Английские идиомы на букву D

Daily grind

Кропотливый ежедневный труд

It was the Daily grind of working in the mine that was wearing him out.

Dance to a different tune

Изменить свое поведение или отношение

“When you learn the truth, you’ll Be dancing to a different tune.”

Dance with death


The mountaineer Was dancing with death when he tried to conquer the highest peak in the world.

Dangerous offender

Опасный преступник

Jack Pitt was proclaimed to be A dangerous offender and was given a life sentence.

Dare (someone) to do (something)

Подзадоривать кого-либо сделать что-либо

“I Dare you to jump the stream!”

Dark horse

Малоизвестный кандидат

It happens so that A dark horse candidate may get elected senator.

Darken (someone’s) door

Навещать кого-либо, приходить куда-либо

Miss Davidson was prudent; she never Darkened the door of any shady emporium.

Dash off (something)

Быстро набросать

I must Dash off a few letters before I go out.

Dash off

Ринуться, быстро уйти

The students Dashed off as soon as the lesson was over.

Date back to (a previous time)

Восходить относиться (к какому-либо времени)

The document Dated back to the fifties of the eighteenth century.

Date someone

Встречаться с кем-либо, ходить на свидания

Jenny discovered that her boy friend Was dating some other females, and she was shocked.

Davy Jone’s locker

Могила на дне моря (Davy Jone – злой дух моря)

This ship is going to be lost at sea; it will go to Davy Jone’s locker.

Dawn on (someone)

Приходить в голову, доходить до сознания

It suddenly Dawned on me that I had forgotten to tell them about my schedule for the next week.

Day after day

Каждый день, день за днем

Day after day Sally has to do the same work.

Day and night

Все время, день и ночь

The woman

was thinking about her missing child Day and night.

Day in and day out


Mrs. Naugh is fond of growing roses, and she works in her little garden Day in and day out.



The woman didn’t have to work on The day-to-day basis.

Daylight robbery

Грабеж среди бела дня

The amount of money I have to pay for my apartment is Daylight robbery.

Days running

Несколько дней подряд

The circus came to the town and they gave performances for ten Days running.

Dead ahead

Прямо перед чем-либо, впереди

There was a large stone Dead ahead on the path so I had to stop abruptly.

Dead as a doornail

Бездыханный, без признаков жизни

She was As dead as a doornail, poor girl, and as cold as a church.

Dead center

Прямо посредине

The man was a good shot and he easily hit the target Dead center.

Dead duck

Конченный (человек ) или вышедшая из употребления вещь

My television set is very old; it is in a hopeless situation, in fact it’s A dead duck.

Dead end

Тупик, безвыходное положение

The negotiations between the ruling party and the opposition came to A dead end.

Dead from the neck up

Глуп, как пробка

Miss Rivers is a blonde and is supposed to be Dead from the neck up.

Dead in one’s/its tracks

Остановиться прямо перед кем-либо/ чем-либо, встать на пути

On seeing a dead animal on the path near his house Robert stopped Dead in his tracks.

Dead letter

Корреспонденция без адреса

There is no address on the letter that’s why I can’t return it; it’s A dead letter.

Dead loss

Чистый убыток, полная потеря

The money that Jeffrey had invested into a Canadian company was A dead loss.

Dead on one’s feet

Быть очень усталым (целый день на ногах)

Nora was Dead on her feet after cleaning the house all day.

Dead set against (something)

Быть решительно настроенным против чего-либо

Mary-Ann was Dead set against Julia’s rooming with her.

Dead tired

Смертельно устать, валиться с ног

After a day on the beach I was Dead tired as if I had been working in the mine all day.

Dead to the world

Крепко спать

When I came home at about eleven p. m., my husband was aleady in bed, Dead to the world.

Dead wrong

Быть совершенно не правым

I confess I was Dead wrong in my opinion about your novel; it’s quite fascinating.


Человек, уклоняющийся от уплаты долгов

My neighbor Rick Brown is a regular Deadbeat; he never pays his debts.


