Английские идиомы на букву C


Chartered Accountant – дипломированный бухгалтер-эксперт

They decided to employ a CA in order to get their taxes done on time.

Calculated risk

Обдуманный риск

The factory must have taken A calculated risk when they had put new products on the market.

Call a meeting to order

Начать заседание, собрание

When everyone arrived, the chairman Called the meeting to order.

Call a meeting

Созвать собрание

A meeting should Be called to discuss a few important issues.

Call a spade a spade

Называть вещи своими именами

They were a little afraid of this young man and his dreadful trait of Calling a spade a spade.

Call for (someone or something)

Требовать что-либо, вызывать кого-либо (если нужна помощь)

This flower is very fastidious; it Calls for continual care.

Call for (someone)

Заходить за кем-либо

We were still having dinner when they Called for us to go to the swimming pool.

Call it a day/night

Считать свой рабочий день законченным, считать дело сделанным

“It’s six p. m. Lets Call it a day and go home. Shall we?”

Call it quits

Закончить, прекратить

We’ve been discussing the problem long enough; let’s Call it quits.

Call of nature

Необходимость идти в туалет (удовлетворить естественные потребности)

They asked the driver to stop the bus so that they might answer The call of nature.

Call off (something)

Отменять что-либо

They Called off the meeting because there was no quorum.

Call on (someone)

Зайти к кому-то

“Do you mind if I Call on you tonight?”

Call out to (someone)

Кричать кому-либо, громко звать

He Called out to me from the other side of the road, but I pretended not to hear.

Call (someone) in

Вызвать кого-либо, пригласить (для консультации)

They had To call in a heart specialist to examine the patient.


(someone) names

Обзывать кого-либо, называть неприятными именами

“Stop Calling each other Names! It’s not fair.”

Call (someone) on the carpet

Вызвать кого-либо на ковер (устраивать нагоняй)

Jim must have failed to do the job well because he was Called on the carpet by his boss.

Call (someone or something) into question

Сомневаться в ком-либо/ чем-либо

The teacher Called The student’s statement about her illness Into question.

Call someone’s bluff

Разоблачить обман, вывести кого-либо на чистую воду

I could Call The man’s Bluff if I were sure I would be able to prove that he is a swindler.

Call (something) in

Изъять из обращения, потребовать назад (книги, долг)

The librarian was going To call in the books at the end of the school year.

Call the dogs off

Прекратить преследование или угрозы

I told Jack To call the dogs off and stop waylaying me otherwise I would go to the police.

Call the roll

Проверка присутствующих, перекличка

The teacher Called the roll and found out that four students were absent from class.

Call the shots

Командовать, распоряжаться

Mr. Gougle Is calling the shots; he is in control of the company at present.

Call up (someone)

Позвонить (кому-либо)

“Don’t Call me up at seven; I’ll be having an English lesson at that time.”

Calm down

Успокоиться, расслабиться

“I want you To calm down and tell me the whole story.”

Can of worms

Сложная ситуация или проблема

“You might open up A can of worms if you insist on knowing the truth.”

Can take (something) to the bank

Что-либо, гарантирующее успех

I am sure that we Can very well take the new business project to the bank.

Cancel (something) out

Свести на нет, нейтрализовать

If you eat too much chocolate, it will Cancel out The benefits of your jogging.

Cannot see one’s hand in front of one’s face

Не видеть ни зги, ничего не видеть на расстоянии вытянутой руки

The fog was so thick that I Could not see my hands in front of my face.

Can’t do anything with (someone or something)

Ничего нельзя поделать (с кем-либо/ чем-либо)

I Can’t do anything with my new dress; it’s is completely ruined.

Can’t see beyond the end of one’s nose

Не видеть дальше своего носа

Gina had no idea about what was happening around her; she Could not see beyond the end of her nose.

Can’t see the forest for the trees

Не в состоянии понять все в целом “из-за деревьев не видеть леса”

Susan doesn’t understand the problems she is facing because she Can’t see the forest for the trees.

Can’t stand (someone or something)

Не выносить кого-либо \ что-либо

I Can’t stand porridge.

Can’t stand/stomach (someone or something)

Не выносить, не переваривать кого-либо/ чего-либо

I Can’t stand the way Jill behaves in public places.

Can’t stomach (someone or something)

Не переносить, не переваривать (кого-либо \ что-либо)

I Can’t stand the way Jill behaves in public places.

Cap and gown

Академическая одежда для церемоний в университете (берет и мантия)

The university students are supposed to wear Cap and gown to the graduation ceremony.

Captain of industry

Глава индустрии

Mr. Noseterman is A captain of industry; he knows his duties very well.

Card up one’s sleeve

Припасти что-либо (план, аргумент), чтобы воспользоваться в дальнейшем

John says he has A card up his sleeve, but I am not sure he’ll be able to help us.

Cards are stacked against (someone)

Не везти (удача отвернулась)

At the exams The cards have always been stacked against me.

Carried away

Увлечься, забыться (из-за избытка чувств)

She read the letter again and again Carried away by its earnestness and vigor.

Carrot and stick

Жесткая политика, “политика кнута и пряника”

The idea of A carrot-and-stick approach to the strikers is all wrong.

Carry a lot of weight with (someone or something)

Иметь большое влияние (вес) на кого-либо/ чего-либо

Norman Brown is very influential; his proposals Carry a lot of weight with His colleagues.

Carry a motion

Внести предложение

The chairman Carried a motion that the meeting be postponed till next week.

Carry coals to Newcastle

Возить что-либо туда, где этого и так достаточно (возить уголь в Ньюкасл)

Don’t bring beer to the pub; it is like Carrying coals to Newcastle.

Carry on

Продолжать делать что-либо, вести разговор

It’s difficult To carry on a conversation at a noisy party.

Carry one’s (own) weight

Делать свою долю работы

Everyone in the family had To carry his own weight during the spring cleaning in the house.

Carry over figures/numbers/costs

Перенести цифры, числа, стоимость из одной графы в другую

Because of the financial problems they had To carry over last year’s costs to this year.

Carry over (something)

Переносить что-либо на другое время

It was recommended that the sale should Be carried over for some other time.

Carry (something) out

Выполнять, доводить до конца

Adam Carried out the plan in every detail.

Carry the ball

Быть ответственным

The Dean made up his mind to let his secretary Carry the ball on the time table of the coming exams.

Carry the day

Завоевать полную поддержку

Mark’s proposal Carried the day and everyone supported him with enthusiasm.

Carry the torch

Проявлять верность чему-либо/ кому-либо

“It’s not necessary To carry the torch for Rick; he doesn’t deserve it.

Carry the weight of the world on one’s shoulders

Нести все (все проблемы мира) на своих плечах

Mary seems to be burdened by all the problems of the world as if she Were carrying the weight of it on her shoulders.

Carry through with (something)

Приводить что-либо в исполнение

The shoe factory Carried through with Their plan to boost production.

Carte blanche

Карт-бланш (свобода или разрешение делать что-либо)

Steve wanted to be given Carte blanche to change the policies in his department.

