Английские идиомы на букву S

Sack out

Лечь спать, “вырубиться”

I was so tired that I Sacked out as soon as I got into bed.

Sacred cow

Кто-либо \ что-либо никогда не подвергающееся критике, “священная корова”

The ideas of my boss are A sacred cow that should never be criticized or laughed at.

Sadder but wiser

Наученный горьким опытом

Johnny was Sadder but wiser after his best friend had let him down.

Saddle (someone) with (something)

Обременять кого-либо чем-либо

“Please don’t try To saddle me with Your problems; I have got a lot of problems myself.”

Saddled with debt

(быть) обремененным долгами

The shop owner is Saddled with debt and must sell his shop as soon as possible.

Safe and sound

Цел и невредим (о людях и вещах)

Nothing had harmed us on the way; we came home Safe and sound.

Safe bet

Уверенность, несомненный факт (досл. ставка на лошадь, которая непременно выиграет)

Thompson’s project change proposal is A safe bet and I am sure we should accept it.

Safety in numbers

Чувство надежности в окружении большого количества людей

A lot of people were swimming in the rough sea, and I thought the risk was reduced because there is Safety in numbers.

Sage advice

Мудрый совет

“You are always trying to give me Sage advice; I am sick and tired of it.”

Sail into (someone)

Ругать или критиковать кого-либо, “наехать на кого-либо”

As soon as David entered the house,

his wife Sailed into him for having come home very late.

Sail right through (something)

Быстро и легко закончить что-либо

I wasn’t able To sail right through my essay; it took me a lot of time to finish it.

Sail under false colors

Скрыть свое настоящее имя, “плыть под чужим флагом”

Hudson had the wisdom To sail under false colors in that foolish jaunt of his.

Salt away (money)

Сберечь, сэкономить деньги

I was able To salt away some money for my holiday.

Salt of the earth

Соль земли (основательные, добрые люди)

The majority of the people in our company is The salt of the earth; they are hard-working and friendly.

Salt (something) away

Припрятывать, “складывать в кубышку”

I Have been salting away some money, so that I can go on a holiday to Spain.

Same as (someone or something)

Такой же, как

I have exactly The same laptop as my friend used to have.

Same here!

Я тоже, и я также, тоже могу сказать о себе

“I have often thought that I would like to see you again, Mike.” – “Same here,” he replied.

Same old story

Старая история, старая песня

It is The same old story with Steve. He promises to help but he never does.

Same to you

То же самое относится к тебе

“The same to you,” I told my brother when he said I was absent-minded.

Sands of time

Течение времени (как сыпется песок в песочных часах)

The sands of time have done much to make me understand the meaning of true friendship.

Save face

Сохранить свою репутацию, достоинство в неблагоприятной ситуации

We ought to act very cautiously and try To save face whatever happens.

Save one’s breath

Помалкивать; не соваться со своим мнением, советами

I had a lot of questions to ask her, but looking how upset she was, I thought I’d better Save my breath.

Save (someone’s) bacon

Помочь, спасти от провала

I don’t understand much about computers; and I was grateful to Steve as he Saved my bacon when he came to help me.

Save (someone’s) neck/skin

Спасать свою шкуру

Jeremy had to sell his investments in order To save his neck.

Save (something) for a rainy day

Сберечь что-либо на черный день

However hard I try I am never able To save some money for a rainy day.

Save the day

Спасти положение

“There is no use being angry with me for applying to Sam for help; I had To save the day.”

Save up (for something)

Делать сбережения, копить, откладывать

With the money he is earning he can easily Save up for a good car.

Saved by the bell

Быть вовремя спасенным

I was Saved by the bell and do not have to answer the teacher’s questions.

Saving grace

Положительное качество, перевешивающее недостатки

Dana’s Saving grace is her exceptional kindness, but at the same time she has a rather strange personality.

Say a mouthful

Сказать что-либо важное, необычное, потрясающее

My friend did Say a mouthful when she narrated her unusual story.

Say grace

Произнести молитву (перед или после еды)

The children were supposed To say grace before each meal.

Say “I do”

Согласен \ согласна (говориться во время венчания или регистрации брака)

I know that during a wedding ceremony it is common To say “I do” when you agree to marry your partner.

Say one’s piece

Высказаться откровенно

Linda Said her piece and hurriedly left the room.

Say (something) in a roundabout way

Высказаться иносказательно

I used a fable To say in a roundabout way in order to make myself understood.

Say (something) right to (someone’s) face

Сказать что-либо кому-либо прямо в лицо

I didn’t like my friend’s behavior at the party, and I had a good mind To say it right to his face.

Say (something) to (someone’s) face

Сказать что-либо кому-либо в лицо

I didn’t like my friend’s behavior at the party, and I had a good mind To say it to his face.

Say (something) under one’s breath

Сказать что-либо шепотом

I don’t know why Jenny always Says unpleasant things under her breath.

Say the word

Выразить, высказать желание

“Say the word and it will be done.”

Say uncle

Сдаться, попросить пощады

Tim pressed my arm and it hurt, but I didn’t want To say uncle.

Scale (something) down

Уменьшить что-либо (равномерно и пропорционально)

I decided To scale down my plans for buying fishing tackle.

Scare (someone) out of his or her wits

(внезапно) страшно напугать кого-либо

Suddenly I saw a man’s shadow on the glass door and it Scared me out of my wits.

Scare (someone) silly

Сильно напугать кого-либо

Mrs. Brown is afraid of mice, and when she saw a mouse run out from under her bed, it Scared her silly.

Scare (someone) stiff

Сильно напугать кого-либо

Mary heard loud shouts outside her door and it Scared her stiff.

Scare the (living) daylights out of (someone)

Перепугать кого-либо чуть ли не до потери рассудка

Seeing a huge dog ready to attack Scared the daylights out of the boy.

Scare up (someone or something)

Отыскать кого-либо \ что-либо

I wasn’t able To scare up a clean towel to use in the bathroom.

Scared silly/stiff

Быть очень напуганным

When I entered the house it was pitch dark there, and I Was scared stiff.



The children call Vera A scaredy-cat because she is easily frightened.

Scatter (something) around

Разбросать повсюду

The room was in a mess; my son Scattered his books around it.

School of hard knocks

Суровый жизненный опыт

You learn about ordinary experiences of life in The school of hard knocks.

School of thought

Общее мнение или точка зрения

There are several Schools of thought about the system of education in the country.

Score points with someone

Завоевать чье-либо расположение

Paul Watergate always tries To score points with the brass hats of the company.

Scout around for (someone or something)

Везде искать кого-либо \ что-либо

The hospital Is scouting around for skilled medical nurses.

Scrape (something) together

Наскрести или накопить (по мелочам)

Jimmy managed To scrape up Together a few dollars by searching all the pockets.

Scrape (something) up

Наскрести, накопить (по мелочам)

Jimmy managed To scrape up a few dollars by searching all the pockets.

Scrape the bottom of the barrel

Взять то, что осталось; наскрести

All the best books have been chosen; I Am scraping the bottom of the barrel, trying to make do with what has been left.

Scratch around for (something)

Искать что-либо здесь и там

I Was scratching around for some money to pay my fare.

Scratch one’s head

Приводить в замешательство, озадачивать кого-либо

I left Jenifer Scratching her head after I told her the news of Harry’s engagement.

Scratch (someone’s) back

Делать взаимные услуги, “рука руку моет”

“You Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours,” were the relations between the employees in the company.

Scratch the surface

Относиться поверхностно, скользить по поверхности

The lecturer merely Scratched the surface of the subject.

Scream bloody murder

Горько сетовать, жаловаться

The girl Screamed bloody murder when her purse had been stolen.

Scream one’s head off

Пронзительно кричать

When Mary saw a mouse, she Screamed her head off.

Screw around

Слоняться без дела

Kelly Screwed around all morning, waiting for the postman to come.

Screw up one’s courage

Набраться храбрости, отважиться

Ann could hardly Screw up her courage to ask her boss for a day off work.

Screw up

Напортить, причинить неприятности

“You Have screwed up my plans for the weekend; I will have to stay at home because of you.”

Scrimp and save

Экономить, быть бережливым

Wanda has To scrimp and save in order to buy new clothes.

Scrounge around for (something)

Искать что-либо (во многих местах), пытаться найти

I Have been scrounging around the office for some good paper to put into the printer.

Seamy side of life

Неприглядная сторона, изнанка жизни

Gina knows the world from its Seamy side of life.

Search high and low for (someone or something)

(тщательно) искать кого-либо \ что-либо

Yesterday morning Willy Was searching high and low for his car keys.

Search me

Откуда я знаю

I asked my cousin what had happened to their front door; it wouldn’t close and she said, “Search me”.

Search one’s heart/soul

Раздумывать (над чем-либо)

Since his wife’s death in a car crash, Tim Had been searching his soul to see if he could have prevented the accident.

Second a motion

Согласиться с предложением, одобрить

Simon Seconded the motion that the office hours should be an hour longer.

Second-guess (someone)

Предугадать чьи-либо действия

It is next to impossible To second-guess what Steve would do in a risky situation.

Second hand

Использованный, не новый

Maria bought some Second-hand clothes for her baby son.

Second nature to (someone)

Чья-либо вторая натура

It is Second nature to Della to talk nineteen to the dozen.



The radio-set which my brother bought is not of the best quality; it’s definitely Second-rate.

Second thought

Дальнейшие соображения, пересмотр решения

“On second thought maybe I should join you to go on an excursion.”

Second to none

Никем не превзойденный; лучше, чем все остальное

Jack is a very gifted pianist; his performance is usually Second to none.

Second wind

Второе дыхание

After they got their Second wind, they continued to rake the hay.

Security against (something)

Защита против чего-либо

Her father’s inheritance was Sue’s Security against poverty.

