Английские идиомы на букву G

Gain ground

Делать успехи, продвигаться вперед

At first it seemed a very difficult job, yet little by little I Gained ground.

Game that two can play

Условия равные для обеих сторон

“I don’t like your proposal; it’s not fair. It should be A game that two can play.”

Gang up on (someone)

Напасть на кого-либо (целой группой)

A few youngsters Ganged up on a bum in the park.

Gas up

Наполнить бензобак

We’d better Gas up before we go on a car trip to the country.

Gear up for (something)

Готовиться к чему-либо

The teams Are gearing up for the baseball game.

Gee whiz

Да ну! (восклицание, выражающее удивление)

“Gee whiz! Are you really going to take part in the chess tournament?”

to a fault

Чересчур щедрый

“Don’t give the kid too much money; you are Generous to a fault.”

Get a bang out of (someone or something)

Находить удовольствие в ком-либо \ чем-то

My boss Got a bang out of pushing me into the duties I was unable to perform.

Get a black eye

Получить синяк под глазом, “подпортить свою репутацию”

Robert didn’t want to tell me how he Had got a black eye.

Get a break

Получить значительную скидку, послабление (в цене)

Tim managed To get a break on the price of the furniture and saved much money.

Get a bright idea

Великолепная идея пришла в голову (часто используется иронически)

Sam Simpson Got a bright idea that he should buy a couple of horses.

Get a checkup

Проверяться (у врача)

It’s necessary

for you to go to the doctor To get a checkup before you join our football team.

Get a clean bill of health

Получить справку о (хорошем) состоянии здоровья

I doubt if I can Get a clean bill of health; I have pains in the back now and then.

Get a dirty look from (someone)

Поймать чей-либо хмурый взгляд

I Got a dirty look from A woman in the car park. My car must have barred her exit.

Get a feel for (something)

Привыкнуть к чему-либо; научиться

George Hasn’t Got a feel for his new job yet.

Get a fix on (something)

Получить изображение чего-либо ( при помощи электронных средств)

They couldn’t Get a fix on the island because it was too far away.

Get a foothold (somewhere)

Получить отправную точку, начать (где-либо)

The new construction company Got a foothold in a medium-sized town.

Get a grasp of (something)

Понять что-либо, уяснить

Eva couldn’t Get a grasp of how to operate her new camera.

Get a grip of oneself

Взять себя в руки

“I want you To get a grip of yourself and calm down.”

Get a head start

Начать раньше кого-либо/ чего-либо

“Let’s Get a head start on our work. The sooner we begin, the sooner we finish.”

Get a kick out of (someone or something)

Получать удовольствие от кого-либо/ чего-либо

I always Get a kick out of watching old films.

Get a load of (someone or something)

Хорошенько посмотреть, взглянуть на кого-либо/ чего-либо

“Get a load of that woman in a fancy dress. Doesn’t she look ridiculous?”

Get a load off one’s mind

Рассказать о своих заботах и тревогах, “снять груз с души”

When I am worried about something, I talk to my best friend To get the load off my mind.

Get a lot of mileage out of (something)

Получить \ извлечь большую пользу от чего-либо

They hoped To get a lot of mileage out of their new car.

Get a lump in one’s throat

Комок в горле (от волнения)

While watching the film “Stepmother” I Got a lump in my throat.

Get a move on

Поспешить, поторопиться

“You’ll have To get a move on if you want to get to the station in time.”

Get a raise

Получить повышение заработной платы

Jack works hard and hopes To get a raise in his new job.

Get a raw deal

Несправедливое или плохое обращение

Angie Got a raw deal from her stepfather.

Get a rise out of someone

Рассердить, разозлить кого-либо

“Look here! Are you trying To get a rise out of me?”

Get a run for one’s money

Получить все сполна за свои деньги; получить то, что заслуживаешь

David Got a run for his money when he decided to take part in car races.

Get a slap on the wrist

Понести небольшое наказание

The principal gave the student A slap on the wrist for having damaged a piece of school furniture.

Get a toehold (somewhere)

Получить точку опоры, поддержку где-либо

They have been able To get a toehold in the car market.

Get a tongue-lashing

Получить (устный) выговор

The students, who missed a lot of classes, Got a tongue-lashing from the Dean.

Get a whiff of (something)

Узнать о чем-либо, “прознать что-либо”

“I don’t want the media To get a whiff of what’s going on here, so be careful.”

Get a wiggle on


“Children, let’s Get a wiggle on or we might miss the show at the movie theater!”

Get a word in edgewise

Встрять в разговор

My Mom and Dad were talking, and I wanted To get a word in edgewise, but then I changed my mind.

Get a word in

Вставить слово

No way can I Get a word in when my mother-in-law is talking.

Get across

Объяснить, заставить понять

Jimmy tried To get across the importance of using modern equipment.

Get after (someone) to do (something)

Заставить кого-либо сделать что-либо

“Why not Get after Melony to clear the mess on her desk?”

Get ahead of (oneself)

Поспешно сделать или сказать что-либо

“Never Get ahead of yourself; first think then speak.”

Get ahead

Продвинуться, преуспеть

Collin works day and night at his new project in order To get ahead.

Get ahold of (someone or something)

Связаться с кем-либо, овладеть чем-либо

Jacob was trying To get ahold of his former boss, but every time he failed.

Get along in years

Стареть, становиться старше

His parents Were getting along in years and Lester wanted to be near them.

Get along on a shoestring

Быть стесненным в средствах, иметь очень мало денег

After her husband’s death Linda had To get along on a shoestring.

Get along on (a small amount of something)

Довольствоваться малым

I wonder how she can Get along on such meagre salary.

Get along with someone

Ладить с кем-либо, быть в хороших отношениях

Pat is not easy To get along with.

Get along

Уйти, отправиться

As it was getting late, they had To get along.

Get an earful

Выслушивать критику, жалобы

The dean often Gets an earful when he asks the students if they have any complaints.

Get an eyeful (of someone or something)

Увидеть шокирующее или удивительное зрелище

When I visited my friends in Florida, I Got an eyeful of a crocodile lying in the center of their yard.

Get around to (something)

Наконец найти время, чтобы сделать что-либо

I finally Got around to getting rid of old newpapers.

Get around

Повсюду ездить, путешествовать

I like To get around and I have been to many countries in Europe.

Get at (someone or something)

Напасть на кого-либо/ что-либо

A pack of wolves Got at a sheep.

Get at (something)

Иметь в виду

“What Were you Getting at when you said this?”

Get away from it all

Уехать в отпуск, отдохнуть от всего

I wanted To get away from it all that weekend.

Get away with murder

Избежать сурового наказания

“You’ve broken your sister’s favorite toy. Don’t think you will be able To get away with murder.”

Get away with (something)

Выйти сухим из воды

Jenny never arrives at the office in time; I wonder how she manages To get away with it.

Get away

Спастись, удрать

The thief managed To get way through the window.

Get back at (someone)


Mark has let me down, and I want To get back at him.

Get back to (someone)

Возвратить(ся), получать обратно, возмещать

They didn’t want their complaints To get back to the boss.

Get back together

Возобновить отношения после разлада

Diane hoped that some day Mark and she would Get back together.

Get back

Вернуться, возвратиться

Robert has just Got back from his long journey to the Far East.

Get behind (a person or idea)

Поддерживать (человека или идею)

We decided To get behind Jane to be class president.

Get behind


I was afraid that I might Get behind with my work.

Get better

(делать что-либо) лучше, делать успехи

My little daughter Is getting better at playing the piano.

Get by (on something)

Справляться, перебиваться (обычно относится к деньгам)

Kelly earns very little money; I can’t figure how she is able To get by On her salary.

Get carried away

Быть захваченным эмоциями или энтузиазмом

Anna Got carried away and cleaned the whole house.

Get close to (someone)

Стать ближе к кому-либо, подружиться с кем-либо

During his stay in Egypt Leonard Got close to a few natives.

Get close to (something)

Почти достичь цели

I thought I Was getting close to learning the truth.

Get cold feet

Струсить в последнюю минуту, спасовать

“Did Collin help you to escape? – No, he Got cold feet.”

Get cracking

Поторопиться, начать двигаться

You are To get cracking on this picture if you want to see it exhibited.