Case in point

Смысл чего-либо; пример, иллюстрирующий что-либо

“Let me give you A case in point, an example that illustrates my argument.”

Case of mistaken identity

Ошибочное опознание

Celesta didn’t do anything wrong; hers was A case of mistaken identity.


Оплата покупки наличными

In a Cash-and-carry store goods are usually sold at lower prices.

Cash cow

Что-либо приносящее хороший доход, “дойная корова”

The cafe my mother opened not long ago turned out to be A cash cow; it is very profitable.

Cash in on (something)

Зарабатывать на чем-либо

A famous pop singer Cashed in on her popularity in order to open a night club.

Cash in one’s chips

Умереть (дословно ‘поменять фишки на наличные деньги в конце игры’)

My Grandfather Cashed in his chips at the age of ninety-five.

Cash in (something)

Обменять что-либо (купоны, облигации) на наличные деньги

I went to the bank To cash in a large number of my savings bonds in order to get some money to buy a condominium.

Cash on the barrelhead

(платить) наличными деньгами

I paid the salesman Cash on the barrelhead for the second-hand furniture.

Cast a (critical/professional) eye over (someone or something)

Бросить критический взгляд на кого-либо \ что-либо

The art critic Cast a critical eye over the pictures of a young gifted artist.

Cast an eye over (something)

Быстро прочесть или просмотреть что-либо

Sam Cast an eye over the letter he had received.

Cast around/about for (someone or something)

Искать кого-либо/ чего-либо

I Have been casting around for my new watch for a long time; I still can’t find it.

Cast aspersions on (someone)

Клеветать на кого-либо, оскорблять кого-либо

I, personally, hate people who can Cast aspersions on their neighbors.

Cast doubt on (someone or something)

Поставить под сомнение что-либо

The evidence presented by a witness of the crime Cast doubt on the truthfulness of her testimony.

Cast doubts on (someone or something)

Заставлять сомневаться в ком-либо/ чем-либо

I’ve never trusted Jack that’s why his testimony made me Cast doubts on its truthfulness.

Cast in the same mold

Быть очень похожими (как бы отлитыми в одной форме)

The twins Rick and Ron were Cast in the same mold, so similar they were.

Cast one’s lot in with (someone)

Связать свою судьбу с кем-либо

The young man Cast his lot in with the criminals and had to accept whatever happened.

Cast one’s vote


The elections started at eight and a lot of people came To cast their votes.

Cast pearls before swine

Попусту тратить усилия на кого-либо, “метать бисер перед свиньями”

I am not going to waste good advice on Leda any more because she never listens to it. I won’t Cast pearls before swine.

Cast the first stone

Бросить первый камень, первым обвинить кого-либо

“I know you did the wrong thing, but I don’t want To cast the first stone and quarrel with you.”

Castles in the air

Несбыточные мечты

My friend is a very practical person; she never builds Castles in the air.

Cat burglar

Вор-взломщик, забирающийся через стену (окно)

When we came home, we realized that A cat burglar had been in our apartment; our TV set was stolen.

Cat gets one’s tongue

Быть не в состоянии что-либо сказать “язык проглотил”

The Cat got the boy’s tongue when the teacher asked him about his homework.

Cat nap

Короткий сон днем

“I am going to take A cat nap in the afternoon, so don’t disturb me.”

Cat on a hot tin roof

(быть) полным кипучей деятельности, (скакать, как кот на горячей крыше)

Little Kate was jumping around like A cat on a hot tin roof and her mother could not make her behave.


Парадоксальная ситуация, уловка

It was a Catch-22 situation for me. If I told the truth, there would be problems, but if I didn’t, there would be problems too.

Catch a cold


The child had a fever; evidently he Had caught a cold.


Все, чем можно довольствоваться (о еде)

We were very busy at the weekend, so our meals were Catch-as-catch-can.

Catch fire


At six o’clock in the morning the country house Caught fire.

Catch forty winks

Немного поспать

Wanda was very tired after her work in the garden, and she decided To catch forty winks.

Catch on

Понять что-либо, разобраться

I was trying to convince Nelly to be reasonable, but she wouldn’t Catch on.

Catch one’s breath

Перевести дух, передохнуть

Jimmy stopped To catch his breath; he had been running fast.

Catch one’s death of cold

Очень сильно простудиться

I told my daughter it was necessary for her to wear a warm coat if she didn’t want To catch her death of cold.

Catch sight of (someone or something)

Увидеть, заметить

I Caught sight of Elena in the crowd and waved to her.

Catch some Z’s

Немного поспать, вздремнуть

“You look very tired; you’d better Catch some Z’s.”

Catch (someone) in the act of (doing something)

Застать кого-либо на месте преступления

My puppy was about to steal a piece of meat from the kitchen table but I Caught it in the act.

Catch (someone) napping

Застать кого-либо спящим; обнаружить, что кто-либо не готов к чему-либо

The thieves Caught the security guard napping and got into the building unnoticed.

Catch (someone) off balance

Застать кого-либо врасплох

I Caught Sally off balance when I said that her rental lease had expired.

Catch (someone) off guard

Застать кого-либо врасплох (во время беспечности)

Leo, who was watching a DVD film, was Caught off guard when his mother asked him about his homework.

Catch (someone) red-handed

Быть захваченным с поличным

The shop assistant Caught a customer red-handed when she was stealing some clothes.

Catch (someone) with their pants down

Застать кого-либо врасплох или за неподходящим занятием

The boy Was caught with his pants down when he tried to take his father’s wallet.

Catch (someone’s) eye

Привлечь чье-либо внимание

A bright butterfly on the window-sill Caught my eye.

Catch up to (someone or something)

Догнать кого-либо, в том числе в учебе, в состязаниях

Diane was ill for a month and missed a lot of classes; now she is trying To catch up to The students of her class.

Catch up with (someone or something)

Догнать кого-либо в том числе в учебе, в состязаниях

Diane was ill for a month and missed a lot of classes; now she is trying To catch up with the group.

Caught in the middle/cross fire

Быть (захваченным) между двух огней

Jane Was Caught in the cross fire when her brother and his wife had a big quarrel.

Caught short

(не иметь) необходимое количество денег

Vivian was Caught short and had to get a loan from a bank to pay her living expenses.

Caught unaware

Быть не готовым к чему-либо, удивиться

When William proposed marriage, Emma Was caught unaware; she didn’t expect it.

Caught with one’s hand in the cookie jar

Быть пойманным с поличным

The girl was Caught with her hand in the cookie jar when the manager saw her stealing office supplies.

Cause a stir

Вызвать волнение, тревогу, переполох

The news that the only school in the neighborhood will be closed Caused a stir.

Cause eyebrows to raise

Шокировать, неприятно удивлять

“Your firm refusal to participate in the program Caused eyebrows to raise.”

Cause tongues to wag

Дать пищу для сплетен

Kelly likes to shock people and it gives her pleasure To cause tongues to wag.

Causing a disturbance

Нарушение общественного порядка

A few baseball fans were arrested for Causing a disturbance after the game.