Невыразительное лицо (лицо как маска)

My mother always has a Deadpan expression when she scolds me.

Deaf and dumb


The little girl was born Deaf and dumb.

Deal in (something)

Заниматься торговлей, перепродавать что-либо

My uncle Had been dealing in furniture for many years before he retired.

Deal someone in

Включить кого-либо (в команду, в группу и т. д.)

Tim intended To deal his friend in his printing business, but Tom rejected Tim’s proposal.

Decide in favor of (someone or something)

Решить в пользу кого-либо/ чего-либо

In the competition the referee Decided In favor of our team.

Decide in favor of (someone)

Решить в пользу кого-либо, признать кого-либо невиновным

The jury needed little time To decide in favor of the prisoner, a young man named Leonard Vole who was charged with the murder of a wealthy elderly lady.

Decked out in (something)

Быть нарядно одетым

At the award ceremony all the women Were decked out in Beautiful dresses.

Decked out

Вырядиться, “расфуфыриться”

“I see you are Decked out in your Sunday best for Derek’s birthday party.”

Deem it to be necessary

Считать необходимым

The boss Deemed it to be necessary to sign all of the documents immediately.

Deep-six (someone or something)

Выбросить что-либо, избавиться от кого-либо \ чего-либо

I am going To deep-six all my exercise books at the end of the school year.

Deep-six (something)

Выбросить что-либо, избавиться от чего-либо

I am going To deep-six all my old exercise books at the end of the school year.

Deep water

Серьезная неприятность, затруднительное положение

“You will be In deep water if you don’t tell me the truth.”

Defeat a motion

Отклонить предложение (на собрании)

The chairman Defeated the motion to postpone the conference till next week.

Deliver the goods

Удачно провернуть дело

I don’t think Alan is very successful in his career; he is never able To deliver the goods.

Desert a sinking ship

Покинуть тонущий корабль

The company is about to go bankrupt that’s why the employees Are deserting the sinking ship.

Devil-may-care attitude

Беззаботное, “наплевательское” отношение

The man had A devil-may-care attitude to his parental duties.

Devil of a job

Очень трудно, “чертовски трудно”

That business plan I am working at is A devil of a job.

Diamond in the rough

Кто-либо хороший или что-либо хорошее в плохом обличьи

The best example of A diamond in the rough is Cinderella.

Die down

Ослабевать, замирать, утихать

The fire in the fireplace Was dying down.

Die in one’s boots

Умереть на своем посту, умереть сражаясь

The soldiers of the Second World War Died in their boots fighting the enemy.

Die is cast

Ничего нельзя изменить, выбор сделан, “жребий брошен”

The die is cast, and now that they have got their visas they are to leave the country as soon as possible.

Die laughing

Громко и весело смеяться

The film was so funny that we almost Died laughing.

Die of a broken heart

Умереть от разбитого сердца (причинять страдание)

Jenny’s boyfriend walked out on her and she thought she would Die of a broken heart.

Die off

Умирать один за другим, отмирать

The roses in our garden began To die off.

Die out


Nobody knows for sure why dinosaurs Died out.

Die with one’s boots on

Умереть преждевременно или умереть на работе

Mr. Google had been working hard all his life and Died with his boots on From a heart attack.

Difficult to stomach (someone or something)

Трудно согласиться с кем-либо \ чем-либо, принять, переварить

It is Difficult to stomach complaints some people make about their work conditions.

Dig in one’s heels

Отказываться изменить курс действия или свое мнение

The electrical company disrupted the negotiations and Dug in their heels Against any improvements.

Dig in

Начать есть

“Let’s Dig in and eat our dinner before the meat gets cold!”

Dig one’s own grave

Рыть себе могилу, погубить себя

“I don’t want any problems. I am not going To dig my own grave, so leave me alone.”

Dig some dirt up on (someone)

Найти что-либо плохое о ком-либо, “нарыть компромат”

“However hard you try, you Won’t dig any dirt up on me.”

