Английские идиомы на букву A

A for effort

Оценка за старание

The children in the nursery school received an A for effort for their drawings of animals.

Abide by a decision

Придерживаться решения суда

The construction company had To abide by the decision of the court.

Abide by (something)

Придерживаться правил

If you want to be a member of this club, you are to Abide by its rules.

Able to breathe easily again

Вздохнуть свободно

When Hillary paid her bank loan, she was Able to breathe easily again.

Able to breathe easily/freely again

Снова вздохнуть свободно

Linda was Able to breathe easily again when her son began to recover from his illness.

Able to do (something) blindfolded

Делать что-то вслепую, делать что-то легко и быстро

Jim has always been a skilled worker; he Does his job blindfolded.

Able to (do something) standing on one’s head

Уметь делать что-либо легко и быстро

Jim has always been a skilled worker; he is Able to do his job standing on his head.

Able to (do something) with one’s eyes closed/shut

Уметь очень легко делать что-либо (с закрытыми глазами)

Nick is very good at repairing computers, and he Was able to fix my computer with his eyes closed.

Able to take a joke

Уметь посмеяться над собой

Not everybody is Able to take a joke; I, for example, can’t stand when people make fun of me.

About time

Пора бы

I am very annoyed with you; it’s About time you minded your own business.

About to (do something)

Собираться делать что-то

We were About to leave the house when it started to rain.

Above and beyond

Больше, чем требуется; больше, чем нужно

I appreciate your kindness; you did Above and beyond to help me.

Above average

Выше среднего

Tim’s grades were always Above average in all subjects.

Above board

Честный (игроки показывали свою честность, держа руки поверх крышки стола)

It is necessary to be Above board when dealing with people otherwise they won’t trust you.

Above par

Выше номинала

The stocks were selling Above par at the stock exchange that day.

Above reproach

Безупречный (ая, ое), вне критики

Bill is a well-mannered young man; his behavior is Above reproach.

Above suspicion

Вне подозрения

Henry acted as if he were Above suspicion, But I am sure he is guilty.



I don’t think much of Jack; he is so Absent-minded.

According to Hoyle

В соответствии с правилами, по правилам (Хойл написал хорошо известную книгу о правилах в карточной игре)

According to Hoyle, the in-patients are not allowed to leave the hospital grounds.

Ace in the hole

Скрытое преимущество, козырь про запас

I have An ace in the hole, and I can use it to gain advantage over the other members of the staff.

Achilles’ heel (of someone or something)

Слабое место кого-либо \ чего-либо

Jack is not able to insist on his arguments and that’s his Achilles’ heel.

Aching heart

Чувство печали (по поводу утраченной любви)

Ann’s love has faded and now she is left with an Aching heart.

Acid test

Серьезное испытание, пробный камень

The money problem was an Acid test in their relationships.

Acquire a taste for (something)

Приобрести вкус к чему-либо

Having visited an art gallery, he Acquired a taste for modern art.

Across the board

Включая всех и вся

The company has decided to give the employees an Across-the-board increase in their salary.

Act high and mighty

Вести себя высокомерно и властно

Stella Acted high and mighty that’s why no one liked her.

Act of God

Форс-мажор (события, происходящие по естественным причинам: землетрясения, наводнения и т. д.)

An avalanche in the mountains was An act of God.

Act one’s age

Вести себя по взрослому

My niece is in her early thirties, but she prefers not To act her age.

Act up

Вести себя плохо

The students often Act up during the breaks.


Anno Domini – начало нашей эры

The archeologists discovered a town which was founded in 140 AD.

Add fuel to the fire

Подлить масла в огонь

I wanted to calm him down, but my words only Added fuel to the fire.

Add insult to injury

Наносить новые оскорбления

I felt pretty bad because my car had broken down, and instead of feeling sorry for me my father Added insult to injury.

Add up (to something)

Означать что-то, являться результатом чего-то

The information you gave us doesn’t mean anything; it doesn’t Add up.

Add up

Подсчитывать, складывать, находить сумму

In vain George was trying to Add up the figures, but they just wouldn’t Add up.

Adjourn a meeting

Закрывать заседание

The meeting was adjourned until the next day.

Advise against (something)

Разубедить, отсоветовать

We were Advised against putting up a tent, the weather being very cold and nasty.