Cave in to (someone or something)

Уступать кому-либо \ чему-либо, отступать, сдаваться

My mother Caved in to my request for more pocket money.

Cave in

Уступать, отступать, сдаваться

My mother Caved in to my request for more pocket money.

Caveat emptor

Принцип торговли, заключающийся в том, что покупатель несет ответственность за проверку качества приобретаемого товара

Caveat emptor is a good conception to remember when you are buying secondhand goods.


Compact Disc – компакт-диск

I have recently bought a few CDS.


Chief Executive Officer – главный управляющий, главный исполнительный директор

Sam Willows is the CEO of a large telephone company.

Chalk (something) up to (something)

Приписывать что-либо чему-либо

“I believe I can Chalk my failure up to your betrayal.”

Chalk up (something)

Записывать что-либо, регистрировать

They Chalked up the results of the baseball game.

Champ at the bit

Быть готовым делать что-либо, быть в нетерпении, “грызть удила”

The sportsmen Were champing at the bit to begin the competition.

Champ/chomp at the bit

Быть в нетерпении (что-либо делать)

The children were Chomping at the bit to go to the Field Museum.

Chance (something)


Nora did not want To chance riding her bike on a mountainous road.

Chance upon (someone or something)

Найти, обнаружить кого-либо/ что-либо случайно

While looking through today’s newspaper, I Chanced upon a very odd article.

Change hands

Перейти из рук в руки

The small cafe Has changed hands many times since it was opened two years ago.

Change horses in midstream

Производить крупные перемены в неподходящий момент, “коней на переправе не меняют”

Jim has decided to change his coach before the match, but I told him he’d better not Change horses in midstream.

Change of heart

Изменение намерений, планов

The young mother had A change of heart; she made up her mind to take her child out for a walk.

Change of pace

Добавить разнообразия в жизни

There is no variety in my life; I’d like A change of pace.

Change of scenery

Перемена обстановки, смена декораций

I’d like to quit my job and move to another town because I want A change of scenery.

Change one’s tune

Сделать изменения в чем-либо (в рассказе, в утверждении, во мнении, в политике)

“Your story is not at all interesting. I want you To change your tune.”

Change (someone’s) mind


At first Lola agreed to join us but then Changed her mind.

Change the subject

Сменить тему разговора

Jack said he didn’t want to talk about his failure and asked me To change the subject.

Charley horse

Спазм, судорога

Collin often gets A charley horse after running too much.

Chase rainbows

Пытаться достичь недостижимого

“If you don’t stop Chasing rainbows, you won’t achieve anything.”



Ron is a regular Cheapskate; he hates spending money on books.

Cheat on (someone)

Обманывать, быть неверным кому-либо

Julia suspected that her husband Was cheating on her.


Осмотр (врачом)

Something was wrong with my eyes, so I went to the eye specialist to have A check-up.

Cheek by jowl

Вместе, бок о бок

The friends entered the auditorium Cheek by jowl.

Cheer (someone) on

Подбадривать кого-либо, болеть за кого-либо

“I say Mark, I am going to make a report at the scientific conference. Will you come To cheer me on?”

Cheer (someone) up

Развеселить кого-либо, развлечь

Ada was having hard times so I invited her to a concert To cheer her up.

Cheese (someone) off

Раздражать кого-либо, сердить

My brother Cheesed me off when he had taken my car without my permission.

Cheesed off

(быть) раздраженным, подавленным

Gilda was Cheesed off because she couldn’t afford to go on a sea voyage with us.

Chew out (someone)

Бранить, ругать кого-либо

The dean Is chewing out the students who have missed a lot of classes.

Chew (someone) out

Порицать, ругать кого-либо

The dean Is chewing out the students who have missed a lot of classes.

Chew the fat with (someone)

Болтать, чесать языком

The women sitting on a bench in the park Were chewing the fat.

Chew the fat

Болтать, чесать язык

The women sitting on a bench in the park Were chewing the fat.

Chew the fat/rag

Болтать, молоть языком

The women sitting on a bench in the park Were chewing the fat.

Chicken and egg situation

Ситуация, при которой не ясно, где причина, а где следствие

It was A chicken and egg situation; I didn’t quite understand what caused problems with the computer.

Chicken feed

Небольшая сумма денег

“What you are giving me is Chicken feed. I need a lot more money.”


Трусливый, малодушный

Mark is Chicken-livered; he is easily scared.

Chicken out of (doing something)

Струсить, не сделать что-либо из-за страха

Sarah Chickened out of skiing in the mountains.

Chickens come home to roost

Беда бедою отзовется (то плохое, что желаете другому, вернется к вам)

Margaret’s Chickens have come home to roost, and she has to take responsibility for what she has done.

Chilled to the bone

Промерзнуть до костей

As I wore a flimsy coat, I got Chilled to the bone.

Chime in

Вступать в разговор, поддакивать

“Why do you keep Chiming in? Hold your tongue!”

Chip in (money)

Вносить деньги, платить в складчину

My friends and I decided To chip in some money to buy a birthday present for Lucy.

Chip in

Вносить пай, делать денежный вклад

Before we went on a picnic, we Chipped in and bought food and drinks.

Chip off the old block

Характером весь в отца, сын своего отца

The young man was A chip off the old block; he looked and behaved exactly like his father.

Chips and dip

Чипсы с соусом

I asked my Mom to buy some Chips and dip for me.

Chips are down

Время больших трудностей, препятствий

If Chips are down, it means you are facing the greatest obstacles and difficulties.

Chisel (someone) out of (something)

Вымогать у кого-либо что-либо

A group of racketeers Was chiseling small businesses out of their money.

Choke (someone) up

С трудом подавлять волнение, слезы, “комок в горле”

While reading the story about the life of a little unhappy orphan, I began To choke up.

Choke (something) off

Заставить отказаться от чего-либо, пресечь

The police was able To choke off the flow of drugs into the country.


Central Intelligence Agency – Центральное разведывательное управление

The CIA, the USA Central Intelligence Agency, is a spy and security organization.

Circle the wagons

Занять круговую оборону

The Indians began To circle the wagons when they saw the approaching enemy.

Circulate the agenda

Раздать напечатанную информацию, которая будет обсуждаться или распространить повестку дня

They usually Circulated the agenda for a meeting a few days before the meeting.

Circumstantial evidence

Косвенные доказательства или улики

Jeremy thought he wouldn’t be convicted on the basis of Circumstantial evidence only.

Citizen’s arrest

Арест без ордера

The shopkeeper made a Citizen’s arrest of a shoplifter.

Civil action

(подать) гражданский иск

Ms. Brownbread took Civil action over her complaint about her neighbors’ trespassing.

Civil law

Гражданское право

Civil law deals with private matters but not with criminal cases.

Claim a life

Стоить кому-либо жизни

The fire in a hotel Claimed the life of twenty people.

Clam up


Evidently they were talking about me as they Clammed up When I appeared.

