Английские идиомы на букву K

Kangaroo court

Неправедный суд, незаконное разбирательство

“I refuse to be convicted by A kangaroo court!”

Katie, bar the door

Заприте дверь (будьте готовы к неприятностям)

A few holigans are ready to break into the bar and start a fight. “Katie, bar the door.”

Keel over

Упасть и потерять сознание

Two kids were playing on the roof and one of them Keeled over.

Keen on (someone or something)

Увлеченный, полный энтузиазма

My cousin is Keen on playing tennis and she is quite good at it.

Keep a civil tongue

Вежливо, учтиво говорить; избегать грубостей

The patient was warned To keep a civil tongue when talking to the doctor.

Keep a close watch on (someone or something)

Наблюдать за кем-либо \ чем-либо, караулить кого-либо \ что-либо

A gamekeeper Keeps a close watch on the wild ducks; it’s his job.

Keep a close watch over (someone or something)

Следить за кем-либо \ чем-либо, оберегать

Mother told me To keep a close watch over the stew as it was cooking.

Keep a cool head

Сохранять спокойствие в трудной ситуации

“I know the situation is difficult and stressful, but I want you To keep a cool head.”

Keep a secret

Держать в секрете, не разглашать тайну

The task, in which Quentin was engaged, should Be kept a secret.

Keep a stiff upper lip

Не терять мужества, не падать духом, не вешать носа, держаться молодцом

“I want you To Keep a stiff upper lip whatever happens.”

Keep a straight face

Сохранять невозмутимое выражение лица; стараться не засмеяться

It is difficult To keep a straight face when you see something funny.

Keep a tight/close rein on (someone or something)

Держать кого-либо \ что-либо в полном подчинении, под жестким контролем

My boss Keeps a tight rein

on what is going on in the office.

Keep abreast (of something)

Идти в ногу со временем, не отставать от жизни

My father always watches the news program To keep abreast of current events.

Keep after/at (someone)

Постоянно напоминать кому-либо

“Why should I always Keep after You not to leave your room in a mess?”

Keep an ear out for (something)

Прислушиваться, внимательно слушать что-либо

My friend is temporary out of work, and I plan To keep an ear out for any information about a new job for him.

Keep an eye on (someone or something)

Присматривать за кем-либо \ чем-либо

“The puppy is very naughty. Please Keep an eye on it.”

Keep an eye out for (someone or something)

Следить за появлением кого-либо \ чего-либо

John Kept an eye out for the arrival of his train.

Keep an open mind about (something)

Быть гибким, уметь прислушиваться к мнению других

Garry is not flexible; he is not able To keep an open mind about anything.

Keep at (something)

Делать что-либо с упорством

Mike decided To keep at learning to play the guitar.

Keep body and soul together

Жить впроголодь, едва сводить концы с концами

I earned very little money that year and could hardly Keep body and soul together.

Keep books

Вести учет

Marion’s job is To keep books for a traveling agency in New-York.

Keep company (with someone)

Проводить время с кем-либо

Ms Smith hardly ever saw anything of her son since he had started Keeping company with Sarah.

Keep cool

Сохранять спокойствие

Felix failed To keep cool when he was accused of stealing the money.

Keep down (something)

Уменьшать, ограничивать

“I want you To keep down all expences until we are out of debt.”

Keep from (doing something)

Мешать делать что-либо, воздерживаться от каких-либо действий

Duncan made a funny grimace and Lucy couldn’t Keep from laughing.

Keep good time

Хорошо ходить \ работать (о часах)

My watch doesn’t Keep good time; it is five minutes slow.

Keep harping on (something)

Надоедливо толковать, твердить одно и то же

My Boss keeps harping on the fact that I am too slow in my job.

Keep house

Вести домашнее хозяйство

“What is the name of the woman who Keeps house for Mr. Johnson?”

Keep in touch (with someone)

Поддерживать связь с кем-либо

Though Wanda’s family is scattered all over the country they Keep in touch with one another.

Keep late hours

Поздно ложиться спать

Now that Silvia began to study at the university she has To keep late hours because she has a lot to do.

