Английские идиомы на букву L

Labor of love

Бескорыстный или безвозмездный труд

My volunteer work at the Animal Shelter is A labor of love because I am fond of animals.

Lace into (someone)

Резко критиковать, набрасываться на кого-либо

My father Laced into me when I didn’t do my chore.

Lace into (something)

Жадно есть что-либо

The children Laced into their dinner as soon as they came home from school.

Lady killer

Красавчик, любимец женщин

Jeremy is a regular Lady killer; he has broken the hearts of a lot of women.

Lady’s man

Дамский угодник, ловелас

Bill was A lady’s man, and like all such men he was vain and conscious of his charm for the opposite sex.


Раскованный, беспечный

My sister is never worried by things; she has a very Laid-back attitude about everything.

Lame duck

Неудачник, “несчастненький”

The prospect of his daughter’s life being spent among Lame ducks worried him.

Land an account

Получить хорошую прибыль

The new salesman was not supposed To land a large account on his first day of work.

Land in one’s lap

Добавить кому-либо работы

Some additional work Landed in my lap quite unexpectedly and now I’ll have to deal with it.

Land of Nod

Сонное царство

I came home late that night and found my parents in The land of Nod.

Land on one’s feet/both feet

С честью выйти из неблагоприятной ситуации

My friend is capable Of landing on both feet no matter how difficult the situation is.

Land up (somewhere or in some

Приземлиться где-либо или попасть в какую-либо ситуацию

They headed for the theatre but Landed up in the cinema.

Landslide victory

Внушительная победа (обычно на выборах)

This party hopes to win A landslide victory in the coming election.

Lap up (something)

Впитывать что-либо, воспринимать

Henry Laps up the praise only; he doesn’t accept any criticism.

Lap up

Лакать что-либо

The cat hurriedly Lapped up the water because it was very thirsty.

Lapse into a coma

Впасть в кому

The man was run over by a truck and Lapsed into a coma after the accident.

Lash out (at someone)

Наброситься на кого-либо, разразиться бранью

As soon as the man entered the house, his wife Lashed out At him in anger.

Last but not least

Последний по счету, но не последний по значению

He was Last but not least in his attempt to improve the situation.

Last-ditch effort

Последнее усилие

Adam made A last-ditch effort to persuade his friend not to immigrate to Canada.

Last of the big spenders


Samantha earns a lot of money and spends it freely; I think she is The last of the big spenders.

Last person

Самый неподходящий человек

Sue is The last person that you would turn for help to.

Last straw

Последняя капля, предел терпения

Anna’s infidelity was The last straw and we finally broke off our engagement.

Last thing on (someone’s) mind

Последние, что у кого-либо на уме

Visiting a museum was The last thing on my mind on Sunday afternoon.

Last will and testament


Mr. Brown went to a notary to authenticate his Last will and testament.

Last word

Последнее слово

This discovery is The last word in science.

Late in life

В преклонном возрасте

My Grandfather got interested in horse races rather Late in life.

Late in the day

Поздновато, немного поздно

Derek invited me to his birthday party, but it was a little Late in the day as I had other plans.

Laugh all the way to the bank

Делать деньги самым невероятным образом

Jenny Was laughing all the way to the bank with the money that she made from selling balloons at the corn festival.

Laugh off (something)

Отшутиться, отделаться смехом

Pauline Laughed off the attempt by George to propose marriage to her.

Laugh one’s head off

Долго и много смеяться, надрываться от смеха

Bob’s story was so funny that I Laughed my head off.

Laugh out of the other side of one’s mouth

Приуныть после веселья, от смеха перейти к слезам

Sloan got a ticket for parking his car in the wrong place and Was laughing out of the other side of his mouth.

Laugh (something) out of court

Посмеяться над чем-либо, высмеять что-либо

They Laughed the case out of court as being extremely ridiculous.

Laugh up one’s sleeve

Тихо посмеяться (сам с собой), “смеяться в кулак”

Maria Laughed up her sleeve when she learned that her friend had bought a ridiculous dress at the sale.

Launch forth (on something)

Пускать в ход что-либо, пуститься во что-либо (объяснение, критику и т. д.)

The students didn’t understand the grammar rule, and the teacher Launched forth on a long explanation.



Martha had been a Law-abiding citizen all her life.

Law unto oneself

Сам себе закон (о человеке, игнорирующем закон или правила, если они ему не нравятся)

Johnny’s father told him that he must stop being A law unto himself.

Lay a finger on (someone or something)

Трогать руками кого-либо \ что-либо

My Mom told me not To lay a finger on the valuable vase because it can be easily broken.

Lay an egg

Провалиться, не заинтересовать (зрителей), не иметь успеха

The film was awfully poor, and no wonder it Laid an egg with the audience.

Lay away money

Откладывать (деньги), копить

The boy was trying To lay away Some money to buy a bicycle.

Lay down one’s life (for someone or something)

Отдать свою жизнь ради кого-либо \ чего-либо

Thousands of young men Laid down their lives For America in the Iraq war.

Lay down the law

Устанавливать правило, говорить безапелляционным тоном

He hated hard-mouthed women who Laid down the law and knew more than he did.

Lay eyes on (someone or something)

Увидеть, заметить

“How do you know Sara is ugly-looking? You have never Laid eyes on her.”

Lay hold of (something)

Ухватиться за что-либо, овладеть чем-либо

Olaf Laid hold of a hammer and quickly fixed the bench in the garden.

Lay in (something)

Делать запасы чего-либо, откладывать на будущее

I’d like To lay in a good stock of books for the holidays.

Lay it on thick

Преувеличивать, “сгущать краски”

“You needn’t praise him too much; he didn’t do it alone, so Don’t lay it on thick.”

Lay low

Прятаться, скрываться, не попадаться на глаза

He was wanted by the police of all the states, so he had To lay low until he could leave the country.

Lay of the land

Положение дел, вещей

“You’d better check out The lay of the land before you sign the agreement.”

Lay off (someone)

Оставить кого-либо в покое

“Please Martin, stop bothering Kelly, Lay off the new student.”

Lay off (something)

Прекратить использовать что-либо (алкоголь, наркотики, сигареты)

Rick promised To lay off drugs, but he didn’t keep his promise.

Lay off (workers/staff)

Уменьшить состав работающих

It was necessary To lay off two score employees because the business was slack.