Clamp down on (someone or something)

Стать строгим по отношении к кому-либо/ чему-либо

The teacher Clamped down on those students who disrupted the class.

Class action lawsuit

Судебный процесс в интересах группы пострадавших людей

The miners decided to file A class action lawsuit against the owners of coal mines for damage to their health.

Clean bill of health

Документ о (хорошем) состоянии здоровья человека или животного

I took my dog to the vet clinic for a check up, and the vet gave the dog A clean bill of health.

Clean slate

Чистый лист (данные об отсутствии плохих поступков)

Tom decided to turn over a new leaf and start off with A clean slate.

Clean up one’s act

Улучшить свои показатели работы

Matt Holler will have To clean up his act if he wants to be promoted.

Clean up

Получить кучу денег

Joshua Cleaned up at the state lottery last month.

Clear a hurdle

Преодолеть препятствие

There were a lot of obstacles on his way to success, but Leo finally managed To clear the major hurdles.

Clear of (something)

Быть вдалеке от чего-либо, не соприкасаться с чем-либо

The campers checked that the campfire was Clear of cinders before leaving the camp.

Clear out (of somewhere)

Уходить, убираться от куда-либо

“Clear out! Or the police shall throw you out!”

Clear out (something)

Очищать, устранять что-либо

My Mom wanted me To clear out the mess on the balcony.

Clear sailing

Легкий, простой путь; “все идет как по маслу”

It will be Clear sailing if we finish our task and take a short rest.

Clear (someone’s) name

Доказать чью-либо невиновность

Molly Morgan had to go to court in order To clear her name of the false charges.

Clear the air

Уладить недоразумение, разрядить атмосферу

Due to misunderstanding they had a big argument, but now they decided to calm down and Clear the air.

Clear the decks

Расчистить место и готовиться к действиям

They realized that in order To clear the decks for the next advance it was necessary to unite.

Clear the table

Убирать (посуду) со стола

After dinner Mother Cleared the table and I washed up.

Clear up (something)

Разъяснить, выяснить что-либо

If there is any misunderstanding, we may be able To clear it up.


Событие, исход которого не известен до последнего момента

The elections were A cliffhanger because we didn’t know their outcome till the very end.

Climb the wall

Лезть на стену (от скуки)

“If I don’t find something useful to do, I’ll start Climbing the wall.”

Clip joint

Сомнительное предприятие (где обманывают людей)

“Don’t go to this Clip joint; you might be cheated there.”

Clip (someone’s) wings

Ограничивать или сдерживать кого-либо, “подрезать крылья”

The company decided To clip the manager’s Wings and took away his expense account.


Заговор, тайная война

They used to be good friends, but now they are caught up in A cloak-and-dagger drama.

Close a deal

Успешно завершить переговоры

Unfortunately they couldn’t Close the deal though they worked hard to achieve good results.

Close at hand

Имеющийся под рукой, близко

There were no shops Close at hand, and I had to go downtown to do the shopping.

Close call/shave

Почти неизбежная гибель, критический момент “на волосок от смерти”

Jess had A close shave last night when a car nearly ran her over.

Close in on (someone or something)

Окружить кого-либо/ что-либо

The enemy began To close in on Them.

Close one’s eyes to (something)

Игнорировать, закрыть глаза на что-либо

Samantha decided To close her eyes to her family problems.

Close out (something)

Ликвидировать что-либо, распродать все товары целиком

Because of the competition the owner had To close out the store and sell the remaining stock very cheap.

Close ranks

Сомкнуть ряды, объединиться

“We are facing hard times, so I appeal to you To close ranks.”

Close the books (on someone or something)

Положить конец, покончить с кем-либо/ чем-либо

I had To close the books on my desire to go to the North Pole.

Close the books

Прекратить принимать наряд-заказ

The company Closed the books at the end of the year.

Close to home

Быть близким, понятным (о личных переживаниях, желаниях, интересах)

The President’s words about the future plans struck Close to home and the people became very excited.

Close to (someone)

Любить кого-либо, быть близким с кем-либо

My parents were very Close to each other.

Close to the bone

(что-либо) что выводит из душевного равновесия, задевает за живое

The situation was both embarrassing and upsetting; it hit me Close to the bone.

Close up shop

Прекращать работу, закрыться

The beauty saloon had To close up shop when the rent was increased.

Closefisted (with money)

Скупой, жадный

My aunt Aurora is very Closefisted with money.

Close/near to (someone’s) heart

(принимать) близко к сердцу, отнестись к кому-либо с большим вниманием

Cora took her sister’s troubles Close to her heart.

Cloud up

Заволакивать облаками

The sky began To cloud up and in a minute it started to snow.

Clue (someone) in

Информировать кого-либо, дать понять кому-либо

The doctor decided To clue Mary in about the health of her mother.


Care Of – до востребования

Moira moved to another town; I don’t know her address so I sent a letter to her CO her parents.

Coast is clear

Отсутствие опасности, “берег чист”

“I’ll join you only if The coast is clear.”

Cock-and-bull story

Неправдоподобная история, небылица

The man gave the police A cock-and-bull story about how his car had been stolen.

Cock of the walk

Важная персона, хозяин положения (употребляется иронично)

John thinks that he is Cock of the walk and that everyone must do what he wants.


Cash On Delivery – оплата наличными при доставке

I have ordered a few textbooks and the salesperson says they will send them to me COD.

Coffee break

Небольшой перерыв на чашку кофе

There is A coffee break every morning at 11 o’clock in our office.

Cog in the machine

Винтик в механизме (небольшая и неважная часть большой организации)

John didn’t want to be A cog in the machine so he quit his job.

Cold comfort

Слабое утешение

The authorities offered money to the victims of the explosion, but it was Cold comfort to those who had lost their homes.

Cold fish

Бесчувственный человек “холодный как рыба”

Jack Brown turned out to be A cold fish; he didn’t care much about his parents.

Cold hard cash

Наличные (монеты, банкноты)

Mr. Ackroyd bought a new car and paid Cold hard cash for it.

Cold snap/spell

Внезапное похолодание

Nasty weather suddenly set in and the Cold spell lasted for a week.

Cold turkey

Резкое прекращение употребления наркотиков

Collin must have stopped using drugs Cold turkey because he looks very sick.

Collect one’s wits

Собраться с мыслями

I had To collect my wits after the strange story Jami told me.

Come a cropper

Потерпеть неудачу

Sam didn’t study hard during the semester, and he Came a cropper at the exams.

Come a long way

Многого добиться, сделать большие успехи

The young man Has come a long way and has learned many things about his new job.

Come about

Произойти, случиться

I have no idea how the thing Came about: it just happened that way.

Come across (someone or something)

(случайно) встретить кого-либо, случайно найти, обнаружить что-либо

She Came across this story in an old book.

Come again.

Скажите снова. Пожалуйста, повторите.

“Come again. I did not hear what you had said.”

Come alive

Оживиться, проявить активность

“What’s the matter with you? Come alive and start enjoying the game.”

Come along

Делать успехи, преуспевать

“How are the students in your class Coming along?”