Keep off (something)

Держаться в отдалении от чего-либо

I made up my mind to Keep off the stadium Not to tempt providence.

Keep on an even keel

Сохранять хладнокровие, спокойствие

I couldn’t Keep on an even keel when I saw a big boy beating a small one.

Keep on (doing something)

Продолжать делать что-либо

The teacher tells the pupils to be more attentive, but they Keep on making the same mistakes again and again.

Keep on one’s toes

Быть бдительным, внимательным

Mark tried To keep on his toes during a grammar test.

Keep one’s chin up

Не унывать, “не вешать носа”

Sam put his finger under Jen’s chin and looked into her eyes. “Keep your chin up, Jennie,” he said.

Keep one’s cool

Оставаться спокойным

I can’t very well Keep my cool when people insult me.

Keep one’s distance from (someone or something)

Держаться в стороне, подальше от кого-либо \ чего-либо

Celia is very reticent, and I often see her Keeping her distance from the other children.

Keep one’s ear to the ground

Держать ухо востро”

I Have been keeping my ear to the ground since I heard the rumors that the President of the company is going to retire.

Keep one’s eye on the ball

Быть внимательным, не упускать из виду основной цели

“I wish you could Keep your eye on the ball or you will never make any progress with your Italian.”

Keep one’s eyes open

Смотреть в оба, быть настороже

“I’ve been keeping my eyes open and have seen a nice sofa at a reasonable price.”

Keep one’s eyes peeled for (someone or something)

Быть на чеку, следить за кем-либо \ чем-либо

Bob stood outside the restaurant and Kept his eyes peeled for his girlfriend to appear.

Keep one’s feet on the ground

Твердо стоять на земле

My Uncle Tom has always Kept his feet on the ground, And he is quite successful in his job.

Keep one’s finger’s crossed

Желать удачи, скрестить пальцы на удачу

I wanted my friend To keep his fingers crossed while I was at a job interview.

Keep one’s hand in (something)

Продолжать заниматься чем-либо, сохранять контроль над чем-либо

Jeremy wanted To keep his hand in so that he could have the feel of the market.

Keep one’s hands off (someone or something)

Не трогать кого-либо или не брать руками что-либо

My mother asked me To keep my hands off the ice-cream.

Keep one’s head above water

Бороться за существование, с трудом сводить концы с концами

I am not rich. I am not even wealthy. In fact I can hardly Keep my head above water.

Keep one’s head down

Стараться быть незаметным

He was ashamed of what he had done, so he Kept his head down, trying to remain unnoticed.

Keep one’s head

Сохранять спокойствие, присутствие духа, владеть собой, “не терять головы”

Jordan is as cool as a cucumber; he always Keeps his head in emergences.

Keep one’s mouth shut

Помалкивать, “держать язык за зубами”,

“If you have nothing to say, then Keep your mouth shut and don’t interrupt.”

Keep one’s nose clean

Не нарываться на неприятности

Jacob was never able To keep his nose clean, and eventually he got into trouble.

Keep one’s nose out of (something)

Не лезть не в свое дело

“Please, mind your own business and Keep your nose out of mine.”

Keep one’s nose to the grindstone

Трудиться без отдыха, без передышки

I am going To keep my nose to the grindstone so that I can save enough money to go on a holiday to Italy.

Keep one’s opinions to oneself

Держать свое мнение при себе

“No one is interested in what you want to say, so please try and Keep your opinions to yourself.”

Keep one’s own counsel

Скрывать что-либо, держать в секрете, “держать язык за зубами”

I know that Dora has some problems at work, but she prefers To keep her own counsel and never tells anyone about them.

Keep one’s place

Знать свое место

Jill was not satisfied with the relashionships among her co-workers, but she was told To keep her place.

Keep one’s shirt on

Сохранять спокойствие, не нервничать, не горячиться

During the meeting everybody was agitated; Nick was the only one who was able to Keep his shirt on.

Keep one’s wits about one

Не терять головы, сохранять самообладание

Throughout the dispute Conrad was like a cold spectator who could Keep his wits about Him.