Security blanket

Любой знакомый предмет, создающий чувство уверенности

Sally used her piano as A security blanket; she played it when she was distressed or annoyed.

See a man about a dog

Пойти в туалет (эвфемизм)

Jeremy drank too much beer, so he had to stop his car several times To see a man about a dog.

See about (something)

Проследить за чем-либо, проконтролировать

“I want you To see about getting the work finished.”

See double

Двоится (в глазах)

Sam fell off a ladder and hit his head badly; he began To see double soon after that.

See eye to eye (with someone)

Сходиться во взглядах с кем-либо

William doesn’t See eye to eye with me in this question.

See fit to (do something)

Считать нужным, целесообразным делать что-либо

Valery Saw fit to devote more time to her term paper.

See no objection to (something)

Не иметь возражений против чего-либо

Mrs. Jones Saw no objection to her daughter’s throwing a party.

See one’s way clear to (do something)

Чувствовать в себе способность делать что-либо

I didn’t See my way clear to begin writing the essay, so I decided to put it off for a while.

See pink elephants

Воображать, придумывать что-либо не существующее

I didn’t believe Dina’s story; I think she Was seeing pink elephants.

See red

Придти в бешенство, быть ослепленным яростью

“What did you mean when you spoke of the man Seeing red?”

See (someone) home

Провожать кого-либо домой

“It’s time I were off. Can you See me home?”

See (someone) off

Провожать кого-либо в дорогу

At the station I met Felix who had come To see his wife off.

See (someone or something) as (something)

Считать, рассматривать кого-либо \ что-либо (в качестве чего-либо)

Nora knows French very well, so everybody Sees her as an expert in the language.

See (someone) out

Проводить кого-либо из комнаты, из дома

I was afraid to get lost in the building, so I asked my friend To see me out.

See (someone) to (somewhere)

Довести кого-либо до какого-либо места

Every morning Stella Saw her daughter to the door of the school building.

See (something) out

Дождаться конца, досидеть до конца

It was getting late, so we decided not To see the play out.

See (something) through

Доводить что-либо до конца

Dick Saw the operation through without wincing.

See stars

Искры из глаз посыпались (в результате удара по голове)

Tim struck his head badly against the low beam in the barn and began To see stars.

See the color of (someone’s) money

Убедиться в наличии денег у кого-либо

“Let me See the color of your money First,” the salesperson told the boy.

See the handwriting on the wall

Знать, иметь предчувствие, что что-то произойдет

I Saw the handwriting on the wall and was aware that our small business would soon go bankrupt.

See the last of (someone or something)

Видеть кого-либо \ что-либо в последний раз

“We Have seen the last of Greg, thank God!”

See the light at the end of the tunnel

Предвидеть конец чего-либо (задания, проблемы)

The task is challenging, but I hope that finally I Will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

See the light of day

Родиться, увидеть свет

It took Roy ages to write his memoirs and I hope the book would See the light of day soon.

See the light

Прозреть, понять в чем дело

No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t See the light and didn’t know how to proceed with my research.

See the sights

Осматривать достопримечательности

I am very fond of going places and Seeing the sights.

See the world/things through rose-colored glasses

Смотреть сквозь розовые очки, видеть все в розовом свете

Sheila is too optimistic and she Sees the world through rose-colored glasses.

See things

Бредить, галлюцинировать

Allan had been drinking too much that day and by the evening started To see things.

See through (someone or something)

Видеть кого-либо \ что-либо насквозь

Nora suddenly quit her job, and I could neither understand nor See through the real reason for doing it.

See to it (that something is done)

Позаботиться о том, чтобы что-либо было сделано

Hudson Saw to it that the staff meeting was short.

See to (someone or something)

Присмотреть за кем-либо \ чем-либо

“Porter, will you See to my baggage, please?”

See which way the wind is blowing

Определить, что нужно сделать в первую очередь

I made up my mind To see which way the wind is blowing before I started to write my essay.

Seeing is believing

Верь тому, что видишь

Seeing is believing, And I can only really believe what I experience personally.

Seeing someone

Встречаться с кем-либо

After the divorce Fisher was not Seeing anyone for a long time.

Seize an opportunity

Воспользоваться случаем, ухватиться за возможность

I Seized the opportunity to get cheap tickets for the concert.

Seize upon (something)

Ухватиться за что-либо

I suggested going on a picnic and my friend Seized upon the idea.

Sell like hotcakes

Раскупаются как горячие пирожки, берутся нарасхват

The baseball game was supposed to be on Saturday and the tickets for it Were selling like hotcakes.

Sell out (someone or something)

Предавать кого-либо \ что-либо, быть вероломным

Margaret is obviously a bad person; she is the type that can Sell out anyone for money and luxury.

Sell out

Распродать все целиком

Every spring the company Sells out all of their winter goods.

Sell (someone) a bill of goods

Обмануть кого-либо

The salesman Sold me a bill of goods when he said that the digital camera was of good quality.

Sell (someone) on a plan or idea

Убедить кого-либо, довести до сознания план или идею

I tried To sell my father on the idea that we should buy a new modern car, but I couldn’t convince him.

Sell (someone) short

Недооценивать себя или кого-либо

I think Gina Is selling herself short when she thinks that she will not make a good actress.

Sell (something) at a loss

Продать что-либо с убытком

The factory was made To sell their goods at a loss.

Sell (something) for a song

Продать что-либо очень дешево

The artist was neither famous nor popular, so he Sold his picture for a song.

Sell (something) off

Распродать со скидкой, распродать по дешевке

They usually Sell off winter clothes at the end of the season.

Sell (something) on credit

Продавать что-либо в кредит

The shop Sells a lot of things on credit.

Sell (something) out

Распродать, продать все целиком

I went to the bookstore to get an English textbook, but the salesperson said they Had sold them out.

Send away for (something)

Отправить письмо с просьбой чего-либо

I Sent away for some price list on medication but it has not arrived yet.

Send (someone) about his or her business

Прогонять кого-либо, выпроваживать

I Sent Joan about her business when she tried to interfere with my work.

Send (someone) off

Устраивать кому-либо проводы

My father-in-law was leaving for Canada, and we went to the airport To send him off.

Send (someone) packing

Выставить кого-либо, выгнать без всяких церемоний

A drunkard knocked on my door asking for a glass of wine, but I Sent him packing.

Send someone to the showers

Отстранить кого-либо от игры; убрать с поля или корта

Our coach Sent one of the players to the showers because the man had been injured during the game.

Send (someone) up the river

Посадить кого-либо в тюрьму

Sandra Ross hoped that the judge wouldn’t Send her up the river if she plead bargain.

Send (someone) up

Засадить кого-либо в тюрьму

He had enough evidence To send Hobson up for quite a long time.

Send (something) C. O. D. (care of delivery)

Отправить что-либо наложенным платежом

I ordered a few disks and the company Sent them C. O. D.

Send up a trial balloon

Пустить пробный шар

Gregory decided To send up a trial balloon to see how his boss would react to his business proposal.

Separate but equal

Отдельный, но равноправный, одинаковый

The two documents, which he was to sign, were Separate but equal regarding their significance.

Separate the men from the boys

Отделить более компетентных людей от менее компетентных

I am not at all sure that joining the military is a good way To separate the men from the boys.

Separate the sheep from the goats

Отделить более компетентных людей от менее компетентных, разделить на две группы

I am not at all sure that joining the military is a good way To separate the men from the boys.

Serve as a guinea pig

Быть подопытным кроликом

“Is that a test you are going to perform? I don’t want To serve as a guinea pig.”

Serve notice on (someone)

Вручить уведомление кому-либо

The firm Served notice on its employees that their salaries would be cut down since next month.

Serve (someone) right

Получить заслуженное наказание, (так тебе и надо!)

My brother got the punishment because he had lied to Father. I am not sorry for him; it Serves him right.

Serve (someone’s) purpose

Служить кому-либо для какой-либо цели

These garden tools will Serve my purpose when I work in the garden.

Serve time

Сидеть в тюрьме, “мотать срок”

The man has robbed a bank and now he Is serving time.

Set a date

Назначить день свадьбы

Paul Set a date for their wedding, but his fiancee eloped with Adam, his best friend.

Set a precedent

Устанавливать прецедент или политику, которой надо следовать в будущем

A legal case may Set a precedent that will be the policy to be followed in future cases.

Set a trap

Расставить ловушку

The cops Set a trap to try and catch a dangerous criminal.

Set about to (do something or go somewhere)

Приступать, начинать (делать что-либо или идти куда-либо)

“I want you To set about to do your work as soon as possible.”

Set back (someone or something)

Препятствовать, задерживать кого-либо \ что-либо

They tried to do their best to save the company, but all their efforts were Set back.

Set eyes on (someone or something)

Увидеть кого-либо \ что-либо

I hope I’ll never Set eyes on that guy again.

Set fire to (something)

Поджигать что-либо

I put a few more logs and Set fire to them.

Set foot (somewhere)

Ступать куда-либо, входить

Mike took offence and said he would never Set foot in my house again.

Set forth (something)

Излагать, объяснять что-либо четко и ясно

I would like To set forth my views on the subject.

Set forth (somewhere)

Отправляться куда-либо

Stan Set forth somewhere without saying where he was going.

Set great store on (someone or something)

(высоко) ценить кого-либо \ что-либо

Our art teacher Sets great store on her gifted students.

Set in one’s ways

Вести установленный образ жизни

I know you are Set in your ways and don’t like any change, but you will have to change your habits when you get married.

Set in

Начинаться, наступать, устанавливаться

Winter Set in early that year.

Set off (something)

Выделять, оттенять

The blue frock which Dina wore that day Set off her beautiful eyes.

Set one back on one’s heels

Удивить, ошеломить, шокировать кого-либо

The news, which Set my back on my heels, was announced at the interval of thirty minutes.