Come and get it!

Обед готов. Садитесь есть.

I quickly laid the table for dinner. “Come and get it,” my mother called out from the dining-room.

Come around

(наконец) согласиться на что-либо; придти в сознание, проснуться

Lionel tried to persuade Minnie to marry him and finally she Came around.

Come as no surprise

Не быть сюрпризом

It Came as no surprise when the prices began to go up.

Come away empty-handed

Уйти не с чем (ничего не добиться)

I went shopping for clothes, but Came away empty-handed.

Come back (into fashion)

Снова войти в моду

Old dresses, as if from my Granny’s trunk, have recently Come back into fashion.

Come back to (someone)

Вспомниться (восстановить в памяти)

The old saying Came back to him: “Easy come, easy go.”

Come back with an offer

Вернуться к переговорам с новым предложением

They were able To come back with a new offer and close the deal.

Come back


I told my boyfriend to leave me alone and never Come back.

Come between (two people)

Встрять между (двумя людьми), разрушить отношения

Now she doesn’t remember who Came between her fiancee and her; but their engagement was broken.

Come by (something) honestly

Честно получить что-либо

Gordon Brown Came by a large inheritance honestly, but some of his friends didn’t believe him.

Come by (something)

Получать что-либо, наживать, добывать

The best things are hard To come by.

Come clean (with someone/about something)

Признаться в чем-либо, быть честным с кем-либо относительно чего-либо

I decided To come clean With my friend about using his computer without his permission.

Come clean

Признаваться, сказать правду

“I want you To come clean and tell me what really happened.”

Come down hard on (someone)

Жестоко наказывать кого-либо, бранить

He couldn’t believe that they would Come down hard on him. He hadn’t committed the crime they accused him of.

Come down in price

Снизить цену

They should Come down in price if they want to sell out all the summer clothes they have in their shop.

Come down in the world

Опуститься, потерять прежнее положение

Lindson used to be a great artist, but unfortunately he Came down in the world.

Come down to earth

Перестать мечтать, “спуститься на землю”

“Stop dreaming. Come down to earth. Get down to business.”

Come down to (something)

Касаться чего-либо, (речь идет о… )

Adam is a skilled architect, has always been, when it Comes down to work.

Come down with (something)

Заболеть чем-либо

Kelly must Be coming down with the flu; she is constantly sneezing and coughing.


Понижение (по службе), уменьшение доходов, влияния

Ronald’s recent status is A come-down; he used to be invited to big functions but is now ignored.

Come face to face with (someone or something)

Столкнуться лицом к лицу с кем-либо \ чем-либо

At the airport I suddenly Came face to face with a famous pop singer.

Come from far and wide

Прибыть из разных мест, отовсюду

The scientists Came from far and wide to take part in the conference.

Come from nowhere

Появиться ниоткуда, внезапно (без предупреждения)

The lorry Came from nowhere and splashed mud all over me.

Come from (somewhere)

Быть родом от куда-либо

“I Come from Russia and where do you Come from?”

Come full circle

Пойти на попятную (отказаться от прежних планов, точки зрения)

The local authorities Came full circle with their social policy.

Come hell or high water

Чтобы не случилось

“Come hell or high water I will stand by you!”

Come home to (someone)

Дойти до кого-то, стать очевидным

It suddenly Came home to me that he had left the town and I would never see him again.

Come in handy

Пригождаться, быть полезным или удобным

“I strongly advise you to buy this dictionary; it will Come in handy one day, I am sure.”

Come in low

Предложить низкую цену

Our product was not selling well, so we had To come in low.

Come into fashion

Войти в моду

Fleece jackets have recently Come into fashion.

Come into one’s own

Получать то, на что имеешь право

“We had family mansions and estates. Shall we ever Come into our own again?”

Come into (some money)

Получить наследство, вступать во владение

When her aunt died, Zena Came into some money and was able to buy a small house.

Come of age

Достичь совершеннолетия

In the U. K. young boys and girls Come of age at 21, and than they can have all legal rights.

Come off

Пройти успешно (о каком-либо мероприятии)

The elections Came off without a hitch.

Come on strong

Подавлять кого-либо; наседать на кого-либо

The boss Came on strong at me to finish the job on time.

Come on the scene

Появиться на месте действия

Television first Came on the scene In America in the fifties of the twentieth century.

Come out ahead

Добиться улучшения, выиграть

Their new house was expensive, but they Came out ahead as it is very comfortable.

Come out for (someone or something)

Объявить о своей поддержке кого-либо/ чего-либо

George was a little surprised that Jeremy Came out for his support.

Come out in the wash

Сработать, как надо; хорошо получиться

Everything Came out in the wash as the construction workers did their best to repair the bridge.

Come out of left field

(быть) совершенно неожиданным

Her decision to immigrate to Canada Came out of left field.

Come out of nowhere

Появиться неожиданно

A big truck Came out of nowhere and splashed mud on the passers-by.

Come out of one’s shell

Стать более общительным, дружелюбным “выйти из своей скорлупы”

Tim is very reserved; it’s necessary for him To come out of his shell and become more sociable.

Come out of the blue

Появиться неожиданно, “как гром среди ясного неба”

The news of Mrs. Peterson’s death Came out of the blue.

Come out of the closet

Раскрывать свои секреты

Everybody seems to have a secret of some sort, so I was not surprised when Tina Came out of the closet.

Come out with (something)

Сказать что-либо, выступить с заявлением

Ronald Came out with All the news we wanted.

Come over

Прийти (с визитом)

“Come over to my place and we can have a lot of fun.”

Come (someone’s) way

Подойти/ подъехать к кому-либо

An elderly gentleman Came my way and asked me to direct him to the shopping center.

Come through

Придти на помощь

“I am ready To come through if you need my help.”

Come to a bad end

Умереть, плохо закончиться

The tropic explorers Came to a bad end while working in Africa.

Come to a dead end

Зайти/ заехать в тупик

The mountain road was treacherous, but they went on driving until they Came to a dead end.

Come to a head

Созреть, достичь высшей точки

The problem Came to a head and we were forced to talk about the issue.

Come to a pretty pass

Довести до крайности, попасть в трудную ситуацию

The epidemic was spreading fast; things Came to a pretty pass and nobody knew what to do about it.

Come to a standstill

Остановиться, застопориться

The construction of the house Came to a standstill when the workers ran out of cement.

Come to an end

Закончиться, завершиться

The film Came to an end at last.

Come to blows

Дойти до драки, придти в столкновение

The two friends nearly Came to blows when they were trying to fix the computer.

Come to do/feel (something)

Узнать/ почувствовать что-либо

At first sight the girl was frivolous, but when I Came to know her better, I changed my opinion.

Come to grief

Плохо кончить, попасть в беду

“You won’t be satisfied till you’ve got what you want. If you must Come to grief, so be it.”

Come to grips with (something)

Вступить в борьбу с кем-либо, начать бороться

The city administration Came to grips with illegal sales of medication.

Come to life

Оживать, придти в себя, развеселиться

The party was extremely dull, and it was only towards the end of it that we Came to life.

