакого шанса, ни малейшего шанса

If I thought that I had A snowball’s chance in hell to get the job, I would apply for it.

Not able to call one’s time one’s own

Быть слишком занятым

Cora was Not able to call her time her own, so busy she was all the week.

Not able to go on

Не в состоянии продолжать (что-либо делать)

Ulla felt a lump in her throat and was Not able to go on speaking.

Not able to see the forest for the trees

Из-за деревьев не видеть леса (частное затмевает целое)

“Why don’t you look at the situation as a whole? I think you are Not able to see the forest for the trees.”

Not all (someone or something) is cracked up to be

(не все) не все так хорошо, как сказано

The new plumber is Not all he is cracked up to be, and the dwellers have a lot of complaints about his work.

Not all there

Не все дома (о глупом или ненормальном человеке)

Joe is Not all there; he is either a little bit stupid or completely crazy.

Not at all

Совсем не

Judd has recently bought a new car, but he is Not at all happy with it, I guess.

Not bat an eye

Не показать признаков нервозности, не реагировать, “глазом не моргнуть”

When the dog attacked him, he did Not bat an eye; he didn’t seem to be scared.

Not bat an eye/eyelid

Никак не реагировать, и глазом не моргнуть

Len was downright rude to his older brother, but the latter did Not bat an eye.

Not believe one’s eyes

Глазам не поверить

I could Not believe my eyes when I saw my daughter in the company of the silliest boy in her class.

Not beyond the wit of (someone)

Не трудно что-либо делать, не требуется большого ума

It would Not be beyond the wit of my friend to write an essay.

Not born yesterday

Иметь жизненный опыт (я не вчера родился)

“Don’t try to cheat me! I was Not born yesterday and I am not at all naive or easily fooled.”

Not breathe a word (about someone or something)

Не выдавать секрет (о ком-либо \ чем-либо)

“Can you promise not To breathe a word about my engagement?”

Not breathe a word of it

Ничего никому не сказать

Alex left the town under the cover of darkness and did Not breathe a word of it to anyone.

Not buy (something)

Не поверить чему-либо, “не купиться на что-либо”

“I had to stay home to take care of my pet bird; it was so lonely,” the student said, but the teacher did Not buy the excuse.

Not by a long shot

Ни коем образом, ни за что

Derek has lived in Pittsburg all his live, but he is not going to live in Pittsburg the rest of his life, Not by a long shot.

Not enough room to swing a cat

Недостаточно места

Let’s not have a party at Mary’s place; there is Not enough room to swing a cat in her apartment.

Not for a moment

Никогда, ни за что, ни на одну минуту

When Ben saw a child in the icy water, he did Not for a moment hesitate to save him.

Not for all the tea in China

На за что (на свете)

Uriah will Not for all the tea in China lend his car to anybody.

Not for anything in the world

Ни за что на свете

Adelaide will not For anything in the world tell her husband about her problem.

Not for hire

Быть занятым (о такси)

The taxis were Not for hire, so we decided to ask Jimmy to give us a lift.

Not for love nor money

Ни за какие блага

It was a first night performance, and we couldn’t buy the tickets, Not for love nor money.

Not for love or money

Любыми путями, “не мытьем, так катаньем”

We were not able to get the tickets for the performance For love or money.

Not for publication

Не для публикации, секретный

Though the documents were written many years ago, they were still Not for publication.

Not for the world

Ни за что на свете, за любую цену

Sam suspected it was a fraud, and he would not be involved in it, Not for the world.

Not give it another thought

Как следует не подумать о чем-либо

Pam did Not give it another thought when she agreed to join the health club.

Not give (someone) the time of day

Не выносить кого-либо, полностью игнорировать

Linda disliked her mother-of-law so much that she would Not give her the time of day.

Not give two hoots about (someone or something)

Совершенно не интересоваться кем-либо \ чем-либо

Right now the public does Not give two hoots about Kirby’s disappearance.

