Английские идиомы на букву O


Old Age Pensioner – пенсионер

This store often gives discount that was to OAPS.


Organization of African Unity – организация Африканского единства

Zimbabwe is a member of the OAU.

Occur to (someone)

Придти в голову, дойти до кого-либо

It suddenly Occurred to him that he had forgotten to send Emily a birthday card.

Ocean(s) of (something)

Очень большое количество чего-либо

The library contains Oceans of various books and magazines.


Overdose – передозировка (лекарств)

It was reported that several young men died because of a drug OD.

Odd man out

Третий лишний

The two of them were chatting merrily and I felt as if I were The odd man out in their company.

Odd (something)

Нечетный, непарный; необычный, странный

There were a few Odd stools in the kitchen.


Чудак, своеобразно мыслящий человек

Adam Smith is an Oddball, and very often he doesn’t act like other people.

Odds and ends

Остатки, обрезки, разные мелочи

The tailor made a suit for the boy out of the Odds and ends of the cloth.

Odds are against one

Малый шанс на успех

Tim tried to join a basketball team, but The odds were against him.

Odor of sanctity

Ореол святости

There is An odor of sanctity in the Lincoln Cathedral.

Of age

Быть совершеннолетним

In England young people come Of age when they are twenty-one.

Of all the nerve


Of all the nerve for my father to refuse to pay my living expenses!

Of all things

Подумать только! Вот тебе и на!

“Well, Of all things, what are you doing here?”

Of benefit to (someone)

На благо кого-либо

Exercising in the gym is Of benefit to me, and I try to do it regularly.

Of course


Dora has invited me to stay with her this weekend; Of course, we’ll go.

Of interest (to someone)

Быть интересным


“I suppose this information will be Of interest to you.”

Of late

Недавно, в последнее время

Of late I haven’t seen any of my classmates.

Of one mind

Быть одного мнения, соглашаться с кем-либо

The teaching staff and the principal were Of one mind when they decided to change the curriculum.

Of one’s own free will/accord

По собственной воле, по своему желанию

It was her choice; she had married that man Of her own free will.

Of the old school

Приверженец старой школы

My mother’s attitudes to the way people should be dressed are Of the old school.

Of the same mind

Быть таково же мнения, соглашаться с кем-либо

It is a good thing when husband and wife are Of the same mind about the upbringing of their children.

Of two minds

Быть в нерешительности, сомневаться

I am Of two minds whether to go to Elmer’s party tonight. On the one hand I like Elmer on the other I hate parties.

Off and on

Время от времени, с промежутками

That day Sheila was cleaning the house and watching television Off and on.

Off and running

Начать бег, разбежаться

The athletes were Off and running as soon as the signal sounded.

Off balance

Выведенный из равновесия

I had never expected to see Mark again; for a moment I was thrown Off balance when he came into the room.

Off base

Неверный, ошибочный, неточный

The economist was Off base with his estimation of the firm’s profit.

Off campus

(быть) за территорией колледжа или университета

The cafe we usually went to was Off campus.


Не по центру

The picture on the wall was Off-center, so I had to put it right.


Нездоровый вид, непристойная шутка, не совсем тот цвет

Tom finds delight in telling Off-color jokes.

Off duty

Свободный от дежурства, вне службы

The security guard was Off duty; he was going home when he noticed a stranger hanging around the parking lot.

Off guard

Быть не готовым к непредвиденному

My friend asked me if he could borrow my scooter, and it caught me Off guard.

Off like a shot

Быстро, моментально уйти; стремительно убежать

The burglar was Off like a shot when he heard the alarm starting to ring.

Off limits

(вход) запрещен

There was a sign on the lab door: “Off limits to all unauthorized personnel”.

Off one’s back

Перестать докучать кому-либо, беспокоить кого-либо

“I wish you would Get off my back and stop asking me silly questions.”

Off one’s chest

Снять груз с души

My problems have been gnawing me, and at last I decided to talk to my friend to get them Off my chest.

Off one’s hands

(сбыть) с рук, избавиться

Jeremy managed to sell his old car and was happy to get it Off his hands.

Off one’s high horse

Перестать важничать

“I want you to Get off your high horse and stop acting as if you were better than other people.”

Off one’s rocker

Не все дома, “винтика в голове не хватает”

“I am beginning to think that you are Off your rocker if you allowed that guy to cheat you out of your money.”

Off season

Мертвый сезон; сезон, когда охота запрещена

During the Off season the rate for the hotel rooms is the cheapest.

Off (someone or something) goes

Ну, мы пошли \ поехали!

“Off we go,” said the Bogart as he perched on the top of the wagon.

Off the air

Не передавать, не транслировать (по радио)

It was very late and the radio station was Off the air.

Off the beam

Неверный, ошибочный

What our boss said about the new rules was Off the beam.

Off the beaten track

Оригинальный, не избитый; мало известный

When we went to the country, we had dinner in a cafe that was Off the beaten track.


Без подготовки, экспромтом

Joe prefers to speak Off the cuff; he can very well do it without any preparation.

Off the hook

Избежать неприятной или затруднительный ситуации

I hope I am Off the hook now; I have avoided the punishment for the broken window.

Off the mark

Ошибочный, неправильный, не относящийся к делу

“This statement of yours is right Off the mark.”

Off the record

Неофициальный, не подлежащий оглашению

“I am telling you all this Off the record, And I hope you will keep your mouth shut.”

Off the subject

Не по теме, не относится к предмету обсуждения

Allan started talking Off the subject, but I stopped him.

Off the top of one’s head

(знать) на память, (быть) спонтанным, не подготовленным заранее

George knew all the facts and figures in the report Off the top of his head.

Off the track

(быть) на ложном пути, уклониться от темы

The speaker was a long way Off the track.

Off the wagon

Взяться за старое (снова начать пить)

Ron is Off the wagon again. He stopped drinking for a while but now he is doing it again.