Come to light

Обнаружиться, стать известным, “выйти на свет божий”

As they dug further, a few pieces of gold and silver.

Come to mind

Придти в голову, припомнить

I was trying to recollect the title of the book, but nothing Came to mind.

Come to nothing/naught

Окончиться ничем, свестись к нулю, не иметь никакого успеха

All his schemes Have come to nothing.

Come to one’s senses

Образумиться, взяться за ум, придти в себя

“I want you to stop fooling around and Come to your senses.”

Come to pass

Произойти, случиться, иметь место

Jill does not know what will Come to pass if she doesn’t deal with the problem promptly.

Come to terms with (someone or something)

Принять чьи-либо условия, договориться, прийти к соглашению

We Came to terms with them and struck a good bargain.

Come to terms

Придти к соглашению

The Chief Executive and the labor union Came to terms, and the strike was prevented.

Come to the fore

Выйти вперед, занять важное место или позицию

Peter Boy Came to the fore and made up his mind to take an important position in the firm.

Come to the point

Говорить по существу, переходить к делу

“I know something about your troubles, so don’t beat about the bush, Come to the point at once.”

Come to

Придти в себя (после операции, несчастного случая)

It was many hours before he Came to after being wounded.

Come true

Сбываться, осуществляться, претворяться в жизнь

“Happy birthday to you! May all your dreams Come true!”

Come unglued

Потерять контроль, очень расстроиться

The owner of a small store Came unglued when he learned that his store had burned down.

Come up in a discussion

Стать предметом дискуссии

The issue of extra office hours suddenly Came up in a discussion during the meeting.

Come up in the world

Выйти в люди, преуспеть, делать карьеру “идти в гору”

He is an extremely clear-headed and cautious young man; he is destined To come up in the world.

Come up smelling like roses

Оправиться (после неудач, трудных времен)

Linda had a lot of problems, but when I met her yesterday, she Came up smelling like roses.

Come up with (something)

Найти ответ, придумать что-либо

Joe tried To come up with something interesting to do.

Come up

Случиться, внезапно произойти

“I know that you are worried about your parents. I’ll let you know if something Comes up.”

Come what may

Будь, что будет; что бы ни случилось

Come what may I am resolute to conquer the highest peak of the mountain.

Come with the territory

Ожидаемое положение дел “иначе и быть не может”

The fact that she has to work late at night Comes with the territory with her job as a newscaster.

Come/go away empty-handed

Придти \ уйти с пустыми руками

I wanted to buy an English-English dictionary but Went away empty – handed.

Come/turn up trumps

Оказаться более удачным, чем предполагалось

Wanda’s marriage Turned up trumps which was a big surprise to her friends and family.

Commercial law

Торговое право

After I graduate the university I would like to practice in Commercial law.

Commit (something) to memory

Запомнить что-либо

The names were difficult and I tried hard To commit them to memory.

Common ground

Общие интересы

The negotiations did not go well because there was no Common ground between the negotiators.

Common law

Общее право, неписаный закон

Common law is mostly based on custom and court decisions of the past.

Common property

Общая собственность (жителей)

Parks in London are Common property and anyone can use them.

Common touch

Дружелюбный подход ко всем, дружеская манера обращения

If you have A common touch, everybody will like you.

Community property

Общее имущество супругов

My husband and I decided to give some of our Community property to our children.

Company man

Преданный компании работник

Mr. Right is A company man, and he usually puts in an extra effort for his company.

Company town

Город, в котором преобладает один вид промышленности или одна компания

Tampa used to be A company town; now it has a lot of industries.

Comparative negligence

Неосторожность, халатность обеих сторон, преступная оплошность

The traffic police determined that it was a case of Comparative negligence for both the drivers and they both were responsible for the damage of their cars.

Compare apples and oranges

Сравнивать несравнимое

“Don’t compare our old house to the new one; it’s like Comparing apples and oranges.”

Con (someone) out of (something)

Выманить у кого-либо деньги или что-либо ценное

The gipsy outside the station tried To con me out of Some money.

Conclusive evidence

Неопровержимые доказательства

The criminal was convicted due to the Conclusive evidence of one of the witnesses.

Conditional sale

Продажа с соблюдением определенных условий

The sale of the estate was A conditional sale, and I couldn’t occupy the house before the deal was complete.

Confide in (someone)

Поверять секреты, сообщить по секрету кому-либо

“Don’t ever Confide in Alice; she is not capable of keeping secrets.”

Conk out

Вырубиться (очень быстро заснуть)

I got so tired that when I came home, I Conked out on the sofa in front of the TV.

Consecutive sentences

Приговор по нескольким статьям

The criminal was given three Consecutive sentences for assault, burglary and rape.

Conspicuous by one’s absence

Блистать своим отсутствием (сделать отсутствие замеченным)

The girl was Conspicuous by her absence and everyone wondered where she was.

Contemplate one’s navel

Думать о своих проблемах

“If I were you, I would stop Contemplating my navel and do something to improve the situation.

Contempt of court

Неповиновение решению суда, неуважение к суду

Paul was held in Contempt of court because he disobeyed the orders of the court.

Continue down to the wire

Продолжать, тянуть до последнего

Though the negotiations Continued down to the wire they didn’t end successfully.

Contradiction in terms

Заявление, содержащее противоречие, расхождение

I don’t believe your statement; it has A contradiction in terms.

Contrary to (something)

Не смотря на что-либо

Contrary to what he promised he had no desire to interfere.

Control (someone) with an iron fist

Строго контролировать кого-либо

The teacher Controlled the students with an iron fist.

Control the purse strings

Контролировать расход денег (в семье)

My mother-in-law didn’t earn money, but she Controlled the purse strings in the family.

Cook one’s goose

Навредить самому себе, погубить себя

Pat Cooked her goose and now she has no opportunity of getting good education.

Cook (someone’s) goose

Подпортить, погубить свою репутацию

Pat Cooked her goose, and now she has no opportunity of getting good education.

Cook (something) to perfection

Прекрасно приготовить что-либо

I like going to that restaurant; the food Is always Cooked to perfection there.

Cook (something) up

Замышлять что-либо, придумать, планировать

Marion was sure her brother Was cooking something up concerning her future.

Cook the books

Составлять поддельный счет, жульничать в расчетах

They fired the accountant because he Was cooking the books.

Cool as a cucumber

Хладнокровный, выдержанный человек

John is never worried or anxious; he is always As cool as a cucumber.

Cool off/down

Остыть, остудить гнев

Aspen finally Cooled down and said he was sorry because of his outburst.

Cool one’s heels

Быть вынужденным ждать кого-либо из начальства

Ann had To cool her heels for half an hour in the office before her boss would see her.

Cop a plea

Сделать чистосердечное признание

Dorothy Brown decided To cop a plea in order to get a lesser penalty.

Cop out

Увиливать от запланированной работы

Julia Copped out from our intention to read for the exams together.


Ученик, списывающий работу у другого; подражатель

Alfred is only A copycat; he hasn’t created anything of real value.