Set one’s eyes on (someone or something)

Видеть кого-либо \ что-либо впервые

My sister bought a new house, but I have not Set my eyes on it yet.

Set one’s heart against (something)

Быть настроенным против чего-либо

At first my mother Set her heart against taking a dog from the animal shelter, but then she yielded to her son’s request.

Set one’s heart on (something)

Быть направленным к достижению какой-либо цели

Samantha Set her heart on becoming an actress.

Set one’s mind at rest

Успокоиться, избавиться от сомнений или тревоги

I told my friend To set his mind at rest and not to worry about his future.

Set one’s sights on (something)

Выбрать что-либо своей целью

I Have set my sights on receiving a grand so that I can go abroad to study anthropology.

Set one’s teeth on edge

Действовать кому-либо на нервы, раздражать, выводить из себя

“Please, stop that noise! It Sets my teeth on edge.”

Set out (somewhere)

Отправиться куда-либо

In 1912 the Titanic Set out on a voyage never to return from it.

Set out to (do something)

Намереваться (делать что-либо)

I like skating and I Set out to learn to skate well.

Set sail

Отправляться в плавание, отплывать

We knew that Captain Alison was about To set sail for Australia and we came to say good-bye to him.

Set (someone) back on his or her heels

Удивить, шокировать, ошеломить

Hillary’s impudence Set me back on my heels.

Set (someone) back

Стоить (какую-либо сумму) кому-либо

“How much did your new car Set you back?”

Set (someone) free

Выпустить из тюрьмы или освободить из плена

Samuel hoped that they would Set him free because he hadn’t committed any crime.

Set (someone or something) free

Освободить кого-либо \ что-либо

The bird got trapped in the net, and I Set it free.

Set (someone or something) loose

Отпустить кого-либо \ что-либо на волю

I Set my dog loose and he was happily running around.

Set (someone or something) straight

Объяснить кому-либо или объяснить что-либо

The Dean Set the students straight about how to behave at the lectures.

Set (someone) up (in business)

Помочь кому-либо начать какое-либо дело

A timely legacy helped To set Tom up in his profession.

Set (something) on its ear

Заинтересовать кого-либо чем-либо

The new project Set the company on its ear. Everyone got very excited.

Set (something) right

Исправить, починить что-либо

It is really very trying that whenever anything goes wrong it is I who have To set it right.

Set (something) to music

Положить что-либо на музыку

The composer Has set the legend of Robin Hood to music.

Set the pace

Задавать темп

The leading skier Set the pace for the other skiers to follow.

Set the stage for (something)

Подготовиться к чему-либо

Our football team Set the stage for the final games which are to take place in summer.

Set the table

Накрывать на стол

“We’ll have lunch soon. Will you Set the table, please?”

Set the world on fire

Сделать что-либо выдающееся

Sofia thinks much of herself, but I know she is not able To set the world on fire.

Set tongues wagging

Сплетничать, “распустить языки”

The conflict between Landcroft and his wife Set tongues wagging around the neighborhood.

Set type

Устанавливать шрифт, набирать шрифт

The book will be published shortly; they Are setting type now.

Set up a meeting

Устроить собрание, встречу, совещание

Stella was trying To set up a meeting with the Dean of the Mass Media Department.

Set up shop (somewhere)

Создать рабочее место где-либо

Desmond decided to move to Chicago and Set up shop there.

Set up (someone)

Подставить кого-либо

Henry was accused of the crime he had not committed; he was sure that his partner Had set him up.

Set up (something)

Создавать что-либо, учреждать, снабжать (деньгами)

The local government provided the money To set up an animal shelter.

Set upon (someone or something)

Наброситься на кого-либо \ что-либо

An unfriendly dog Set upon me the other day.


Неудача, регресс, задержка

The family suffered A setback when the head of the family lost his job.

Settle a score with (someone)

Отомстить, отплатить кому-либо той же монетой

It’s no use trying To settle a score with Mike for something that happened a few years ago.

Settle down

Обживаться, обосновываться

Mike had been moving from town to town for years, and finally he Settled down in Springfield.

Settle for (something)

Довольствоваться меньшим, чем хотелось бы

I changed my job and for a while I had To settle for less than I had been paid before.

Settle on (something)

Решиться на что-либо

They Settled on the trip to Japan.

Settle (someone’s) affairs

Уладить свои или чьи-либо дела

Before leaving for a holiday I had To settle my affairs at work.

Settle (something) out of court

Уладить что-либо во внесудебном порядке

There was some controversy between the company and the union, but it was finally Settled out of court.

Settle up with (someone)

Отдать долг кому-либо, выплатить

Sally paid for the train tickets and I Settled up with her afterwards.


Расположение, детали обстановки

“That’s a nice Setup you have here.”

Sever ties with (someone)

Разрывать связи с кем-либо

Sam Willows Severed ties with his family long ago.

Sew (something) up

Организовать, завершить что-либо

All the details of the project Were sewn up.

Shack up with (someone)

Жить в гражданском браке

Linda Has shacked up with her boyfriend for a couple of years.

Shades of (someone or something)

Напоминание о ком-либо \ чем-либо

I could detect Shades of amusement in her voice.

Shadow of oneself/itself

(осталась) лишь тень от кого-либо \ чего-либо

Gala has lost a lot of weight and now she is A shadow of herself.

Shaggy dog story

Длинный бессмысленный рассказ

My cousin told me A shaggy dog story about how she had lost her purse.

Shake a leg

Идти быстро, “шевелить ногами”

“Please Shake a leg if you want to be in time for the lecture.”

Shake hands on (something)

Пожать руки (в знак взаимного согласия)

They Shook hands on the agreement that they would coordinate their actions.

Shake hands with (someone)

Пожать руки в знак приветствия

Chan Shook hands with his friend when he met him outside the office.

Shake off an illness

Выздороветь, стряхнуть с себя болезнь

I took some medicine for my sore throat To shake off the illness.

Shake off (someone or something)

Избавиться от кого-либо \ чего-либо

George could never Shake off a certain stiffness of manner.

Shake (someone) down

Получить деньги путем угроз, “потрясти кого-либо”

Lionel had To shake Noel down to get the money the latter owed him.

Shake up (someone)

Потрясти или расстроить кого-либо

The prices are rising and it Shakes up many people in this country.

Shake up (something)

Перестроить что-либо

The new sales manager decided To shake up the company in order to bring new energy into the department.

Shaken up

Быть потрясенным или расстроенным

I was deeply Shaken up by my friend’s death.

Shake/quake in one’s boots

Трястись от страха

Linda must have seen a ghost for she Was shaking in her boots.

Shape up or ship out

Или исправься или уходи

You must Shape up or ship out if your job performance is not up to the mark.

Shape up

Улучшать, исправить (поведение, исполнение, физическую форму)

Lenny was learning composition and training himself To shape up and better express his thoughts.

Share and share alike

Делить поровну, в равных долях

Landgrave bequeathed the whole of his property to his nieces and nephews Share and share alike.

Share (someone’s) pain

Разделять чью-либо боль

My cousin’s wife died of cancer, and I can’t help Sharing his pain because of his loss.

Share (someone’s) sorrow

Разделять чье-либо горе

The neighbors Shared the sorrow Of the mother whose little boy had been run over by a car.


Жестокий и нечестный человек (как акула)

Ronald turned out to be A shark. I made up my mind not to do any business with him.

Sharp tongue

(иметь) острый язык, (быть) критичным, не добрым

Nobody likes Cora; she has A sharp tongue and she very often says very unkind things to others.

Shed/throw some light on (something)

Проливать свет на что-либо

As his statement was read a very clear Light was thrown upon the situation.

Shell out (money)

Платить деньги, раскошелиться

Jacob Shelled out a lot of money for his new car.

Shine up to (someone)

Стараться угодить кому-либо

Little Paul tries to make friends with older boys and he Is always shining up to them.

Shipping and handling

Перевозка и погрузочно-разгрузочные операции

The cost of Shipping and handling for some imported goods is very high.

Ships that pass in the night

Разойтись, как в море корабли

Felix thought Miranda and he were like two Ships that pass in the night, and he didn’t hope to see her again.

Shirk one’s duty

Пренебрегать своими обязанностями, уклоняться от работы

The nanny Was shirking her duty; she didn’t take good care of the kids.

Shoe is on the other foot

Положение изменилось, (теперь уже не то)

The shoe is on the other foot now that my sister is the only money earner in the family after her husband’s death.


Бесспорная кандидатура, “верняк”

Mr. Parker is A shoo-in to win the election.


(быть) расстроенным, обеспокоенным

Miriam looked Shook-up and I asked her what the matter was.

Shoot for (something)

Стремиться к чему-либо

As far as I know Bridgeman Was shooting for a higher position in the firm.

Shoot from the hip

Говорить прямо и откровенно, “рубить с плеча”

Ben always Shoots from the hip and as a result gets into trouble now and then.

Shoot one’s mouth off

Хвастливо болтать или говорить о том, чего хорошо не знаешь

Sandra always Shoots her mouth off about something she doesn’t know very well.

Shoot one’s wad

Истратить все деньги, “промотать деньги”

I guess Mark Has shot his wad at a casino.

Shoot oneself in the foot

Сделать ошибку или принять глупое решение

Nick Shot himself in the foot when he decided to invest into a Canadian Oil company.

Shoot out (something)

Выбрасывать вперед

Suddenly the man’s hand Shot out and cracked across Lanny’s mouth.

Shoot straight

Действовать, поступать честно

Alan always Shoots straight when he is dealing with his friends.

Shoot the breeze/bull

Болтать попусту

Margaret and her friends like To shoot the breeze when they get together.

Shoot the works

Не жалеть затрат или усилий, чтобы сделать что-либо

Steve’s parents are planning To shoot the works with the wedding reception for their only son.

Shoot up (drugs)

Вкалывать наркотики

I suspected that Ursula Was shooting up drugs.