Afraid of one’s own shadow

Бояться собственной тени

Don’t be a coward; it’s silly of you To be afraid of your own shadow.

After a fashion

До известной степени, некоторым образом, кое-как

Jack did his home assignment After a fashion but certainly not very well.

After all is said and done

Наконец, после всего

After all is said and done, they have shown a very good performance.

After all

В конце концов, после всего

I didn’t know what language classes to elect, but then I made up my mind to take French After all.

After hours

После закрытия, после окончания работы

Fanny always has a lot of work in the office so she stays After hours.

After one’s own heart

Быть приятным кому-либо, быть по душе \ по сердцу, радовать кого-либо

“Cheer up! We are going to have a day After your own heart.”

After the fact

После свершившегося

They were told, After the fact, that the insurance company would not pay to rebuild the house.

Against one’s will

Против чьей-то воли

I don’t want you to do it Against your will.

Against the clock

Торопиться что-либо сделать пока не поздно

They worked Against the clock to complete the job.


Annual General Meeting – ежегодное общее собрание организации

My boss attended the AGM of the shareholders last Tuesday.

Ahead of one’s time

Опередивший свое время, свою эпоху (во взглядах, поступках и т. д.)

Newton’s ideas in physics were very much Ahead of his time.

Ahead of the game

Делать больше, чем необходимо

The company secretary did more work that day To be ahead of the game the next day.

Ahead of the pack

(быть) впереди всех

I studied hard so that I could be Ahead of the pack in my class.

Ahead of time

Раньше времени, раньше срока

I asked the permission of my boss to leave work Ahead of time.


Artificial Intelligence – искусственный интеллект

The Japanese have been researching AI for many years now.


Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome – синдром приобретенного иммунодефицита (СПИД)

AIDS patients are not contagious.

Air one’s dirty laundry/linen in public

Выносить сор из избы, перемывать грязное белье при всех

It pleased Greg immensely To air other people’s dirty laundry in public.

Air one’s dirty linen in public

Обсуждать личные проблемы в присутствии посторонних, “выносить сор из избы”

I don’t think much of people who prefer To air their dirty linen in public.

Air one’s grievances

Жаловаться прилюдно

During the war their houses were destroyed so they couldn’t but Air their grievances to the journalists.

Air (something) out

Проветривать что-либо

I’d like to put the rugs outside To air them out.

Albatross (around someone’s neck)

Помеха на пути к успеху

Jack’s lack of a proper education is An albatross around his neck, and it prevents him from getting a good job.

Alive and well/kicking

Быть живым и здоровым

At the age of 95 my Uncle Tobias is still Alive and kicking.

All along

Все время

Jeremy has known about my problems All along.

All at once

Внезапно, без предупреждения

All at once the lightning struck and it started to pour.

All day long

Весь день

Mary has been working in the garden All day long.

All ears

Внимательно слушать (я все внимание)

The lecture was very interesting, and the students were All ears.

All eyes are on (someone or something)

Все глаза устремлены на кого-либо \ что-либо

When the singer came out onto the stage, All eyes were on him.

All eyes

Смотреть во все глаза

When the children saw an elephant in the zoo, they were All eyes.

All for (someone or something)

Быть целиком за

I was All for going on a picnic, the day being so sunny.

All hands on deck

Совместная работа

Ms. Parker called for All hands on deck because there was a lot of work to do about the house.

All in a day’s work

Часть того, что нужно делать; что-то ожидаемое

It was All in a day’s work when the police arrested the criminal.

All in all

Суммарно, в целом

There were twelve people All in all at the parents’ meeting that day.

All in one breath

На одном дыхании

Pat was in a hurry and she told me All in one breath what had happened to their family.

All in one piece

Целым и невредимым

As we packed all the breakable things carefully, we hoped that they would arrive All in one piece.


Все вместе

My record player has a recording and playing function All-in-one.

All in (someone’s) mind

Воображать несуществующую проблему

“Please, don’t bother me with your problem. It is All in your mind. It does not exist.”

All in

Быть очень усталым

Having spent long hours at the computer, Jill was All in.

All manner of (someone or something)

Всевозможные люди или вещи

Len has to do All manner of things and get in touch with All manner of people at work.

All night long

Всю ночь напролет

I couldn’t sleep well because people were shouting outside my window All night long.

All of a sudden

Внезапно, вдруг

We were watching television when all of a sudden the electricity went off.