Not give/care two hoots about (someone or something)

Совершенно не интересоваться, ни в грош не ставить

Right now the public does Not give two hoots about Kirby’s disappearance.

Not half bad

Не так уж и плох; не дурно

The new assistant is Not half bad; he looks efficient.

Not have a clue (about something)

(не) знать \ (не) иметь представление о чем-либо

I Have no clue what happened that day.

Not have a leg to stand on

Не иметь достаточного основания для претензии на что-либо

He Didn’t have a leg to stand on with his claims to own the house.

Not have a snowball’s chance in hell

Не иметь не единого шанса

We Didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell to get the information we wanted.

Not have anything to do with someone

(не) иметь ничего общего с кем-либо

I don’t Have anything to do with Pam; she isn’t trustworthy.

Not have the heart to do (something)

Быть не нерасположенным делать что-либо, “сердце не лежит к чему-либо”

I did Not have the heart to clean the house that day.

Not have the stomach for (something)

Не иметь желания делать что-либо (если считаете это неприятным)

I do Not have the stomach for doing this silly job.

Not have two cents to rub together

Не иметь много денег

My uncle is always short of money; he never Has two cents to rub together.

Not hear of (something)

Не позволять что-либо, “и слышать не хочу”

“I Won’t hear of your talking to me like that.”

Not hold a candle to (someone or something)

Не быть таким хорошим, как что-либо \ кто-либо; не идет ни в какое сравнение

The new lecturer does Not hold a candle to the previous one whose lectures were very good.

Not hold water

Не иметь смысла, быть нелогичным

My friend likes arguing but very often his arguments do Not hold water.

Not hurt a flea

Безобидный (человек), “муху не обидит”

Bill was accused of murder, but I knew he would Not hurt a flea.

Not in so many words

Именно этими словами; ясно, недвусмысленно

The house owner threatened In so many words to raise the rent.

Not in the same league with (someone or something)

Не сравниться с кем-либо \ чем-либо, близко не стоять

The new folk dance teacher is Not in the same league With the one we had before.

Not in the same league

(быть) ниже кого-либо (по положению, рангу, званию)

Olaf was Not in the same league as Marshall, who was a skilled boxer.

Not just a pretty face

Быть умным, а не только красивым

Sarah is Not just a pretty face. She is very intelligent.

Not know beans about (someone or something)

Ничего не знать о ком-либо \ о чем-либо

I did Not know beans about my friend’s private life.

Not know enough to come in out of the rain

Не отличаться смекалкой, быть тупицей

Some students in this class are not very smart and do Not know enough to come in out of the rain.

Not know if one is coming or going

Не знать, что делать, колебаться

Jill hesitated whether to accept their invitation or not. I think she does Not know if she is coming or going.

Not know one’s own strength

Не рассчитать собственные силы

George does Not know his own strength, and he is sometimes dangerous to play with.

Not know (someone) from Adam

Не иметь ни малейшего представления о ком-либо

The woman was a complete stranger; I did Not know her from Adam.

Not know the first thing about (someone or something)

Не иметь ни малейшего представления о чем-либо

Hillary did Not know the first thing about computers, so she asked her friend to fix it.

Not know the first thing about something

Не иметь основных знаний о чем-либо

Jack wants to buy a car, but I am sure he Does not know the first thing about cars.

Not know where to turn

Не знать, что делать; растеряться

“Oh, this is awful. I do Not know where to turn or what to do.”

Not know whether/if one is coming or going

Сбить с толку, привести в замешательство

I did Not know whether I was coming or going after I had received the news of his resignation.

Not lay a finger/hand on (someone)

Пальцем не трогать кого-либо

The child’s father said he had never Laid a finger on his son no matter how badly the latter behaved.

Not let (someone) catch you (doing something)

Не позволить застать кого-либо за каким-либо занятием

“Do Not let me catch you taking my things without my permission.”