Lay one’s cards on the table

Дать знать о своих намерениях, чувствах; “выложить карты на стол”

I decided To lay my cards on the table and tell my boyfriend openly that I had fallen out of love with him.

Lay one’s eyes on (someone or something)

Увидеть кого-либо \ что-либо

“I have lost my glasses. Will you, lease, tell me if you Lay your eyes on them?”

Lay one’s hands on (someone or something)

Найти, завладеть кем-либо \ чем-либо, прибрать к рукам

“If I can Lay my hands on a screwdriver, I’ll fix your iron.”

Lay one’s hands on (someone)

Применить силу к кому-либо

“If I ever see you near my house, I’ll Lay my hands on you!”

Lay one’s hands on (something)

Найти, приобрести что-либо

If I can Lay my hands on a screwdriver, I’ll fix your iron.”

Lay out (money)

Тратить (деньги), “выложить деньги”

“If we buy this house, we will have To lay out a lot of money on repairs, and that’s a heavy outlay.”

Lay out (something)

Планировать что-либо

I took a bite to eat and then started Laying out my plans.

Lay (someone) to rest

Похоронить кого-либо

Nancy died two days ago and Was laid to rest today.

Lay (something) on (someone)

Перекладывать вину на кого-либо

“Don’t try To lay the blame on me; it’s not my fault that the TV set won’t work.”

Lay (something) on the line

Говорить прямо и твердо о чем-либо, “выложить начистоту”

Sheila Laid it on the line and told Samantha to stop gossiping.

Lay (something) on the table

Представить что-либо для обсуждения, изложить свои соображения

Lionel saw all the drawbacks of the project and felt it his duty To lay his concerns on the table.

Lay (something) to rest

Избавиться от чего-либо, “похоронить слухи”

“I would like To lay the rumors about the problems in our family to rest.”

Lay the blame on (someone or something)

Винить кого-либо \ что-либо, возлагать ответственность

She was not going To lay the blame on anyone; it was her fault that the documents were missing.

Lay up (a vessel)

Поставить на прикол

The fishermen usually Lay up their boats for winter time.

Lay up (something)

Копить, запасать

My mother is planning To lay up vegetables for the winter.

Lay waste (to something)

Нанести урон чему-либо

The storm Laid waste to a vast territory.

Layaway plan

Покупка в кредит (товар отдается только тогда, когда выплачена вся сумма)

Sam made up his mind to purchase a computer on the Layaway plan of the department store.

Lay/light into (someone)

Набрасываться на кого-либо (с упреками, руганью)

As soon as Sam came home from work his wife Laid into him about his meager salary.

Lay/light into (something)

Налегать на что-либо (еду, работу)

Eaton felt he was awfully hungry and Laid into the tenderloin as soon as his wife placed it on the table.

Lead a dog’s life

Вести несчастную (собачью) жизнь

Ron Has been leading a dog’s life since he retired.

Lead off

Лидировать, положить начало

The young man was Leading off in the chess tournament.

Lead (someone) around by the nose

Заставлять кого-либо делать то, что хочешь

“Don’t Lead me around by the nose. I am not going to do what you want.”

Lead (someone) by the nose

Убеждать кого-либо делать то, что хочешь

“Don’t Lead me by the nose. I am not going to do what you want.”

Lead (someone) down the garden path

Обманывать кого-либо

Sarah Was leading Martin down the garden path when she agreed to be engaged to him.

Lead (someone) on a merry chase

Вести кого-либо по запутанному следу

Adam Had been leading his partners on a merry chase for quite some time before they finally understood his intentions.

Lead (someone) on

Напрасно обнадеживать кого-либо, неискренне поддерживать

“I don’t think I’ll win a grant, so stop Leading me on.”

Lead (someone) to believe (something)

Позволить кому-либо поверить чему-либо

“Why did you Lead me to believe that you would pay full price for the house?”

Lead (someone) to do (something)

Служить поводом для кого-либо, чтобы сделать что-либо

A loud bang outside the door Led the woman to look out of the room.

Lead the way

Вести за собой, прокладывать путь

“Will you please Lead the way because I don’t know where your apartment is?”

Lead time

Период освоения новой продукции

The lead time to get a new item of clothing produced is comparatively long.

Lead up to (something)

Постепенно подводить к чему-либо, наводить разговор на что-либо

His arguments always Lead up to a startling conclusion.

Leading question

Наводящий вопрос

The students didn’t know what kind of answer to give, so the teacher started asking Leading questions.

Lead/live the life of Riley

Вести роскошную жизнь

Nancy Has been leading the life of Riley since she won a million dollars in a state lottery.

Leaf through (something)

Листать, просматривать что-либо

I had To leaf through several magazines before I found the information I wanted.

Leak out (something)

Просачиваться (об информации)

The information about the corruption among the government officials Leaked out to the press.

Lean on (someone)

Давить на кого-либо при помощи шантажа или угроз

A gang of racketeers Leaned on one of the shop owners to make him pay them.

Lean over backwards (to do something or to help someone)

Вывернуться наизнанку, чтобы угодить или помочь кому-либо

“Don’t count on me; I am not Going to lean over backwards to help you.”

Lean toward (doing something)

Склоняться к каким-либо действиям

Ken Is leaning toward changing his job.

Leap to conclusions

Делать поспешные выводы

It is dangerous To leap to conclusions when you don’t know all the facts.

Learn by heart

Учить что-либо наизусть

When I was a child, I was good at Learning poems by heart; now my memory is not so good.

Learn by rote

Зубрить (без понимания материала)

At school my weakest subject was Physics; I Learned the material by rote without really understanding it.

Learn (something) by heart

Выучить что-либо наизусть

The teacher told the pupils To learn the grammar rule by heart.

Learn (something) from the bottom up

Тщательно изучать что-либо с самого начала

I had To learn accounting from the bottom up.

Learn (something) the hard way

Учиться на собственном опыте (часто неприятном)

Tom Learned things the hard way when he went to prison for stealing a camera.

Learn the ropes

Досконально узнать, как делать что-либо

I have never worked as a guide before, so I’d like To learn the ropes.

Learn to live with (something)

Научиться жить с чем-либо (неприятным или болезненным)

Sam broke his leg three months ago and he is still limping. I am afraid he has To live with it.