Keep one’s word

Сдержать свое слово, обещание

She Kept her word in coming to visit me.

Keep pace (with someone or something)

Идти в ногу с кем-либо \ чем-либо, идти наравне, не отставать

Helen had been ill for a long time, and it was difficult for her To keep pace with the other students.

Keep quiet

Не шуметь

The children were making a lot of noise, and the mother had to tell them To keep quiet.

Keep (someone) company

Составить кому-либо компанию

“Could you come and Keep me company? I am feeling very lonely.”

Keep (someone) from (doing something)

Препятствовать, мешать кому-либо делать что-либо

Very often television Keeps children from doing their homework.

Keep (someone) in line

Заставить кого-либо вести себя как следует

It was difficult for the young teacher To keep her students in line.

Keep (someone) in stitches

Заставить кого-либо непрерывно смеяться

Jerry’s anecdotes are always laughed at; he Keeps everybody in stitches.

Keep (someone) on tenterhooks

Держать кого-либо в состоянии неизвестности, беспокойства

Mary Higgins Clark Keeps her readers on tenterhooks till the very last chapter.

Keep (someone) on

Держать кого-либо на работе

Jillion is getting very old, but we are going To keep him on as a doorman.

Keep (someone or something) in check

Сдерживать, контролировать чьи-либо действия, держать что-либо под контролем

During the inflation it is not possible To keep prices in check.

Keep (someone or something) in mind

Иметь кого-либо \ что-либо в виду

The manager told us To keep the new rules and regulations in mind.

Keep (someone or something) still/quiet

Заставить кого-либо \ что-либо вести себя спокойно, без шума

Jenny is very naughty; and I always have a hard time Keeping her still.

Keep (someone) out of one’s hair

Удерживать кого-либо от причинения беспокойства

The children were naughty all day and it was not possible To keep them out of our hair.

Keep (someone) posted

Держать кого-либо в курсе, осведомлять

“I want you To keep me posted about the development of the events.”

Keep (someone) up

Мешать кому-либо спать

Loud music was pouring out of the neighbors’ flat, and it Kept me up last night.

Keep (something) down

Удержать что-либо

My little son was sick, and it was difficult for him To keep his food down.

Keep (something) to oneself

Не выдавать секрет, тайну

Ada is very frivolous, and she can’t Keep anything you tell her to herself.

Keep (something) under one’s hat

Держать что-либо в секрете, не распространяться, помалкивать

Liz is very secretive; she won’t tell me what her plans for the future are. She prefers To keep them under her hat.

Keep (something) under wraps

Утаивать, хранить что-либо (до лучших времен)

They decided To keep their intentions to move to another town under wraps.

Keep still

Не шуметь или не двигаться

“Please Keep still during the lecture.”

Keep tabs on (someone or something)

Проверять, следить, наблюдать за кем-либо \ чем-либо

The head of the department Has been keeping tabs on the production of chocolate bars.

Keep the ball rolling

Поддерживать разговор, продолжать делать что-либо

“You must write a letter home each week, and be careful To keep the ball rolling, or your parents will get anxious.”

Keep the home fires burning

Находиться в доме, вести хозяйство

That day Utah stayed at home To keep the home fires burning.

Keep the lid on (something)

Держать что-либо в секрете, скрывать

“I am not going To keep the lid on the gossip.”

Keep the wolf from the door

Едва сводить концы с концами, жить очень скромно

Her salary was so small that she could hardly Keep the wolf from the door.

Keep time

Следить за временем (в соревновании, в игре)

John had To keep time during the basketball game.

Keep to oneself

Сторониться (людей)

Cora isn’t at all outgoing; she prefers To keep to herself.

Keep track of (someone or something)

Следить за кем-либо, вести запись чего-либо

I Kept track of the events which happened that week before my departure.

Keep track of (something)

Следить за чем-либо, вести запись

I Kept track of the events which happened that week before my departure.

Keep up an act

Устраивать спектакль, претворяться

“Don’t try To keep up an act; I know what you are capable of.”