Get credit for (a course)

Получить зачет

Jack was not able To get credit for the History course though it was as easy as ABC.

Get down to brass tacks

Добраться до сути, установить полную ясность

It was just like his brother To get down to brass tacks and finish this discussion.

Get down to business

Взяться за дело

“You’ve been fooling around long enough; it’s time you Got down to business.”

Get down to (something)

Начать делать что-либо, взяться за дело

“Now, children, let’s Get down to work and do a few exercises.”

Get down to the facts

Добраться до истины (фактов)

Detective Finch tried To get down to the facts of the case before he started a thorough investigation.

Get down to the nitty-gritty

Разобраться до конца

“Somebody has broken the window in the classroom. I want you To get down to the nitty-gritty,” the director told the teacher.

Get engaged

Быть помолвленным

I heard rumors that Ben Had got engaged; his fiancee was a widow with a handsome income.

Get even (with someone)

Отплатить кому-либо, поквитаться с кем-либо

Alan decided To get even with his girl friend for having walked out on him.



The get-go of the performance was not so bad.

Get going

Разволноваться, рассердиться

Once Marion Gets going, there is no stopping her wailing.

Get gray hair

Поседеть (в результате стресса)

Ms Ross Was getting gray hair From her son; he was her constant worry.

Get hitched

Пожениться, выйти замуж

John and Mary surprised us all; they Got hitched yesterday.

Get hold of (someone)

Связаться с кем-либо

I tried To get hold of my boss and ask him a few questions.

Get hold of (something)

Приобрести что-либо

“I hear you Have got hold of a beautiful car.”

Get in on (something)

Быть вовлеченным во что-либо

I could never believe that Sandra Got in on the redecorating of the house.

Get in on the ground floor

Начать с начала (в надежде на будущий успех)

“If I were you, I would Get in on the ground floor of your new job.”

Get in (someone’s) hair

Раздражать кого-либо

“Your behavior Gets in my hair.”

Get in touch with someone

Связаться с кем-либо, войти в контакт

“I think you’d better Get in touch with your legal adviser about those taxes.”

Get into a stew over (someone or something)

Беспокоиться или волноваться из-за кого-либо/ чего-либо

“You needn’t Get into a stew over your daughter’s absense. She’ll call you as soon as she can.”

Get into hot water

Попасть в тяжелое положение, потерять почву под ногами, увязнуть

Tim might Get into hot water because of his debts.

Get into (someone’s) head

Пытаться понять, о чем думает и что чувствует кто-либо

I am trying To get into my friend’s head, so that I might understand how he feels about losing his job.

Get into the act

Пытаться участвовать в чем-либо

We played games at the barbeque and everybody wanted To get into the act.

Get into the swing of things

Привыкнуть к новому окружению или ситуации

When I move to a new environment, it’s always difficult for me To get into the swing of things.

Get involved with (someone)

Связаться с кем-либо (часто романтически)

Gina Has got involved with Jack; they have been going out for a few months already.

Get it all together

Полностью овладеть собой

Ron finally overcome his perplexity and Got it all together.

Get it into one’s head to (do something)

Вбить что-либо себе в голову

Jane Got it into her head to become an actress though she doesn’t have any inclination for acting.

Get it through one’s head

Взбрести кому-либо в голову

Angie Has got it through her head to become a movie star, but I know she is not cut out for this career.

Get it

Понять, уяснить

“Why aren’t you laughing? The joke is quite funny. – I didn’t Get it.”

Get lost!

Уйди! Отстань!

My little sister was bothering me with her silly questions so I told her To get lost.

Get mad at (someone or something)

Сильно злиться на кого-либо/ чего-либо

My hair dryer wouldn’t work and I Got mad at it.

Get married


Margaret and Bill Got married in September ten years ago.

Get mixed up

Запутаться, перепутать

“I’m sorry I Got mixed up with the place of our meeting.”

Get nowhere fast

Не двигаться дальше, не продвигаться

They Were getting nowhere fast in their effort to aquire new machinery for their factory.

Get off easy

Дешево отделаться

“If all you had to do was to pay a two dollar fine, you Got off very easy.”

Get off (easy/lightly)

Легко отделаться

The boy stole a bicycle from his neighbor, but Got off easy; he received very little punishment for his crime.

Get off on the wrong foot

Плохо начать (в отношении с кем-либо, относительно чего-либо)

Peggy Got off on the wrong foot with her boss since her first day of work.

Get off one’s butt

Заняться чем-либо, начать работать

Nora ought To get off her butt and do something useful.

Get off one’s high horse

Перестать важничать

I wish George would Get off his high horse as it is very annoying.

Get off (someone’s) back

Оставить в покое, не беспокоить кого-либо

“Do me a favor and Get off my back!”

Get off the ground

Успешно начать, подняться с нуля

Ashley is not much of a businessman and his printing business never Got off the ground.

Get off the hook

Освободиться от обязательства, “сорваться с крючка”

Jerry Got off the hook and didn’t have to pay alimony to his wife.

Get off to a flying start

Успешно начаться

Adam’s small business Got off to a flying start, but then the things went slack.

Get off

Отделаться или избежать наказания

“I am going to punish you and you Won’t get off this time.”

Get on in years


Ella’s parents Were getting on in years and she decided to move closer to them.

Get on one’s high horse

Вести себя высокомерно, важничать

Alice is very bossy; when she Gets on her high horse, there is no stopping her.

Get on one’s nerves

Раздражать, действовать на нервы

“You are playing very loud music; it Is getting on my nerves.”

Get on (someone) to do (something)

Настойчиво просить/ заставлять кого-либо делать что-либо

“Why not Get on The mechanic To fix our car in the shortest possible time?”

Get on (someone’s) nerves

Раздражать, действовать (кому-либо) на нервы

“You are playing very loud music; it Is getting on my nerves.”

Get on the good side of (someone)

Заслужить чью-либо благосклонность, расположить кого-либо к себе

George gave Pat gifts and flowers trying To get on the good side of her.

Get one’s act together

Стать более организованным

I advised my cousin To get her act together and find something to do at last.

Get one’s bearings

Осмотреться, определить свое местоположение

Let’s Get our bearings before we go any farther.

Get one’s comeuppance

Понести заслуженное наказание

Jimmy Got his comeuppance for his wrong doings.

Get one’s dander up

Рассердить(ся), разозлить(ся), вывести из себя

Sam is a very irritable person; one can easily Get his dander up.

Get one’s ducks in a row

Привести свои дела в порядок

I Got my ducks in a row before I quit my job.

Get one’s feet wet

Начать делать что-либо впервые

Mark Got his feet wet in the furniture business; he had never done it before.

Get one’s fill of (someone or something)

Получить что-либо сполна, иметь достаточно общения с кем-либо

I Have got my fill of His presence and I don’t want to see him again.

Get one’s foot in the door

Проникнуть, устроиться

Olaf Got his foot in the door of the pharmaceutical industry and he hopes to be successful.

Get one’s hands on (someone or something)

Найти кого-либо \ что-либо (с трудом)

Jimmy was trying hard To get his hands on the documents.

Get one’s head above water

Контролировать ситуацию (часто денежные проблемы)

Peter decided To get his head above water so that he could control the situation in the firm.

Get one’s just deserts

Получить по заслугам

The accountant was fired for swindling; I think she Got her just deserts.

Get one’s knuckles rapped

Получить порицание, наказание за что-либо

Steve Parson Got his knuckles rapped for having violated the traffic rules.

Get one’s money’s worth

Получить (деньги) сполна

Felix Got his money’s worth when he sold several pictures of old masters at the auction.

Get one’s nose out of (someone’s) business

Не лезть не в свое дело

I told my brother To get his nose out of My business.

Get one’s nose out of (something)

Не ввязываться во что-либо

Celia wished her cousin would Get her nose out of her private affairs.

Get one’s own way

Добиваться своего; делать, как хочется

Marion is very persistent; she always Gets her own way in everything.

Get one’s rear in gear

Поторопиться; “взять руки в ноги”

“We might be late for the train so let’s Get our rear in gear.”

Get one’s say

Выразить свое мнение, высказаться

The atmosphere at the meeting was very favorable, and everyone was able To get their say.