Большое, значительное усилие

Lionel made an All-out-effort to remain calm.

All over but the shouting

Окончательное решение, закончиться раз и навсегда

It will be All over but the shouting for you if you reject their job offer.

All over the place

Везде, повсеместно

I looked All over the place for my textbook.

All right

Хорошо, нормально

Will it be All right for me to join you?

All rolled up in one

Совмещать (два или более в одном)

Julian Manners is a p. e. teacher and a football coach All rolled up in one.

All set

Все готово (можно начинать)

It was All set and we decided to start on our journey.

All sweetness and light

Казаться хорошим, невинным

Outwardly Celia is All sweetness and light, but I know she is not that good.

All systems go

Все готово (первоначально использовалось при запуске ракеты)

It is All systems go, so we can begin to install the new equipment.

All talk (and no action)

Одни разговоры, а дела нет

I wouldn’t rely on Paul; he is All talk and no action.

All the rage

Последний писк (о моде)

I strongly advise you to buy these jeans; they are All the rage of the season.

All the time

Постоянно, все время

My friend Oliver goes to the health club All the time.

All thumbs

Неуклюжий, неловкий (человек); “руки-крюки”

Jenny is All thumbs; she often breaks dishes while washing up.

All to the good

Все к лучшему

“It is All to the good that you walked out on your boy friend”, my mother said.

All told

Все вместе, все включительно

All told, there are six rooms in the house including the kitchen.

Alley cat

Бродячая, бездомная кошка

There is An alley cat which I see near my house very often.

Allow for (someone or something)

Рассчитывать, планировать

I think you ought To allow for some time to get to the airport in time.

Almighty dollar

Всемогущий доллар

Tom thinks that money is more important than anything else, and he spends his life chasing The almighty dollar.

Along with (someone or something)

Вместе с кем-то, в дополнение к чему-то

Sarah has decided to go on a river trip Along with her brother.


Amplitude Modulation – амплитудная модуляция (тип частоты на радио)

I don’t like to listen to AM radio; their programs are not interesting.

Amount to (something)

Быть успешным

I am afraid you will never Amount to anything if you don’t work hard.

Amount to the same thing

Быть одинаковым, иметь тот же эффект

You can either take a taxi or go by bus; it will Amount to the same thing.

Answer to (someone)

Отвечать перед кем-либо, объяснять свои действия

Bill lived on his own; he had no family and consequently no one To answer to.

Ante up

Делать взнос, платить необходимую сумму денег

I have To ante up and pay the necessary amount of money for my new car, which I have recently bought on credit.

Any number of (someone or something)

Достаточное количество

“You always have Any number of excuses for missing your classes.


Any Other Business – прочие вопросы (пишется в конце информационного листка)

The secretary was supposed to write AOB at the bottom of the meeting information sheet.


Великолепно, здорово

It was AOK that Johnny was recovering.


All Point’s Bulletin – бюллетень, содержащий сведения о преступниках (используется полицией для розыска)

Some criminals had robbed the local bank and the police put out an APB on them.

Appear out of nowhere

Внезапно появиться, появиться ниоткуда

A big lorry Appeared out of nowhere And splashed mud all over me.

Apple of (one’s) eye

Любимчик (зеница ока)

Her little son is The apple of her eye.

Apple of (someone’s) eye

Чей-либо любимчик (зеница ока)

Kelly’s little son is The apple of her eye.

Argue for the sake of arguing/argument

Спорить ради спора

William likes To argue for the sake of arguing.

Arm and a leg

Огромная сумма денег

Their new house will cost them An arm and a leg.

Arm in arm

(идти) под руку, рука об руку

John and Mary were walking along the street Arm in arm.

Armed and dangerous

Вооружен и опасен

The criminal was suspected of being Armed and dangerous.

Armed to the teeth

Вооружен до зубов

The police stopped a car. The man in the car was Armed to the teeth.

Armpit of (somewhere)

Самое плохое место в округе

This residential quarter is The armpit of the city, and nobody wants to live there.

Around the clock

24 часа, сутки

Most of the supermarkets in big American cities work Around the clock.

Arrive on the scene

Прибыть на место происшествия

Tim dialed 911 and the police Arrived on the scene almost at once.

Arrow in one’s quiver

Чье-либо преимущество перед другими (досл. еще одна стрела в колчане)

Her good knowledge of the computer was another Arrow in her quiver, which helped her to get a good job.