Not lift a finger/hand (to help someone)

Пальцем не пошевелить (чтобы помочь кому-либо)

He saw that she was suffering, but he did Not lift a finger to help her.

Not lift a finger/hand

Пальцем не пошевелить, палец о палец не ударить

“You have stirred up trouble, and I am not going To lift a finger to help you out.”

Not long for this world

Быть при смерти

My old aunt has been suffering from a weak heart, and I think she is Not long for this world.

Not made of money

(не) иметь много денег

My daughter asked me to buy her a car, but I told her I am Not made of money.

Not make head nor tail of (something)

Ничего не разобрать, не понять

Sam could not Make head or tail of The lines and dots on the map.

Not miss much

Ничего не пропускать

My mother does Not miss much, and I should be very careful what I wear for various occasions.

Not move a muscle

Не двигаться, не шевелиться

The doctor told the wounded soldier Not to move a muscle while he was working on his wound.

Not much of (something)

Неважный, довольно плохой

I am Not much of a cook; I can only cook jacket potatoes.

Not on your life

Ни за что в жизни

“Can I ask for a date?” – “Not on your life.”

Not one iota

Ни капли

It was absolutely evident that there was Not one iota of truth in what the offender was saying.

Not one’s cup of tea

Что-либо, что (не) нравится

Washing the dishes is Not my cup of tea, so I’d rather my sister did it.

Not one’s place

Не чье-либо дело

“It is Not your place to tell other people how to spend their own money.”

Not open one’s mouth

И рта не раскрыть, ничего не сказать

Robert was depressed; he did Not open his mouth all day.

Not playing with a full deck

Быть умственно неполноценным

Everybody in the area knew that Len was Not playing with a full deck.

Not see farther than or past the end of one’s nose

Не видеть дальше своего носа

Lorna Can’t see past the end of her nose; she doesn’t care what is happening to other people.

Not see past/farther than the end of one’s nose

Быть не дальновидным, не видеть дальше своего носа

Arthur could Not see farther than the end of his nose and never planned anything for the future.

Not set foot (somewhere)

Не идти \ не приезжать (куда-либо)

Zeya left her native town ages ago, and has Not set foot in it ever since.

Not show one’s face

Не появиться, не показаться

My friend and I had a quarrel the other day, and she said she would Not show her face at my place ever never.

Not sleep a wink

Глаз не сомкнуть

My next door neighbors were having a party all night and I could Not sleep a wink because of loud music.

Not so hot

Так себе, не ахти как

The dress my sister had bought at the sale was Not so hot.

Not (someone’s) cup of tea

Не нравиться кому-либо

Staying alone at home is Not my cup of tea; I prefer to have company.

Not stand for (something)

Не разрешать, не позволять чего-либо

The teacher Won’t stand for cheat sheets being used at the exam.

Not take no for an answer

Не принимать отказа

Hilda is not used to Taking no for an answer.

Not tell a (living) soul

Не сказать ни одной живой душе

Hans promised Not to tell a soul about our disagreement.

Not to be sneezed at

Пренебрежительно относиться, не считать важным

Helen’s project is important; it’s nothing To be sneezed at.

Not touch (someone or something) with a ten-foot pole

Ни за что не притронуться к кому-либо \ чему-либо

Those magazines are completely uninteresting to me, and I would Not touch them with a ten-foot pole.

Not touch (something) with a ten-foot pole

Ни за что не притронуться

Those magazines are completely uninteresting to me, and I would Not touch them with a ten-foot pole.

Not up to scratch/snuff

Не достаточный, неважный, не адекватный

I started learning to play tennis; my game is Not up to scratch yet.

Not with it

(быть) не в себе, плохо соображать

My Aunt Emily is so old that more often than not she Is not with it.

Not worth a dime/cent

(не) стоить ни гроша

The house is falling to pieces and is Not worth a cent.

Not worth a hill of beans

Бесполезный, никудышный, ничего не стоящий

Cora is not a reliable person, and what she promises is Not worth a hill of beans.