Keep up appearances

Соблюдать приличия, видимость; делать вид, что ничего не случилось

Sarah decided To keep up appearances even though she was very sick.

Keep up with (someone or something)

Держаться наравне с кем-либо \ чем-либо, не отставать

However hard she tried, she couldn’t Keep up with the fashions.

Keep up with the Joneses

Пытаться быть наровне с другими

Leo didn’t bother about Keeping up with the Joneses.

Keep up with the news

Следить за новостями, быть в курсе событий

In order To keep up with the news my father watches TV every day.

Keep up with the times

Следить за модой

Pat tries very hard To keep up with the times.

Keep up

Поддерживать (тот же уровень)

The garden was too large for Ms. Yates To keep up properly.

Keyed up

Взвинчиный, взволнованный, нервный

Sam was so Keyed up over the prospect of his long trip that he didn’t sleep a wink that night.

Kick around

Плохо, грубо обращаться

Ron’s stepfather treats his stepson very badly; he Is always kicking him around.

Kick back

Расслабляться, отдыхать

Paul was going To kick back, but his mother told him to clear the mess in his room.

Kick in (some money or something)

Внести пожертвование (деньги или что-либо еще)

Everybody was ready To kick in and collect some clothes for needy children.

Kick off

Начинать (досл. вбрасывать мяч и начинать игру)

They Kicked off the election campaign a few months before the elections.

Kick oneself


Jonny Kicked himself for not having taken advantage of the situation.

Kick out (someone)

Выгнать кого-либо

“If you misbehave and disrupt the class, you may Be kicked out of school.”

Kick the bucket

Умереть, “сыграть в ящик”

Alan hoped he would Kick the bucket before he is as old as his Grandfather.

Kick the habit

Отвыкать от плохой привычки

Peter has been smoking for years, and he has never tried To kick the habit.

Kick up a fuss/storm

Поднимать шум, скандал (часто из-за пустяков)

“Please, don’t Kick up a storm because I’ve lost your disk. I’ll reimburse you.”

Kick up one’s heels

Веселиться, резвиться

They Kicked up their heels at Bob’s birthday party last week.


Незаконно выплаченные деньги, взятка

The company had to give Deputy Mayor A kickback in order to win the market.

Kick/turn over

Заводиться (о моторе)

The motor of my car coughed and sneezed and wouldn’t start, but finally it Kicked over.

Kid around (with someone)

Шутить, поддразнивать кого-либо

My friends and I like To kid around with our fellow students.

Kid’s stuff

Очень легкое задание, “плевое дело”

“I’ll repair your watch in no time; it’s Kid’s stuff.”

Kill off (something)

Уничтожить, убить

Some people say that frost Kills off all the germs, but I am not sure.

Kill the fatted calf

Встретить радушно; угостить лучшим, что есть дома

Aunt Mary was coming to visit us, so we decided To kill the fatted calf and have a big dinner in her honor.

Kill the goose that layed/lays the golden egg

Причинять вред самому себе; убить курицу, несущую золотые яйца

“Why have you quarreled with Wendy? Do you know that you Have killed the goose that lays the golden egg?”

Kill the goose that lays the golden egg

Уничтожить источник собственного благополучия; “убить курицу, несущую золотые яйца”

“Why have you quarreled with Wendy? Do you know that you Have killed the goose that lays the golden egg?”

Kill time

Убивать время

To kill time before the departure of our train, we went to a cafe.

Kill two birds with one stone

Убить двух зайцев”, выполнить два действия сразу

He decided To kill two birds with one stone by purchasing a computer and having it serviced.

Killed outright

Быть убитым немедленно, тотчас же

I saw a truck hit a man. The man was Killed outright.

Kind of

Вроде бы, до некоторой степени, более или менее

Bess was Kind of sleepy when she heard a strange noise outside her door.

Kink in one’s neck

Судорога, болезненный спазм в шее

I didn’t sleep well that night and woke up in the morning with A kink in my neck.

Kiss and make up


“I want to apologize. Let’s Kiss and make up. Shall we?”