Least of all

Менее всего, в наименьшей степени

I hate doing household jobs; Least of all I like washing the dishes.

Leave a bad taste in one’s mouth

Оставить плохое впечатление, внушать отвращение

The way he spoke at the meeting Left a bad taste in my mouth.

Leave a lot to be desired

Не отвечающий требованиям; “оставляет желать лучшего”

“Your work performance Leaves a lot to be desired.”

Leave no stone unturned

Приложить все старания, испробовать все средства

Gina Left no stone unturned when she was looking for her passport.

Leave one to one’s fate

Бросить кого-либо на произвол судьбы

Our flight was canceled because of the storm and we Were left to our fate.

Leave one’s mark on (someone or something)

Оставить неизгладимый след, не пройти мило

Felix worked very hard and the fatigue of the last few days Left its mark on him.

Leave oneself wide open for (something)

Ставить себя под удар

Dana Left herself wide open for criticism because of her risky actions

Leave (someone) alone

Оставить кого-либо в покое

“Don’t disturb me; Leave me alone. Can’t you see I am busy?”

Leave (someone) flat

Не удается развлекать или побуждать

My friend likes to tell jokes, but they usually Leave us flat.

Leave (someone) for dead

Считать кого-либо мертвым

Three mountaineers Were left for dead when the rescue group could not find any traces of them.

Leave someone for someone else

Бросить кого-либо ради кого-либо еще

Coleman Left Carmen for Pauline but soon regretted having done it.

Leave (someone) high and dry

Оставить кого-либо в беспомощном состоянии

But for Jess’s help these people Would have been left high and dry.

Leave (someone) holding the bag

Взвалить вину на кого-либо, держать ответ вместо кого-либо

There was a car crash on the highway and the guilty driver ran away, Leaving me holding the bag.

Leave (someone) in peace

Оставить кого-либо в покое

“You’ve been bothering me since morning. Please, Leave me in peace.”

Leave (someone) in the lurch

Оставить кого-либо в беде, покинуть в минуту опасности

Eva’s friend Left her in the lurch when she had refused to take care of Eva’s sick son.

Leave (someone or something) behind

Оставить кого-либо \ что-либо, забыть взять что-либо

I either lost my umbrella or Left it behind somewhere.

Leave (someone or something) in (someone’s) hands

Предоставить кому-либо право делать, контролировать что-либо

Jerome Left the packing in his friends’ hands.

Leave (someone) out in the cold

Проявлять невнимание, оказывать холодный прием

I don’t think we should Leave Alice out in the cold and not invite her to go on a picnic with us.

Leave (something) hanging (in the air)

Оставить что-либо не решенным, “повисло в воздухе”

Cora doesn’t like to leave any problems undecided; she hates them To be left hanging in the air.

Leave (something) on

Оставить что-либо включенным или работающим

“Will you, please, Leave the computer on? I am going to work at it.”

Leave (something) open

Оставить что-либо открытым, незапланированным

Liz wanted To leave a few days open so that she could visit her grandparents in the country.

Leave (something) out

Не включать что-либо, упускать, пропускать

The apostrophe means that one or more Letters have been left out.

Leave word with (someone)

Оставить записку, поручение кому-либо

My boss Left word with the secretary to have his partner call him some time during the day.

Leave/let well enough alone

Оставить все так, как есть; быть довольным тем, что есть

“Your son should Leave well enough alone and be happy with his team the way it is.”

Left-handed compliment

Неуклюжий, двусмысленный комплимент

Julia didn’t like her new jacket and hated her friend to give her A left-handed compliment.

Leg man

Посыльный, курьер

Horace has been working as A leg man for a big company since he graduated from high school.

Leg work

Повседневный, рутинный труд (часто предусматривающий передвижение пешком)

A postman’s job is mostly Leg work because he delivers letters to people’s homes.

Legal age


In most US states the Legal age for voting is 27.

Lend color to (something)

Добавить колоритное сопровождение к чему-либо

Beautiful music helped To lend color to the performance.

Lend (oneself/itself) to (something)

Быть приспособленным для чего-либо

This small restaurant Does not lend itself to having a lot of people in it.

Lend (someone) a hand

Помочь кому-либо, протянуть руку помощи

I was going to move to a new apartment and asked my friend To lend me a hand with the packing.

Lend (someone) an ear

Выслушать кого-либо

I don’t like To lend an ear to anyone because I am not interested in other people’s problems.

Leopard can’t change its spots

Невозможно исправить человеческую натуру, “горбатого могила исправит”

My boy friend apologized for having deceived me, but I don’t believe him. A leopard can’t change its spots.

Less than pleased

Быть недовольным

The teacher was Less than pleased when one of the students was late for her class.

Lesser of the two

Меньшее из двух

I can pay either $80 or $100 for a bike; I think I’d rather pay The lesser of the two.”

Lesser of two evils

Меньшее из двух зол

“I don’t want to go shopping; I’d rather stay at home. I would prefer to choose The lesser of the two Evils.”

Let alone (something)

Не говоря уж о чем-либо

I don’t have enough time to write a letter Let alone write an essay.

Let bygones be bygones

Кто прошлое помянет (тому глаз вон)

“Let’s forget about our quarrel; Let bygones be bygones.”

Let down one’s hair

Отдыхать, расслабиться

We went on a picnic and Let down our hair.

Let go of (something)

Выпускать из рук

He Let go of the tea cup; it fell on the floor and broke to pieces.

Let go with (something)

Закричать что-либо, испустить вопль

Mrs. Brown Let go with A loud scream when she saw a mouse run out from under the bed.

Let grass grow under one’s feet

Бездельничать, лениться, попусту тратить время

If you want to be successful, don’t Let grass grow under your feet.

Let it all hang out

Высказать всю правду

Mark made up his mind To let it all hang out and tell his friend about his misbehavior.

Let it go/lay

Бросить об этом думать, выбросить из головы

“There is no use worrying about it. Let it go.”

Let it rip

Дать полный ход

William Let it rip and left the shore in his motorboat.

Let off steam

Выпустить пар

I was so angry that Let off steam and didn’t calm down for a long time.

Let on

Выдавать (секрет)

“Please don’t Let on to Charley; he would kill me if he knew.”

Let one’s emotions show

Давать выход своим эмоциям (часто не уместным)

The teacher Let her emotions show When some of the students didn’t leave the classroom during the break.