Cost a pretty penny

Стоить много денег, “влететь в копеечку”

Last year we did up all the rooms in the house and it Cost Us a pretty penny.

Cost an arm and a leg

Стоить много денег

Though our new house Cost an arm and a leg it is worth every cent; it is big and comfortable.

Couch doctor


“You’ve been awfully worried lately; I advise you to see A couch doctor.”

Couch potato

Кто-либо проводящий все время на диване и смотрящий телевизор

Judging from statistics, we might conclude that many people seem to enjoy being Couch potatoes.

Cough (something) up

Добыть, наскрести что-либо

Jan could hardly Cough up some money for a single ticket to New-York.

Cough up

Отдать что-либо неохотно

Sarah was unwilling to give back the money she had borrowed, but she was forced To cough it up.

Could do with (someone or something)

Нуждаться в ком-либо/ в чем-либо

“I am too tired I Could do with a little sleep.”

Count heads

Считать людей “считать по головам”

“I’ll have To count heads before I take the children out for a walk.”

Count noses

Считать людей “считать по головам”

“I’ll have To count noses before I take the children out for a walk.”

Count on (someone or something)

Рассчитывать на кого-либо/ что-либо

“If you need help, you can Count on me.”

Count one’s chickens before they’re hatched

Делать преждевременные выводы, “цыплят по осени считают”

“You’d better not Count your chickens before they’re hatched. After all you haven’t got that job yet.”

Count (someone) in

Включать кого-либо в (мероприятие, поездку)

“We are going to a picnic tomorrow. Shall I Count you in?”

Count (someone) out

Не считать кого-либо, исключить

“I don’t want to participate in this fraud, so Count me out.”

Course of action

Ход дела, порядок, направление

The three men decided on their Course of action before they set out on a boat trip.

Cover a lot of ground

Охватить много учебного материала

The students Covered a lot of ground in their Geography class at college.

Cover all of one’s bases

Тщательно подготовиться

Kevin Roberts Covered all of his bases before running for Governor.

Cover for (someone)

Прикрывать чье-либо отсутствие (промах, опоздание)

“I often Covered for you when you were away from work. Why don’t you want to help me?”

Cover ground

Поговорить, (многое) обсудить,

The committee was in session for two hours and was able To cover much ground.

Cover one’s back

Оградить себя от грядущих неприятностей

Unfortunately Mr. Quirk was not able To cover his back when dealing with the racketeers.

Cover one’s tracks

Скрывать свои действия, “заметать следы”

“Don’t try To cover your tracks. I know where you’ve been.”

Cover up (something)

Спрятать что-либо, скрыть что-либо плохое

He tried To cover up the information about his shady past.

Cow college

Сельскохозяйственный колледж

My mother wants me to go to A cow college, but I’d rather enter a medical school.

Cozy up to (someone)

Подлизываться к кому-либо

“Don’t To cozy up to me. I won’t do your share of the work.”


Certified Public Accountant – дипломированный бухгалтер

Jenny Brown in the accounting department is studying for her CPA exams now.

Crack a book

Открывать книгу (для занятий, уроков)

Jim Should have Cracked a book long before the end of term.

Crack a joke

Рассказывать шутку

“I know a lot of jokes. Would you like me to Crack one?”

Crack a smile

Расплыться в улыбке

On seeing me Joshua Cracked a smile.

Crack down on (someone or something)

Принудить кого-либо строго исполнять правила или закон

There was an increase in accidents on the road and the police decided To crack down on speeding cars.

Crack of dawn

Рассвет, ранее утро

They left the town at The crack of dawn.

Crack the whip

Заставить усердно работать с помощью угроз “погонять палкой”

We were going To crack the whip so that to get the job finished in time.”

Crack up

Разразиться смехом, рассмеяться

The film was so hilarious that I couldn’t help Cracking up.


Чудак, эксцентричный человек

Alva is a real Crackpot; his ideas do not make sense to anybody.

Cramp one’s style

Ограничивать (разговор), сковывать (действие)

Ann’s mother doesn’t allow her to talk much on the phone and it Cramps her style.

Crank out a paper

Писать что-либо механически, не думая

At the university I used to Crank out a paper to be able to pass exams.

Crank (something) out

Сделать что-либо

David was able To crank out a few essays before the end of the year.

Crash and burn

Провалиться с треском

In spite of various special effects the performance Crashed and burned.

Crash the gate

Являться без приглашения (без билета), быть незваным гостем

The people who didn’t want to pay for the ticket decided To crash the gate.

Crazy about (someone)

Быть без ума от кого-либо/ чего-либо

Cora’s boyfriend said he was Crazy about her.

Cream of the crop

Самые лучшие, сливки общества

“Stop looking for The cream of the crop; it’s not always possible to get the best.”

Cream puff

Неприспособленный к жизни человек

Jeremy is a regular Cream puff and he is easily influenced by other people.

Create a stink

Поднимать шум, устраивать скандал

“Don’t take your father’s car without his permission; he will Create a stink when he learns about it.”

Create an uproar

Устраивать беспорядки, поднять шум

The judge Created an uproar when he demanded that those present should leave the court room.

Creature comforts

Все для удобства, комфорта

We liked the hotel because we had all possible Creature comforts during our stay.

Credit to (someone or something)

Быть честью и славой для кого-либо или чего-либо

The Math teacher was A credit to the school where he worked.

Creep up on (someone or something)

Подкрадываться к кому-либо/ чему-либо

“How you startled me! Why did you Creep up on me?”


Сильное чувство страха или отвращения

I know some people eat frog, but the very sight of it Gives me the creeps.

Crick in one’s back/neck

Болезненный спазм шеи или спины

Evidently I caught a cold for I woke up this morning with a terrible Crick in my back.

Criminal law

Уголовное право

Professor Dobbin has been lecturing on Criminal law for quite some time.

Crocodile tears

Ненатуральное горе “крокодиловы слезы”

William shed Crocodile tears, but nobody believed him.

Crop up

Внезапно возникнуть, появиться

“I will give you a call if something important Crops up.”

Cross a bridge before one comes to it

Заранее волноваться, беспокоиться о будущих событиях

Jill worries about future problems before they happen. She always Crosses a bridge before she comes to it.”

Cross-examine (someone)

Подвергать перекрестному допросу

The lawyer Cross-examined the principal witnesses for the prosecution Janet Mackenzi, maid to the dead woman.

Cross one’s fingers

Скрещивать пальцы в надежде на везение

Jenny Crossed her fingers that she would get a promotion.

Cross one’s heart and hope to die

Клясться, что это правда, “не сойти мне с этого места”

“I can swear that everything I say is true. I can Cross my heart and hope to die.”

Cross out (something)

Вычеркнуть что-либо

Somebody Crossed out Jenny’s name from the list of the day-trippers.

Cross (someone’s) mind

Подумать, придти на ум

It Crossed his mind that he would never see Mary again.