Dig (someone or something) up

Разыскать, выкопать, “откопать”

“It is important that we should find his shelter, Dug him up, so to say.”

Dig someone

Нравиться кому-либо

I don’t Dig Mark; he is boastful and silly.

Dig (something) out

Обнаруживать местонахождение чего-либо

While cleaning the storeroom, I Dug out a few useful things.

Dime a dozen

Небольшая ценность чего-либо, “грош цена”

Tim bought a few used magazines; they were A dime a dozen.

Dine out

Обедать в ресторане

I didn’t cook dinner because we Are dining out tonight.

Dip into (something)

Брать (черпать) из запасов

Stella often Dips into her own savings to get enough money to buy this or that.

Dip one’s toe in the water

Начать делать что-либо и посмотреть, что из этого получится

Jim decided to do some volunteer work at the animal shelter To dip his toe in the water of working in the veterinarian field.

Dirt cheap

Очень дешево

The jeans Jim bought were Dirt cheap and looked accordingly.

Dirty look

Неприязненный взгляд

I didn’t understand the meaning of the Dirty look he had given me.

Dirty one’s hands

Замарать свое имя постыдным поступком

Mr. Copperfield Dirtied his hands when he became involved in a car fraud.

Dirty work

Неприятная, неинтересная работа

“I refuse to convince him. I’d rather leave The dirty work to you.”

Dish out (criticism)

Резко критиковать кого-либо

I think my Dad treats me roughly; he Dishes out Criticism on me whenever he can.

Dish out (food)

Раскладывать еду, раздавать пищу

This sort of porridge is Dished out here every day.

Dismiss/reject (something) out of hand

Отклонять; отметать что-либо, не задумываясь

The supervisor Dismissed the employees’ requests for a salary rise out of hand.

Disorderly conduct

Нарушение общественного порядка

The young man was charged with Disorderly conduct in a public place.

Disturbing the peace

Нарушение спокойствия

Two college students were arrested for Disturbing the peace when they got into a fight on the campus.

Dive right into something

Моментально включиться во что-либо

It was decided to have a homecoming party and the students Dived right into arranging it.

Divide and conquer

Расколоть (группу, фракцию) и взять верх

The football coach was trying To divide and conquer our team, but nothing came out of it.

Divide (something) fifty-fifty

Разделить что-либо пополам

Nancy bought a nice cake and Divided it fifty-fifty Between the two of us.


Do-It-Yourself – магазин типа “Делай сам”

We are planning to repair our country house this summer, so my father went to a DIY store to buy the necessary materials.


Disc Jockey – диск жокей

I have made up my mind to work as a DJ for a few months.


Deoxyribonucleic Acid – дезоксирибонуклеиновая кислота, ДНК

DNA varies from one individual to another.

Do a double take

Обернуться и посмотреть с удивлением

My friend wore such an odd attire that it made me Do a double take.

Do a job on (someone or something)

Навредить кому-либо, испортить что-либо

“If you are not careful, you can Do a job on that valuable item of furniture.”

Do a land-office business

Делать много работы за короткое время

“I see you Are doing a land-office business, looking through all those files.

Do a number on (someone or something)

Повредить что-либо, обидеть кого-либо

“I am sorry; I didn’t mean To do a number on you.”

Do a snow job on (someone)

Обмануть, запутать, “запудрить мозги”

I saw that the salesperson Was doing a snow job on me that’s why I didn’t buy a DVD player.

Do an about-face

Внезапно изменить решение или точку зрения

Kelly Does an about-face on her decisions so often that it is impossible to trust her.

Do away with (something)

Покончить с чем-либо, разделаться

Most of the deadly diseases Were done away with long ago.

Do credit to (someone)

Прибавить чести кому-либо

My aunt’s hard work and patience Did credit to her reputation as a good nurse.

Do in (someone)

Переутомлять кого-либо

When I finished cleaning the attic, I Was all Done in

Do in (something)

Испортить, уничтожить, убить

My little brother Did in his new toys which he had gotten for his birthday.