Shoot up (someone or something)

Устроить стрельбу по кому-либо \ чему-либо

When the traffic police stopped a drunken driver, he began To shoot up everybody.

Shoot up

Быстро расти, тянуться

The boy seems to get taller every time I see him; he is definitely Shooting up.

Shop around for (something)

Ходить по магазинам за чем-либо

I Shopped around for new shoes but was not able to purchase anything decent.

Shore (something) up

Подпирать что-либо

It was necessary To shore up the roof of the house after the hurricane had damaged it.

Short and sweet

Короткий и приятный

Dana stayed with her friends for the weekend and her visit was Short and sweet.

Short end (of the stick)

Плохое обращение

Jane complained to me that she always got The short end of the stick when she was at work.

Short for (something)

Сокращенная форма чего-либо (слова, фразы, имени)

The name Betty is Short for Elisabeth.

Short of (something)

Недостаточно, мало чего-либо

Kelly is a spendthrift and she is always Short of money.

Short shrift

Грубое обращение

The younger children received Short shrift from their elder brother and they complained about it to their Mom.

Shot in the arm

Прилив энергии

I did a lot of work yesterday probably because of A shot in the arm.

Shot in the dark

Случайный догадка, догадка сделанная наобум

I imagined that his intentions were not quite decent though on my part it was A shot in the dark.

Shot through with (something)

Смешанный с чем-либо, содержащий что-либо

This mixture is Shot through with something which tastes bitter.

Shotgun wedding

Вынужденное бракосочетание

The young people were forced into A shotgun wedding by the girl’s parents.

Should have one’s head examined

Вести себя неразумно, как сумасшедший

“You must be crazy to buy that outdated computer. You definitely Should have your head examined.”

Shoulder to cry on

Сострадательный человек; (жилетка, в которую можно поплакать)

At that time I had no Shoulder to cry on and felt very miserable.

Shoulder to shoulder

Плечом к плечу

The soldiers fought Shoulder to shoulder.

Shove off

Отправляться, уходить

My friends dropped in for a minute, stayed till midnight and finally decided To shove off.

Shove one’s way somewhere

Проталкиваться куда-либо

A large crowd surrounded the building and we had To shove our way to the entrance.

Shove (something) down (someone’s) throat

Навязывать что-либо кому-либо

I was forced to agree to his conditions because he literally Shoved them down my throat.

Shove/force/ram (something) down (someone’s) throat

Силой получить чье-либо согласие относительно чем-либо, навязывать что-либо кому-либо

I was forced to agree to his conditions because he literally Shoved them down my throat.


Демонстрировать, показывать и рассказывать

The teacher asked her students to bring their favorite toys for Show-and-tell.

Show of hands

Открытое голосование, голосование поднятием рук

It was proposed that we vote by A show of hands.



Samuel is a regular Show-off; his main ambition is to impress other people.

Show one’s cards/hand

Раскрыть свои карты, рассказать о своих планах

Hillary was very evasive about it all as if she didn’t want to Show her cards To me.

Show one’s face

Появиться, показаться

After cheating at the exam, Simon was ashamed To show his face.

Show one’s hand

Раскрыть карты, обнаружить истинные намерения

Hillary was very evasive about it all as if she didn’t want to Show her hand To me.

Show one’s teeth

Показать свой гнев или силу, “оскалить зубы”

I got upset because my boss Showed his teeth when I began to argue with him about my job.

Show one’s true colors

Предстать в своем настоящем виде

The young woman Showed her true colors; I had never seen a more outrageous person!

Show signs of (something)

Проявлять признаки чего-либо

“Try to be composed and not To show signs of Nervousness.”

Show (someone) the door

Указать кому-либо на дверь, заставить уйти

When a drunken man began to raise hell in the bar, the manager immediately Showed him the door.

Show (someone) the ropes

Рассказать или показать кому-либо, как что-либо делать; научить

“I am new in the job and I want you To show me the ropes.”

Show (someone) to his or her seat

Провести на место

The movie had already begun and I asked the usher To show me to my seat.

Show (someone) up

Изобличать, показывать кого-либо в истинном свете

Noel didn’t pay taxes and the tax inspector Showed him up.

Show (something) to good advantage

Показать что-либо в выгодном свете

The student tried To show his knowledge to good advantage at the exam.

Show up

Выделяться (на фоне чего-либо)

Martha’s wrinkles Showed up in the strong light.

Shrug (something) off

Не обращать внимания на что-либо, игнорировать

The boy said something rude, but I Shrugged off his insults.

Shuffle the cards/deck

Изменить политику, “перетасовать колоду”

It is not wise To shuffle the deck in the middle of an economic crisis; it may cause even more uncertainty.

Shut off

Изолировать, быть в отдалении

Theodor’s house was Shut off from the other houses in the area.

Shut one’s face/trap

Замолчать, заткнуться

Silvia’s bragging got on my nerves, so I asked her To shut her trap.

Shut out (a team)

Не допустить гола (в игре)

The Canadian national hockey team Shut out the best American team last Sunday.

Shut (something) off

Выключать (электричество, газ, воду и т. д.)

Felix stopped the car but didn’t Shut off the engine.

Shut (something) up

Запереть, закрыть наглухо

As I approached the house, I saw that the doors and the windows Were shut up.

Shut the door on (someone)

Закрыть дверь перед чьим-либо носом

My next door neighbor is a nosy Parker, and I often have To shut the door on her.

Shut the door on (something)

Препятствовать чему-либо, не допускать

The setback in the business Has shut the door on any future progress of the company.

Shut up (someone or something)

Закрыть, ограничить свободу кого-либо \ чего-либо

Our dog is very unfriendly, and we have To shut him up whenever anyone comes to our house.

Shut up

Замолчать, заткнуться

Silvia’s bragging got on my nerves, so I asked her To shut up.

Shut your mouth!

Замолчать, заткнуться

Silvia’s bragging got on my nerves, so I asked her To shut up.

Shuttle (someone) from place to place

Возить кого-либо взад-вперед

The ship was too big to dock at the port, so the boatmen Shuttled the passengers from the ship to the shore all day.

Shy away from (someone or something)

Избегать кого-либо \ что-либо, уклоняться

It looks as if my friend Has been shying away from me recently.

Sick and tired of (someone or something)

Смертельно надоесть, устать от кого-либо \ чего-либо

“I am Sick and tired of your constant whining. You sound as though you were the unhappiest person on earth.”

Sick at heart

Быть очень расстроенным

When I learnt about my cousin’s troubles with the law, I became Sick at heart.

Sick of (someone or something)

Надоедать, испытывать неприязнь к кому-либо \ чему-либо

My work is very boring and I am Sick of it.

Side against (someone)

Выступать против кого-либо

I didn’t expect Nick Wood To Side against Rick Forest in the debate yesterday.

Side with (someone)

Выступать в поддержку кого-либо

My mother-in-law always Sides with her son when we quarrel with my husband.

Sight for sore eyes

Приятное зрелище, желанный гость

“You look gorgeous! You are A sight for sore eyes.”

Sight unseen

За глаза, не видя

Never buy things Sight unseen; you’ll be very sorry if you do.

Sign on with (someone)

Подписать соглашение с кем-либо

Nancy Has signed on with the Chief Executive of one of the pharmaceutical firms.

Sign one’s own death warrant

Нажить серьезные неприятности, “подписать себе смертный приговор”

The young man Signed his own death warrant when stole a car; he will spend two year in prison.

Sign (something) over

Подписать передачу что-либо

Mr. Shlossman Signed over all his property to his daughter Erica.

Sign up for (something)

Записаться на что-либо, присоединиться

My friend and I Signed up for a folk dance class.

Signal to (someone) to do (something)

Подать кому-либо сигнал сделать что-либо

The teacher Signaled to one of the boys to help her carry heavy textbooks.

Signed, sealed and delivered

Сделано по правилам

The document has been done correctly, following all the necessary procedures; it was Signed, sealed and delivered.

Silence is deafening

Оглушающая тишина

When Sally told us the shocking news, the silence in the room Was deafening.

Silly season

Сезон, когда нет серьезных новостей, мертвый сезон

It was midsummer, the Silly season, when there was nothing much happening that was newsworthy, which reduced the press to reporting trivial and stupid stories.

Simmer down

Остыть, успокоиться

William was very angry with his wife, but after a while he began To simmer down.

Since time immemorial

С незапамятных времен

Since time immemorial women have been using make up and dying their hair.

Sing (someone’s) praises

Превозносить кого-либо, восхвалять

“I had a note from my mother-in-law in which she Sang your praises very loudly.”

Sing/whistle a different tune

Запеть другую песню, сбавить тон, присмиреть

Joe smiled secretively as if he knew something that would make them Sing a different tune.

Sink in

Понимать, вникать

I told Jack to keep moving, but my words evidently didn’t Sink in.

Sink into despair

Горевать, приходить в уныние

Joan Sank into despair when her car had broken down.

Sink one’s teeth into (something)

Начать серьезно работать (над проектом, проблемой)

I Sank my teeth into my research.

Sink or swim

Будь, что будет! либо пан, либо пропал

I was left on my own To sink or swim; no one gave me any help.

Sit around (somewhere)

Сидеть где-либо и отдыхать

We Were sitting around in the cafe when Jim appeared in the doorway.

Sit at (someone’s) feet

Восхищаться кем-либо

Elvis Regan is a great singer, and I am ready To sit at his feet for ever.

Sit back and let (something) happen

Ни во что не вмешиваться

I decided To sit back and let things happen because I didn’t want to interfere in their dispute.

Sit back

Быть построенным на каком-то расстоянии от улицы

The church Sits back a few hundred meters from the street.

Sit bolt upright

Сидеть совершенно прямо (словно аршин проглотил)

Peter Sat bolt upright without moving.