Get one’s sea legs

Привыкнуть к чему-либо (например, к движению корабля)

I couldn’t Get my sea legs on board the ship for a long time.

Get one’s start

Начать какое-либо дело с нуля

One of my friends Got his start by selling computers.

Get one’s walking papers


“Come to work in time if you don’t want To get your walking papers.”

Get one’s wires crossed

Запутать(ся), перепутать

Wanda Got her wires crossed and got off at the wrong station.

Get oneself into a stew over (someone or something)

Беспокоиться или быть расстроенным из-за кого-либо \ чего-либо

Mary easily Gets herself into a stew over little things that are of no importance.

Get or become mixed up

Растеряться или запутаться

The old man Becomes mixed up when he tries to use a cell phone.

Get out from under (someone or something)

Избегать неблагоприятной ситуации

Sarah would like To get out from under her parents who are always nagging her.

Get out of a jam

Освободиться, избавиться от проблемы или от неблагоприятной ситуации

They managed To get out of a jam only when a new air conditioner was installed.

Get out of bed on the wrong side

Встать с левой ноги, быть в плохом настроении

Jim hasn’t spoken to any of us all day; he must Have gotten out of bed on the wrong side.

Get out of hand

Выйти из повиновения

The meeting Got out of hand and the police asked the participants to disperse.

Get out of (someone’s) face

Оставить кого-либо в покое, уйти с глаз долой

Eva irritates me no end; I wish she would Get out of my face.

Get out of the way

Уйти с дороги, не мешать

“Please Get out of the way; I am trying to do your bedroom.”

Get over (something)

Преодолеть что-либо; оправиться после болезни

Vivian didn’t quite Get over her flu yet.

Get ready


“We are going to the country tomorrow so Get ready for the trip.”

Get religion

Стать религиозным

All of a sudden my aunt Got religion and started going to church.

Get rid of (something)

Избавиться от чего-либо

I avdised him To get rid of his bad habits.

Get rolling


“I am leaving, but you should Get rolling and try to finish your work today.”

Get serious

Становиться серьезными и длительными (о взаимоотношениях)

Peter and Samantha had been dating for a few months before they began To get serious.

Get set

Быть готовым начать(ся)

Everything Got set for the beginning of the show.

Get sick


“Don’t walk in the rain; you might Get sick.”

Get sidetracked

Отвлечься от какого-либо дела

My friend dropped in and I Got sidetracked in what I was doing.

Get (someone) down

Приводить в угнетенное состояние

My words Got Alice down.

Get (someone or something) out of one’s head/mind

Выбросить кого-либо/ что-либо из головы, забыть

“Get that nonsense Out of your head!”

Get (someone or something) out of one’s mind/head

Выбросить кого-либо/ чего-либо из головы, забыть

“Get that nonsense Out of your head!”

Get (someone) out of one’s hair

Перестать надоедать кому-либо

Eliza tried hard to Get her younger sister out of her hair.

Get (someone’s) back up

Рассердить кого-либо

I did not intend To get my friend’s back up when I asked her if I could borrow her laptop.

Get (someone’s) goat

Раздражать кого-либо

My husband is very unpunctual, and it Gets my goat.

Get (someone’s) number

Составить мнение о ком-либо, “раскусить человека”

Santana and Kim Got their new roommate’s number pretty soon.

Get (something) into/through (someone’s) head

Заставить кого-либо понять что-либо

The mother couldn’t Get it through her son’s head the necessity of studying hard.

Get (something) off one’s chest

Рассказать о том, что беспокоит; облегчить душу

“Tell me what’s worrying you. Get it off your chest.”

Get (something) out in the open

Сделать что-либо всеобщим достоянием

Alison didn’t want To get Her private life Out in the open.

Get (something) out of one’s system

Избавиться от желания что-либо делать

“I want you To get Gossiping out of your system.”

Get (something) out of (something)

Извлекать выгоду(пользу) из чего-либо

She will never be able To get anything out of studying anthropology.

Get (something) out of the way

Сделать, закончить что-либо

I Got My exams Out of the way and I can start enjoying myself.

Get (something) over with

Покончить с чем-либо

Joe was anxious To get his task over with.

Get (something) straight

Ясно понять что-либо

“I am sorry but I can’t possibly Get straight what you want me to do.”

Get (something) through (someone’s) thick skull

Вбить, вдолбить кому-либо в голову

The mother couldn’t Get it through her son’s thick scull the necessity of finding a job.

Get the ax

Быть уволенным, “вылетить с работы”

Henry Got the ax because he had spoken rudely to his boss.

Get the ball rolling

Начать что-либо

“If you want to arrange a homecoming party, let’s Get the ball rolling.”

Get the benefit of the doubt

Оправдать кого-либо (за недостаточностью улик)

Tim Osgood was tried for burglary but Got the benefit of the doubt.

Get the better of (someone)

Преодолеть, справиться; получить преимущество над кем-либо, победить

Sam was trying To get the better of the stupor that had come over him.

Get the blues

Хандрить, находиться в подавленном состоянии

Every now and then I Get the blues.

Get the boot

Уволить, выгнать

The man Got the boot from the cafe because he had drunk too much.

Get the brush-off

Выразить неприязнь, проигнорировать, “дать отставку”

I am afraid I might Get the brush-off if I ask Mary for a date.

Get the cold shoulder (from someone)

Быть холодно принятым или отвергнутым кем-либо

William Got the cold shoulder when he visited his relatives in California.

Get the cold shoulder

Быть холодно принятым или отвергнутым

William Got the cold shoulder when he visited his relatives in California.

Get the day off

Получить отгул на работе

Baldwin asked his boss if he could Get the day off in the middle of the week.

Get the eye from (someone)

Поймать чей-либо враждебный взгляд

As I approached the counter, I Got the eye from the bartender and I wondered what the matter was.

Get the facts straight

Хорошо понимать факты

“Those are the facts and I want you To get them straight.”

Get the feel of (something)

Освоиться с чем-либо

If you keep practising, you will soon Get the feel of it.

Get the floor

Получить слово

I wanted to express my opinion about the matter, but I didn’t Get the floor.

Get the go-ahead

Получить сигнал к действию (начать делать что-либо)

The soldiers Got the go-ahead to attack the enemy.

Get the goods on (someone)

Получить негативную информацию о ком-либо

Police officer Klaps was sure that he would Get the goods on the man.

Get the hang of (something)

Научиться, получить навык

I soon Got the hang of working at the computer.

Get the jump on (someone)

Опередить кого-либо

They decided to start ahead of everbody so that they could Get the jump on the other sportsmen.

Get the last laugh

Посмеяться на чей-то счет (над тем, кто смеялся над вами)

My friend likes to make fun of me, but it’s me who always Get the last laugh.

Get the lead out


Ricardo told his slow friend To get the lead out.

Get the low-down on (someone or something)

Получить полную информацию о ком-либо \ чем-либо

The police needed To get the low-down on one of the suspects.

Get the message

Ясно понять значение (чего-либо)

I told Gina to leave me alone, but I don’t think she Got the message.

Get the nod

Быть выбранным \ избранным

Miss Brown Got the nod to represent our team in the chess tournament.

Get the once-over

Беглый, поверхностный осмотр

The man Got the once-over and was pronounced to be fit for the job.

Get the picture

Полностью понять ситуацию

When Fisher arrived at the scene of the crime, he immediately Got the picture of what had happened.

Get the red-carpet treatment

Получить особое обращение

The US President Got the red-carpet treatment During his visit to France.

Get the runaround

Получить уклончивай ответ

Simon didn’t expect To get the runaround when he went to the bank to ask for a loan.

Get the sack

Быть уволенным

Fanny Got the sack because she was rude to the customers.

Get the shock of one’s life

Получить ужасный шок

I saw a man jump out of the sixteenth floor window and I Got the shock of my life.

Get the short end of the stick

Получить меньше, чем другие

Cora was the youngest child in a big family and she often Got the short end of the stick.

Get the show on the road

Начать работать над чем-либо

“Let’s get the show on the road and start reading for our exams.”

Get the third degree

Быть допрошенным с пристрастием

The student Got the third degree after he had missed a lot of classes.