Do justice to (something)

Оценить что-либо по достоинству

This portrait doesn’t Do you justice.

Do not have a leg to stand on

Не иметь поддержки, оправдания

Robert Did not Have a leg to stand on in the defense of his behavior.

Do one’s best

Очень стараться, делать все возможное

“I will try To do my best to help you.”

Do one’s bit/part

Делать свою часть (работы), вносить свою лепту

My friend is a volunteer and she Does her bit at the animal shelter.

Do one’s duty

Исполнять свой долг

The guard at the shop Was Doing his duty when he saw one of the customers steeling clothes.

Do one’s thing

Делать то, что нравиться

His sister enjoys Doing her thing whenever she can afford the time.

Do or die

Делать усилие, совершать подвиг

It is Do or die for me if I start my own small business.

Do (someone) good

Пойти на пользу

Fresh air and a lot of physical exercise will Do everybody Good.

Do (someone) one better

Делать лучше, чем кто-либо, превосходить кого-либо

At the exam Marion Did Emily one better and got better scores than her friend.

Do (someone) out of (something)

Обмануть кого-либо, выманить что-либо у кого-либо

Linda was worried lest the company should Do her out of her share of profits.

Do (someone’s) bidding

Выполнить чье-либо требование, распоряжение

The manager wasn’t able to get the members of the staff To do his bidding.

Do (someone’s) heart good

Идти на пользу или радовать чье-либо сердце

It Does my Granny’s heart good to see her grandchildren play happily.

Do (something) by hand

Делать что-либо вручную

In the past almost all household jobs Were done by hand.

Do something by the book

Следовать правилам

“If you want to win the case, you should Do everything by the book.”

Do (something) in a heartbeat

Делать что-либо немедленно, тот час же

Alan would Quit his present job in a heartbeat if he could find a better one.

Do something rash

Совершить необдуманный, безрассудный поступок

I know Alec is going to change his job, but I don’t want him To do anything Rash.

Do the dishes

Мыть посуду

The only thing I hate doing about the house is Washing the dishes.

Do the honors

Выполнять обязанности хозяина, принимающего гостей

My host asked me if I would like To do the honors and pour everybody a drink.

Do the trick

Достичь цели, добиться своего

They installed some new equipment, hoping that it Would do the trick and solve their problem.

Do time

Сидеть в тюрьме, “мотать срок”

Harry Jones has committed a crime and now he Is doing time.

Do with (someone or something)

Иметь дело с кем-либо/чем-либо; ладить с кем-либо

He could never Do with a talking wife; he must have quiet at home.

Do with (something)

Довольствоваться чем-либо, обойтись чем-либо

“I am not very hungry; I could Do with a piece of cold meat for dinner.”

Do without (something)

Обходиться без чего-либо

I didn’t save enough money, so I will have To do without holiday this year.

Do wonders

Творить чудеса

Sandra began taking this medicine for her heart ailment and it Did wonders.

Dog and pony show

Представление лишь для того, чтобы произвести впечатление (как в цирке)

I asked a few questions about the project, but all I got was A dog and pony show.


Человек человеку – волк, волчьи законы

In Alaska during the gold rush gold-miners had a Dog-eat-dog life.

Dog in the manger

Собака на сене (о человеке, не желающим делать что-либо и мешающим другим)

Agatha lived alone in that big house, but she didn’t let her relatives share it with her; she was like A dog in the manger.

Doll (oneself) up

Разодеться, вырядиться

Dora was all Dolled up for Mark’s birthday party.

Dollar for dollar

Принимая во внимание стоимость

Dollar for dollar, going to the Swiss Alps for a holiday is a good deal.

Done for

Быть совершенно непригодным, разрушенным, загубленным

“Don’t you think that our old cottage Is done for?”

Done in

Сильно устать

After a long walk in the forest we were all Done in.

Done to a T

Приготовлено, как надо

I like meat to be Done to a T.

Done with (something)

Закончить использовать что-либо, покончить с чем-либо

I was Done with the book so I let my friend read it.