Kiss and makeup

Мириться, (досл. поцеловаться и помириться)

Mary and her husband often argue, but then they Kiss and make up.

Kiss and tell

Участвовать в чем-либо личном, а затем рассказать всем об этом

Sally is the kind of person who will Kiss and tell. Nobody trusts her.

Kiss of death

Действие, поступок способный положить конец отношениям

It was The kiss of death when Linda learned that her husband had an affair. She filed for a divorce.

Kiss (something) good-bye

Потерять, простится с чем-либо

“Where is my umbrella? – You can Kiss it good-bye. I lost it.”

Kit and caboodle

Все вместе, все целиком

Ron brought the whole Kit and caboodle of his skiing tackle when he went skiing.

Kith and kin

Знакомые и родственники, родня

When my Granddad died, all of our Kith and kin attended the funeral.

Knee-high to a grasshopper

Малюсенький, крошечный (как ребенок)

Joe learned to play chess when he was Knee-high to a grasshopper.

Knew it was coming

Зарание знать, что что-то должно произойти

David Knew it was coming when his boss told him that he was fired.

Knit one’s brow


The father Knit his brow and looked sternly at his son.

Knock about

Путешествовать, бродить, где захочется; рыскать по свету

His plan was to go to India and Knock about for a couple of months.

Knock-down-drag-out fight

Отчаянная драка или спор

Their Knock-down-drag-out fight lasted for half an hour.

Knock down the price of (something)

Снизить цену на что-либо

Steve bargained hard and was able To knock down the price of the computer.

Knock it off!


“Please Knock it off! Leave that knife alone or you may cut your finger.”

Knock off work

Закончить (дневную) работу

They decided To knock off work early so that they could go to a baseball game.

Knock on wood

Постучать по дереву (чтобы повезло)

I hope to be able to find a well-paid job. – Knock on wood!

Knock one’s head against the wall

Тратить время, пытаясь безуспешно сделать что-либо

I’ve been knocking my head against the wall for a week, trying to write a good essay.

Knock oneself out

Делать значительное усилие

“Don’t try To knock yourself out for you are not able to fulfill this task.”

Knock some heads together

Ругать, распекать

The manager decided that he would have To knock some heads together if he wanted to get the work done properly.

Knock (someone) around

Дурно обращаться с кем-либо

“You Have been knocking me around long enough. I want to put an end to it.”

Knock (someone) dead

Произвести сногшибательное впечатление

“This man had eyes only for me. I sure Knocked him dead,” said Mandy.

Knock (someone) down (to size)

Делать кого-либо более скромным, смеренным

I don’t know what helped To knock Steve down to size, but I must say he is more humble now.

Knock (someone) off their feet

Сильно удивить кого-либо, “свалить с ног”

When my best friend announced that she was going to marry my ex-boyfriend, the news Knocked me off my feet.

Knock (someone) off

Убить кого-либо

Several people Were knocked off in the bank robbery last week.

Knock (someone or something) out

Нокаутировать кого-либо; сделать что-либо не пригодным для дальнейшего использования

The storm on the sea was so strong that it Knocked a few boats out.

Knock (someone) over with a feather

Очень удивить кого-либо

You Could have knocked me over with a feather when you told me Sam was going to immigrate to Canada.

Knock (someone’s) block off

Дать кому-либо по башке

Gordon became furious and threatened To knock my block off.

Knock (something) back/down

Выпить что-либо (алкоголь, лекарство)

“I know the medicine tastes awful, but you should Knock it down.”

Knock (something) off

Сделать наспех, “состряпать”

He Knocked off A leading article in half an hour.

Knock the props out from under (someone)

Разрушить доверие к кому-либо; выбить почву из-под ног

“You Knock the props out from under me when you criticize my work.”


Сногшибательная женщина

Wella thought that she was A knockout, but Tim didn’t share her optimistic opinion.

Know a thing or two (about someone or something)

Быть опытным человеком; понимать, что к чему

Jack has been working as a mechanic for years, and he Knows a thing or two about cars.