Get the upper hand (on someone)

Взять верх над кем-либо

George Got the upper hand On his friend in their dispute.

Get the worst of (something)

Быть побежденным, получить меньше преимуществ

“If you buy a used car, you may Get the worst of The deal.”

Get through (a course or set of material)

Завершить курс или учебный материал

We were happy To get through a course in Astronomy at last; we thought the subject to be very dull.

Get through (something)

Справиться с чем-либо, выдержать (экзамен)

Dana though not hungry Got through dinner quickly.

Get through to (someone)

Заставить кого-либо понять что-либо, “достучаться до кого-либо”

Maria is very stubborn and I often have difficulty in trying To get through to her.

Get time off

Получить отпуск

I’d like To get time off in September.

Get to do (something)

Получать возможность сделать что-либо

The children didn’t Get to Visit their aunt in Chicago last summer.

Get to first base

Удаваться, удачно начинать

Alison hoped to have met her English instructor, but she couldn’t Get to first base.

Get to one’s feet


The students Got to their feet at the end of the lecture.

Get to (reach) first base with someone or something

Сделать главный шаг навстречу кому-либо \ чему-либо

Jameson was not able To reach first base with his partner.

Get to the bottom of (something)

Дойти до сути чего-либо

“I’d like To get to the bottom of the matter all by myself,” Cora said.

Get to the heart of (something)

Докопаться до сути дела

“How am I supposed To get to the heart of the matter if you don’t want to give me all the facts?”

Get to the root of the problem

Дойти до основания (сути) проблемы

Stuart was determined To get to the root of the problem about the funds.

Get tough with (someone)

Стать строгим с кем-либо

It’s time the teachers Got tough with the latecomers.

Get two/three strikes against someone

Оказаться в невыгодном положении, быть предупрежденным о промахах

Felicity often has problems at work; she now has Two strikes against her. I am afraid she might be fired if there are any more problems.

Get under one’s skin

Надоедать или расстраивать

Lora is a bit of a busybody and it Gets under my skin.

Get under (someone’s) skin

Надоедать или расстраивать кого-либо

Lora is a bit of a busybody and it Gets under my skin.

Get under way


The jazz concert Got under way early that evening.


Энергия, энтузиазм

My aunt, who is about eighty, still has lots of Get-up-and-go.

Get up enough nerve (to do something)

Набраться достаточно храбрости, чтобы сделать что-либо

At last Tamara Got up enough nerve to ask her boss about a promotion.

Get up on the wrong side of the bed

Встать с левой ноги, быть в плохом настроении

“You must have Got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning that’s why you are in a bad mood.”

Get up the nerve to (do something)

Расхрабриться, чтобы сделать что-либо

Nancy Got up the nerve to ask her father to let her take his car.

Get up

Вставать (утром); вставать на ноги

Pamela Got up early that morning.

Get used to (someone or something)


I can never Get used to getting up early.

Get what’s coming to one

Получить, что заслуживаешь

Tom Sanders was involved in a car fraud and Got what was coming to him.

Get wind of (something)

Услышать о чем-либо

The students Got wind of the changes in the timetable from the secretary.

Get wise to (someone or something)

Разузнать, раскрыть секрет; познакомиться с кем-либо \ чем-либо

At last Jim Got wise to the facts of the story.

Get with it

Быть внимательным; заняться делом

The traffic policeman told the driver To get with it or he might meet with an accident.

Get worked up about/over (something)

Разволноваться из-за чего-либо

My brother always Gets worked up when I use his cell phone without his permission.

Get/gain/have the upper hand (on someone)

Получить право контролировать кого-либо

Now that Mike became the chief executive, he has the Upper hand on all the employees of the company.

Get/have a frog in one’s throat

Болезненное ощущение в горле (из-за простуды) поэтому трудно говорить

Jane has Got such a terrible frog in her throat that she cannot say a word.

Get/have a lump in one’s throat

Почувствовать комок в горле (от волнения)

While watching the film “Stepmother” I Got a lump in my throat.

Get/have gray hair


Ms. Pottly is constantly worried about her son; she Is getting gray hair from all the stress.

Get/have the green light

Получить добро, получить зеленый свет

They Got the green light to begin working at their project.


Модное платье или костюм

“What was that strange Getup that your girl friend was wearing to the party?”

Ghost of a chance

Очень небольшой шанс (один из тысячи)

I don’t have A ghost of a chance to get in touch with my dentist today.


Government Issue – казенный, прозвище солдат в американской армии

GI is the nickname of an American soldier.

Gift of the gab

Бойкость речи, дар красноречия (“язык хорошо подвешен”)

He had the Gift of the gab and it attracted women to him.

Gird up one’s loins

Собраться с силами (для выполнения трудной работы)

Sara got ready To gird up her loins and begin to read for her Math exam.

Give a little

Пойти на компромисс во время переговоров

If you want to complete the negotiations, you should Give a little otherwise you may fall through.

Give a wide birth to (someone or something)

Сторониться \ избегать кого-либо\ чего-либо

Frankly I prefer To give a wide birth to ill-mannered people.


Компромисс, взаимные уступки

There’s got to be lots of Give-and-take in the family life.

Give away (a secret)

Выдать (секрет)

“Don’t worry; I am not going To give away your intentions.”

Give away (something)

Отдать что-либо

Della has grown up and she wants To give away her dolls to small girls in the orphanage.

Give birth


My brother’s wife Gave birth to twin boys.

Give chase

Гнаться, бежать

Yesterday a pickpocket stole my purse and I Gave chase to the man.

Give credence to (someone or something)

Поверить кому-либо\ чему-либо

They didn’t want To give credence to the man’s statement so they ignored it.

Give credit where credit is due

Воздать должное, поблагодарить, выразить признание

I wanted To give credit where credit is due and thanked the lifeguard who had saved me from drowning.

Give free rein to (someone or something)

Предоставить кому-либо\ чему-либо свободу действий

The housekeeper Was given free rein to do what she thought neccessary.

Give ground

Уступать, отступать, сдавать свои позиции

We must learn To give ground in order to gain further ground later.

Give in to (someone)

Уступать, сдаваться, прекращать спор

He Gave in to the wish of the majority.

Give it to (someone) straight

Сказать это кому-либо прямо в лицо

Gina was no longer happy with her husband and she decided To give it to him straight.

Give it to (someone)

Наказать или наругать кого-либо

The nanny really Gave it to the six-year-old boy because he had deliberately spilt soup all over the table.

Give me five!

Поздравь меня!” (эти слова обычно сопровождаются ударом ладони о чью-либо ладонь)

“Give me five!” Allan said when he won in his first baseball game.

Give notice

Подать заявление об уходе или прекращении договора

Cora Trenton didn’t like her job of a secretary, so she Gave notice.

Give off (something)

Испускать (запах), выделять пары

Burning rubber Gives off a nasty smell.

Give one’s eye teeth (to do something)

Очень хотеть сделать что-либо, готов все отдать

George would Give his eye teeth to move to Chicago.

Give one’s right arm (for someone or something)

Отдать что-либо ценное за кого-либо \ что-либо

Sam would Give his right arm for the opportunity to see Fanny again.

Give one’s right arm

Отдать что-либо очень ценное; “отдать голову на отсечение”

He would Give his right arm to be able to see Clarissa again.

Give oneself away

Выдать себя, обнаружить свою вину

Stella had to admit that she had let them down, yet she didn’t want To give herself Away.

Give oneself up to (something)

Отдаваться, предаваться чему-либо

Jim Was giving himself up to his task with complete earnestness.

Give oneself up

Сдаться, перестать сопротивляться

When they saw that they were surrounded by the enemy soldiers, they Gave themselves up.

Give or take

Примерно, плюс – минус

John weighs about half a ton Give or take a few kilos.

Give out

Раздавать, распределять

The teacher asked one of the students To give out the books.

Give rise to

Быть причиной чего-либо

Sam’s health problems Gave rise to several other ones.

Give (someone) a big hand

Аплодировать кому-либо

The audience Gave the actors a big hand when they finished their performance.

Give (someone) a black eye

Поставить кому-либо синяк под глазом, подпортить чью-либо репутацию

My boss tried to hush up the scandal; he didn’t want the company To be given a black eye.