Off the wall

Странный или глупый

“I am surprised at you! Your remarks are very much Off the wall.”

Off to a running start

Хорошее, быстрое начало

These students are Off to a running start. They are making good progress in learning English.

Off to one side

(стоять) около, (быть) немного отодвинутым от чего-либо

He moved the old bookcase Off to one side from the wall, trying to clean it from top to bottom.


Необычный, не традиционный

The picture hanging on one of the walls was definitely Offbeat; it looked upside down.

Offensive weapon

Холодное оружие

When the young man was arrested, they found An offensive weapon on him.

Old boy network

Старые университетские связи

William was able to get a good job through an Old boy network.

Old flame

Бывшая подруга (друг)

I had quite a shock last night. I ran into An old flame of mine.
Прошлой ночью у меня был настоящий шок. Я столкнулся со своей бывшей подругой.

Old hand at (doing something)

Опытный в чем-либо, знаток чего-либо

You can rely on him; he is An old hand at repairing cars.

Old hat


My furniture is Old hat and I am going to get rid of it.

On a diet

На диете

I have been On a diet several times this year, but nothing helps me to lose weight.

On a dime

На очень ограниченном месте, “на пятачке”

His new boat is very powerful and is able to start On a dime.

On a first-name basis (with someone)

Быть хорошими друзьями, быть на “ты”

“Are you On a first-name basis with your former boss?”

On a fool’s errand

Напрасные поиски, глупая затея, безнадежное дело

I tried to buy a good used car, but it seems I was On a fool’s errand.

On a par with

Равноценный (по важности или качеству)

Ms. Higgins’ latest book was On a par with her previous ones.

On a shoestring

С ограниченными средствами

Greg decided to start his small business On a shoestring.

On a splurge

Кутить, разбрасываться деньгами, выставлять напоказ

We really Went on a splurge last week and ate out every night.

On a waiting list

В ожидании вакансии

I am On a waiting list to get the job of a computer programmer.

On account

(покупать) в рассрочку

I’d like to purchase a laptop On account at the local department store.

On active duty

Быть готовым вступить в борьбу

The soldiers were On active duty when the enemy approached the town.

On again, off again

Неустроенный, изменчивый, неопределенный

Their plans for the purchase of a new house were On again, off again because of the lack of money.

On all fours

На четвереньках

Sam was down On all fours as he was looking for his slippers.

On an even keel

Ровно, спокойно

They had their small printing shop running On an even keel.

On and off

Периодически, время от времени

It has been snowing On and off since last night.

On and on

Постоянно, не останавливаясь

The chairman’s speech went On and on and it looked it as if would never end.

On any account

Под любым предлогом, с любой целью

Fanny was not going to join the joggers On any account.

On approval

Иметь право вернуть (покупку)

I knew I had the right to return my purchase which I had bought On approval.

On behalf of (someone)

От имени кого-либо

“On behalf of our teaching staff I’d like to congratulate you with your success.”

On bended knee

С большим смирением

Elena went to me On bended knee to ask me to help her with her English homework.

On board

На борту корабля или самолета

They got On board the ship and headed straight for their cabin.

On call

По вызову, по требованию

Her job of a children’s doctor requires being On call whenever her small patients need her.

On campus

На территории колледжа или университета

There is a good library On campus which we often attend after our classes.

On cloud nine

На седьмом небе (от счастья)

Olaf was On cloud nine because he had found a very well paid job at last.

On condition that

При условии

Elena agreed to act in the performance On condition that she could wear her own costumes.

On consignment

Вид договора, по которому товары владельца продаются в магазине

Tony went to the store to buy some computer stuff that was On consignment.

On credit

(покупать) в кредит

We have just purchased a few furniture items On credit.

On deck

На палубе

The sea was very quiet, and we spent most of the time On deck.

On duty

На дежурстве или при исполнении служебных обязанностей

“Who is On duty today?” the teacher asked.

On edge

Раздраженный, в нервном состоянии или в нетерпении

Her nerves have been On edge since she discovered her husband’s infidelity.

On end


Rita’s husband devotes hours On end to his hobbies.

On everybody’s lips

У всех на устах

The airplane crash, which happened a week ago, is still On everybody’s lips.

On faith

(принять) на веру

Julia is very gullible and takes many things On faith.

On fire

Гореть, быть в огне

The restaurant had been On fire For an hour before the firefighters arrived.

On foot


Silvia always goes to work On foot because she lives within a walking distance from her office.

On good terms with (someone)

В хороших, дружеских отношениях

They have never been On good terms with their neighbors.

On guard

Быть начеку, настороже

She was afraid of dark streets and was On guard when she had to walk along them.

On hand

Быть в распоряжении кого-либо, иметь при себе

I had a splitting headache, but unfortunately I had no medicine On hand.

On hold

В ожидании, во временной задержке

The construction of the dwelling house is On hold because the construction company has run out of money.

On horseback

Верхом на лошади

I saw Pam ride On horseback yesterday.

On ice

Быть отложенным или замороженным

Our plans were put On ice, and we are afraid that no action will be taken for the foreseeable future.

On impulse

(что-либо) незапланированное

My brother purchased a digital camera On impulse.

On land

На суше

The sea was very rough, and we wished we were On land.

On line

В Интернете, он лайн

There are a lot of tests in various fields of knowledge On line.

On location

На натуре (о съемках фильма)

The movie was shot On location in the Alps.

On medication

На медикаментозном лечении (постоянный прием лекарств)

My Grandma suffers from diabetes and has been On medication for many years.

On no account

Ни под каким видом, ни в коем случае

Oscar would On no account have mentioned the fight with his best friend.

On occasion

Изредка, время от времени

I stay with my relatives in the country On occasion.

On one’s best behavior

(быть) чрезвычайно вежливым

I told my son to be On his best behavior when we went to visit my friend.

On one’s chest

(тяжело) на душе

Zeta had many problems On her chest, but she was reluctant to confide in anyone.