Let one’s hair down

Вести себя свободно, отдыхать и веселиться

After the dance, the college girls Let their hair down and compared dates.

Let oneself go

Стать менее скованным

Pauline went to her friend’s party and Let herself go for the evening.

Let oneself/something go

Не заботиться о себе или о чем-либо, не следить за собой

Pat must have Let herself go because she doesn’t even bother to take a shower regularly.

Let out (clothes/a rope)

Расширить или удлинить, выпустить (о платье)

The dress is too tight round my waist, so I will have To let it out an inch or two.

Let out (some kind of sound)

Испустить (звук)

Steven Let out a strange, long sound.

Let out (someone)

Отпустить (с занятий, практики и, и т. д.)

The children were Let out of class early yesterday because of the parents’ meeting.

Let out (something)

Выпустить, позволить убежать

My brother didn’t want to walk the dog, so he just Let it out.

Let sleeping dogs lie

Не нарывайся на неприятности, “не буди лиха пока лихо тихо”

“Don’t ask him about his problems; he might get angry. Better Let sleeping dogs lie.”

Let (someone) down easy

Сообщать неприятные новости дружелюбно, ободряющее

I don’t think I’ll be able To let her down easy about her not being admitted to the university.

Let (someone) down

Подвести кого-либо, разочаровать

The construction workers said they would have finished the house, but the electricians had Let them down.

Let (someone) go

Выпускать из тюрьмы или из-под ареста

The judge decided To let the young man go because there was no evidence to incriminate him.

Let (someone) have it (with both barrels)


Ms Nolan Let her husband have it With both barrels When he had lost his car keys.

Let (someone) have it

Сильно ударить кого-либо, сурово наказать

I saw two men fighting in the park. The bigger man Let the other one have it.

Let (someone) in on (something)

Сообщить кому-либо что-либо по секрету

They didn’t Let their relatives in on their secret plan to buy a new yacht.

Let (someone) know (about something)

Дать кому-либо знать о чем-либо

“Good-bye, darling. Have a nice trip! Let me know when you arrive at the airport.”

Let (someone) off (easy)

Освобождать от наказания

The judge Let Jeremy Brown off easy in spite of the fact that he was guilty of an assault.

Let (someone) off the hook

Простить кого-либо, отпустить без наказания

The teacher Let me off the hook, so I didn’t have to stay after the lessons to do the lines.

Let (someone) off

Выпускать (из транспорта)

The car stopped at the door of a small house and Let a young woman with a dog off.

Let (something) go

Не обращать внимания на что-либо, пренебрегать

Karen seemed To have let Mark’s unpleasant remark go.

Let (something) loose

Дать чему-либо волю (воображению, гневу и т. д.)

Linda Let her imagination loose. She saw in her mind’s eye how she traveled round the world.

Let (something) off

Выстрелить, разрядить ружье

In some countries it is a custom To let off firecrackers during the celebrations.

Let (something) pass

Не стоит говорить об этом, “проехали”

He didn’t mention my participation in the project, but I decided To let it pass.

Let (something) ride

Продолжать делать что-либо (не изменяя ситуации)

I advised my friend to forget about the recent problems in her family and Let the whole matter ride.

Let (something) slide by

Забыть или пропустить что-либо важное

My cousin Elena got offended because I Let her birthday slide by.

Let (something) slide

Пренебрегать чем-либо, запускать, манкировать

Jack Let his studies slide because he had taken a part time job in a shop.

Let (something) slip by

Забыть или пропустить что-либо важное

I Let my parent’s wedding anniversary slip by without congratulating them on the occasion.

Let (something) slip (out)

Невзначай раскрыть секрет, проговориться

Tim was angry with me because I Let the information about his quitting the job slip out.

Let the buyer beware

Пусть покупатель будет осмотрительным

“You are going to buy a new computer, aren’t you? Please remember the motto is ‘Let the buyer beware’.”

Let the cat out of the bag

Проболтаться, разболтать, выдать секрет

“I meant to have kept my engagement a secret and not Let the cat out of the bag.”

Let the chance slip by

Упустить удобный случай

They offered Henry a good job and he decided not To let the chance slip by.

Let the chips fall where they may

Не беспокоиться о последствии своих поступков; “будь, что будет”

“Don’t worry about your relationship with Joe; Let the chips fall where they may.”

Let the grass grow under one’s feet

Бездельничать, лентяйничать

Grandpa spends so much time idling that Grandma accuses him of Letting the grass grow under his feet.

Let things slide

Относиться безответственно, относиться к делу “спустя рукава”

“Look at your apartment! It is in a mess. You Have let things slide that’s why your apartment is so messy.”

Let up on (someone or something)

Снять напряжение с кого-либо \ чего-либо, прекратить много работать

His doctor didn’t allow him to work much; he told him To let up on his work schedule.

Let up

Ослабевать, успокаиваться, прекращаться

After a long time the rain Let up, but the clouds stayed.

Let well enough alone

Оставить все как было, “от добра добра не ищут”

“I think you’d better Let well enough alone and not look for another job.”

Level playing field

Иметь равные шансы (на успех)

I think both teams have A level playing field and they are both very good.

Level (something) at (someone)

Направлять критику, замечания на кого-либо

“If I were you, I wouldn’t Level criticism at your boss even if you don’t like his attitude to his employees.”

Level with (someone)

Быть честным с кем-либо

Zeta decided To level with her co-worker and tell him about his poor work performance.

License to (do something)

Лицензия, разрешение на деятельность

George was happy to have got A license to work as a window dresser.

Lick one’s chops

Предвкушать, облизываться

Martha saw her favorite dish on the platter and began To lick hers chops.

Lick one’s lips

Предвкушать удовольствие

Sue Licked her lips when she thought about her trip to Norway next week.

Lick/whip (something) into shape

Привести что-либо в порядок, вымуштровать

The recruits Were soon whipped into shape by the drill sergeants.

Lie fallow

Оставлять под паром (о земле), не вспахивать

Sam Willows, the farmer, decided To let the field lie fallow for one growing season.

Lie in state

Покоиться в открытом гробу (для последнего прощания)

Mr. Reed had been dead three years; it was in this chamber he breathed his last; here he Lay in state.