Sit idly by

Лениться; сидеть и смотреть, как другие работают

Jerome Was sitting idly by while his friends were doing the packing.

Sit in for (someone)

Подменить кого-либо, занять чье-то место

My co-worker asked me To sit in for him in the lab during an experiment.

Sit in judgment of (someone)

Выносить суждение кому-либо

The members of the jury are To sit in judgment of the drug dealers’ case.

Sit in on (something)

Принимать участие в чем-либо

Though he had no vote, he was allowed To sit in on the conference.


Сидячая забастовка

The miners had A sit-in to demand better and less dangerous working conditions.

Sit on its/their hands

Скупо аплодировать, встречать жидкими аплодисментами

The performance of the clown was very poor, and the audience in the circus Sat on their hands.

Sit on one’s hands

Сидеть сложа руки, бездействовать

I Sat on my hands and watched the other members of the family clean the living-room.

Sit on (something)

Заседать, быть членом жюри или правления

Although Mr. Kane has retired he still Sits on the board of many corporations.

Sit on the fence

Сохранять нейтралитет, занимать выжидательную позицию

“I am not going To sit on the fence and support any of you in your dispute.”

Sit right

Приемлемый, подходящий

“Is your proposal good enough To sit right with the other members of the family?”

Sit (something) out

Высидеть; досидеть до конца, не участвуя в чем-либо

Wanda had To sit out dances because nobody invited her to dance.

Sit through (something)

Высидеть до конца, выдержать до конца что-либо

Though Ted didn’t like the performance he was polite enough To sit through it.

Sit tight

Терпеливо ждать

“I want you To sit tight and wait for me near the counter while I am doing my shopping,” the mother told her eight-year-old girl.

Sit up and take notice

(внезапно) заинтересоваться, встревожиться или насторожиться

I heard a loud thump, which made me Sit up and take notice.

Sit up with (someone)

Сидеть (ночью) у постели больного

The nurse Sat up with her patient all night.

Sit well with (someone)

Радовать кого-либо, угождать

My suggestion to go on a picnic Sat well with my friends.

Sitting duck

Легкая добыча, удобная мишень

A sitting duck is easy to kill, isn’t it?

Sitting on a goldmine

Владеть чем-либо ценным (часто не понимая этого)

My father’s stamp collection is very valuable; he is Sitting on a goldmine with it.

Sitting pretty

Быть в благоприятной ситуации

“Are you Sitting pretty with your job, Silvia?” – “I wish I were.”

Sitting target

Легкая мишень (для критики)

“I am not going to be A sitting target for you to criticize me.”

Six feet under

Быть мертвым

“Mandy couldn’t have called you, silly; she is Six feet under.”

Six of one and half a dozen of the other

Одно и тоже, нет никакой разницы

It was Six of one or half-a-dozen of the other as to whether I should rent an apartment downtown or take a cottage in the suburbs. They cost almost the same.

Sixth sense

Шестое чувство, интуиция

My Sixth sense prevented me from trusting the man.

Size of it

Вот так то; вот, пожалуй, и все

“That’s about The size of it,” Jill said as she told me about her misfortune.

Size up (someone or something)

Составлять мнение о ком-либо \ чем либо

Jordan tried To size Rick up, but failed because the latter didn’t fit into any type he knew.

Skate on thin ice

Рисковать, быть на грани опасности, “играть с огнем”

Trent Had been skating on thin ice all his life.

Skeleton in one’s closet

Семейная тайна, о которой не принято говорить; “скелет в шкафу”

Marion had A skeleton in her closet; her Granddad had been a psychopath and naturally she wanted that to remain secret.

Skid row

Район, где живут бедняки и безработные; район притонов и ночлежек

“You’d better not go to the Skid row area of the city; it’s not an appropriate place for you.”

Skin and bones

Кожа да кости, очень худой

Cecily has been keeping to a slimming diet for a long time, and now she is all Skin and bones.


Поверхностный, не глубокий

Eric seems to be knowledgeable, but I am sure his knowledge is Skin-deep.

Skin (someone) alive

Бранить; шлепать или бить, “шкуру спущу”

I broke my mother’s favorite vase, and she said if I touch anything else in her bedroom she would Skin me alive.

Skip bail

Не появиться в суде, не смотря на внесенный ранее залог

“I cannot guarantee that the man won’t run away; he may easily Skip bail.”

Skip it

Ладно, неважно

“Skip it,” Nora told me when I again forgot to bring her the book she had asked for.

Skip out on (someone or something)

Улизнуть от кого-либо \ чего-либо, не пойти

We decided to Skip out on the field trip and go to a movie instead.

Skip rope

Прыгать на скакалке

The children were laughing happily as they Were skipping rope.

Sky’s the limit

Без ограничения

The Sky is the limit for my uncle; he can make all the money he craves for.

Slack off

Разлениться, стать менее активным, сбавлять темп

Desmond’s business Has slacked off, and he has decided to try his luck in another place.

Slap in the face

Оскорбление, пощечина, оплеуха

Brett hadn’t expected that Dina would refuse to go out with him; it was A slap in the face for him.

Slap on the wrist

Легкое наказание, шлепок по руке

Bobby received A slap on the wrist for having told his mother a lie.

Slap (someone or something) down

Отвергать кого-либо \ что-либо, забраковать

My tutor Slapped my term paper down and I was very upset.

Slap (something) together

Поспешно смастерить что-либо, сделать наспех

They were in a hurry To slap together a few benches to put in the garden.

Slated for (something)

Планировать, намечать

The house Is slated for restoration next month.

Slave to (someone or something)

Быть рабом кого-либо \ чего-либо

Mr. Murdoch is A slave to his old car, which breaks down every few miles.

Sleep in


Ann Slept in and didn’t appear at work in time.

Sleep like a log/baby

Крепко спать, “спать как убитый”

I Slept like a log and didn’t hear my alarm-clock, which was trying to wake me up.

Sleep on (something)

Обдумать и решить что-либо

“I like your proposal, but I will Sleep on it before I give you the answer.”

Sleep (something) off

Проспаться, отоспаться

Jeremy had too much to drink last night and is now Sleeping the effects off.

Sleep with (someone)

Спать с кем-либо

The little puppies Slept peacefully with their mother.

Slice of the cake/pie

Доля чего-либо

Kelly demanded that she be given A slice of the cake in their family business.

Slip away/off/out

Ускользнуть, уйти незамеченным

Jim didn’t want to be seen, so he quietly Slipped out of the room.

Slip of the tongue


“I didn’t mean to say that; it was A slip of the tongue.”

Slip one’s mind

Забыть, выпасть из памяти

It completely Slipped my mind that I had promised to call my friend the previous day.

Slip out

Просачиваться (о секретной информации)

It Slipped out that the largest company in the country might go bankrupt.

Slip through (someone’s) fingers

Упустить возможность, просочиться у кого-либо между пальцев

Sally had a very good opportunity of getting a good job, but she let it Slip through her fingers.

Slip up

Ошибиться, сделать ошибку

Jack was sure that Rita Had slipped up when she said that Mr. Grover was in his office.

Slow as molasses in January

Быть очень медлительным

My granddaughter is As slow as molasses in January when she walks to school in the morning.

Slow down

Замедлять ход, тормозить

Tim Slowed down to 25 miles an hour.

Slow going

Замедленный темп или трудность выполнения чего-либо

It was Slow going as I was learning to work on the computer.

Slow on the draw

Медлительный (человек)

Mary is said to be Slow on the draw, but she immediately takes advantage of an opportunity when she sees it.

Slow on the uptake

Тупой, несообразительный

My new student is Slow on the uptake, and I have to explain everything to him several times.

Slow up


The sales manager decided To slow up the activity of his department because of some problems.


Медленно соображающий, тупой

“I don’t think Kelly is Slow-witted; she is just lazy.”

Slower and slower

Все медленнее и медленнее

Robert ran Slower and slower and at last he stopped, struggling for breath.

Slowly but surely

Медленно, но верно

If you do something Slowly but surely, it will be done properly.

Smack dab in the middle

Прямо посредине

“Look! There is a big hole Smack dab in the middle of your skirt.”

Smack into (someone or something)

Врезаться в кого-либо \ что-либо

A truck ran Smack into Carry’s car.

Small fry

Мелкие людишки, мелкая сошка, малыши

The older children went to the party, but the Small fry was left at home.

Small potatoes

Что-либо небольшое или незначительное

The amount of money for the road is Small potatoes compared to the cost of the bridge.


Мелкий, незначительный

Meredith is a Small-time tennis player and never participates in serious competitions.

Small/fine print

Мелкий шрифт

It’s necessary to pay attention to the Fine print before you sign a document or a contract.

Small/wee hours (of the night/morning)

Первые часы после полуночи, предрассветные часы

My Uncle Ben died In the small hours of the night.

Smart money is on (something)

Хорошая идея (относительно чего-либо)

The Smart money is on the government officials who decided to introduce a new tax law next year.

Smash hit

Пользующиеся большим кассовым успехом (фильм, песня и т. д.)

“Do you know which films are considered to be Smash hits of the year?”

Smear campaign (against someone)

Клеветническая кампания (против кого-либо)

I am sure someone is running A smear campaign against the president of our company.

Smell a rat

Заподозрить, почуять неладное

When Clara didn’t come back with my money, I began To smell a rat.

Smell blood

Желать узнать причину, взять след

McAllister could Smell blood when he began to investigate the poisoning of the elderly couple by their own granddaughter.

Smile from ear to ear

Широко улыбаться (улыбка от уха до уха)

Collin Was smiling from ear to ear when he saw his friends approaching him.

Smile on (someone or something)

Быть благосклонным, расположенным к кому-либо \ чему-либо

I couldn’t understand if my instructor Was smiling on me or not.