On one’s coat-tails

В результате чьих-либо усилий

This deputy was elected On his rich sponsors’ coat-tails.

On one’s feet

Быть на ногах

Kelly has been very busy; she has been On her feet since early morning.

On one’s guard

Осторожный, бдительный

I saw that Tim was On his guard, but I didn’t know the reason of his cautiousness.

On one’s heels

Позади, следом

When Steve walks his dog Fluffy, it is always On his master’s heels.

On one’s high horse

Важничать, относиться пренебрежительно

I don’t like Eva; she is always On her high horse and never has any regard for other people.

On one’s honor

Честно и искренне

Alec is absolutely trustworthy; he is On his honor when he looks after the money of the shipbuilding company.

On one’s mind

Занимать все мысли

“I’m glad you want to talk about this problem. It’s been On my mind for days.”

On one’s own time

В свободное время

My boss told me to make my personal phone calls On my own time But not at work.

On one’s own


My sister is married and lives On her own.

On one’s person

(иметь) при себе

The drug dealer had a certain amount of heroin On his person when he was arrested.

On one’s shoulders

Чья-либо ответственность

Paul prefers to put the failure of his undertakings On someone else’s shoulders.

On one’s toes

Быть в состоянии активности

Our lecturer keeps the students On their toes by giving them a lot of interesting information.

On order

(доставка) по заказу

The department store has a lot of things On order.

On par with (someone or something)

Быть на равнее с кем-либо \ чем-либо

The travel agencies in London are On par with the best ones in New York.

On pins and needles

Быть как на иголках, нервничать

Sofia has been On pins and needles All day; she is very worried about her son.

On probation

Быть условно освобожденным, находиться под присмотром полиции

The teenagers were On probation for robbing a cigarette store.

On purpose

С умыслом, намеренно

Somebody must have left the door unlocked On purpose.

On record

Официально зарегистрированный

Nobody knows for sure when the famous artist was born, but the date of his death is On record.

On sale

В продаже (часто по сниженной цене)

There were a lot of swim suits On sale.

On schedule

По расписанию

The train was supposed to arrive On schedule, but it was late.

On second thought

Изменять решение, “еще раз подумав”

On second thought Jack decided not to join the army.

On shaky ground

Шаткое, неустойчивое положение

Sam Willow’s position in the firm had been On shaky ground for a long time before he decided to resign.

On side

(перетянуть) на свою сторону

They finally got the apartment manager On side in their request not to raise the rent so far.

On (someone’s) account

Ради кого-либо

They decided to buy a bigger house On their children’s account.

On (someone’s) back

Предъявлять претензии, надоедать кому-либо

Mark is constantly criticizing me; he has been On my back ever since I started working in this department.

On (someone’s) behalf

От чьего-либо имени

Nick was not able to take the money On his wife’s behalf; the bank required her presence.

On (someone’s) coat-tails

В результате чьей-либо поддержки

The man was elected to the city council On his co-workers’ coat-tails.

On (someone’s) doorstep

Забота о ком-либо или ответственность за кого-либо

When Eric left for Germany, the responsibility for feeding his dog arrived On my doorstep.

On (someone’s) head

(ответственность) на ком-либо

The responsibility for cleaning the house has been On my head for years.

On (someone’s) say-so

С чьего-либо разрешения или одобрения

I was able to take a few thrillers On my friend’s say-so.

On (someone’s) shoulders

(ответственность) на чьих-либо плечах

The responsibility for organizing the homecoming ball was On Miss Cobbler’s shoulders.

On (something’s) last legs

Изношенный, “на ладан дышит”

Our TV set is On its last legs, so we are going to buy a new one soon.

On speaking terms with (someone)

В дружеских отношениях с кем-либо

My friend quarreled with his mother-in-law, and hasn’t been On speaking terms with her ever since.

On standby

В ожидании

We had been On standby for train tickets for a week before we finally got them.

On target

Цель, плановое задание

The pharmaceutical company is On target to have its best year of sales ever.

On the air

Быть в эфире, передаваться по радио или телевизору

The talk show had been On the air for a rather short period of time because it turned out to be quite dull.

On the alert (for someone or something)

Быть бдительным, зорко следить за кем-либо \ чем-либо

The police were On the alert for the bank robbers.

On the average

В среднем

On the average the employees in this bank work thirty-six hours per week.

On the ball

Быть умным и способным

The boy is On the ball and can easily do difficult sums.

On the bandwagon

Присоединяться (к чему-либо, что делают другие)

Most men in our company are On the bandwagon to play paintball game.

On the beam

Нормальный, правильный, (попасть) в точку

What the Dean said about the attendance was right On the beam.

On the bench

Вести заседание суда

When I entered the courtroom, the judge was already sitting On the bench.

On the blink

В плохом состоянии, “при последнем издыхании”

I decided to buy a new camera because my old one was On the blink.

On the block

Пустить в продажу

After they bought the company they had to put some of the equipment On the block.

On the borderline

На границе между чем-либо, в неопределенном состоянии

Simon’s condition was On the borderline between sanity and insanity.

On the button

Быть как раз вовремя

George arrived at the airport right On the button only to find out that his flight had been canceled.

On the contrary


I thought that the performance would be dull, but On the contrary it turned out to be quite interesting.

On the defensive

Пытаться защититься

The driver who had caused the accident Was on the defensive.

On the dole

(получать) пособие по безработице

The majority of the middle-aged men in this small town are On the dole.

On the dot

Точно вовремя

If John says that he coming at six On the dot, he will be here at exactly six o’clock.

On the double

Очень быстро, поскорее

The tap in the bathroom started to leak, and my father asked me to bring him the tools On the double.

On the edge of one’s seat

Нервно ожидать чего-либо, “сидеть на краешке стула”

Tim was On the edge of his seat all morning; he was waiting for the telegram from his mother.

On the eve of (something)

Накануне чего-либо

Gina was too exited to sleep at night On the eve of her wedding.