Give (someone) a blank check

Предоставить кому-либо полную свободу действий

The government Gave The Minister of Education A blank check to improve the situation.

Give (someone) a break

Дать кому-либо шанс

“If only they Would have given me a break! I would have done the job better.”

Give (someone) a bum steer

Вводить в заблуждение, сбивать с пути

I didn’t want To give them a bum steer so I said nothing.

Give (someone) a clean bill of health

Выдать кому-либо справку о (хорошем) состоянии здоровья

Jacob hoped that his doctor would Give him a clean bill of health during the recent checkup.

Give (someone) a dirty look

Посмотреть хмуро на кого-либо

Having bumped into a woman, Nick didn’t apologize and she Gave him a dirty look.

Give (someone) a fair shake

Относиться к кому-либо по справедливости

Felix was a skilled worker, and the company Gave the new employee a fair shake.

Give (someone) a free hand (with something)

Дать кому-либо полный контроль над чем-либо

The Board of Directors Gave Bob Tailgate A free hand with the management.

Give (someone) a free hand

Предоставить кому-либо свободу действий

I asked Mr. Bobtail To give me a free hand to make my own work schedule.

Give (someone) a hand with (something)

Помочь кому-либо в чем-либо

My Mom does the laundry twice a week and Dad often Gives her a hand with ironing.

Give (someone) a hand

Помочь, оказать помощь

I do the laundry and my husband Gives me a hand with ironing.

Give (someone) a hard time

Причинять беспокойство, надоедать

My new hairdo Gave me a hard time.

Give (someone) a head start

Дать кому-либо фору; рывок вперед на старте

They Gave him a head start in the orientiring contest.

Give (someone) a piece of one’s mind

Ругать кого-либо, сердиться на кого-либо

Susan has let me down, and I am going To give her a piece of my mind.

Give (someone) a ring/buzz

Позвонить кому-либо

“Will you, please, Give me a ring as soon as you arrive?”

Give (someone) a run for their money

Дать кому-либо то, что он заслуживает

Mike and Antony are excellent footballers; let’s Give them a run for their money.

Give (someone) a slap on the wrist

Назначить кому-либо легкое наказание

A few high school students were taken to the police station and Given a slap on the wrist because they had been playing truant.

Give (someone) a start

Испугать или удивить кого-либо

“You Gave me a start when you appeared so suddenly.”

Give (someone) a swelled head

Стать тщеславным, вскружить кому-либо голову

Ron had won the swimming championship and the victory gave him A swelled head.

Give (someone) a tongue-lashing

Ругать кого-либо, распекать

Ms. Rotenberg Gave her son a tongue-lashing when she learnt about his bad behavior at school.

Give (someone) an inch and they will take a mile

Дай ему палец, он всю руку откусит” (ему все мало)

“Don’t give Joe any more money; If you give him an inch he will take a mile.”

Give (someone) enough rope and they will hang themselves

Дать (кому-либо) свободу, и он натворит бед

“Never give Ben enough time and freedom to do what he wants. If you Give him enough rope he will hang himself.”

Give (someone) one’s word

Пообещать, дать слово кому-либо

I Gave her my word to help her and I intend to keep my promise.

Give someone (or something) a second chance

Дать кому-либо \ чему-либо еще один шанс

Sam walked down on his wife, but when he decided to come back, his wife didn’t want To give him a second chance.

Give (someone or something) the thumbs up

Выступить в поддержку кого-либо \ чего-либо

The city Gave the art festival organizers the thumbs up.

Give (someone) pause to think

Дать кому-либо время подумать

“Please, Give me pause to think and I’ll tell you what to do.”

Give (someone) the ax

Внезапно уволить кого-либо

They Gave the new employee The ax because he was negligent of his duties.

Give (someone) the benefit of the doubt

Оправдать кого-либо за недостаточностью улик, поверить кому-либо на слово

The jury Gave Marion the benefit of the doubt and she was set free in the court room.

Give (someone) the boot

Уволить кого-либо, вышвырнуть кого-либо откуда-либо

A man in the restaurant got drunk and started yelling. No wonder he Was given the boot.

Give (someone) the brush-off

Порвать с кем-либо, дать отставку

Anna didn’t want to go out with Bob any longer so she Gave him the brush-off.

Give (someone) the bum’s rush

Выгнать кого-либо (из бара) с помощью вышибалы

The club owners Gave a group of youngsters The bum’s rush when they started to make too much noise.

Give (someone) the cold shoulder

Игнорировать кого-либо, оказать кому-либо холодный прием

Those who knew everything about him Gave him the cold shoulder.

Give (someone) the creeps

Нагнать страху на кого-либо, “мурашки по спине бегают”

Denny didn’t like the place; it Gave him the creeps.

Give (someone) the eye

Посмотреть на кого-либо неприязненно

I Gave the young man the eye because I didn’t like the way he was being downright rude to his mother.

Give (someone) the green light

Разрешить, дать зеленый свет кому-либо

So far Gordon Was not given the green light to start work on the new project.

Give (someone) the green light/the go-ahead

Дать кому-либо зеленый свет, предоставить свободу действий, дать разрешение на осуществление планов

So far Gordon Was not given the green light to start work on the new project.

Give (someone) the low-down (on someone or something)

Предоставить полную информацию о ком-либо\ чем-либо

Lewis asked his boss To give him the low-down on the new project.

Give (someone) the once-over

Охватить взглядом, быстро осмотреть

We Gave them the once-over but we didn’t like what we saw.

Give (someone) the red-carpet treatment

Оказать почетный прием

The US President Was given the red-carpet treatment during his visit to France.

Give (someone) the runaround

Увиливать от ответа, дать уклончивый ответ

The bank manager Gave me the runaround when I came to get a loan.

Give (someone) the shirt off one’s back

Быть очень щедрым, быть готовым отдать последнее

Mr. Hobson seemed to be very generous ready To give you the shirt off his back.

Give (someone) the slip

Удрать от кого-либо, улизнуть

“Don’t try To give me the slip or you’ll get it hot!”

Give (someone) the third degree

Допросить кого-либо с пристрастием

The detective Gave the suspect The third degree.

Give (someone) their due

Похвалить кого-либо, выразить признательность

Solomon and Dora are good parents; you have To give them their due.

Give (someone) their freedom

Выпустить на свободу

The judge decided To give the young man his freedom because of his good behavior in prison.

Give (someone) what’s coming to him or her

Воздать кому-либо по заслугам (часто с отрицательным значением)

They Gave the shoplifter what was coming to him; he was taken to court and sent to jail.

Give (something) a shot

Попытаться делать что-либо, начать что-либо

I am going To give tennis a shot.

Give (something) a whirl

Пробовать делать что-либо

Sue made up her mind To give dancing a whirl so she joined a folk dance club.

Give (something) one’s best shot

Очень постараться сделать что-либо

I don’t have much experience teaching English, but I like doing it and will Give it my best shot.

Give the devil his due

Отдавать должное противнику\ плохому человеку

Julian is not much of a doctor. However, you have To give the devil his due – His patients like him.

Give three cheers for (someone)

Хвалить кого-либо, прокричать троекратное ‘ура’ в честь кого-либо

The football fans Gave three cheers for their favorite team after they won the match.

Give up the ghost

Испустить дух, умереть; перестать работать

John Wain was twenty three when his old man Gave up the ghost.

Give up

Перестать, прекратить, отказаться от

I am going To give up smoking.

Give voice to (one’s feelings)

Выразить словами свои чувства

Vivian Gave voice to her feelings about the new venture.

Give voice to (something)

Выразить словами что-либо

Vivian Gave voice to her feelings about the new venture.

Give way

Потерпеть неудачу, рухнуть

During the flood the old bridge Gave way.


Выдать что-либо не преднамеренно; товар, продаваемый с уступкой в цене или отдаваемый бесплатно

He didn’t want to look sad, but the expression of his face was a Giveaway.

Given to understand (something)

Дать ясно понять что-либо

Jack Was given to understand that his presence was not wanted.

Glad hand (someone)

Тепло приветствовать кого-либо

Mark Glad handed the people who came to support him.

Glad hand

Радушно приветствовать, пожимать руку

The priest Was glad handing people at the church door.