Cross (someone’s) palm with silver

Заплатить деньги кому-либо за услугу, “посеребрить ручку”

I Crossed the taxi driver’s palm with silver to take me to the airport as soon as possible.

Cross swords with (someone)

Спорить с кем-либо, “скрестить шпаги”

Clair didn’t want To cross swords with her best friend again.

Cross the Rubicon

Сделать шаг, после которого нельзя ничего изменить “перейти Рубикон”

If you Have crossed the Rubicon, it means you can’t but agree to support their policy.

Crunch numbers

Делать математические расчеты

I hate To crunch numbers and my father usually does all mathematical calculations.

Crux of the matter

Суть дела

The crux of the matter was that they could no longer be safe in that town.

Cry bloody murder

Громко звать на помощь “орать, как потерпевший”

“What has happened to you? Why are you Crying bloody murder?”

Cry one’s eyes out

Плакать, глаза выплакать

The little girl Cried her eyes out when she lost her favorite doll.

Cry out for (someone or something)

Очень нуждаться в ком-либо/ чем-либо

The old house Cries out for a new roof.

Cry over spilt milk

Жаловаться на то, что уже произошло “плакать над пролитым молоком”

What’s done cannot be undone, so it’s no use Crying over spilt milk.

Cry uncle

Просить пощады, признавать поражение

Sam lost a game of chest and had To cry uncle.

Cry wolf

Поднять ложную тревогу

David needn’t Have cried wolf; there was no real danger of fire in the house.

Crying need for (someone or something)

Отчаянно нуждаться в ком-либо/ чем-либо

There was A crying need for skilled workers an the local chemical plant.

Crying shame

Очень неблагоприятное положение, ситуация

It is A crying shame that the lecture on Modern Art has been cancelled.

Cry/shed crocodile tears

Лить крокодиловы слезы

When William complained about his problems, he Shed crocodile tears, but nobody believed him.

Cue (someone) in

Информировать кого-либо о том, что происходит

I don’t know what is going on, so I would like someone to cue me in On what is happening.

Curdle (someone’s) blood

Испугать кого-либо, заставить оцепенеть от страха

The sight of the dead body Curdled my blood.

Curiosity killed the cat

Любопытство убило кошку (говорят о любопытном человеке)

“Curiosity killed the cat,” Leila’s mother said, when she saw Leila hunting around in closets just before Christmas.

Curl (someone’s) hair

Шокировать или пугать кого-либо

Some of the scenes in the horror movie were so frightening that they Curled my hair.

Curl up and die

Лечь и умереть (выражение отчаяния, разочарования)

I wanted To curl up and die when I heard about my old boyfriend marriage.

Curry favor with (someone)

Заискивать, подлизываться к кому-либо

“Don’t think I Curry favor with you; I really appreciate what you do for us.”

Cut a deal

Договориться, устроить сделку

We had To cut a deal with the contractor before the construction workers started to add on another room in our house.

Cut a fine figure

Нарядиться и хорошо выглядеть

Alec Cut a fine figure when he went to the job interview last week.

Cut a wide swath

Привлекать много внимания

This actress Cut a wide swath at once when she appeared on the screen for the first time.

Cut above (someone or something)

Немного лучше, чем кто-либо/ что-либо

The new manager is A cut above the previous one.

Cut across

Идти напрямую

When I Was cutting across the field, an angry bull came running to me.

Cut and dried

Заранее подготовленный, в законченном виде

My boss wanted me to show him the project which was Cut and dried.

Cut and run

Убегать, удирать

The thief Cut and ran when he saw a police car approaching him.

Cut back on (something)

Уменьшить количество чего-либо, сократить

They had To cut back on the amount of money for medication.

Cut back

Урезать, использовать меньше

I have To cut back on petrol because it has become very expensive.

Cut both ways

Поддерживать обе стороны в споре “и нашим, и вашим”

I don’t think much of your argument as it Cuts both ways.

Cut both/two ways

Поддерживать обе стороны в споре, “и нашим, и вашим”

I don’t think much of your argument as it Cuts both ways.

Cut class

Пропускать занятия

There is no excuse for the students’ Cutting class.

Cut corners


The parents had To cut corners when their son began to attend a medical school.

Cut down on something

Уменьшать количество чего-либо, экономить на чем-либо

I am short of money so I have To cut down on beer.

Cut from the same cloth

Люди одного склада, “одного поля ягода”

My friend and I have a lot of similarities as if we were Cut from the same cloth.

Cut no ice with (someone)

Не иметь никакого влияния на кого-либо

I am sorry I can’t influence your brother; I Cut no ice with him.

Cut off one’s nose to spite one’s face

Причинить вред себе, желая досадить другому

If David refused to make any advantageous deals, he would be Cutting off his nose to spite his face.

Cut off (someone or something)

Прервать кого-либо \ что-либо

Their conversation was Cut off by a knock on the door.

Cut one’s eyeteeth on (something)

Начать что-либо делать еще в раннем детстве

Selma Cut her eyeteeth on acting and now she is a great actress.

Cut one’s losses

Снизить, уменьшить потери

To cut their losses they should sell the old machinery as soon as possible.

Cut one’s (own) throat

Сделать что-либо во вред себе, перерезать себе горло

“If you quit your job, you’ll Cut your own throat.”

Cut out for (something)

Иметь призвание к чему-либо, подходить для чего-либо

I believe Sharon has a way with children; she is Cut out for being a teacher.

Cut out (something)

Перестать делать что-либо, устранять

My friend was teasing me and I asked her To cut it out.

Cut out the deadwood

Избавляться от бесполезных, непроизводительных работников

There are a lot of uncreative people in the firm. I think it’s necessary To cut out the deadwood.


Сниженная цена

Kevin’s brother bought a Cut-rate computer at the second-hand store.

Cut (someone) a check

Выписать кому-либо чек

They Cut The plumber A check for the work that he had done.

Cut (someone) down to size

Доказать чью-либо несостоятельность

My boss tried To cut me down to size when he showed to me a few mistakes in my project.

Cut (someone) in

Делиться с кем-либо

My friend Cut me in on the profits from selling new TV sets.

Cut (someone) off without a penny

Оставить кого-либо без копейки, лишать наследства

Martha was determined to file for a divorce, but her husband threatened To cut her off without a penny.

Cut (someone) off

Прервать кого-либо, обрывать разговор

Ben tried to tell his mother about the accident, but she Cut him off before he had any opportunity.

Cut (someone) to the quick

Задеть за живое, сильно обидеть кого-либо

Emma Was cut to the quick when her friend betrayed her.

Cut the mustard

Подходить во всех отношениях, соответствовать своему назначению

William found the proposition that exactly Cut the mustard.

Cut to the chase

Добраться до сути дела

I need the information badly so that I can cut to the chase.

Cut/pare (something) to the bone

Урезать что-либо до минимума

The president said it was necessary To cut all the expenses to the bone if they wanted to save the company.

Cut/slit one’s (own) throat

Самому себе доставить неприятности, перерезать себе горло

“If you don’t pay mortgage on the house in time, you’ll Cut your own throat.”

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