On the face of it

На первый взгляд, судя по внешнему виду

The idea is absurd On the face of it.

On the fence (about something)

Не принявший решения, не решившийся

My friend was On the fence about his new job.

On the fritz

Испортиться, сломаться

My computer is On the fritz and I may have to purchase a new one.

On the go

Быть занятым (многими делами)

I have been On the go since early morning, getting ready to leave for a business trip.

On the heels of (something)

Вскоре после чего-либо, вслед за чем-либо

John came that morning On the heels of his letter and insisted on seeing his cousin.

On the horizon

На горизонте; то, что скоро произойдет

The government promised that there would be new reforms On the horizon.

On the horns of a dilemma

Испытывать затруднение при выборе

They were On the horns of a dilemma as they couldn’t decide where to go for their holidays to Italy or to Spain.

On the hot seat

Быть под прицелом критики

Jack was On the hot seat when the policeman started to ask him the questions to which he couldn’t give any answers.

On the hour

Точно в определенный час

The nurse was supposed to give the medicine to the patient On the hour.

On the house

(угощение) за счет заведения

The owner of the cafe is a friend of mine and I often get a drink On the house.

On the job


I work as a hairdresser and have been On the job for two years.

On the level

Честный, правдивый, честное слово

“Zeta and Sloan are both trustworthy; they are On the level, I assure you.”

On the lookout for (someone or something)

Зорко смотреть, следить за кем-либо или чем-либо

Felix collected stamps and was always On the lookout for new ones.

On the loose

На свободе

The crocodile, which had escaped from the circus, was On the loose for two weeks.

On the make

Стараться получить выгоду (часто незаконно)

Joe is On the make, trying to make a lot of money illegally.

On the market

Быть в продаже, быть выставленным на продажу

I have been looking for swim suits which may be On the market already.

On the mend

Выздоравливать, поправляться

Jenny had the flu, but she is now On the mend.

On the money

Как раз нужная сумма \место \ время \ идея

Mark was On the money when he went to purchase textbooks.

On the move

В движении, в перемещении (с одного места на другое)

Pam is traveling in Western Africa; she has been On the move for a few weeks now.

On the nose

Точно в назначенное время или место

We agreed to meet outside the movie theater at six and I arrived On the nose.

On the off chance

На всякий случай

I went fishing last Sunday and took a spare fishing rod On the off-chance.

On the one hand

С одной стороны

Jim has a very contradictory nature. On the one hand he is ambitious on the other hand he is shy.

On the other hand

С другой стороны

David is not very intelligent, but On the other hand he is the most hard-working guy I have ever met.

On the point of (doing something)

Собираться делать что-либо

We were On the point of leaving the house when all of a sudden it started to rain.

On the QT

Тайно, “втихаря”, украдкой

Though they thought Monte Carlo to be a vulgar place, they often went there On the QT.

On the right track

На верном пути

Jack was On the right track In his search for a good rifle.

On the road

Ездить, путешествовать (особенно для коммивояжеров или актеров)

My friend is a traveling salesman and is often On the road.

On the rocks

Проблемные отношения, разваливающийся брак

Mr. Noodle’s business and his marriage were both On the rocks.

On the ropes

(быть) в отчаянном положении, на грани поражения

Their swimming team was On the ropes, and it seemed impossible for them to win the competition.

On the same page

Мыслить одинаково

My wife and I, we both were On the same page about buying a new house.

On the same wavelength

Мыслить одинаково, “быть на одной волне”

Jack and John were On the same wavelength, they both had the same opinions about their boss.

On the sly

Тайком, украдкой

Jill left the house On the sly; she didn’t want anybody to see her.

On the spot

Быть в трудной или неловкой ситуации

The politician was put On the spot when the reporter asked him about the taxes.

On the spur of the moment

Не раздумывая, сразу же, под влиянием минуты

On the spur of the moment Ben could find no better expression for his feelings than a grunt.

On the strength of (something)

В силу чего-либо, на основании чего-либо

She considerably improved her relations with her neighbors On the strength of her kind attitude to them.

On the take

Брать взятки

I don’t believe that Tom Sanders is On the take, he looks such an honest guy.

On the tip of one’s tongue

Вертится на языке (не припомню)

I know his name; it’s On the tip of my tongue, but I can’t quite remember it at the moment.

On the trail/track of (someone or something)

Идти по следу кого-либо, разыскивать что-либо

The hunters were On the trail of the deer.

On the up and up/on the up-and-up

Преуспевать в жизни, “быть на подъеме”

“I see you are On the up and up; you must be making very good progress in life.”

On the verge of (doing something)

На грани, на краю чего-либо

I was On the verge of telling her about my problem, but then I changed my mind.

On the wagon

Бросить пить, “завязать”

My uncle is On the wagon, he has stopped drinking alcohol.

On the warpath

Быть очень злым, доставлять неприятности

“Don’t disturb your father, children. He is On the warpath today; you’d better stay out of his way.”

On the way (somewhere)

По пути куда-либо

On the way to the house my dog attacked a cat and worried a dog twice as big as he.

On the whole

В целом

“How do you like this film On the whole?”

On the wrong track

Иметь неправильное представление или неверную линию поведения

“I am sure you are On the wrong tack; you may have misunderstood their intentions.”

On thin ice

(быть) в рискованной ситуации, “идти по тонкому льду”

The girl was On thin ice as she continued to miss classes at the university.

On time

Во время, по расписанию

Though our flight in San Francisco was delayed, we arrived in Chicago On time.

On tiptoe

На цыпочках

Her son was asleep, and the mother went On tiptoe so that she might not wake him up.

On top of (something)

В дополнение, вдобавок

Steve flew into a rage. That, On top of his nervousness, made him look sick and disgusted.

On top of (something/things)

Хорошо справляться с чем-либо

“You are doing just fine; you are On top of your work.”

On top of the world

Быть на седьмом небе, на верху блаженства

The baseball players were On top of the world after they had won the game.