As a duck takes to water

Естественно, как рыба в воде

Sofia plunged into the water and started to swim easily and naturally, Just as a duck takes to water.

As a last resort

Последняя мера, последнее средство (когда все остальное испробовано)

As a last resort John decided to take a loan from the bank.

As a matter of fact


As a matter of fact cinema is the most popular entertainment for millions of people.

As a result of (something)

В результате

Ben didn’t study well during the term and As a result of his laziness he failed his exams.

As a rule

Как правило

On the weekends I sleep longer As a rule.

As awkward as a cow on roller skates

Быть очень неловким, “как корова на льду”

Jane isn’t much of a dancer, and she was As awkward as a cow on roller skates when Jim invited her.

As bald as a baby’s backside

Совершенно лысый

The postman, who delivers mail, is As bald as a baby’s backside.

As bald as a coot

Совершенно лысый (похожий на птицу лысуху)

My Uncle Robert is As bald as a coot.

As black as a skillet

Очень черный (как сковорода)

Alan’s hands were As black as a skillet when he finished repairing his car.

As black as a stack of black cats

Очень черный (как множество черных кошек)

Tina’s dress was As black as a stack of black cats.

As black as a sweep

Очень грязный (как трубочист)

“Look! You are As black as a sweep! What have you done to your face and hands?”

As black as coal

Черный как смоль

The man had a dark complexion, and his hair was As black as coal.

As black as night

Черный как ночь”

The old house was As black as night when we entered it.

As black as pitch

Темный как ночь

Approaching the house, we saw that it was As black as night.

As black as the ace of spades

Очень черный (как негр)

When she returned from the beach, she was As black as the ace of spades.

As blind as a bat

Слепой, “слепой как крот”

I have lost my glasses, and without them I am As blind as a bat.

As broad as a barn door

Очень толстый, (широкий как амбарная дверь)

Mrs. Smart, the cook in the restaurant, was As broad as a barn door.
Миссис Смарт, повар из ресторана, была очень толстой.

As busy as a beaver

Быть очень занятым

Paul seems to be As busy as a beaver all the time.

As busy as a bee

Трудолюбивый как пчелка, очень занятый

Cora has been As busy as a bee since she moved into her new house.

As busy as a one-armed paperhanger

Очень занятый

“Don’t call on me today. Now I am As busy as a one-armed paperhanger.”

As busy as popcorn on a skillet

Очень активный, подвижный

The little boy was As busy as popcorn on a skillet all day long.

As calm as a toad in the sun

Очень спокойный и довольный (как жаба на солнце)

Jeremy looked As calm as a toad in the sun during the baseball game.

As clean as a hound’s tooth

Очень чистый

When I finished cleaning the kitchen, it looked As clean as a hound’s tooth.

As conceited as a barber’s cat

Тщеславный, полный самомнения

Having won the award at the Annual Fair, Timothy became As conceited as a barber’s cat.

As cool as a cucumber


My friend Eric is As cool as a cucumber; he never gets upset.

As crazy as a bedbug


My old aunt Polly is As crazy as a bedbug.

As crazy as a loon


My next door neighbor, Miss Darling, is As crazy as a loon.

As crooked as a dog’s hind leg

Нечестный, бессовестный

I dislike Jeremy Stuart; he turned out to be As crooked as a dog’s hind leg.

As dead as a dodo

Мертвый (как вымершая птица дронт)

A car hit a cat, and it was As dead as a dodo after the accident.

As drunk as a skunk

Очень пьяный, “пьян в стельку”

The bartender refused to sell Jonny any alcohol because he was As drunk as a skunk.

As dry as a bone

Очень сухой, высохший; (сухой как кость)

During the drought the land became As dry as a bone.

As easy as ABC

Очень легко

It is not difficult for most children to learn how to use a cell phone; actually it is As easy as ABC.

As easy as apple pie

Очень легко \ легкий

My History exam was As easy as apple pie.

As easy as duck soup

Очень легко, без усилий

Persuading my father to buy a new computer was As easy as duck soup.

As far as possible

На сколько возможно

“I’ll do everything to rescue the girl; I’ll go As far as possible”.

As far as

Насколько (я знаю, понимаю)

As far as I know, the Morgans left the town long ago.