Smoke and mirrors

Обман и неразбериха (попытка скрыть что-либо)

The drug dealers used a scheme of Smoke and mirrors to hide their illegal business.

Smoke (someone or something) out

Выкурить кого-либо \ что-либо, избавиться

They tried everything in order To smoke out hornets, but nothing helped.

Smoke (something) out

Обнаружить, найти что-либо, выведать

Steve decided To smoke out the reason why Richard had concealed important evidence from the police.

Smooth sailing

Легкое продвижение вперед, “все идет как по маслу”

To fix up a party is Smooth sailing; we don’t expect any obstacles or problems.

Smooth (something) over

Представить что-либо в лучшем свете, уладить

Hardly had I Smoothed One problem over when another one appeared.

Snail’s pace

Очень медленно, черепашьим шагом

During rush hours the cars downtown usually move at A snail’s pace.

Snake in the grass

Враг, претворяющийся другом

Pat has turned out to be A snake in the grass. I trusted her, but she had betrayed me.

Snake oil salesman

Продавец, пытающийся продать некачественный товар

The car dealer is like A snake oil salesman. His second-hand cars are no good at all.

Snap at (someone)

Огрызаться на кого-либо, говорить резко или сердито

I asked my sister to make some coffee. “I am not your slave,” she Snapped at me.

Snap out of (something)

Возвратиться в нормальное состояние, выйти из чего-либо (депрессии)

He had been in a black mood all morning, and I waited for him To snap out of it.

Snap (something) up

Расхватать что-либо

The bargains were quickly Snapped up by women shoppers.


Легкое дело, легкая задача

The job interview was A snap, and I am sure I will get the job of a computer programmer.

Sniff out (someone or something)

Почуять, обнаружить кого-либо \ что-либо

The cat Sniffed out a mouse in the barn.

Snow job

Неискреннее отношение, преднамеренная лесть

Martha’s speech before the shareholders was A snow job.

Snow (someone) under

Быть заваленным, загруженным, обремененным

Jeff Has been snowed under with correspondence since his secretary was taken ill.


Такой-то, такой сякой (о человеке, который вам не нравиться)

Nobody likes that So-and-so. He has a really unpleasant personality.

So clean you can eat off the floor

Очень чисто

I did up my bedroom and it became So clean you could eat off the floor.

So far, so good

Пока все хорошо

“How is your married life?” I asked Hilda. “So far, so good,” she replied.

So far

Пока что

Jill has been traveling around Europe; she has visited four countries So far.

So help me

Я клянусь, я обещаю

“So help me, if you do not return my textbook, I’ll never let you borrow anything from me.”

So long

Пока (прощание)

“So long, I hope to see you again soon.”

So mad that one could scream

Безумно злой

Linda got So mad that she could scream when the secretary had made a lot of mistakes in the document.

So much for (someone or something)

Довольно (говорить) о ком-либо \чем-либо

“So much for that; you are not going to come here again!”

So much the better

Тем лучше

“So much the better. If extra money is given, we will be able to complete the construction of the bridge sooner.”

So much

Столько-то, (так) много

Jordan had So much to think about.

So quiet you can hear a pin drop

Очень тихо; слышно, как муха пролетит

I think I dropped a brick for it suddenly became So quiet you could hear a pin drop.


Так себе, “серединка на половинку”

“How is the patient today, doctor?” – “So-so,” the latter responded.

So soon

Так скоро, так быстро

I did not expect my parents to return So soon from their visit to our relatives.

So still you can hear a pin drop

Очень тихо; слышно, как муха пролетит

The students were writing a test, and it was So still in the classroom you could hear a pin drop.

So to speak

Так сказать

Greg was not a bad guy, So to speak, although few people liked him.

Soak (something) up

Впитывать, всасывать что-либо

“Get some blotting-paper To soak up The ink.”

Soaked to the skin

Промокнуть до нитки

The children had been walking in the rain for two hours and were Soaked to the skin.

Sob story

Печальная история

Pauline told me A sob story about her family problems.


Son Of a Bitch – сукин сын

The man got angry called Sam a SOB when Sam tried to jump the queue at the filling station.

Sock away (some money)

Убирать, прятать деньги в укромное место

I have decided To sock away some money to pay for my college education.

Sock it to (someone)

Дать тумака, побить кого-либо

Brown Socked it to his neighbor for having damaged part of his property.

Sock (something) away

Убирать, прятать что-либо в укромное место

I have decided To sock my clothes away for the time when my daughter’s kids can wear them.

Soft spot for (someone or something)

Чувство привязанности, симпатии к кому-либо \ чему-либо

I have A soft spot for my elderly neighbor.

Soil one’s diapers

Пачкать пеленки

Marion’s baby Soils its diapers almost every hour.

Sold out

Быть распроданным

We came to the cinema a bit late; all the tickets Were sold out.

Solid as a rock

Стабильный, заслуживающий доверия, “твердый как скала”

The City bank is said to be As solid as a rock.

Somebody up there loves/hates me

Кто-то на небе благоволит ко мне или ненавидит меня

“Somebody up there hates me,” he said, “I have been out of luck lately.”

Someone’s fingerprints are on (something)

Оставить следы (отпечатки пальцев) на чем-либо

The Criminal’s fingerprints were on everything in the room; he had not been very careful.

Something about (someone or something)

Что-то (странное, особенное, любопытное) о ком-либо \ чем-либо

There is Something about the man’s offer; it sounds very bizarre.

Something else again

Что-то совсем другое

Staying at home all day is OK, but staying at home when my siblings go to a movie is Something else again.

Something else

Что-то невероятное

The circus performance was Something else. It was the best show that I have ever seen.


Сосредоточиваться на чем-либо, думать только об одном

Jeremy Smith is Money-minded; all he thinks about is money.

Something of the sort

Что-то в этом роде

I know that Bob is keen on car races or Something of the sort.

Something or other

Что-то, что-то такое

My father said Something or other about his new job but I didn’t quite get it.

Something’s up

Что-то происходит

I do not know what is going on in the neighbor’s apartment, but I am sure that Something’s up.

Something/words to that effect

Что-то в этом роде

The shopkeeper said that dogs were not allowed into the shop or Something to that effect.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of (an amount of money or something)

Где-то в районе (количество денег или чего-либо еще)

There were Somewhere in the neighborhood of two thousand people at the demonstration.

Son of a gun/bitch)

Сукин сын (ужасный)

“Son of a bitch,” Jeremy swore under his breath.

Son of a sea biscuit

Сукин сын (более мягкое выражение)

“Son of a sea biscuit,” Sam exclaimed when he saw his younger son chasing hens in the yard.

Song and dance

Оправдание, отговорка

The student gave the teacher A song and dance about being late for classes.

Sooner or later

Рано или поздно

“Sooner or later you will want to get rid of the old furniture.”

Sore loser

(человек) не умеющий достойно проигрывать

Eva is not A sore loser, and she is never upset when she does not win a game of cricket.

Sort of (something)

Вроде того

“Have you finished papering the walls in the bedroom?” “Sort of, but some work is still left to be done.”

Sort (something) out

Прояснять, приводить в порядок

I will have To sort out all my things before moving to a new apartment.


Сигнал бедствия, СОС (спасите наши души)

The Titanic was sending out SOS signals, but the Carpathia was too far away from the ship and couldn’t come to its rescue.

Sound as if

Это звучит так, как будто

“It sounds as if you were going to quit your present job.”

Sound like a broken record

Повторять, твердить одно и тоже

Mrs. Larkin Sounded like a broken record when she told her husband to clear the mess in his den.

Sound like (something)

Кажется что…

It Sounds like David is cross with you because you didn’t call him yesterday.

Sound off about (something)

Говорить что-либо громко, во все услышание

Tim’s brother Is always sounding off about his lack of money.

Sound (someone) out

Стараться выяснить чье-либо мнение, “зондировать почву”

Simon made it his duty To sound out the members of the staff.

Soup up (something)

Придавать силу, увеличивать мощность чего-либо

I decided To soup my motorcycle up, making it more powerful.

Sow one’s wild oats

Прожигать молодость, совершать необдуманные поступки

Paul wasn’t one of those young men who Sowed his wild oats; he was a fairly decent youth.

Spaced out

Бессвязно (говорить), быть в замешательстве, как будто одурманенный наркотиками

Max was totally Spaced out when his father asked him about the broken car.

Spare (someone) (something)

Пощадить кого-то (чтобы не слушать что-либо)

“I wish you could Spare me Your complaints; I am in no mood to listen to them.”

Speak for itself/themselves

Говорить само за себя

The book needs no recom mendation. The author and the title Speak for themselves.

Speak for (something)

Попросить что-либо, выразить просьбу

It was very cold in the hospital ward, and the patients Spoke for hot water bottles.

Speak highly of (someone or something)

Хорошо отзываться о ком-либо \ чем-либо

The students Spoke highly of their new tutor.

Speak ill of (someone)

Плохо отзываться о ком-либо

The tenants Spoke ill of their apartment manager.

Speak of the devil (and he appears)

Легок на помине

“Speak of the devil and he appears,” I said as Jimmy, who we were talking about, appeared in the doorway.

Speak off the cuff

Выступать, говорить без подготовки

Mr. Trent prefers To speak off the cuff at the meetings of any kind.

Speak one’s mind

Откровенно высказать кому-либо что-либо

I am going To speak my mind and tell my boss about the shortcomings in our work.

Speak one’s piece/mind

Откровенно высказать кому-либо свое неодобрение

I am going To speak my mind and tell my boss about the shortcomings in our work.

Speak out of turn

Говорить невпопад

Maria is in the habit of Speaking out of turn when the teacher asks her questions.

Speak out on/about (something)

Откровенно высказаться о чем-либо

Sam was reluctant To speak out on the subject of money.

Speak the same language

Иметь общие идеи, вкусы, мнения говорить на одном языке

Unfortunately my cousin and I seldom Speak the same language.