On top

Быть лидером, быть во главе

Tim is a very capable student, and this semester he is On top of his class.

On trial

Быть под судом

Tamara Cobra is On trial for shoplifting.

On vacation

(быть) в отпуске или на каникулах

I am supposed to be On vacation for two weeks either in June or in July.

On view

(быть) на виду у всех

The Tower of London is On view and everybody can admire it.

On your marks

На старт (команда перед началом забега)

The judge shouted “On your marks, get set, go” and the race began.

Once and for all

Окончательно, раз и навсегда

The father told his son Once and for all that he would not let him use his car.

Once in a blue moon

Очень редко

I used to go to the beach Once in a blue moon.

Once in a lifetime

Один раз в жизни

Sara understood that she could get that chance Once in a lifetime.

Once in a while

Иногда, время от времени

I go to visit my Aunt Theresa Once in a while.

Once or twice

Один или два раза

Allan went to Egypt for his holiday Once or twice.


Беглый взгляд или осмотр

The doctor gave the patient A once-over and pronounced him to be getting better.

Once upon a time

Когда-то давно

Once upon a time there lived an old man and an old woman near the sea.

One after another

Один за другим

I understood the meaning of the proverb ‘it never rains but it pours’ when misfortunes began to come One after another.

One and all

Все, все вместе

The members of the council One and all were devoted to the public good.

One and only

Единственный, уникальный

There was an interview with The one and only inventor of a digital camera.

One and the same

Тот же самый \ одно и тоже

It is One and the same book which I saw in the book store.

One-armed bandit

Игровой автомат, “однорукий бандит”

William is always short of money because he spends a lot of time with A one-armed bandit.

One at a time

Каждый отдельно, по одному

While eating meat, cut off a piece and eat it One at a time.

One by one

Один за другим

The film being over, the people were leaving the auditorium One by one.

One foot in the grave

Одной ногой в могиле

My grandfather is ninety-nine and has One foot in the grave.

One (for someone)

Один единственный, подходящий (человек) для кого-либо

Fisher thought that Margaret was The one for him, So he was going to propose marriage.

One for the (record) books

Что-либо необычное или из ряда вон выходящее

His latest article about the origin of the Universe is One for the books.

One for the road

(выпить) на посошок

We stayed in the bar for two hours and had One for the road Before leaving it.

One good turn deserves another

Долг платежом красен

I was happy to help Dana with an essay after she had helped me with my English homework. One good turn deserves another, you know.

One heck/hell of a (someone or something)

Уникальный, редкий (как хороший, так и плохой)

Jim is One hell of a Driver; he never pays attention to traffic signs.

One in a hundred

Один \ одна из сотни

About One in a hundred of the toys produced in China are dangerous for children’s health.

One in a million

Уникальный, один на миллион

My music teacher is very gifted; she is One in a million.

One in a thousand

Один из тысячи

My chance of entering the Harvard is One in a thousand.

One in a thousand/hundred/million

Уникальный, редкий; один из тысячи, сотни; один на миллион

I lost my purse in the shop and had A one in a million chance of finding it.

One jump/step ahead of (someone or something)

(быть) на один шаг впереди кого-либо \ чего-либо

Jack was One jump ahead of the other students in his Math class.

One little bit

Нисколько (обычно в отрицательном предложении)

Jimmy did not agree with his boss One little bit about his work performance.

One man’s meat is another man’s poison

Что полезно одному, то вредно другому

One man’s meat is another man’s poison and while my friend doesn’t like fish, I love it.

One-night stand

Одноразовое представление

The amateur drama theater gave a One-night stand last week.

One of the boys

Принятый в компанию, признанный как член группы

Paul is an accepted member of a Green Peace group; he is One of the boys.

One of these days

На днях, скоро, когда-нибудь (в будущем)

One of these days I am going to become rich.

One of those days

Несчастливый, неудачный день

It was One of those days that all my plans were ruined.

One of those things

Что-либо неудачное, то с чем приходится мириться

I lost my job; it is One of those things that nothing can be done about.

One or two

Небольшое количество, один или два

“There are only One or two things I can do for you, I am sorry.”

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Что ценно одному, бесполезно другому.

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure that’s what my father used to say bringing home old car spare parts.

One sandwich short of a picnic

Не сообразительный, “одного винтика не хватает”

My neighbor is One sandwich short of a picnic; he is not very smart.

One that got away

Упущенная возможность, не пойманная рыба

John said that he had caught a lot of fish, but the biggest one was The one that got away.

One thing leads to another

Одно влечет за собой другое

One thing led to another and suddenly we began to quarrel with my brother.

One to a customer

В одни руки (только один товар каждому покупателю)

The sports store had a limit of One to a customer of the fishing tackles that were on sale.

One-track mind

Думать только об одном, “заклиниться” на одном

Joanna is a workaholic and has A one-track mind. All she thinks about is her work.


Быстрые, решительные действия

George gave me The one-two and I quickly agreed to lend him some money.

One up on (someone)

Иметь преимущество, быть на один шаг впереди кого-либо

Simon is One up on the other employees because he works very hard.


Способность сохранять преимущество

Arnold’s One-upmanship and his wish to be better than his colleagues sometimes annoys me.

One way or another

Так или иначе

One way or another I am not going to attend the annual conference on Monday.

One’s bark is worse than one’s bite

Чьи-либо слова страшнее, чем его дела

Ma Brooks is always scolding her children, but they know Her bark is worse than her bite, and they are not afraid of her.

One’s chickens have come home to roost

Беда бедою отзовется (то плохое, что желаете другому вернется к вам)

Margaret’s Chickens have come home to roost and she has to take responsibility for what she has done.

One’s days are numbered

Чьи-либо дни сочтены

I think Steve’s days at work are numbered; he had been very rude to the customers and they complained.

One’s feet are on the ground

Практичный, прочно стоящий на земле человек

My mother is a hard-working woman and she always has Her feet on the ground.