As fat as a pig

Жирный как свинья

“If you go on eating as much as you do now, you’ll be As fat as a pig.”

As flat as a pancake

Очень плоский (как блин)

The early people believed that the Earth was As flat as a pancake.

As free as a bird

Свободный как птица

I am through with my exams, and now I am As free as a bird.

As full/tight as a tick

Переполненный едой или питьем

The man was As full as a tick after a large meal at supper.

As gaudy as a butterfly

Слишком яркий (как бабочка)

I don’t quite like this dress; it’s As gaudy as a butterfly.

As gentle as a lamb

Нежный, ласковый

Marion is As gentle as a lamb when she is with her baby daughter.

As good as one’s word

Быть верным своему слову

Never give a promise which you are not able to keep; be As good as your word.

As graceful as a swan

Грациозный как лебедь

The ballet dancer was As graceful as a swan.

As gruff as a bear

Грубый, неприветливый

Oliver Schmidt is always As gruff as a bear, and most of his co-workers dislike him.

As happy as a clam

Счастливый и довольный (как двустворчатый моллюск)

The little boy was As happy as a clam when he was given a new bicycle.

As happy as a lark

Очень счастливый, веселый

Maria looked As happy as a lark when she got engaged to Mark.

As hard as nails

Физически сильный и здоровый (человек); грубый, жесткий

He is As hard as nails, and it is difficult to deal with him.

As hoarse as a crow


I had to talk very much that day and was As hoarse as a crow by the evening.

As hungry as a bear

Голодный как волк

I was As hungry as a bear that afternoon, and I told my mother that I could eat a horse.

As innocent as a lamb

Невинный, наивный

Sara is As innocent as a lamb; she still believes that all people are kind and generous.

As long as

Если, при условии

I can let you have my umbrella As long as you can promise not to lose it.

As luck would have it


As luck would have it, I met Hillary outside the cafe. I hadn’t seen her for ages..

As mad as a hornet

Очень злой (как оса)

My brother got As mad as a hornet when he learnt that I had lost his disks.

As mad as a wet hen


Peter suspected that Joanna had deceived him and was As mad as a wet hen.

As meek as a lamb

Послушный, кроткий как ягненок

On the surface Kelly is As meek as a lamb, but I know that actually she is naughty and quarrelsome.

As merry as a cricket

Веселый (как сверчок)

Laura is a sunny person; she is always As merry as a cricket.

As naked as a jaybird

Голый, “в чем мать родила”

Jeremy had a swim in the lake, and when he got out of the water he was As naked as a jaybird.

As nervous as a cat

Очень нервный

The woman was As nervous as a cat when she talked to the bank manager.

As nutty as a fruitcake

Сумасшедший, выживший из ума

Dora is Nutty as a fruitcake; she is irrational and crazy.

As old as the hills

Очень старый

I decided not to buy that house because it looked As old as the hills.

As one

Все как один

The audience stood up As one and began to applaud the actors.

As phony as a three-dollar bill

Фальшивый, поддельный (как трехдолларовая купюра)

The woman, who was raising money for a children’s playground, seemed to be As phony as a three-dollar bill.

As plain as the nose on one’s face

Совершенно очевидно

The cause of the accident was clearly evident; it was As plain as the nose on my face.

As poor as a church mouse

Бедный как церковная мышь

Cathy can’t afford a new car; she is As poor as a church mouse.

As proud as a peacock

Очень гордый

Ms. Bobtail’s son was a good musician, and she was As proud as a peacock of him.

As quiet as a mouse

Тихий как мышь, робкий

The child was playing with her toys and was As quiet as a mouse.

As red as a cherry

Ярко-красный (как вишня)

Sara wore bright red sandals and her dress was As red as a cherry.

As red as a lobster

Красный (как рак)

When Sandra came home from the beach, she was As red as a lobster after sitting in the sun too much.

As red as a poppy

Ярко-красный (как мак)

I fell down the stairs, and the mark on my knee was As red as a poppy.

As red as a rose

Красный как роза (интенсивный красный)

The man’s nose was As red as a rose from intensive drinking.

As red as a ruby

Красный (рубиновый оттенок)

Marion likes deep red and her lips are usually As red as a ruby.

As red as blood

Красный как кровь

I spilled red ink on the table and the stain was As red as blood.

As scarce as hen’s teeth

Редко встречающийся или не существующий

In summer cheap hotels everywhere are As scarce as hen’s teeth.