Lie in wait

Подстерегать кого-либо, быть в засаде

The hunter Lay in wait for the ducks to appear on the lake.

Lie low

Занять выжидательную позицию, держаться в стороне, не привлекать внимания

Roman escaped from prison and Lay low because the police was looking for him everywhere.

Lie through one’s teeth

Врать напропалую

It is customary for Lorna To lie through her teeth in order to get what she wants.

Lie/lay down on the job

Работать спустя рукава

“I see you must have decided To lie down on the job; you didn’t do anything in my absence.”

Life is a bowl of cherries

Только хорошее случается в жизни, жизнь хороша

Life is not a bowl of cherries; good things and bad things go hand in hand.

Life of Riley

Жизнь в роскоши, приятная жизнь

Norman Brown has been living The life of Riley since he won a million dollars in a state lottery.

Life of the party

Весельчак, душа компании

“I’d like to invite Tom; he is very attractive and The life of the party into the bargain.

Lift/raise a finger/hand

(не) пошевелить пальцем, чтобы помочь (кому-либо)

Sue will never Lift a finger to help her parents.

Light into (someone)

Ругать кого-либо

The woman Lit into her husband when he came home at midnight.

Light into (something)

Есть жадно, поглощать что-либо

The children were very hungry; they Lit into their dinner hastily.

Light on one’s feet

Быть легким на ногу

My Aunt Polly is almost seventy, but she is still Light on her feet.

Light out (for somewhere)

Быстро отправиться куда-либо, “поскакать”

Daniel got up early and prepared To light out for his first day at school.

Light up

Оживиться (о лице), загореться (о глазах)

His face Lights up when he becomes interested.

Like a bat out of hell

Очень быстро, со всех ног, во весь опор

The thief left the house Like a bat out of hell.

Like a bolt out of the blue

Внезапно, откуда ни возьмись, “как гром среди ясного неба”

The news of his son’s death was Like a bolt out of the blue.

Like a bump on a log

Не реагирующий ни на что, ничего не делающий (дословно – как шишка на бревне)

I spent all day at home Like a bump on a log.

Like a deer caught in the headlights

(быть) в замешательстве

Marion looked Like a deer caught in the headlights when she learnt that she had failed the test.

Like a fish out of water

Оказаться совершенно не на месте, “как рыба без воды”

I felt Like a fish out of water when I came to the health club for the first time.

Like a house on fire

Быстро и энергично

They worked Like a house on fire because they wanted to complete the construction of the bridge by winter.

Like a sitting duck

Неподозревающий, неосведомленный

Jason was Like a sitting duck when the finance director told him about the problems he was unaware of.

Like a three-ring circus

Оживленный, кипучий, хлопотливый

On the Eve of Christmas shopping centers in Europe Are like a three-ring circus.

Like a ton of bricks

Сюрприз, полнейшая неожиданность (неприятная)

The information about our firm’s bankruptcy hit me Like a ton of bricks.

Like an open book

Легко понимаемое, не сложное

I understand most of the computer programs; it’s Like an open book.

Like crazy

Как сумасшедший

They left the house late, and ran Like crazy to be able to catch their train.

Like father, like son

Каков отец, таков и сын

“Like father, like son,” the teacher said as she watched the boy slowly writing an exercise in his notebook.

Like getting blood out of a stone

Очень трудно получить что-либо от кого-либо (так же, как выжать слезу из камня)

It is Like getting blood out of a stone to try and ask my father for money.

Like greased lightning

Очень быстро, как молния

The dog dashed out of the house Like greased lightning.

Like hell

Изо всех сил, стремительно;

Jim had to run Like hell that morning to be able to catch the bus for work.

Like it or lump it

Либо принять, либо не принять что-либо

“I offered you a fair price for the computer, so you can either Like it or lump it; it’s up to you.”

Like it’s such a big deal!

Как будто бы это так важно!

“Like it’s such a big deal!” my friend said when had lost my computer disk.

Like lambs to the slaughter

Безропотно, покорно, “как агнец на закланье”

Our baseball players went Like lambs to the slaughter to meet the best team in our area.

Like looking for a needle in a haystack

Быть занятым бесполезными поисками, “искать иголку в стоге сена”

My son always misplaces things, so looking for his car keys that day was Like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Like mad

Очень быстро, как безумный

I ran Like mad but I was still unable to catch up with them.

Like nothing on earth

Очень странный, необычный

The toys in the gift shop were Like nothing on earth and they surprised everyone who saw them.

Like one of the family

Как будто бы член семьи

Mike behaves Like one of the family; he comes to us whenever he feels like it.

Like pulling teeth

Очень трудно (делать)

It was Like pulling teeth to clean the mess in my brother’s bedroom.

Like shooting fish in a barrel

Легкая победа (из-за слабости противника)

The chess competition was Like shooting fish in a barrel. It was very easy to win.

Like taking candy from a baby

Что-либо что очень легко сделать

Jack is very good at repairing cars; it’s Like taking candy from a baby for him.

Like two peas in a pod

Кто-либо хорошо знакомый, очень близкий (дословно – как две горошины в стручке)

My mother’s cousin and she are very close; they are Like two peas in a pod.

Like water off a duck’s back

Все ни почем, “как с гуся вода”

It is absolutely useless criticizing Jenny; the criticism falls away Like water off a duck’s back.

Like waving a red flag in front of a bull

Злить или раздражать кого-либо

Talking about our neighbor with my mother is Like waving a red flag in front of a bull.

Like/love to hear oneself talk

Кто-либо, кто любит слушать только себя

“You Like to hear yourself talk and never listen what other people have to say.”

Likes of (someone)

И ему подобный, такой же

I don’t want to have anything in common with Peter and The likes of him.

Line of least resistance

Линия наименьшего сопротивления

My friend hates to make any effort; he prefers to follow The line of least resistance.

Line of products

Группа однородных товаров

This shoe factory will introduce a new Line of products in the autumn of next year.

Line one’s own pockets

Набивать себе карманы, обогащаться

During the War some people Lined their own pockets and did not do anything to help their country.

Line up (someone for something)

Наметить что-либо для кого-либо

We couldn’t very well Line up the lecturer for Monday morning, so we had to cancel the lecture.

Line up (someone with someone)

Свести кого-либо с кем-либо

Hilda tried To line up her friend with her brother, but nothing came out of it.