Speak up for (someone or something)

Говорить в пользу, в защиту кого-либо \ чего-либо

Jonathan is always ready To speak up for the unemployed and the homeless.

Speak up

Говорить громко и отчетливо

“I’d like you To speak up so that everybody in class can hear you.”

Speak with a forked tongue


I suspect that Mark Speaks with a forked tongue that’s why everyone distrusts him.

Spell (something) out

Объяснять что-либо очень ясно, простым языком

Mrs. Grove Spelled out the conditions for renting her cottage very clearly indeed.

Spell trouble

Быть признаком грядущих неприятностей

The leakage in the roof might Spell trouble for the coming rainy season.


Очень чистый, опрятный

Gilda takes good care of her house; it is always Spick-and-span.

Spill the beans

Выдать секрет

My friend Spilled the beans about my smoking though he had promised not to tell my Mom about it.

Spin a yarn

Сочинять небылицы, привирать

Rick liked girls who could talk books and Spin a yarn.

Spin one’s wheels

Крутиться, кружиться (но мало что сделать)

Cora Was spinning her wheels all day but didn’t get much done.

Spin (something) off

Создать побочный продукт

The Microsoft will probably Spin off some computer games as their by-product.

Spit in (someone’s) eye

Оскорблять или раздражать кого-либо

His remarks insulted me as if someone Had spit in my eye.

Spit up (something)

Выплюнуть что-либо

My cat tried to swallow a bone, but I made her Spit it up.

Spitting image of (someone)

Точная копия кого-либо

Clara’s son is A spitting image of her husband.

Split hairs

Вдаваться в чрезмерные тонкости, спорить о мелочах

“Pray don’t let us Be splitting hairs or there will never be the end of our dispute.”

Split one’s sides (with laughter)

Надрываться от смеха, “лопнуть со смеху”

“I’ll tell you a good story which will Split your sides with laughter.”

Split (someone) up

Отделить кого-либо, разделить, разделиться,

The guide Split the hikers Up Into two groups.

Split (something) fifty-fifty

Разделить что-либо поровну

“Let’s Split the household jobs fifty-fifty.”

Split the difference

Идти на компромисс, соглашаться, делить поровну

My friend and I decided to rent a room and Split the difference.

Split ticket

Бюллетень с несколькими кандидатами от различных партий

During the election I am going to vote for A split ticket, that is, for candidates from more than one political party.

Split up

Разойтись, прекратить отношения по взаимному согласию

Our company Split up due to the founder’s untimely death.

Splitting headache

Ужасная головная боль

The other day I had A splitting headache, so I took some medicine to kill the pain.

Splurge on (something)

Потратить много денег на что-либо

They Splurged on a beautiful new house in the suburbs of Toronto.

Spoken for

Разобраны, зарезервированы

During a holiday season most of the railway tickets are Spoken for.

Spook (someone)

Пугать, испугать кого-либо

My dog is afraid of thunder storms and they always Spook him.

Spoon-feed (someone)

Чрезмерно опекать кого-либо, “кормить с ложки”

The young mother is too considerate and literally Spoon-feeds her ten-year-old daughter.

Sport of kings

Скачки (спорт королей)

Horse racing or The sport of kings is very popular in the U. K.

Sporting chance

Достаточно хороший шанс

I doubt that Glide has A sporting chance of finding a good job.

Spout off about (someone or something)

Слишком много говорить о ком-либо \ чем-либо

Pamela is fond of Spouting off about her baby son.

Spread like wildfire

Распространяться быстро и бесконтрольно, как огонь

During the very first signs of the earthquake the panic Spread like wildfire throughout the area.

Spread one’s wings

Стать независимым, расправить крылья

Sam decided to become independent; he wants To spread his wings and try to do something on his own.

Spread oneself too thin

Пытаться делать слишком много одновременно

Never try To spread yourself too thin if you want to accomplish much.

Spring for (something)

Купить что-либо, заплатить за что-либо

Our TV set got broken and we decided To spring for a new one.

Spring (something) on (someone)

Удивить кого-либо чем-либо, преподнести неожиданность

My sister is going to immigrate to Iran; I wish she Hadn’t sprung her crazy plans on me.

Spruce (something) up

Приводить в порядок, наводить блеск

They must Have spruced up their house for now it looks spick and span.

Square accounts with (someone)

Рассчитываться, улаживать финансовые дела с кем-либо

I didn’t trust Jack and had no intention To square accounts with him.

Square away (something)

Привести что-либо в порядок, уладить

I had no time To square away my private affairs; I wanted to take care of them later.

Square deal

Честная сделка

Mr. Lancaster is a decent man, and you will receive A square deal if you do business with him.

Square meal

Сытная еда

In English families dinner, which is eaten between 6 and 7, is usually A square meal.

Square off to do (something)

Принять боевую стойку, приготовиться (спорить или драться)

The two dogs Squared off to fight for their own territory.

Square one

Самое начало

Mike didn’t remember Physics, so he had to go back to Square one and start learning the subject again.

Square peg in a round hole

Человек не на своем месте, человек не подходящий для данной работы

Mark has filled the position of a sales manager, but he is like A square peg in a round hole.

Square things up with (someone)

Отдать долг, рассчитаться с кем-либо

Bob is reluctant To square things up with me and give me the money that he had borrowed.

Square up to (someone or something)

Смело противостоять кому-либо \ чему-либо

“It’s time you learned To square up to difficulties and problems and sort them out yourself.”

Squawk about (something)

Громко жаловаться на что-либо

Mona is the type of person who likes To squawk about everything.

Squeak by (someone or something)

Еле-еле успеть; подступиться к кому-либо \ чему-либо

Unfortunately I was not able To squeak by the deadline and submit my grant application on time.

Squirrel away (some money)

Припрятать деньги, откладывать

I sometimes have To squirrel some extra money away so that I can use it later.

Squirrel (something) away

Сделать запас (заначку) чего-либо

I sometimes have To squirrel some extra money away so that I can use it later.

Stab (someone) in the back

Предавать, клеветать за спиной, “всадить нож в спину”

I can never again trust Kelly because she tried To stab me in the back.

Stack the cards/deck for or against (someone or something)

Настроить кого-либо за или против

Marion felt that they Had stacked the cards against her, that she had never had a fair choice.

Stack the deck

Поставить в невыгодное положение, “подтасовать карты”

Marion felt that they Had stacked the deck against her, that she had never had a fair choice.

Stack up (something)

Складывать что-либо

I Stacked up the used newspapers to throw them away.

Stake a claim to (something)

Закрепить свое право на что-либо

If you offer something free, people are apt To stake a claim to it.

Stall off (someone or something)

Задержать кого-либо \ что-либо, отложить

Our flight Was stalled off, and we were hanging about the airport.

Stamp out (something)

Искоренять что-либо

“I would like you To stamp out your bad habits.”

Stand a chance of (doing something)

Иметь возможность делать что-либо

Alan Stood a good chance of getting the job of a computer programmer.

Stand behind (someone or something)

Поддержать кого-либо \ что-либо

“I will always Stand behind you whatever you do.”

Stand by (someone)

Помогать, поддерживать, быть верным другом

Marion is a very devoted wife; she always Stands by her husband when he is in the lurch.

Stand by

Быть наготове, стоять наготове

Lifeboats Were standing by in case the ship sank.

Stand clear of (something)

Держаться подальше от чего-либо

“Please Stand clear of the window or else you might catch cold.”

Stand corrected

Признать ошибку, неправоту

Stella had To stand corrected when she made a mistake about the time of the flight.

Stand for (something)

Означать, символизировать

In the Roman numerals the letter “C” Stands for one hundred.

Stand head and shoulders above (the rest/someone/something)

Быть гораздо лучше кого-либо \ чего-либо, быть на голову выше остальных

My new car Stands head and shoulders above the one I had before.

Stand in awe of (someone or something)

Испытывать благоговейный трепет перед кем-либо \ чем-либо

I Stood in awe of Turner’s pictures exhibited in the National Gallery in London.

Stand in for (someone)

Замещать кого-либо

Ron had To stand in for the security guard who had been taken ill.

Stand in (someone’s) way

Стоять на пути кого-либо, быть барьером для чьих-либо желаний или намерений

Sam did not want To stand in his ex-wife’s way to happiness.

Stand off from (someone or something)

Держаться в отдалении от кого-либо \ чего-либо

Emily is a very shy child; she usually Stands off from the other children of her age.

Stand off (someone or something)

Держать кого-либо \ что-либо на расстоянии, отдалять

They were not able To stand off the rival teams and as a result they lost the tournament.

Stand on ceremony

Придавать большое значение правилам поведения (церемониям)

Please don’t Stand on ceremony; Be natural and easy.

Stand on one’s head (to do something)

Делать большие усилия

Jordan did everything but Stand on his head to help his friend quit smoking.

Stand on one’s own two feet

Быть независимым, прочно стоять на ногах

Joe has a useful job and earns his own money, so he Stands on his own two feet.

Stand one’s ground

Стоять на своем, не отступать, не сдавать своих позиций

“If you know you are right, Stand your ground, don’t yield.”

Stand out

Выделяться (на фоне кого-либо \чего-либо)

The statue of the Happy Prince Stood out against the dark sky.

Stand over (someone or something)

Стоять над душой у кого-либо, контролировать что-либо

“I don’t want you To stand over me to make sure that I am doing my homework.”

Stand pat

Проводить свою линию, противиться переменам

“If I were you, I should Stand pat and not do anything to cause further problems.”

Stand (someone) in good stead with (someone or something)

Оказаться полезным для кого-либо \ чего-либо, пригодиться

It will Stand you in good stead with your future job if you get good education.

Stand (something) on its head

Придать чему-либо противоположное значение, исказить, поставить с ног на голову

We didn’t agree with them because they Stood this important matter on its head.