Donkey’s years

Очень долгое время

Fanny had been working at a shoe factory for Donkey’s years before she retired.

Don’t give up the ship

Не переставать бороться, не терять надежды

Franklin didn’t want To give up the ship and quit the company.

Don’t hold your breath.

Не жди напрасно.

“Don’t hold your breath,” Wanda said when Steve had proposed marriage.

Doomed to failure

Обреченный на неудачу (на провал)

The performance is Doomed to failure because only amateurs are engaged in it.

Dose/taste of one’s own medicine

Отплатить той же монетой

“You needn’t feel hurt; you got A dose of your own medicine.”

Double back

Возвращаться туда, где были раньше (к началу пути)

We got lost in the woods and decided To double back to the place where we had been.

Double check (something)

Перепроверить что-либо

The boss wanted me To double check the price of the new product before it is put on the market.

Double-cross (someone)

Обманывать, “обвести вокруг пальца”

Don’t trust Samuel Kortney, he is sure To double-cross you.

Double date

Одновременное свидание двух пар

Bob and Mary went with Susan and William on A double date.


Ничего не значащая, пустая болтовня

Macklin gave me much Double-talk, but I didn’t understand what he was driving at.

Double up

Жить вдвоем в одной комнате

Wilma had To double up in the dorm though she’d rather not to share the room with anybody.

Doubting Thomas

Человек, который во всем сомневается, “Фома неверующий”

Fred is A doubting Thomas; he always needs a strong proof to believe something.

Down and dirty

Подлый, нечестный, скверный

It is Down and dirty to use cheat sheets at the exams.


Разоренный, не имеющий денег

After the collapse of the company in which he had invested Jeffrey Archer was Down and out.


Плохо, бедно, неряшливо одетый

The bag lady sitting on a bench in the park was Down at the heels.

Down for the count

Закончить (на сегодня)

The construction workers were Down for the count; they will resume work on Monday.

Down in the dumps

В унынии, павший духом

Jim saw Henry coming out of a third-rate hotel, looking terribly Down in the dumps.

Down in the mouth

(быть) подавленным, несчастным

I felt sorry for Felicity; she looked so Down in the mouth.

Down on one’s luck

(быть) в беде, в тяжелом положении

Alan is Down on his luck And I am sorry for him.

Down on (someone)

Сердиться на кого-либо

My teacher was Down on me because I had missed a lot of classes.

Down one’s alley

Соответствовать чьим-либо вкусам и способностям

I like designing interiors, so the profession of an interior designer is Down my alley.

Down the drain

Пускать (деньги) на ветер

My father didn’t want to pay my extravagant expenses; he said it was money Down the drain.

Down the hatch

(пей) до дна (говорится пьющему)

The toast-master said ‘Down the hatch’ when our glasses were filled.

Down the line

Впереди, в будущем

Mary is very young and many changes await her Down the line.

Down the tubes

Быть разрушенным (о планах, намерениях)

All of her plans went Down the tubes after she had got infected with AIDS.

Down to earth

Практичный, приземленный

Celia is very Down to earth, has always been.

Down to the bone

Полностью, до самого корня \ до костей

The weather was very frosty, and it chilled me right Down to the bone.

Down to the last detail

До малейшей детали

Jim wrote down his business plan, describing everything in it, right Down to the last detail.

Down to the wire

Вплоть до крайнего срока

The workers went Down to the wire and were able to complete the construction of the bridge on time.

Down with (an illness)

Слечь, заболеть

Fisher was Down with a cold. He had to stay in bed for a couple of days.

Down/out for the count


Joe seemed to be Down for the count because his boss didn’t approve of his project.

Drag in (someone or something)

Втянуть в дискуссию, вовлечь в разговор

Theresa is capable of Dragging in her personal problems in every conversation.

Drag on (someone)

Обуза для кого-либо

“Could you possibly take me to an outing with you? I shan’t be A drag on You, I promise.”

Drag on

Утомительно тянуться

The meeting Dragged on for more than two hours.