One’s flesh and blood

Близкий, кровный родственник

Susan is my Flesh and blood so I was shocked when I learnt that she had got involved in a fraud.

One’s frame of mind

Расположение духа, состояние ума

“Make sure your Dad is in a good Frame of mind before you ask him for some pocket money.”

One’s goose is cooked

Погубить себя, пострадать от собственных козней, вырыть себе яму

My Brother’s goose is cooked. Soon my father will discover that Paul has damaged his car.

One’s hair stands on end

Сильно испугаться, “волосы встали дыбом”

Miranda’s Hair stood on end. She was so scared that she sat rooted to her wheelchair unable to move or think.

One’s hands are tied

(чьи-либо) руки связаны

Larry’s Hands were tied at that time, and he could do nothing to help me.

One’s lucky number comes up

Кому-либо выпадает счастье, удача

At last Felicity’s Lucky number came up; she was able to find a well-paid job.

One’s lucky stars

Чья-либо счастливая звезда

I don’t have My Lucky stars because nothing brings me luck or success in life.

One’s money is on (someone)

(быть) уверенным в чьей-либо победе (в соревнованиях, игре)

Sam’s Money was on The popular baseball team; he was sure they would win the game.

One’s name is mud

Плохая, “подмоченная” репутация

Henry’s Name is mud now because he got involved in a car fraud.

One’s number is up

С кем-либо произойдет что-то плохое

I am afraid that My number is up, and I will soon lose my job.

One’s opposite number

Такой же занимаемый пост, но в другой организации

My boss spoke with His opposite number in another computer company, but they could not come to any agreement.

One’s stamping grounds

Часто посещаемое, излюбленное место

I often go to my old Stamping grounds which I visited as a child.

One’s tail between one’s legs

Быть пристыженным или побежденным

Steve had boasted he would win the tournament, but he went home with his Tail between his legs.

Only have eyes for (someone)

Быть верным только одному кому-то, смотреть только на одного

Julian was in love with Theresa and Only had eyes for her.

On/upon one’s head

Навлечь неприятности на свою голову

“You yourself brought the anger of the boss On your head, So you needn’t blame anybody else.”

On/upon (someone’s) head

Навлечь на свою голову

Paul brought his parents’ anger down On his head by pushing his little sister into a mud puddle.

Open a conversation

Начать разговор

If you want To open a conversation with a stranger, you’d better start with the weather.

Open and aboveboard

(быть) честным, открытым

Charles Willows and Brothers is a very good consulting company; they are Open and aboveboard and they run their business very honestly.

Open-and-shut case

Простое, элементарное дело

That is a simple and clear matter, and I hope it will be An open-and-shut case.

Open book

Легкий для понимания

James is An open book; it is easy to know what he thinks or feels about things.

Open fire on (someone)

Открыть огонь по кому-либо; выступить против кого-либо

The security guard was about To open fire on the man who had got onto the territory of the factory.

Open for business

Открыться (о магазине, ресторане и т. д.)

This small jeweler’s shop has been Open for business since last year.

Open one’s heart to (someone)

Довериться, рассказать о своих чувствах

There were just the two of us in the compartment and my fellow traveler started To open her heart to me.

Open Pandora’s box

Обнаружить еще больше проблем, (ящик Пандоры)

“Don’t Open Pandora’s box; you might discover more problems than you can cope with.”

Open season on (someone or something)

Открыть сезон охоты на кого-либо \ что-либо; свободно критиковать

“Why are you criticizing me all the time? Have you Opened season on me?”

Open secret

Секрет, ставший всеобщим достоянием; секрет полишинеля

Silvia is quitting her job, but she doesn’t want it to be An open secret.

Open (someone’s) eyes to (something)

Открыть кому-либо глаза на что-либо

Dan took pity on Kelly and wanted To open her eyes to what was going on in her family.

Open (something) up

Открыть что-либо, распаковать

She was afraid To open the parcel up; it seemed to her there was something horrible in it.

Open the door to (something)

Открыть путь к чему-либо, сделать возможным

The new university program will Open the door to many possibilities for the students.

Open to (something)

(быть) открытым для новых идей

Our manager was Open to new ideas; and it was interesting to work with him.

Open up a can of worms

Создать ненужные осложнения или проблемы

Wanda didn’t want to create unnecessary complications; she decided not To open up a can of worms.

Open up on (someone or something)

Напасть на кого-либо \ что-либо, открыть огонь

The man with a revolver Opened up on the policemen who were trying to detain him.

Open up to (someone)

Открыться кому-либо, поговорить откровенно

I have been dealing with a lot of stress lately and it is necessary for me To open up to someone.

Open with (something)

Начать(ся) с чего-либо

The parents’ meeting Opened with a speech from the school psychologist.

Opening gambit

Благоприятная возможность, уступка для получения преимущества в дальнейшем

“What about making a few concessions as your Opening gambit?”

Opposite sex

Противоположный пол

The changing rooms in the school gym are divided into two parts for the members of The opposite sex.

Or else

А иначе

The teacher told the students to hand in their term papers at the end of the week Or else (they will suffer the consequences.)

Or words to that effect

Другими словами

My mother advised me not to date my new boy friend Or words to that effect.


Operating Room – операционная (в больнице)

The patient was taken to the OR to be operated on for appendicitis.

Order of the day

То, что необходимо сделать; распоряжение

The flood caused much destruction in the town, and The order of the day was to clean everything up.

Order (someone) around/about

Командовать кем-либо

Pauline is very bossy; she likes To order everyone around.

Other fish to fry

Другое (более важное) дело

I didn’t want to join them for a picnic; I had Other fish to fry.

Other side of the tracks

Другая часть города (более бедная или более богатая)

Greg’s parents didn’t welcome his new friend as he came from The other side of the tracks.

Other way round

Совсем наоборот, как раз наоборот

Dorothy was a pattern of excellence, but her friend Cora was The other way round.

Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Предупреждение лучше, чем лечение

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure that’s what I kept telling my son when he walked about without a cap in very cold weather.

Out and about

Быть все время в движении

I am glad that Ms. Smith is Out and about again; she was seriously ill not long ago.

Out-and-out (something)

Несомненно, бесспорно, целиком и полностью, убежденный, матерый, отъявленный

The man is An out-and-out Scoundrel, and I refuse to have anything in common with him.

Out cold

Быть без сознания, упасть в обморок

The girl was Out cold when they found her lying in the street.

Out for blood

Желать наказать кого-либо, жаждать крови

The boy’s mother was Out for blood when she discovered that he was doing badly at school.

Out from under (someone or something)

Освободить (ся) от кого-либо \ чего-либо

My room is Out from under the old furniture.

Out front

Перед домом

“Whose car is there Out front, I wonder?”

Out in force

Появиться в большом количестве

The mosquitoes are generally Out in force in June and the beginning of July.

Out in left field

Неуместный или необычный

Sam asked silly questions which were Out in left field. I am sure he has no idea about the subject of the conversation.

Out in the cold

(быть) в одиночестве

Jeremy was Out in the cold after the family went to visit their aunt.

Out like a light

Очень быстро заснуть

I was so exhausted that went to bed early and I was Out like a light.

Out of a clear blue sky

Внезапно, неожиданно, без предупреждения

The news of his retirement came Out of a clear blue sky and everyone was surprised.

Out of all proportion

Преувеличенный, не соразмерный

“Your complaints about your roommate are Out of all proportion. I am sure he is not as bad as you think him to be.”

Out of bounds

За границей, вне (игровой площадки)

The puck Went out of bounds, and one the hokey players had to kick it back.

Out of breath

Прерывисто дышать, запыхаться

Jim stopped near the entrance; he was Out of breath because he had been running.

Out of character

Не характерно

Quarreling with neighbors is Out of character for my mother. She almost never argues with people.

Out of circulation

Быть не активным, не входить в компанию

I am going on a business trip to Poland and will be Out of circulation for a while.

Out of commission

(быть) в неисправности, не в строю

My old car is Out of commission; I am going to have it repaired.

Out of condition

Быть в неважном физическом состоянии

After my illness I was Out of condition for a long time.

Out of consideration for (someone or something)

Из уважения к кому-либо, из расчета чего-либо

The police did not release the names of the offenders Out of consideration for the investigation.

Out of control

Неудержимый, неконтролируемый, дикий

The baseball fans were Out of control after their team had lost the game.

Out of courtesy

Из вежливости

If our goods arrive later than expected, we always inform our customers about the delay Out of courtesy.


Устаревший, вышедший из моды

“Look at this dress! Don’t you think it is Out-of-date?”

Out of earshot

Вне пределов слышимости

I was not able to hear what my father was saying because I was Out of earshot.

Out of favor (with someone)

В немилости, не в чести

Jack was Out of favor with his teacher because he had missed a lot of classes.

Out of gas

Кончилось горючее (в машине); быть усталым, разбитым

Sue had run Out of gas three hundred meters from the filling station, and Bill offered to tow her car.

Out of hand

(выйти) из-под контроля

The situation with the ransom money suddenly got Out of hand and the police didn’t know what to do.

Out of keeping with (something)

Не по правилам

Wearing casual clothes at work is Out of keeping with the rules of the company.

Out of kilter

(быть) не сбалансированным; быть расположенным криво

The picture on the wall is not only upside down but Out of kilter as well.

Out of line


His project to organize a private zoo is Out of line. It is not acceptable.

Out of luck

Не везти, быть невезучим

That day Samantha needed to find a babysitter for her baby son but she was Out of luck.

Out of necessity

По необходимости, вследствие нужды

The owner of a small shop had to close his business Out of necessity. The shop was not profitable.

Out of one’s element

Не соответствовать, не подходить

I was Out of my element acting as interpreter for an American delegation; my English is not that good.

Out of one’s hair

Надоедать кому-либо

My little brother is bothering me and I’d like to get him Out of my hair.

Out of one’s league

Неравный кому-либо

I soon discovered that my new acquaintance was Out of my league.

Out of one’s mind/head/senses

Быть сумасшедшим, глупым, неразумным

Silvia’s friends thought she was Out of her mind to have married Sullivan.

Out of one’s shell

(выйти) из своей скорлупы, преодолеть смущение

I tried to get the girl Out of her shell, but I was not able to.

Out of order

(быть) испорченным, не работать

I couldn’t use my hair dryer because it was Out of order.

Out of place

Неуместный, неподходящий

The bulky sofa in the living room looked Out of place.

Out-of-pocket expenses

Расход собственных денежных средств

Salem went on a business trip to Mexico and his Out-of-pocket expenses were very high.

Out of practice

Из-за недостатка практики

I may get Out of practice if I stay away from the piano too long.

Out of print

Распроданный, разошедшейся (о книге, журнале, брошюре)

The magazine is now Out of print and is very difficult to get hold of.

Out of proportion

Несоразмерный, в плохой пропорции

The size of the desk was Out of proportion to the size of the den, that’s why the desk looked enormous.

Out of reach


I couldn’t get in touch with Nathan; he was Out of reach.

Out of season

Несвоевременно, не во время, в неподходящий момент

Fresh vegetables are generally Out of season in winter unless they are grown in hot houses.

Out of service

Не работающий

There was an ‘Out of service’ sign on the door of the elevator.

Out of shape

Бесформенный; в плохой физической форме

Mary’s dress hung loose on her body; it was definitely Out of shape.

Out of sight, out of mind.

С глаз долой из сердца вон. (пословица)

After Robert moved out of town, Regina found other men to date. As the saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

Out of sight

Вне поля зрения

We drove faster and faster and soon the small village was Out of sight.

Out of (something)

Закончиться, истощиться (о запасах)

I ran Out of Coffee and had tea for breakfast instead.