Gloss (something) over

Представлять в лучшем свете, приукрашивать

“I think you are trying To gloss over the amount of money that the business has lost.”

Glutton for punishment

Любитель трудной или неприятной работы

“I am not A glutton for punishment, so don’t expect me to do the dirty work.”


Greenwich Mean Time – время по Гринвичскому меридиану

GMT Is a place near London which is used as the standard for time around the world

Gnash one’s teeth

Скрежетать зубами

The wound was very painful, and the man Gnashed his teeth.


Gross National Product – валовой национальный продукт

The total value of goods and services produced by a country in one year is called GNP.

Go a long way toward (something)

Быть достаточным, хватить надолго (о деньгах, продуктах)

We are going to camp out and we hope the food will Go a long way toward the end of camp.

Go about one’s business

Заняться своим делом

We had a lot of fun at the seaside and now we Are going about our business again.

Go after (someone)

Искать, пытаться поймать кого-то

“Don’t drive very fast or the police will Go after you.”

Go against the grain

Идти против природы или склонности к чему-либо

“Your unfriendly attitude Goes against the grain of good manners.”

Go ahead

Двинуться вперед, начать делать что-либо

“Let’s Go ahead and leave for the airport now. Otherwise we might be late.”

Go all out

Напрячь все силы

Kelly and David wanted To go all out for their wedding reception.

Go along with (someone or something)

Соглашаться с кем-либо \ чем-либо, сотрудничать, содействовать кому-либо \ чему-либо

Everybody Went along with my proposal to arrange a get-together party on one of the weekends.

Go along

Идти, двигаться, продолжать

Pam is inventing more and more lies as she Goes along.

Go ape (over someone or something)

Разволноваться из-за кого-либо \ чего-либо, рассердиться

Amy Went ape over the house with its beautiful garden full of flowers.

Go ape

Сильно разволноваться или вести себя как сумасшедший

My friend Went ape when I told him that I had broken his car.

Go around in circles

Не делать успехов, топтаться на одном месте

I Have been going around in circles all morning and I haven’t made any progress with my work.

Go around the bend

Сойти с ума, тронуться умом

I guess Mike Has gone around the bend because he does nothing but speak about flying saucers.

Go around

Ходить от одного места или человека к другому

I couldn’t get fresh tomatoes in this shop so I had To go around from one shop to another until I got them.

Go astray

Сбиться (с пути), затерять(ся)

My watch Has gone astray and I have no hope of finding it.

Go at it tooth and nail/hammer and tongs

Энергично, изо всех сил; стараться сделать что-либо

He got tired easily now. No longer could he Go at it tooth and nail.

Go at it

Набрасываться на кого-либо, спорить с кем-либо

The mother and son Were going at it loudly.

Go away empty-handed

Уйти ни с чем, с пустыми руками

I wasn’t able to get an English-English dictionary in the book store, so I Went away empty-handed.

Go back on one’s word

Нарушить обещание

My friend Went back on his word, and I don’t trust him now.

Go back on (something)

Нарушать обещание, отказаться от своих слов

If Garry gives his word, nothing will make him Go back on it.

Go back to square one

Начать все с начала

Kelly had to Go Back to square one to renew her project.

Go back to the drawing board

Возвратиться и начать все с начала

If our negotiations fail, we’ll have To go back to the drawing board and start over.

Go bad

Испортиться, сгнить

“The pears will soon Go bad so you’d better eat them now.”

Go bananas

Сойти с ума, “психануть”

“Look here, Nancy! Why Go bananas because of such trifles?”

Go begging

Быть не нужным или не используемым, не иметь спроса

My old computer Went begging; I am not going to use it any longer.

Go belly up


The small printing company had a lot of financial problems; no wonder they Went belly up a few months ago.

Go broke

Разориться, потерять все деньги

Josef Marsh Went broke because of the collapse of a Canadian company in which he had invested.

Go by the book

Неукоснительно следовать правилам

My teacher always Goes by the book when she gives us tests.

Go cold turkey

Резко прекратить делать что-либо

Alan decided To go cold turkey and quit drinking.

Go down fighting

Бороться, драться до конца

The chief executive was determined To go down fighting to try and keep his position.

Go down in history

Войти в историю

The battle at Traffalger Went down in history.

Go down on one’s knees/on bended knee

Умолять, встать на колени

Alice had To go down on her knees to ask her Mom’s permission to go to her friend’s party.

Go down to the wire

Приближаться к крайнему сроку, заканчиваться

The workers Went down to the wire and were able to complete the construction of the bridge on time.

Go downhill

Становиться все хуже и хуже, ухудшаться, “катиться под гору”

The economy of that country Has been going downhill for quite some time.

Go Dutch

Платить каждый за себя

My friend and I often Go Dutch when we go to a pizza hut.

Go easy on (someone or something)

Быть добрым и мягким по отношению к кому-либо

Judge Crimson Shouldn’t have Gone easy on the young delinquent, whose conduct was outrageous.

Go fifty-fifty (on something)

Делить что-либо поровну

My friend and I decided To go fifty-fifty on a new computer.

Go for broke

Стараться изо всех сил, рисковать,

They were Going for broke to try and win grants for their projects.

Go for it

Решать делать что-либо, добиваться

Hillary decided To go for it and take part in the swimming competitions.

Go for (something)

Желать чего-либо, пытаться получить что-либо

My sister Goes for new roller skates.

Go for the jugular

Напасть на кого-либо с целью причинить наибольший вред (нанести удар в шею, где проходит яремная вена)

Aram had been waiting for so long to attack his enemy; now it was time he Went for the jugular.

Go from bad to worse

Ухудшаться, портиться

They were short of food and money; things Were going from bad to worse.


Энергичный, удачливый, предприимчивый человек

I am not much of A go-getter. I work a lot but with very little success.

Go great guns

Делать что-либо очень быстро, энергично

The construction workers Were going great guns when I saw them building a new house.

Go halves

Делить пополам

“Let’s Go halves on buying a new television set.”

Go hand in hand (with something)

Идти рука об руку, быть тесно связанным с чем-либо

Martha was a woman in whom utter devotion could still Go hand in hand with a doubting soul.

Go haywire

Разваливаться, перестать нормально работать

Little by little the electrical appliances in the house began To go haywire.

Go head to head with (someone)

Соревноваться с кем-либо на равных

Jack Went head to head with his opponent in the tennis competition.

Go hog-wild

Вести себя бесконтрольно, безудержно

The football fans Went hog-wild when their favorite team won the game.

Go in for (something)

Решить заняться чем-либо или принять участие в чем-либо

George decided To go in for weight-lifting.

Go in one ear and out the other

Невнимательно слушать, “в одно ухо влетело, из другого вылетело”

Everything that Jim’s mother tells him Goes in one ear and out the other.

Go into detail

Вдаваться в подробности

“In your report don’t Go into detail about the production of steel.”

Go into effect

Начать действовать

The new tax law will Go into effect at the beginning of next year.

Go into hiding

Прятаться в укромном месте, “уйти в подполье”

After the kidnapper got the ransom, he Went into hiding.

Go into hock

Влезть в долги

I would like to buy a new car, but I don’t want To go into hock.

Go into orbit

Рассердиться, выйти из себя

Harry Went into orbit when his wife had spent all of their money.

Go into (something) with one’s eyes closed/shut

Пойти на что-либо бессознательно, не учитывая трудности и не имея достоверной информации

Charles must Have gone into the business affairs with his eyes shut otherwise he wouldn’t have got involved.

Go into (something) with one’s eyes (wide) open

Пойти на что-либо сознательно (с открытыми глазами)

I can’t possibly Go into the project with my eyes wide open until I receive all the necessary information.

Go it alone

Делать что-либо самостоятельно без помощи кого-либо

My mother never helps me with my homework so I have To go it alone.

Go jump in a lake

Уйти прочь, перестать беспокоить\ надоедать

His girl friend was bothering him with silly talk so he told her To go jump in a lake.

Go legit

Начать легитимный бизнес

They had been operating an illegal business for quite some time before they decided To go legit.

Go like clockwork

Надежно работать, “работать как часы”

We didn’t expect the performance to fail; everything was Going like clockwork.

Go off half-cocked

Действовать или говорить без подготовки

“Your speech should be thoroughly prepared; you can’t Go off half-cocked.”