As scarce as hen’s teeth/scarcer than hen’s teeth

Скудный или несуществующий

Good hotels in this small town were As scarce as hen’s teeth.

As scared as a rabbit

Пугливый как заяц

The little boy became As scared as a rabbit when he saw that he was surrounded by strangers.

As sick as a dog

Очень больной

Yates was shivering with cold and looked As sick as a dog.

As silly as a goose

Очень глупый

No wonder nobody takes Julia seriously; she is As silly as a goose.

As slippery as an eel

Скользкий как угорь, увертливый, изворотливый

Paul is As slippery as an eel, and I am sure he cannot be trusted.

As sly as a fox

Хитрый как лиса

Our neighbor Miss Cunning is As sly as a fox.

As snug as a bug in a rug

Очень уютный

I wrapped myself into a big warm comforter and felt As snug as a bug in a rug.

As sober as a judge

(быть) трезвым как стеклышко

When the traffic police stopped Mike, he swore he was As sober as a judge.

As soft as a baby’s bottom

Очень мягкий и гладкий (как кожа младенца)

My fleece jacket is As soft as a baby’s bottom.

As soft as down

Мягкий как пух

The little girl’s fair hair was As soft as down.

As sound as a dollar

Надежный как доллар

My father’s company is very secure and dependable; in fact it is As sound as a dollar.

As sour as vinegar

Угрюмый, неприветливый, (кислый как уксус)

Mr. Fiber is not at all friendly; he is As sour as vinegar.

As strong as a horse/lion/ox

Сильный как бык

Collin is As strong as an ox; he is the strongest among his friends.

As stubborn as a mule

Упрямый, как осел

If a person is As stubborn as a mule, it’s impossible to make him change his mind.

As such

Как таковой, в таком виде

“As such, I can’t possibly sign your application. You’ll have to re-write it”.

As sweet as honey/sugar

Сладкий как сахар, сладкий как мед

Melanie’s conversation is As sweet as honey, but I can’t very well believe her.

As the crow flies

Напрямик, кратчайшим путем (так же прямо, как летит птица)

As the crow flies, it is not more than three miles between his house and the station.

As thick as pea soup

Очень густой (как гороховый суп)

The fog that day was As thick as pea soup and it caused my accidents.

As ugly as a toad

Некрасивый, страшный как жаба

Pam had a flat nose with wide nostrils, small beady eyes and a double chin and looked As ugly as a toad.

As usual

Как обычно

As usual, at the theatre they prefer to sit in the front rows.

As warm as toast

Очень теплый и уютный

I have a very cozy bed; it is As warm as toast.

As weak as a kitten

Очень слабый, тщедушный

Anne recovered from her illness but was As weak as a kitten.

As well as

Тоже, также как

Kevin bought a thick magazine As well as several books to while away the time during the journey.

As white as a ghost

Бледный как смерть (как призрак)

Pam looked As white as a ghost after her illness.

As white as a sheet

Бледный как полотно

When they told Pauline about the accident, she became As white as a sheet.

As white as the driven snow

Белый как снег

The sheets on the bed were As white as the driven snow.

As wild as a tiger

Очень дикий

The dog was As wild as a tiger and he didn’t allow anybody to touch him.

As wise as an owl

Очень мудрый (как сова)

I often ask my Granny’s advise because she is As wise as an owl.

As yet

До настоящего времени

As yet, we know nothing about his intentions.


As Soon As Possible – как можно скорее

My boss left a note on my computer, “Please complete the rough copy of the letter and give it to me ASAP.”

Ask for someone’s hand in marriage

Просить чей-либо руки, делать предложение

Harold was not yet sure whether To ask for Marion’s hand in marriage or not.

Ask for the moon

Желать недостижимого

You will never get what you want, so it’s no use Asking for the moon.

Ask for trouble

Напрашиваться на неприятности

“Leave me alone; you are Asking for trouble.”

Ask (someone) out

Назначать свидание

After a good deal of hesitation John finally Asked Mary out.

Asleep at the switch

Не распознать ситуацию, упустить удобный случай

I suppose Emma was Asleep at the switch. She missed her chance of getting a promotion.

Assault and battery

Нападение с причинением увечья

Several men were arrested for Assault and battery after the fight in the park.