Drag one’s feet/heels

Медлить, мешкать

“I don’t think you should Be dragging your feet about whether to take part in the conference or not.”

Draw a blank

Потерпеть неудачу, ничего не добиться

He called the hotel, his father’s office and his club. He Drew a blank everywhere.

Draw a line between two things

Провести границу, разграничить

It’s difficult To draw a line between Two things: one’s health and one’s well-being.

Draw blood

Ранить до крови

The fencers are not supposed To draw blood during the competition or while exercising.

Draw fire

Навлечь критику

This film Drew fire as soon as it was released.

Draw first blood

Первое очко или балл, завоеванный в соревновании

The fencer started well and Drew first blood in the tournament, but unfortunately in the end he was defeated.

Draw in one’s horns

Тратить меньше денег, “затянуть пояс”

I have been short of money lately, so I have To draw in my horns.

Draw interest

Привлекать внимание, казаться интересным

The exhibition of modern art didn’t Draw interest of the public at large.

Draw lots/straws

Тянуть жребий

Nobody among my roommates volunteered to do the room so we had To draw straws.

Draw (someone) out

Вызывать на разговор

My friend is a very reserved person; it’s extremely difficult To draw her out.

Draw the line

Установить предел, ограничить

The government had To draw the line At selling imported goods in the country.

Draw to a close

Заканчиваться, подходить к концу

The wedding reception Was drawing to a close and the guests were filing out of the restaurant.

Draw up a contract

Составить контракт

It is necessary To draw up a contract before hiring new employees.

Draw up an agreement/contract

Составлять (в письменном виде) договор \ контракт

Harry Summerfield Drew up the deeds and agreements for the real estate company.

Draw up (something)

Записать, составить что-либо (в письменном виде)

He Drew up the deeds and agreements for the real estate company.

Dredge (something) up

Обнажать, раскапывать что-либо неприятное

Nancy is always trying To dredge up Unpleasant things about people.

Dress (someone) down

Ругать кого-либо, “распекать”

The principal invited lazy students into his office To dress them down.

Dress up

Вырядится, надеть свою лучшую одежду

Jenny Dressed up before she went to a festive dinner at her friends’.

Dressed to kill

Быть разодетым в пух и прах

Margaret was sure she Was dressed to kill when I saw her at the restaurant.

Dressed to the nines

Элегантно одетый

Vivian is always Dressed to the nines.

Dressed to the nines/teeth

Быть элегантно, очень хорошо одетым

The young woman Was dressed to the teeth when she went to the theater performance.

Drink like a fish

Пить как сапожник

Mark is never sober; he Drinks like a fish.

Drive a hard bargain

Заключить сделку без уступок

Although we Drove a hard bargain, our partners were quite content.

Drive at (something)

Намекать на что-либо

“I do not know what you Are driving at.”

Drive (someone) up a wall

Сильно раздражать кого-либо

My son’s constant misbehavior Is driving me up a wall.

Drive (something) home

Убеждать, внедрять в сознание

“I want To drive home to you the necessity of careful driving.”

Driving force behind (someone or something)

Движущая сила за кем-либо/ чем-либо

Olaf Simson turned out to be The driving force behind This criminal affair.

Drop a bombshell

Сообщить неожиданную новость

“Will I Drop a bombshell if I tell you that I am going to get married?”

Drop a hint


I Dropped a hint to my friends about the present I’d like to get for my birthday.

Drop around

Придти навестить

I invited my friends To drop around to see my new computer.

Drop back

Отступать, отходить

During the football match one of the players hurt his knee, and the coach told him To drop back and rest for a while.

Drop by the wayside

Не закончить что-либо до конца, потерпеть неудачу

Some of the skiers Dropped by the wayside during the biathlon race.

Drop by

Зайти, заскочить

“Would you like To drop by for a cup of tea?”

Drop dead

Внезапно скончаться

One of the sportsmen Dropped dead during the marathon.