Go off on a tangent

Внезапно изменить линию поведения \ повествования

While delivering a lecture on art, Professor Dillidon suddenly Went off on a tangent and began to speak about the weather.

Go off the deep end

Выйти из себя, потерять самообладание

She Went off the deep end when she heard silly rumours about her private life.

Go off

Уходить \ уезжать, отправляться

Olga Went off on a business trip to Brasil.

Go on a binge

Слишком много съесть, перестараться

“Don’t Go on a binge, eating too much cake; you may get sick.”

Go on a fishing expedition

Пытаться обнаружить информацию

While investigating the murder case the detective had To go on a fishing expedition to try and find as much information as possible.

Go on a rampage

Неистовствовать, буйствовать

During the match the football fans Went on a rampage and damaged a lot of things at the stadium.

Go on and on

Продолжаться долгое время, длиться и длиться

The conference started in the afternoon and it Went on and on.

Go on record

Сделать официальное заявление

The Chief Executive has decided to retire and plans to Go on record about his retirement.

Go on


The negotiations Went on for several days.

Go one’s own way

Поступать по своему

I suggest you Go your own way and try to find something to do.

Go out for (something)

Заниматься чем-либо (обычно спортом)

Rita’s husband Is going out for golf this summer.

Go out of fashion/style

Выйти из моды

A well-cut suit won’t Go out of fashion For several years.

Go out of one’s way

Сделать значительное усилие

Nora Went out of her way to please her mother-in-law.

Go out the window

Отказаться от, перестать действовать

The rules of behavior Went out the window when the new boss took over.

Go out with someone

Встречаться с кем-либо, ходить на свидания

Wanda Had been going out With Billy for a year before they got married.

Go over like a lead balloon

Провалиться с треском

His project Went over like a lead balloon and he was very upset.

Go over (someone’s) head

Быть трудным для понимания, “не укладываться в голове”

“It’s difficult for me to understand what’s going on; it Goes over my head.”

Go over (something) with a fine-toothed comb

Тщательно обыскать что-либо, “прочесать”

They Went over the forest With a fine-toothed comb to look for the missing child.

Go over (something)

Просматривать, тщательно изучать

They Went over house after house, examining them from the cellars to the atticks.

Go over the books

Проверить бухгалтерские расчеты

Before buying the small business they hired an outside accountant To go over their books.

Go over well

Пройти успешно

I am sure the conference Will go over well; a lot of preparations have been made.

Go over with a bang

Представлять собой эффектное зрелище

It was the first night of the performance and it Went over with a bang.

Go overboard

Делать что-либо излишне, перестараться

“I think you are ready To go overboard with the wedding preparations.”

Go places

Иметь хорошее будущее

Mary is a clever girl; she will Go places because of her intelligence.

Go public

Стать открытой, общедоступной компанией

To receive more profit it is necessary for the company To go public.

Go scot-free/get off scot-free

Избежать наказания или быть оправданным

Denis managed To get off scot-free in the case involving a car fraud.

Go sky-high

Подскочить до небес (о цене)

I am afraid the price of gasoline may Go sky-high recently.

Go so far as to say (something)

Выразить что-либо словами

The college president Went so far as to say that he was going to retire next year.

Go (someone) one better

Делать лучше или больше, чем кто-либо

Ula Went her friend one better and bought a more beautiful dress.

Go (somewhere) in a heartbeat

Идти куда-либо немедленно, сразу же

My friend asked me to come and I Went to her place in a heartbeat.

Go stag

Приходить без дамы

Peter Skim Went stag to the wedding reception.

Go steady

Постоянно встречаться с одним и тем же человеком

Kelly Has been going steady With her boyfriend for about six months, and she hopes they will eventually get married.

Go stir-crazy

Забеспокоиться, “запсиховать”, находясь в ограниченном пространстве

After a few months of confinement he began To go stir-crazy.

Go straight

Стать честным, исправиться

Timothy had been in jail for three years, but now he wanted to go straight.

Go the distance

Пройти весь путь, сделать все до конца

I am quite proud of myself; I was able To go the distance and do the work all by myself.

Go the extra mile

Сделать больше, чем следует

It’s useful To go the extra mile to reach your goal.

Go the limit

Делать все возможное

Alan Went the limit, trying to attract Emily’s attention.

Go through (an experience)

Испытать, пережить

Tony and Sue had To go through all those rough times together.

Go through changes

Испытать много перемен

The woman Has gone through many changes since her divorce.

Go through (something)

Тщательно делать что-либо

The policemen were given the order To go through his house in search of drugs.

Go through the motions

Делать что-либо неискренне

The woman Went through the motions of apologizing, but she didn’t do it sincerely.

Go through the roof

Взлететь (о ценах)

The price of old houses suddenly Went through the roof.

Go through with (something)

Делать что-либо в соответствии с планом, доводить что-либо до конца

The local administration will Go through with their plan to build a new bridge.

Go through

Быть одобренным, пройти (о законопроэкте)

The law about free medical services finally Went through last week.

Go to any length

Ни перед чем не останавливаться, быть готовым на все

Lionel would Go to any length to have his way.

Go to bat for someone

Помочь, поддержать кого-либо

“I’d like you To go to bat for me during my exams.”

Go to bed with the chickens

Рано ложиться спать

When I stayed with my grandparents, I had To go to bed with the chickens.

Go to one’s head

Вызывать головокружение

Robert seemed to have had too much whiskey because the drink Went to his head.

Go to pieces

Сильно расстроиться, потерять над собой контроль

After the devorce Elena Went to pieces.

Go to pot

Разрушаться, разваливаться, “пойти прахом”

“If we don’t do something, our business Will go to pot.”

Go to rack and ruin

Обветшать, нуждаться в капитальном ремонте, погибать

“If they don’t start repairing the house immediatetly, it will Go to rack and ruin.

Go to (someone’s) head


The boy has won the figure skating competition and the victory Has gone to his head.

Go to the dogs

Ухудшаться, разрушаться, “пойти прахом”

“If you don’t do something about your business, it will Go to the dogs.”

Go to the expense (of doing something)

Пойти на большие затраты

Jane was prepared To go to the expense of buying a new car because her old one had broken down.

Go to the mat

Заступаться за кого-либо, “стоять горой”

Our tutor often Goes to the mat if there are serious problems in our group.

Go to the trouble (of doing something)

Взять на себя труд, сделать усилие

“I can Go to the trouble of cleaning the whole house only if you are ready to help me.”

Go to town

Делать что-либо быстро и энергично

We Went to town and managed to repair the broken car soon.

Go to waste

Пропадать даром

It would be a pity if all this food Went to waste.

Go toe-to-toe with (someone)

Стараться победить кого-либо в борьбе, споре, соревновании

Sandra Went toe-to-toe with her neighbor about the neighbor’s dog.

Go together

Подходить, хорошо сочетаться

“Look! This yellow hat and your red coat don’t Go together!”

Go too far

Делать больше допустимого, слишком далеко зайти

Cora Went too far when she accused her friend of lying.

Go under the knife

Пойти на хирургическую операцию, “лечь под нож”

Henry Went under the knife and survived the operation.

Go under

Потерпеть неудачу, провалить(ся), обанкротиться

The performance Went under right after the first act.

Go up in smoke/flames

Кончиться ничем, не дать никаких результатов

His new project Went up in smoke.

Go whole hog

Делать все возможное

They Went whole hog in their effort to make sure that the contest would be a success.

Go with (something)

Подходить к чему-либо, гармонировать с чем-либо

I thought the music Went well with the film.

Go with the flow

Делать то, что делают другие; “плыть по течению”

When Sam was young, he preferred To go with the flow and did what others told him to do.

Go without saying

Само собой разумеется

It Goes without saying that we like hard-working and serious people.

Go without (something)

Обходиться без чего-либо

One can’t Go without food for more than a week.

Go wrong

Что-то не в порядке, что-то не так

Something Has gone wrong with my electric iron.

Go/be belly up

Разориться, обанкротиться

William was afraid lest his small book store should Go belly-up.

Going rate

Существующий тариф \ расценка \ спрос

The Going rate for gardeners will go high this season.