Know a trick or two

Знать пару хитростей

Gina Knows a trick or two about how to handle her husband when he is angry or upset.

Know all the tricks of the trade

Знать все хитрости своей профессии

Sue Craffton Knew all the tricks of the trade and was a very good nurse.

Know better (than to do something)

Быть достаточно умным, чтобы не делать что-либо

I Knew better than to invite Eva to our party; she is such a wet blanket.


Знания и навыки

She is a skilled teacher and has a lot of Know-how about how to explain new material to her students.



Jacob is A know-it-all that’s why I don’t think much of him.

Know one’s ABCs

Знать основное о чем-либо, иметь базовые знания

The woman in the library Knew her ABC’s and could quickly give me the information I needed.

Know one’s own mind

Быть уверенным в себе; знать, что делать

“Don’t tell me what to do; I Know my own mind.”

Know one’s place

Знать свое место

“Why do you always interfere? You should Know your place.”

Know one’s stuff

Хорошо знать свое дело, хорошо ориентироваться

This woman Knows her stuff and is a very skilled secretary.

Know one’s way around/about

Знать толк в чем-либо; понимать, что к чему

“Believe me, George Knows his way around.”

Know (someone) by sight

Знать кого-либо в лицо (знать только имя и узнавать по внешности)

I can’t say that I know Lily well, actually I Know her by sight only.

Know (someone or something) like a book/like an open book

Знать кого-либо \ что-либо очень хорошо

My mother Knows me like an open book.

Know (someone or something) like the back of one’s hand

Знать кого-либо \ что-либо очень хорошо

Shiela Knew the material for the test like the back of her hand.

Know (someone or something) like the back/palm of one’s hand

Знать кого-либо \ что-либо как свои пять пальцев

Sheila Knew the material for the test like the palm of her hand.

Know (something) backwards and forwards

Знать что-либо вдоль и поперек

Rita knew the streets in her native town Backwards and forwards.

Know (something) by heart

Знать что-либо наизусть

Jane has a very good memory and she Knows many poems by heart.

Know (something) from memory

Знать на память

My Granny Knows my telephone number from memory.

Know (something) in one’s bones

Интуитивно чувствовать что-либо

I Know it in my bones that Joe is going to deceive me again.

Know (something) inside out

Знать что-либо вдоль и поперек

My friend is a guide and she knows our town Inside out.

Know (something) only too well

Знать что-либо слишком хорошо

Alan Knew only too well what would happen if he failed his English exam.

Know the ropes

Досконально знать, быть в курсе дела

“Miss Wiliamson will help you find a good job because she Knows the ropes.”

Know the score

Знать факты, иметь информацию

I don’t really Know the score about how my father’s company functions.

Know what’s what

Знать что к чему, быть осведомленным

I am sure Jim Knows what’s what about a lot of things.

Know when one is not wanted

Чувствовать, что чье-либо присутствие не желательно

Jerry Knows when he is not wanted, so he has decided not to go on a picnic with them.

Know where all the bodies are buried

Знать все важные детали или секреты

I Knew where all the bodies were buried in the company, but I never told anyone.

Know where (someone) stands on (something)

Знать, что кто-либо думает и чувствует по поводу чего-либо

I don’t think anybody Knows where the Dean stands on the issue of the new curriculum.

Know which is which

Суметь различить, отличить одно от другого

Mark’s house and Peter’s house are so alike that I am often confused and don’t Know which is which.

Know which side one’s bread is buttered on

Знать свою выгоду

Elizabeth is a very selfish person; she certainly Knows which side her bread is buttered on.

Known fact

Известный факт

It is a known fact that it’s better to do well than to say well.

Known quantity

Известная величина

The new teacher is A known quantity in the school because she worked here before.

Knuckle down (to something)

Решительно приняться за дело, приступить

“It’s high time you started work: Knuckle down!”

Knuckle under

Уступить, подчиниться

Sabina had promised to herself never To knuckle under to her husband’s family.


Knockout – нокаут

Jeremy is a very good boxer and he won the match in the second round by a KO.

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Polysemantic words.
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