Assault the ears

Быть очень громким, “бить по ушам”

Our neighbors always play very loud music, and it Assaults the ears.

Assemble a case (against someone)

Собрать доказательства против кого-либо

There was not enough evidence, so the prosecution was unable To assemble a case against the man.

Assume liability

Принимать на себя ответственность за понесенные убытки

The construction company refused To assume liability for damaging the house by incautious actions.

At a loss (for words)

Не находить нужных слов

All of a sudden Jim started to insult me, and I was At a loss for words to talk back.

At a loss

Меньше, чем стоимость; финансовая потеря

A lot of things were on sale but At a loss that’s why the prices were very low.

At a premium

Более высокая цена (за уникальность)

The tickets for the first night performance were selling At a premium.

At a sitting

В один прием, за один раз

The cake was so tasty that we finished all of it At a sitting.

At a stretch

Непрерывно, подряд

It is very seldom that I can enjoy my holiday for three weeks At a stretch.

At all costs

Любой ценой

He was determined to secure his treasures At all costs.

At any rate

Во всяком случае

“At any rate, Peter was able to prove his innocence”.

At arm’s length

Сделка (на расстоянии) через посредника

I bought an apartment At arm’s length and was not involved in any management decisions.

At bay

На расстоянии

Anna doesn’t like Jake; she intends to keep him At bay.

At best

В лучшем случае

My teacher told me that I had two weeks At best in which to finish writing my essay.

At cross-purposes

Разные цели

It seems my friend and her husband are At cross-purposes; they often argue about everything.

At death’s door

На пороге смерти

It was only At death’s door that Timothy could confess his fault.

At each other’s throats

Драться, спорить все время (брать друг друга за горло)

The husband and wife argue a lot and are always At each other’s throats.

At ease

Раскованно; свободно; удобно, как дома

I always feel At ease in the presence of my friends.

At every turn

На каждом шагу, куда не взглянешь

The streets of the small town were full of cars; there were cars, big and small, At every turn.

At face value

Номинальная, реальная стоимость

Olaf’s new car was worth a lot of money At face value.

At fault

Быть виновным

I wondered who was At fault for the loss of valuable books.

At first blush

На первый взгляд

At first blush Samuel seemed to be kind and decent, but he turned out to be quite mean.

At first

Вначале, с начала

At first Ron wanted to go on a river trip with us, but then he changed his mind.

At hand

Близко, под рукой

There was no dictionary At hand, so I didn’t look up the new words.

At heart

В глубине души

I thought her to be a bit tough, but now I know she is very vulnerable At heart.

At home


“Are you going to be At home tonight? I’d like to come and see you.”

At it again

Настаивать на своем (ты снова за свое?)

“Stop being stubborn! You are At it again! I won’t have you behave like that.”

At large

На свободе

A wolf escaped from the Zoo and was At large for a couple of days.

At last


I repeated my question several times, and At last the policeman understood it.

At least

По крайней мере

David bought At least ten books at the bookstore yesterday.

At length

Длительное время (говорить долго и детально о чем-то)

My boss talked At length about my duties, but I stopped listening to him pretty soon.

At loggerheads with (someone)

Быть в ссоре с кем

I was At loggerheads with my parents over my engagement to Lily.

At loose ends

Болтаться без дела

At that time Mike was At loose ends and he agreed to join us.

At odds (with someone)

Иметь разногласие, спорить с кем-то

Joan is difficult to deal with; she is At odds with the whole world.

At once

Сразу же, немедленно

Having learnt the news, Hilda called me At once.

At one sitting

За один присест

I expected the sausage to last for two meals, but it was eaten At one sitting.

At one time

Одно время

At one time Jim had to combine work and studies at a community college.

At one with (someone)

Разделять одни и те же взгляды с кем-либо

Sam was At one with his wife on everything but money.

At one’s fingertips

(знать) как свои пять пальцев

John has all the facts and figures At his fingertips.

At one’s heels

Прямо позади, по пятам

I turned round and saw a man who was close behind me, right At my heels.

At one’s wit’s end

Быть в растерянности; не знать, что делать

Jack was At his wit’s end about what to do with the puppy.

At peace

Быть в мире с самим собой, быть счастливым

The old man looked relaxed and At peace.

At random

Наобум, не подумав, не подготовившись

Greta always buys her clothes At random, that’s why she doesn’t have anything decent to wear.