Line up (something with something)

Подгонять что-либо к чему-либо

David had To line up two pieces of wood before he nailed them together.

Line up

Становиться в очередь, выстраиваться в ряд

All the recruits were ordered To line up in front of the barracks.

Lion’s share of (something)

Львиная доля чего-либо

Sam gave The lion’s share of his stamp collection to his son.

Lip service

Неискренние уверения, лицемерие, пустые слова

She showed me her support only by words; in fact it was Lip service.

Lips are sealed

Не разглашать секрета, “закрыть рот на замок”

“Don’t worry, my Lips are sealed and I won’t tell anybody about your problem.”

Liquid assets

Ликвидные активы

It was necessary to sell some of the company’s Liquid assets in order to raise cash.

Listen to reason

Прислушиваться к голосу рассудка

I tried to talk my friend out of quitting her job, but she would not Listen to reason.

Listen to (someone) with half an ear

Слушать кого-либо не внимательно, в пол уха

My girlfriend always talks nonsense, so I usually Listen to her with half an ear.

Litmus test

Тест, определяющий достоверность чего-либо, лакмусовая бумажка

My boss’s opinion about the project was the Litmus test that was used to see if I would be able to cope with the work.

Little bird told me

Мне стало известно по секрету, “сорока на хвосте принесла”

A little bird told me that my Mom would give me a nice present for my birthday.

Little bit

Немного, чуточку

I only had A little bit to eat this morning and now I feel awfully hungry.

Little by little

Постепенно, мало по малу

The little boy had been seriously ill, but Little by little he was getting better.

Little frog in a big pond

Незначительный человек в большой группе

Rick is aware of the fact that he is but A little frog in a big pond in this huge company.

Little pitchers have big ears

Дети любят слушать разговоры взрослых

“Little pitchers have big ears,” Jack said when he saw his son standing at the door listening to his conversation with his wife.

Live a life of (something)

Жить какой-либо жизнью

Felix Moody Has been living a life of luxury since he inherited much money from his father.

Live and learn

Век живи, век учись

“Live and learn”, my father said, having learnt how to use a computer.

Live and let live

Сам живи и другим не мешай

I believe that one should Live and let live, and I am not in the habit of criticizing other people.

Live beyond one’s means

Жить не по средствам

Timothy Has been living beyond his means for quite some time and is now in a serious trouble.

Live by one’s wits

Жить своим умом

“Don’t listen to other people’s advice. You should Live by your wits.”

Live down (something)

Заставить забыть, загладить, искупить (вину)

Patrick couldn’t Live down his loss.

Live for the moment

Жить одним днем, не планировать на будущее

If one Lives for the moment, he may have difficulties in the future.

Live from hand to mouth

Жить впроголодь, с трудом перебиваться

Steven had neither work nor home and was living From hand to mouth.

Live hand-to-mouth

Жить очень бедно, “перебиваться с хлеба на квас”

After her husband’s death Silvia was living A hand-to-mouth existence.

Live happily ever after

С тех пор жить счастливо

They got married thirty years ago and Lived happily ever after.

Live high off/on the hog

Жить в роскоши и комфорте

Gina Has been living high on the hog since she married a millionaire.

Live high on/off the hog

Иметь все самое лучшее, жить в роскоши и комфорте

Gina Has been living high on the hog since she married a millionaire.

Live in a fish bowl

Жить в тесноте, бок о бок с другими людьми

Everybody knew about his life and personal affairs in that small place; it was like Living in a fish bowl.

Live in an ivory tower

Жить, не зная житейских забот

I think Helen Lives in an ivory tower; she is unaware of the realities of everyday life.

Live in

Жить в том месте, где работаешь (няня, гувернантка и т. д.)

Ann decided to get a job where she could Live in with her two children.

Live it up

Хорошо проводить время

When I am not busy at work, I like To live it up.

Live off the fat of the land

Жить натуральным хозяйством

Paul lives in a very remote place, so he mostly has to Live off the fat of the land.

Live on borrowed time

Жить или работать дольше положенного срока

My old fridge Has been living on borrowed time for quite some time.

Live out of a suitcase

Переезжать с места на место, “жить на чемоданах”

Betty’s life is quite different now from the way it used to be. She doesn’t have to travel so much and Live out of a suitcase.

Live (something) down

Пережить что-либо неприятное (стыд, позор)

Bob Lived down the embarrassment of the situation quite easily.

Live through (something)

Пережить, перенести что-либо

The people in this area Lived through a disaster. One hundred and forty people lost their lives in the earthquake.

Live up to one’s end of the bargain

Сделать, как было обещано

Yates promised to supply the shop with mineral water, but he did not Live up to his end of the bargain.

Live up to (something)

Жить согласно каким-либо принципам, быть достойным, оправдывать (ожидания)

His wife was a famous actress, and he felt he could never Live up to her fame.

Live within one’s means

Жить по средствам

My credo is To live within my means And to spend no more than I earn.

Living end

Великолепный, фантастический

The film, which we saw the other day, was The living end.


Bachelor of Laws – бакалавр права

In order to practice law it is necessary to receive LLB.

Loaded for bear

(быть) очень рассерженным

Mr. Ferrar came home drunk and Loaded for bear.


Иметь много денег

I believe my next door neighbor is really Loaded.

Local color

Местный колорит

The small monastery added some Local color to our town.

Lock horns with (someone)

Сцепиться с кем-либо (в споре, в словесной перепалке)

Samuel Clemens Locked horns with his boss and was immediately fired.

Lock (something) in

Заморозить что-либо (цены, процентные ставки)

It was decided To lock in the prices for the most common goods.

Lock (something) up

Гарантировать выставление кандидатуры, обеспечивать успех

Richard Fonda would like To lock up the nomination to be a candidate in the next election.

Lock, stock, and barrel

Все (оптом)

We had to move our business to another town, so we decided to sell everything Lock, stock, and barrel.

Lock the barn door after the horse is gone

Пытаться исправить положение

Tina failed the examination and said she would study hard after that. She wanted To lock the barn door after the horse was gone.

Lock the barn door after the horse is stolen

Принимать меры предосторожности слишком поздно

“Don’t you think it’s too late to secure the territory now. It is like lOcking the barn door after the horse is stolen.”

Lodge a complaint (against someone)

Жаловаться на кого-либо

I Lodged a complaint against the salesperson who tried to cheat me.