Drop everything

Бросить все, что делали

“Drop everything, come over and listen to what the ancoreman is saying.”

Drop in (on someone)

Забежать на минутку, заскочить к кому-либо

I was going To drop in on my Granny when I saw her approaching our house.

Drop in one’s tracks

Упасть в изнеможении

I Dropped in my tracks because I had been walking ten miles that day.

Drop in the bucket

Очень малое количество, “капля в море”

I need ten thousand dollars to purchase a car, but what I’ve got is A drop in the bucket.

Drop names

Вести себя раскованно, фамильярно

“This is an informal gathering so let’s Drop names.”

Drop out of school

Выбыть из школы, бросить учебу

Melanie Dropped out of college at the end of the first year.

Drop (someone) a line

Черкнуть строчку

“Will you Drop me a line when you get to London? Do you promise?”

Drop (someone/something) like a hot potato

Прекратить общаться с кем-либо, бросить кого-либо \ что-либо

I was very upset because Mary and Jane Dropped me like a hot potato.

Drop the ball

Сделать ошибку

Ron Had dropped the ball on his decision to leave the company; he was sorry afterwards.

Drop the subject

Прекратить разговор на какую-либо тему

I saw Steve didn’t like my questions about his new job, so I Dropped the subject.

Drop/dump (something) in (someone’s) lap

Навязать что-либо кому-либо

I didn’t expect my boss To dump so much work in my lap that day.

Drown one’s sorrows

Утопить горе в вине, залить горе

To forget his misfortunes Paul Was drowning his sorrows with a drink.

Drown (someone) out

Заглушить кого-либо, (не быть услышанным из-за громкого шума)

The teacher started saying something, but she was Drowned out by the students.

Drum (something) into (someone’s) head

Заставить (силой) кого-либо учить что-либо, “вдолбить в голову”

The mother worked hard To drum in vain Some grammar rules Into Her son’s head.

Drum up (something)

Поощрять что-либо, поддерживать

It is necessary for the government To drum up small businesses.

Dry run


The performance was to be held on Sunday so the actors had A dry run on Friday.

Dry up

Высыхать, пересыхать

The stream behind our house Dried up last summer.

Duck soup

Легкий, не требующий усилий

Our final exam in History was Duck soup.

Due process (of law)

Должное исполнение закона

Everybody is entitled to Due process of law regardless of rank or power.


Driving Under the Influence – управление автомобилем под воздействием (алкоголя или наркотиков)

The young man was found guilty of DUI and sent to jail for several months.

Dumb bunny

Глупый или доверчивый человек

Jack is stupid and gullible; he is a Dumb bunny Because he believes everything people tell him.

Dump someone

Перестать встречаться с кем-либо, бросить кого-либо

Frank stopped seeing Judy, and she understood that he Had dumped her.

Dutch auction

Аукцион с постепенным понижением цен

Fruit and vegetables are very often sold at A Dutch auction at the market.

Dutch courage

Смелость во хмелю

“Stop bragging about your acts of bravery; you are drunk and therefore full of Dutch courage.”

Dutch treat

Угощение, при котором каждый платит за себя

When my friend and I go to the movies, it is always A Dutch treat as both of us don’t have much money.

Dutch uncle

Зануда, моралист

Dean is fond of giving advice as if he were my Uncle Joe; he is a regular Dutch uncle.

Duty bound (to do something)

Связанный обязательством делать что-либо

Bill was Duty bound to support his sister and her children after the death of his sister’s husband.


Digital Video Disc – цифровой видео диск, ДВД

DVDS are more popular than CDs.

Dwell on (something)

Подробно останавливаться на чем-либо, вдаваться в подробности

The teacher wanted me To dwell on the political situation in Italy before the Second World War.


Стопроцентный, закоренелый

My cousin Helen is a Dyed-in-the-wool conservative, and I don’t think she will ever change.

Dying to (do something or go somewhere)

Очень хотеть сделать что-либо или пойти куда-либо, “умирать от желания”

Phil asked Della to go out with him and she Was dying to go.

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