Not worth a plugged nickel

Ничего не стоящий, бесполезный, “гроша медного не стоит”

“Never take Paul seriously; his promises are Not worth a plugged nickel.”

Not worth mentioning

Не стоит упоминания

I’d rather John didn’t speak about this problem; I am sure it is Not worth mentioning.

Not worth one’s while

Не стоит затраченного времени или труда

It is Not worth my while to do the laundry at home when I can take it to the Laundromat.

Not worth the trouble

Не стоит усилий, беспокойства

It is Not worth the trouble to clean those big windows ourselves; we can have them cleaned whenever we need.

Nothing but skin and bones

Очень худой, “кожа да кости”

Because of her crazy diet Jess became Nothing but skin and bones.

Nothing but (something)

Ничего кроме (чего-либо)

There was Nothing but an empty plate on the kitchen table.

Nothing doing

Ничего не выйдет, этот номер не пройдет

“Nothing doing. I am not going to let you use my computer again.”

Nothing down

(кредит) без первого взноса

I know that I can buy a microwave oven at this shop With nothing down.

Nothing if not (something)

Прежде всего; крайне, в высшей степени

John was never impulsive; he was Nothing if not cautious.

Nothing of the kind

Ничего подобного

My friend thought that my intentions were not serious, but I told him that they were Nothing of the kind.

Nothing short of (something)

Ни что иное, как (чудо)

It was Nothing short of a miracle that the boat had survived in the storm.

Nothing to choose from

Не из чего выбрать, нет выбора

Betty wanted to buy a pair of jeans, but there was Nothing to choose from in the shop she went to.

Nothing to complain about

Не на что жаловаться, все в порядке

I lived in a good apartment house and had Nothing to complain about except for the noise coming from the street.

Nothing to it

Легко, ничего особенного

There was Nothing to it and Jim was able to fix the bathroom tap in no time.

Nothing to sneeze at

Что-либо, что следует принимать серьезно, “не баран чихал”

Sam’s new expensive car is Nothing to sneeze at.

Nothing to speak of

Не много, “кот наплакал”

“Did they find any shortcomings in your work?” – “Nothing to speak of. Everything seems OK.”

Nothing to write home about

Ничего интересного, увлекательного

“Was your trip to Austria exiting?” – “Well, I’d say Nothing to write home about.”

Now and then

Время от времени, изредка

Sheila lives on her own in another town and can visit her parents only Now and then.

Now or never

Сейчас или никогда

It is Now or never that I will buy a new car.

Nowhere near

Не достаточно, не хватает; даже близко нет

There was Nowhere near enough food for all the campers, so we decided to buy some more.

Null and void

Потерявший законную силу, бесполезный

Though the document was signed and sealed it was Null and void.

Number cruncher


Miss Adams is a good Number cruncher and she likes to work with numbers.

Number of (things or people)

Какое-то (неопределенное) число вещей или людей

There are A number of things Tim is going to do on the weekend.

Number one

Собственная персона, собственное “я”

“I am speaking about myself; after all Number one is what I know most about.”

Nurse a grudge

Иметь зуб на кого-либо

Margaret hated her ex-husband was Nursing a grudge toward him for years.

Nurse (someone) back to health

Ухаживать за больным

When her little son was seriously ill, Martha spent many days trying To nurse him back to health.

Nuts about (someone or something)

Сходить с ума по кому-либо \ чему-либо

Bob has been Nuts about boats and ships ever since he was a boy of ten.

Nuts and bolts (of something)

Основные сведения о чем-либо

The Nuts and bolts of the research were carefully discussed by the student and his mentor.

Nutty as a fruitcake

Быть сумасшедшим, выжившим из ума

Dora is Nutty as a fruitcake; she is irrational and crazy.

Nuzzle up to (someone or something)

Льнуть, прижиматься к кому-либо \ чему-либо

The butterfly Nuzzled up to the window and I had some difficulty catching it.

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