Lone wolf

Волк-одиночка (о замкнутом или нелюдимом человеке)

The man was A lone wolf; he had neither friends nor family to spend his time with.

Long and the short of it

Короче говоря, вот и весь сказ

Adam got fired because he didn’t do his job well; that’s The long and the short of it.

Long arm of the law

Неизбежное наказание, “у закона длинные руки”

No matter where a criminal is he will be found and punished due to the Long arm of the law.

Long face

Унылый вид, кислая физиономия

He pulled A long face when he heard the news of his former girlfriend’s engagement.

Long haul

Долгий период времени

The hunters decided to stay in the forest for The long haul and not return to the village.

Long in the tooth

(быть) старым, песок сыплется (длинные зубы у лошади – признак старости)

My Uncle Ben was very Long in the tooth but very spry.

Long shot

Имеющий мало шансов на успех

It was A long shot that I would get a role in this film, but I was lucky.

Look a gift horse in the mouth

Дареному коню в рот не смотрят”

William’s father gave him a computer, but William complained that the computer was outdated. His father told him not To look a gift horse in the mouth.

Look after number one

Заботится только о себе, о своих интересах

Hanna is very selfish; she only Looks after number one, and she never helps other people.

Look after (someone)

Ухаживать за кем-либо, присматривать

My cousin asked me To look after her baby son while she was out shopping.

Look at (someone) cross-eyed

Посмотреть косо на кого-либо

Wendy said something unpleasant, and Dorothy Looked at her cross-eyed.

Look at the world through rose-colored glasses

Смотреть на мир сквозь розовые очки, быть слишком оптимистичным

Everybody seems to think that I Look at the world through rose-colored glasses, but in fact I am very realistic.

Look at/see the world through rose-colored glasses

Смотреть на мир сквозь розовые очки

John is too optimistic and he always Looks at the world through rose-colored glasses.

Look down on (someone or something)

Смотреть свысока, презирать

There is no need To look down on a man just because he is poor.

Look down one’s nose at (someone or something)

Смотреть свысока, “воротить нос” от кого-либо \ чего-либо

Tamara is very arrogant; she always Looks down her nose at everybody.

Look down one’s nose at (someone)

Смотреть свысока, “воротить нос” от кого-либо

Tamara is very arrogant; she always Looks down her nose at everybody.

Look for (something to happen)

Ожидать, что что-либо произойдет

We are Looking for Bill Brown to become a member of Parliament in the forthcoming election.

Look for (something)

Искать что-либо

I Have been looking for my glasses all day, but I still don’t know where they are.

Look for trouble

Вести себя вызывающее, искать повода для ссоры, драки

Every other evening the youngsters were hanging around, Looking for trouble.

Look forward to (something)

Ожидать чего-либо с удовольствием

I Am looking forward to your prompt reply.

Look good on paper

Хорошо смотреться на бумаге (но может быть неприемлемо на практике)

“Your project Looks good on paper, but I am afraid in practice it will be good for nothing.”

Look high and low for (someone or something)

Искать кого-либо \ чего-либо повсюду

They Looked high and low for a happy man, but they were not able to find him.

Look in on (someone)

Нанести краткий визит кому-либо

“Will you please Look in on little Alan and see what he is doing?”

Look into (something)

Детально исследовать, изучать, расследовать

“The food has been very poor lately; I want you To look into it.”

Look like a million dollars

Прекрасно выглядеть, быть здоровым, счастливым и преуспевающим

Martha Looked like a million dollars when I saw her the other day.

Look like death warmed over

Выглядеть очень больным

Tim was very pale and Looked like death warmed over, so I couldn’t help asking him what the matter was.

Look like something the cat dragged in

Выглядеть усталым, “быть выжатым как лимон”

Wanda was very tired after the flight and Looked like something the cat dragged in.

Look like (something)

Прогнозировать, предсказывать что-либо

It Looks like it is going to snow later in the day.

Look like the cat that ate/swallowed the canary

Иметь довольный вид; выглядеть как кошка, съевшая канарейку

There was a big smile on Jimmy’s face and he Looked like the cat that swallowed the canary.

Look like the cat that swallowed the canary

Выглядеть очень довольным

Jeremy Looked like the cat that swallowed the canary when he told me about his success.

Look like the cat that swallowed/ate the canary

Выглядеть очень довольным собой

When Linda got the job she wanted, she Looked like the cat that swallowed the canary.

Look on (someone) as (something)

Считать кого-либо чем-либо

“Why do you Look on him as authority?”

Look on

Наблюдать со стороны

Paul didn’t take part in the game; he merely Looked on.

Look out for (someone or something)

Смотреть внимательно, продолжать искать кого-либо \ что-либо

They continued To look out for a skilled company secretary.

Look out for (someone)

Присматривать, заботиться о ком-либо

“Will you please Look out for my little Rocky while I am out?”

Look out

Быть осторожным, быть настороже

“Look out! There is a big puddle straight ahead.”

Look over one’s shoulder

Опасаться чего-либо плохого

Pam always Looks over her shoulder when she crosses a busy street.

Look over (something)

Внимательно просматривать что-либо

“Would you mind Looking over my exercise?”

Look (someone) in the eye/face

Смотреть кому-либо в лицо, находиться лицом к кому-либо

Pam Looked me in the eye when she told me a lie about her absence from work.

Look (someone) (right/straight) in the eye

Смотреть кому-либо прямо в лицо, находиться лицом к кому-либо

Pam Looked me in the eye when she told me a lie about her absence from work.

Look (someone) up

Навещать кого-либо

“I doubt that I’ll be able To look you up; I’ve been very busy lately.”

Look the other way

Отвернуться, игнорировать

I asked him a question about his background, but He looked the other way.

Look the picture of health

Прекрасно выглядеть

I was shocked when I learnt about Mark’s death; he seemed To look the picture of health.

Look to (someone)

Обращаться за помощью к кому-либо, рассчитывать на кого-либо

Sue had no one but her father To look to.

Look to (something)

Заботиться, следить за чем-либо

“I want you To look to my daughter’s safety and comfort.”

Look up (something)

Искать слово (в словаре), наводить (справки) о чем-либо

I Looked up all the new words in the dictionary.

Look up to (someone)

Уважать кого-либо

They Looked up to him as a brilliant example of devotion to duty.