Out of sorts

(быть) в плохом настроении

Jeremy is feeling a bit upset and depressed; he is definitely Out of sorts.

Out of spite

Из неприязни, назло

My neighbor is a very unpleasant woman and she does a lot of things just Out of spite.

Out of step

(шагать) не в ногу

The soldiers usually march Out of step when they are crossing a bridge.

Out of stock

Распродано, не имеется в наличии (о товаре)

I wanted to buy a pair of pantyhose, but they were Out of stock that afternoon.

Out of style/fashion

Устаревший, не модный

The summer frock my sister is wearing today is Out of style and not suitable for a young girl.

Out of the blue


Eva hadn’t expected that Jack would propose marriage; it came Out of the blue.

Out of the corner of one’s eye

Мельком взглянуть, увидеть краем глаза

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Daniel approaching me.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire

Из огня да в полымя

Ron jumped Out of the frying pan and into the fire when he didn’t pay his bank loan; now his problems are much more serious.

Out of the hole

Выплатить долг

Clara had two part-time jobs to try and get Out of the hole.

Out of the loop

Не принимать участия в чем-либо

Sara was Out of the loop during the show and did not know what was going on.

Out of the mouths of babes

Устами младенца (глаголет истина)

Samantha’s statement was right Out of the mouths of babes. The little girl understood everything.

Out of the ordinary

Необычный, незаурядный

There was nothing Out of the ordinary in Mark. I don’t know what Rita saw in him.

Out of the question

(быть) недопустимым, “об этом не может быть и речи”

“Your traveling alone in the jungle is Out of the question.”

Out of the red

Вылезти из долгов

I am happy that my small company is Out of the red at last.

Out of the running

Не рассматривать (ся)

His latest book was Out of the running for any major awards.

Out of the way

Удаленный, расположенный далеко от центра

This village is very much Out of the way.

Out of the woods

Вне опасности

Although Thornton was rapidly recovering from the flu, he was still not Out of the woods.

Out of thin air

Из ничего, ниоткуда

The helicopter appeared above our heads from nowhere, right Out of thin air.

Out of this world

Удивительный, сказочный

Dina’s new attire was Out of this world; it was extremely beautiful.

Out of touch with (someone or something)

Больше не общаться с кем-либо, не трогать что-либо

I had been Out of touch with Marion for a long time before she called and asked for help.

Out of town

За городом, в отъезде

My husband is a truck driver and he is Out of town most of the time.

Out of tune

(быть) не расположенным к кому-либо, не в ладу с кем-либо \ чем-либо

Jeffry is Out of tune with his company.

Out of turn

Вне очереди, без очереди

I don’t like it when my co-workers do something Out of turn.

Out of whack

Плохо работающий, расстроенный, не поддающимся корректировке (об инструменте)

As my old camera was Out of whack, I couldn’t use it any longer.

Out of work


Mike has been Out of work for quite some time now.

Out on bail

Брать на поруки или вносить залог

Young Tom was arrested for swindling, but now he is Out on bail.

Out on one’s ear

Заставить кого-либо сделать что-либо против воли, силой (выгнать с работы, из дома)

The student failed to pass exams and was quickly Out on his ear.

Out on parole

Освобождать заключенного условно, условно-досрочное освобождение

Don Moss was Out on parole after having spent two years in prison.

Out on patrol


Sergeant Thompson was Out on patrol when he saw a car speeding.

Out on the town

Праздновать в городе

It’s my birthday the day after tomorrow and we are going to be Out on the town.

Out to lunch

Сумасшедший, “тронутый”

“You must be Out to lunch to suggest our sailing during the storm.”

Outgrow (something)

Перерасти, вырасти из чего-либо

My daughter has Outgrown most of her summer frocks.

Outguess (someone)

Предугадать действия кого-либо

My father is unpredictable; it is impossible To outguess him.

Outside of (something)


I couldn’t hear any sounds Outside of the whisper of the wind.

Outside the box

Не быть связанным устаревшими представлениями

I am not bound by outdated ideas; I can be creative and think Outside the box.

Outsource (something)

Использовать внешние ресурсы чего-либо

The food production company Outsourced Many of their products.

Over a barrel

Быть в беспомощной ситуации, быть в ловушке

“You have me Over a barrel; I am in the position where I have no choice but accept your terms.”

Over and done with


Ron wanted to get project Over and done with as soon as possible.

Over and over

Неоднократно, много раз, повторно

She asked for help Over and over, but no one gave her a hand.

Over one’s dead body

Не позволить, “только через мой труп”

Over my dead body Will I let my daughter go out with Tim.

Over one’s head

Не в состоянии понять

All this is Over my head; I am not able to understand what they want.

Over (someone’s) head

(сделать что-либо) через чью-либо голову

They did not receive any answer from the manager, so they Went over his head and talked to the chief executive.

Over the hill

Не в состоянии работать, как прежде; “время ушло”

My work performance is not what it used to be; I am definitely Over the hill.

Over the hump

Закончить трудную часть (чего-либо)

That is the most difficult part of the project, but fortunately we are Over the hump with it.

Over the long run/haul

В течение длительного периода времени

Over the long run Tom has been dreaming of expanding his business.

Over the short run/haul

В недалеком будущем

Over the short run our town will change drastically.

Over the top

Чрезмерный, излишний

His anxiety about his health is Over the top.

Over the worst

Выздоравливать, худшее позади

Little Jenny was seriously ill. She is much better now; actually she is Over the worst.

Over with

Подойти к концу, закончиться

When the performance was Over with, the audience began to pour out of the auditorium.

Overnight (something)

Послать что-либо, так чтобы доставка была на следующий день

I wanted to have the documents delivered the next day, so I decided To overnight them.

Owing to (someone or something)

Из-за кого-либо \ чего-либо

Owing to the crisis a lot of factories in the country stopped operating.

Own up to (something)

Сознаться в чем-либо

The man was suspected of murdering his wife, but he never Owned up to it.

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Aspect and character of verb.
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