At risk

Рисковать, быть в опасности

There was a severe storm on the sea, and the passengers of a small boat were At risk of getting drowned.

At sea (about something)

Быть в растерянности

Looking at the map of London, Sam was At sea; he didn’t understand anything on it.

At sea

Быть/ плавать в море

My Uncle Jeremy spent most of his life At sea.

At sixes and sevens

Приводить в недоумение, озадачить, поставить в тупик

The students were At sixes and sevens when they looked at the timetable for the new semester.

At (someone’s) beck and call

Быть на побегушках у кого-либо

Cinderella was At her step-mother’s Beck and call.

At (someone’s) earliest convenience

Для чьего-либо или для собственного удобства (по первому зову)

“I will visit you At your earliest convenience, I promise.”

At (someone’s) service

К услугам кого-либо, в чьем-то распоряжении

If you stay at a good hotel, all the members of the staff will be At your service day and night.

At stake

(быть) поставленным на карту, рисковать

The situation was very risky and George felt as if his whole life were At stake.

At the appointed time/hour

В назначенное время, в назначенный час

Sarah and I were to meet in the cafe At the appointed hour.

At the bottom of the hour –

В половине какого-либо часа (10:30, 11:30, и т. д.)

At the bottom of the hour they opened the exhibition for the visitors.

At the bottom of the ladder

(начать) с самого начала, с самого низкого уровня

I had to start At the bottom of the ladder at my new job.

At the crack of dawn

На рассвете

We left for our holiday At the crack of dawn.

At the drop of a hat

Тотчас же, спонтанно

When my friend wants my assistance, I help him At the drop of a hat.

At the eleventh hour

В самый последний момент

Aunt Maria was in a great hurry, and she remembered to lock the door At the eleventh hour.

At the end of one’s rope

Быть на пределе своих возможностей

Celia was At the end of her rope; she didn’t know how to cope with her current situation at work.

At the end of the day

Принимая все во внимание

At the end of the day, he felt it was impossible to go on with his work.

At the expense of (someone or something)

За счет чего-либо, кого-либо

Samuel Potter has become a talented musician, but only At the expense of his health.

At the hands of (someone or something)

Со стороны кого-либо \ чего-либо, от руки кого-либо

I am sure the woman deserves better life At the hands of Fate.

At the latest

Не позднее чем

The students are to hand in their term papers in a week At the latest.

At the mercy of (the court/someone)

В полной власти, не имея защиты против (кого-либо \ чего-либо)

The sea was stormy and the ship was At the mercy of the huge waves.

At the present time

Сейчас, в настоящее время

Bill was ill for three weeks, but At the present time He is doing fine.

At the top of one’s lungs

(кричать) очень громко; во все горло

I saw my friend on the other side of the road and yelled At the top of my lungs to attract his attention.

At the top of the hour

В самом начале часа (12:00, 1:00, и т. д.)

The radio announcer delivered the news At the top of the hour.

At this juncture

В настоящее время, теперь

At this juncture, there was no sense to go on with negotiations.

At this stage of the game

В момент какого-либо события, в разгар чего-либо

At this stage of the game it is quite impossible to change our plans.

At times

Временами, время от времени

Generally John is quite a cheerful kid though At times he seems to be somewhat sad.

At will

По желанию, свободно

At home the children were allowed to do what they wanted At will.

Attend to (someone or something)

Уделять внимание, заботиться, ухаживать за больным

The patient has three nurses Attending to her.

Attract (someone’s) attention

Привлекать (чье-либо) внимание

A car standing near the curb Attracted my attention.

Attracted to (someone)

Почувствовать влечение к кому-либо

As soon as Robert saw Linda, he got immediately Attracted to Her.

Augur well for (someone or something)

Предсказывать, предвещать что-то хорошее

The thriving business is a good thing; it Augurs well for the company.

Avail oneself of (something)

Воспользоваться чем-либо

You should Avail yourself of every opportunity to practice the piano.

Avenue of escape

Дорога к отступлению, нет пути назад

I had given my word of honor, and there was no Avenue of escape.

Avoid (someone or something) like the plague

Бежать от кого-либо, как от чумы; избегать, сторониться

Carry was afraid of the man; she tried To avoid him like the plague.


Absent Without Leave – самоволка (отсутствие без увольнительной)

One of the soldiers had gone AWOL and the military police were looking for him.

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