Loom large (on the horizon)

Неясно вырисовываться, маячить (на горизонте)

The mills Loomed large on the horison in the gathering darkness.

Loose ends

Незаконченные дела

“Don’t forget that you have many Loose ends to deal with before you go on vacation.”

Loosen (someone’s) tongue

Развязать кому-либо язык; заставить кого-либо выболтать что-либо

I wanted to get some information about the deal, but I didn’t know how To loosen Mike’s tongue.

Lord it over (someone)

Командовать, распоряжаться

Aram likes to be bossy and Lord it over The other members of the family.

Lose face

Быть униженным, смущенным

Paul Summerfield Lost face when his colleagues did not to support him during the meeting.

Lose ground

Уступать, сдавать свои позиции

One must learn To lose ground in order to gain further ground later.

Lose heart

Падать духом, впадать в уныние, отчаиваться

George seemed To have lost heart in the business after that.

Lose one’s cool

Выйти из себя, потерять терпение

The teacher Lost her cool because the students misbehaved at her lesson.

Lose one’s grip

Потерять опору, сорваться

Miranda must have Lost her grip and fell down from the cliff.

Lose one’s head over (someone or something)

Потерять голову из-за кого-либо \ чего-либо, разволноваться

Mr. Winter Has lost his head over horse races; he makes bets and loses a lot of money.

Lose one’s marbles/mind

Сойти с ума, “слететь с катушек”

Georgina seems To have lost her marbles because she doesn’t behave reasonably.

Lose one’s shirt

Растратить, “спустить” почти все деньги

“Don’t you think that you may Lose your shirt on this new business venture?”

Lose one’s temper

Выйти из себя, рассердиться, вспылить

Alice had never been contradicted before and she felt she Was losing her temper.

Lose one’s touch (with someone or something)

Потерять связь, контакт с кем-либо \ чем-либо

I think that the teacher is Losing her touch with the students whom she is teaching.

Lose one’s train of thought

Потерять ход мыслей

I was thinking about my project, but I Lost my train of thought when my friend called.

Lose one’s way


I can eas ily get lost in any place, even if it’s quite impossible To lose your way There.

Lose oneself (in something)

Глубоко погрузиться во что-либо

The book was fantastic, and I literally Lost myself in it.

Lose out on (something)

Упустить возможность, не воспользоваться чем-либо

If you do too much sport, it starts to rule your life. Then you Lose out on other joys of life like music, cinema, and books.

Lose out to (someone or something)

Уступить первенство кому-либо \ чему-либо

Our team Lost out to the other team in the baseball game yesterday.

Lose sight of (something)

Потерять что-либо из виду

The plane was flying very high and soon we Lost sight of it.

Lose sleep over (someone or something)

Потерять сон из-за кого-либо \ чего-либо

He Lost sleep over his recent family problems.

Lose touch with (someone)

Потерять связь, контакт с кем-либо

She graduated from the university long ago but didn’t Lose touch with her university friends.

Lose track of (someone or something)

Потерять связь, не быть в курсе дела

I keep a diary so that I may not Lose track of events in my life.


Бюро находок

I left my camera in the train and went to the Lost-and-found office at the train station to regain it.

Lost and gone forever

Утерян, утрачен навсегда

The insurance company will pay to rebuild the house. They say t the house will be as good as new. But many of the things in the house were Lost and gone forever.

Lost cause

Безнадежное, проигранное дело

Trying to change the work habits of our secretary is A lost cause. She will never change.

Lost in the shuffle

Упустить из виду или быть утерянным в запутанной или неблагоприятной ситуации

As the family was moving from place to place, some of their utensils were Lost in the shuffle of the move.

Lost in thought

Быть погруженным в свои мысли

James Was lost in thought when somebody knocked on his door.

Lost on (someone)

Затрачивать напрасно, не иметь должного эффекта

Jim’s mother insisted that he do better at school, but her words Were lost on him.

Loud and clear

Громко и четко

He preferred to speak Loud and clear.


Болтун, трепло

Ron is A loudmouth; he is also noisy and boastful.

Louse up

Испортить, изгадить

“Don’t you think that you’ve Loused up your job interview? Now there is no chance for you of getting a good job.”

Lousy with (something)

Изобилие, избыток чего-либо (с негативным оттенком)

The summer cottage Was lousy with mosquitoes.

Love at first sight

Любовь с первого взгляда

Theirs was Love at first sight, but unfortunately it didn’t last long.

Lovely weather for ducks

Дождливая погода

“Lovely weather for ducks,” I thought, walking to my car in the rain.

Lover’s lane

Аллея влюбленных

They parked their car in The lover’s lane.

Low man on the totem pole

Самый незначительный человек (в организации)

“Nothing depends on me, you know. I am A low man on the totem pole in our company.”


Правдивая информация

“I want you to give me The lowdown on the new equipment we received yesterday.”

Lower one’s sights

Умерить, снизить свои запросы

Gina did not graduate from college and will have To lower her sights when she applies for a job.

Lower one’s voice

Понизить голос

My mother asked me To lower my voice because my little sister was asleep.

Lower oneself to (some level)

Опуститься до (какого-либо уровня поведения)

James does not want To lower himself to the same level as his friend who likes to cheat at the exams.

Lower the boom on (someone)

Накричать, наорать на кого-либо, “спустить всех собак”

The father Lowered the boom on his daughter who had used his car without any permission.


Long-Playing Record – долгоиграющая пластинка

LPS are no longer popular, and John decided to give all of his old records to a charity.


Liquid Petroleum Gas – сжиженный углеводородный газ

The driver of a truck carrying LPG should be very careful.

Luck out

Внезапно повести

I Lucked out with the railway tickets and was able to get good seats in the train.

Lull before the storm

Затишье перед бурей

It was The lull before the storm when my boss walked into our office to speak about our new work schedule.

Lull (someone) into a false sense of security

Усыпить чью-либо бдительность

The inhabitants of Troy Were lulled into a false sense Of security by being given a wooden horse as a gift.

Lull (someone) to sleep

Укачать кого-либо (чтобы человек заснул)

The baby was restless, and Sally had some difficulty To lull it to sleep.

Lunatic fringe

Самые экстремальные члены группы

A small lunatic fringe of protesters caused a lot of trouble at the protest rally.

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