Gold mine of information

Кладезь информации

“You have helped me a lot; you are a real Gold mine of information.”

Golden opportunity

Прекрасная возможность

To be able to take part in the beauty contest is a Golden opportunity for Martha.

Gone but not forgotten

Умер, но не забыт

Pushkin Is gone but not forgotten.

Gone goose

Пропавший, исчезнувший, убежавший (человек)

Nick is A gone goose. He won’t come to the office again today.

Gone to meet one’s maker

Умерший, “отправившийся к праотцам”

The policeman had to tell Mrs. Rain that her husband Had gone to meet his maker.

Gone with the wind

Исчезнувший навсегда

Our neighbors Are gone with the wind and I am not sorry.

Good deal

Удачная покупка (хорошее качество по низкой цене)

One can usually get Good deal on clothes during the sales.

Good egg

Хороший человек

Jim is A good egg; he is very thoughtful and obliging.


Бесполезный, ни на что не годный

Mike Loader is a Good-for-nothing man and a lazy worker into the bargain.

Good grief!

Боже мой! (выражение удивления)

“Good grief! It’s 12 p. m. and the children are not in bed yet.”

Good old days

Старые добрые времена

They sat and talked about Good old days.

Good riddance to bad rubbish

Хорошо, что избавились; “баба с возу – кобыле легче”

“Good riddance to bad rubbish! I never liked my roommate and I was glad that he had left.”

Good riddance

Избавление от чего-либо неприятного, “скатертью дорога”

I had broken the plate with a crack and I said Good riddance when I threw it into the garbage.

Good sport

Кто-либо, кто умеет проигрывать

Denny was A good sport and he never complained about losing.

Good together

Хорошо ладить друг с другом, никогда не ссориться

Max and Gina are very Good together; I for one have never seen them quarrel.

Goods and chattels

Личные вещи, личная собственность

All her Goods and chattels were destroyed by the fire.

Goof off

Слоняться без дела, “филонить”

Rick came at six, Goofed off for an hour and then left.

Goose bumps

Мурашки по коже

The water in the lake was very cold, and I immediately Got goose bumps when I started to swim.

Gospel truth

Истинная правда, непререкаемая истина

I don’t think he told me the Gospel truth that’s why I didn’t believe him.

Go/turn beet-red

Покраснеть из-за смущения

Pam was sitting at my desk and looking through my papers. When she saw me, she Turned beet-red.


General Practitioner – врач терапевт

I had to see a GP before I joined the university football team.

Grab a bite to eat

Поесть, перекусить

They stopped at a small inn To grab a bite to eat.

Grab (someone) by the throat

Что-либо, что возбуждает чувства (интерес, волнение, страх)

The performance Grabbed me by the throat; the acting was so exciting.

Grace period

Льготный период, срок отсрочки платежей

I was given a 30-day Grace period in which to pay my rent.

Grace (someone or something) with one’s presence

Удостоить кого-либо \ чего-либо своим присутствием

The President of the firm Graced the staff meeting with his presence.

Grain of truth

Небольшая доля правды

“I am sure there isn’t A grain of truth in what you said during the trial.”

Grasp at straws

Пытаться что-либо делать без надежды на успех; “хвататься за соломенку”

I Was grasping at straws, trying to pay back my bank loan.

Grass is always greener on the other side

Нам кажется, что то чего у нас нет, лучше того, что у нас есть

“Don’t quit your present job; don’t think that Grass is always greener on the other side.”

Grate on (someone’s) nerves

Действовать кому-либо на нервы

My neighbor is constantly having wild parties, and it is beginning To grate on my nerves.

Gravy train

Выгодная работа

The cleaning job seems To be a gravy train. We are offered 7 dollars an hour.

Gray area

Непонятная\ неопределенная ситуация

It is difficult to put this situation into a particular category; it looks like A gray area.

Gray matter

Мозг, серое вещество

The detective used his Gray matter and effectively solved the murder of an old woman.

Grease one’s palm

Дать взятку, подмазать, “позолотить ручку”

They had To grease the porter’s palm in order to enter the restaurant.

Grease (someone’s) palm

Подкупить кого-либо, дать взятку

Sue hated bribery, but she had To grease the palm of the clerk to have her passport renewed as soon as possible.

Greasy spoon


I don’t want to have lunch at A greasy spoon.

Great deal


There is always A great deal of work about the house.

Great minds think alike

Великие умы думают одинаково (шутливо)

Great minds think alike; I suggested that we go on a picnic and George suggested the same thing.

Greatest thing since sliced bread

Самая лучшая, потрясающая (вещь)

The invention of television Is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Green around the gills

Неважно выглядеть, выглядеть больным

Sabina looked Green around the gills after the long flight to Chicago.

Green belt

Зеленая зона (вокруг города)

Unfortunately there is no Green belt around our city.

Green-eyed monster


“I don’t want you to be consumed by the Green-eyed monster; it will strongly affect your life.”

Green thumb

Опытный\ умелый овощевод

My Grandfather told me that I have A green thumb.

Green with envy

Завистливый (человек), позеленеть от зависти

The little boy became Green with envy when he saw his friend’s new roller-skates.


Неопытный незрелый человек, “салага”

“I want you to instruct this new worker; he Is green and he doesn’t know his job yet.”


Зеленый юнец, молокосос

Albert is still A greenhorn and he has much to learn about his job.

Grin and bear it

Стойко и с юмором перенести что-либо неприятное

“If someone is angry with you, just Grin and bear it.”

Grin from ear to ear

Широко улыбаться

David Was grinning from ear to ear when we met; he was obviously glad to see me.

Grind to a halt

Замедлить и остановиться

Suddenly the power was off and the Metro trains Ground to a halt.

Grist for the mill

Приносящий пользу, выгоду

For them the information was very valuable; it was Grist for the mill.

Grit one’s teeth

Сжать зубы

My father didn’t give me the money I asked for, so I Grit my teeth and left the house.

Gross out (someone)

Вызвать отвращение, быть противным

I don’t like action movies; sceens of violence in them Gross me out.

Ground floor

Первый или лучший шанс (особенно в бизнесе)

The printing business was a good investment, and Samuel was happy to get in on the ground floor.

Grounded in fact

Основанный на фактах

The judge dismissed the accusations against Tim Burk because they were not Grounded in fact.

Grounds for (something)

Основание для чего-либо

I don’t think there are any Grounds for the man being prosecuted under law.

Grow on someone

Привыкать, начинать нравиться кому-либо

You may not like our flowers, but they Will grow on you in the end.

Grow out of something

Вырастать из чего-либо, перестать удовлетворять

Little by little Nora began To grow out of her childish fears.

Grow to do/like something

Постепенно начинать что-либо делать, начинать нравиться

Little by little the boy Grew to like the school, the teachers and his classmates.

Grunt work

Трудная и неблагодарная работа

All Grunt work at home comes to my Mom as a rule.

Guard against (someone or something)

Оберегать кого-либо от чего-либо, охранять

The lifeguard told the swimming instructor To guard the people against rough waves.

Guard one’s tongue

Быть осторожным в высказываниях

Sally never Guards her tongue when she speaks to people that’s why nobody likes her.

Guest of honor

Почетный гость

A few retired workers were Guests of honor at the company banquet.

Gulp for air

Хватать ртом воздух

The smoke in the forest got so thick that I couldn’t help Gulping for air.

Gum up

Приводить в неисправность, засорять

The sink in the kitchen Gummed up so badly that I had to call in a plumber.

Gun for (someone)

Искать случая, чтобы причинить вред кому-либо

Jack Had been gunning for his neighbor for no reason at all.

Gun for (something)

Упорно добиваться чего-либо (напр. продвижения по службе)

Sally Has been gunning for promotion since the day she started to work for that firm.


Полный энтузиазма, увлеченный

She does some volunteer work for the animal shelter and she is Gung-ho about it.

Gut feeling/reaction

Интуитивное чувство или реакция

When Swan entered the room, he had A gut feeling that he was being watched.

Gut feeling/reaction/response

Интуитивное чувство, предчувствие, реакция

When Swan entered the room, he had A gut feeling that he was being watched.

Gyp (someone) out of (something)

Выманить у кого-либо что-либо, обманывать

The bartender tried To gyp me out of Some money.

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