Stand still for (something)

Терпеть, переносить что-либо

I won’t Stand still for any nonsense.

Stand to reason

Иметь смысл, само собой разумеется

It Stands to reason that the children should spend more time outdoors.

Stand up and be counted

Выступить публично, занять решительную позицию

I think I’ll Stand up and be counted before my boss takes decisive measures against me.

Stand up for (someone or something)

Отстаивать, защищать, поддерживать

A man must be able To stand up for his rights.

Stand up (someone)

Не придти (на встречу, свидание)

First Jane agreed to go out with Tim, but then she Stood him up.

Stand up to (someone)

Смело выступить против кого-либо

I can’t help admiring Ken; he Stood up to his boss and told him everything in his face.

Stand up

Выдерживать (высокую температуру или продолжительное пользование)

Steel Stands up well to high temperature.

Standing joke

Постоянная шутка

One day Jim appeared at work in his pajamas, and it became A standing joke around our office.

Stare (someone) in the face

Быть очевидным

“Are you looking for your pen? It’s on your desk, Staring you in the face.”

Stark raving mad

Быть спятившим, сумасшедшим

Mrs. Bartlet is difficult to deal with because she is Stark raving mad.

Stars in one’s eyes

Глаза блестят от счастья

Sally had Stars in her eyes when Ronald proposed marriage.

Start from scratch

Начать с начала, начать на голом месте

Jeremy Started from scratch and now he is quite successful in his business.

Start in as (something)

Начать карьеру в качестве кого-либо

Sam Started in as a sailor and now he is captain of a big liner.

Start off on the wrong foot

Плохо начать (какую-либо деятельность или отношения с кем-либо)

I can admit that I Started off on the wrong foot with my in-laws.

Start out as (something)

Начать карьеру в качестве кого-либо

He Started out as an ordinary employee and in a few years became chief executive.

Start over/off with a clean slate

Начать все сначала, начать с чистого листа

“I advise you to ignore the past and Start over with a clean slate.”

Start the ball rolling

Начать что-либо делать

I think it’s time I Started the ball rolling.

Start up (something)

Создать что-либо, начать делать что-либо

Steven Started up a printing business not long ago.

Stay away from (something)

Избегать чего-либо, воздерживаться от чего-либо

My doctor strongly advised me To stay away from sugar and sweets.

Stay put

Не двигаться с места, оставаться в том же положении

“Please, Stay put don’t walk all over the place.”

Steal a base

Делать что-либо тайком, красться

Jimmy Carter is one of the best baseball players; he can easily Steal a base during the game.

Steal a march on (someone)

Сделать что-либо украдкой, опередить кого-либо

Mary and I were both offered a job which was vacant; I decided to go the next day, but Mary Stole a march on me.

Steal someone’s heart

Заставить кого-либо влюбиться, влюбить в себя

Miranda is very attractive and can easily Steal a man’s heart.

Steal (someone’s) thunder

Заимствовать чьи-либо идеи, открытия и предать их гласности ради собственной выгоды

Adam complained that they wouldn’t let his play run, and yet they Had stolen his thunder.

Steal the show/spotlight

Привлечь к себе все внимание

The pictures of a young talented artist Stole the show At the exhibition.

Steamed up

Быть обозленным, негодующим

My father Was steamed up Because I had taken his car without his permission.

Steaming mad

Кипящий от злости

I Was steaming mad when my sister had broken my favorite vase.

Steer clear of (someone or something)

Избегать кого-либо \ чего-либо

Eva Has been steering clear of Wanda since she borrowed $.220 from her.


Постепенно, шаг за шагом

I learnt how to drive a car Step-by-step.

Step down from (a job/position)

Уйти в отставку

My father had To step down from his present job because of poor health and old age.

Step into (someone’s) shoes

Заменить кого-либо, занять чье-либо место

There were half a dozen candidates any of whom would be happy To step into Jenny’s shoes.

Step into the breach

Заполнить пробел, незанятое место

Dr. Summerfield Stepped into the breach and helped the other doctors during the epidemic of flu.

Step on it

Ехать быстрее, поторопиться

I was in a hurry, so I asked the taxi driver To step on it.

Step on the gas

Нажать на акселератор, увеличить скорость

“Please, Step on the gas. I am late for work as it is.”

Step out of line

Нарушать дисциплину, порядок; шалить, плохо себя вести

My aunt’s children often Step out of line, and it makes her very angry.

Step right up

Продвигаться вперед по направлению к кому-либо \ чему-либо

The booking-clerk told me To step right up when I was waiting for my turn to pay for my ticket.

Step up (something)

Усиливать что-либо, ускорять

Production in that particular industry could be greatly Stepped up with more effective methods.

Step up

Получить повышение (по службе)

Mr. Jackson Stepped up to the position of editor-in-chief after the old editor had retired.

Step/tread on (someone’s) toes

Задеть чьи-либо чувства, “наступить на чью-либо любимую мозоль”

Stephan Managed to step on his friends’ toes and that turned his friends into his enemies.

Stew in one’s own juice

Страдать из-за своих проступков

“You’ll be Stewing in your own juice if you get into trouble again.”

Stick around

Находиться поблизости

My mother asked me To stick around in case she needed my help.

Stick by/with (someone or something)

Поддерживать кого-либо \ что-либо

“I’ll always Stick by you no matter how many problems you may have.”

Stick in (someone’s) mind

Не забывать, застрять в чьей-либо голове

The face of the dying woman Stuck in my mind for many days.

Stick in (someone’s) throat/craw

Неприятная, раздражающая ситуация; “застрять, как кость в горле”

I failed my English exam last semester, and the failure Sticks in my throat.


Отсталый, не современный человек

My Grandfather is an old Stick-in-the-mud.

Stick one’s head in a noose

Навредить себе, сунуть голову в петлю

Bob borrowed a large sum of money thus Sticking my head in a noose.

Stick one’s neck out (for someone or something)

Рисковать ради кого-либо \ чего-либо

“I am not going To stick my neck out for you.”

Stick one’s nose into (something)

Совать свой нос куда-либо, вмешиваться в чужие дела

I wish that my roommate would stop Sticking her nose into my private affairs.

Stick out like a sore thumb

Выделяться, быть хорошо видным

“Don’t you think you will Stick out like a sore thumb if you put on this absurd attire?”

Stick (someone) with (something)

Оставить кому-либо исполнять неприятное задание

My older sister tried To stick me with cleaning all the windows in the house.

Stick (something) out

Терпеливо переносить что-либо

Though Martha didn’t like her job she decided To stick it out until she found something better.

Stick (something) up

Приклеить, прикрепить что-либо

Linda Stuck a stamp up on the envelope.

Stick to a story/the facts

Придерживаться повествования или фактов

The police didn’t believe Nick’s story because he didn’t Stick to the facts.

Stick to one’s guns

Не сдавать позиций, держаться стойко

Gregory was man enough To stick to his guns.

Stick to one’s ribs

Хорошо наесться, плотно покушать

My mother is a wonderful cook; everything she cooks Sticks to our ribs.

Stick together

Держаться вместе

The teacher told the children To stick together when they went to the museum.

Stick up for (someone or something)

Защищать кого-либо \ что-либо, поддерживать

“I am very grateful to you for Having stuck up for me.”

Stick up (someone or something)

Ограбить (с применением оружия)

The robber had a knife and he tried To stick me up.

Stick with (something)

Продолжать что-либо, не прекращать

I think I’ll Stick with my French lessons.

Sticky fingers

Склонность к воровству

Little Bobby has Sticky fingers, and his mother watches him all the time.

Sticky wicket

Затруднительный ситуация (досл. липкие воротца в крикете из-за дождя)

The snow had made A sticky wicket out of the roads and there were a lot of accidents that day.

Stink to high heaven

Очень плохо пахнуть, вонять

The meat must have gone bad; it is Stinking to high heaven.

Stir (someone or something) up

Расшевелить кого-либо \ что-либо, разозлить

Maida’s strange story Stirred up my curiosity.

Stir up a hornet’s nest

Нажить много врагов, вызвать нарекания, “потревожить осиное гнездо”

Mr. Galvani’s speech at the shareholders’ meeting Stirred up a hornet’s nest.

Stitch in time saves nine

То, что делается во время, экономит много труда впоследствии

“I think you should have the roof in your house fixed before it becomes worse. Remember, A stitch in time saves nine.”

Stock up on (something)

Запастись чем-либо

They Stocked up on wood before making a camp fire.

Stone broke

(быть) совершенно без денег

I am afraid I can’t afford to go on a holiday to Thailand; I am Stone-broke.

Stone’s throw away from (something)

Очень близко от чего-либо

The post-office is A stone’s throw away from the place of my work.

Stoop to (doing something)

Снизойти до чего-либо

I will never Stoop to gossiping about other people’s private affairs.


Двигаться с интервалами

The traffic was Stop-and-go during the evening rush hour.

Stop at nothing

Ни перед чем не останавливаться

My friend is a very stubborn person; she will Stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Stop by (somewhere)

Остановиться где-либо

I am going To stop by my parents’ house on my way home.

Stop dead

Резко остановиться

On seeing me Pam Stopped dead.

Stop in one’s tracks

Внезапно остановиться, “встать как вкопанный”

Having turned the corner Ron Stopped in its tracks; he must have seen something unusual.

Stop, look, and listen

Быть осторожным при переходе через дорогу

It is necessary to teach children To stop, look, and listen when they cross the road.

Stop off (somewhere)

Сделать остановку где-либо (на непродолжительное время)

I had run out of sugar and milk, so I decided To stop off at the supermarket and do the shopping.

Stop over (somewhere)

Остановиться в пути, сделать остановку

My friend met me at the airport at 10 p. m., so we decided To stop over in New-York and go on our way in the morning.

Stop short of (doing something)

Перестать, прекратить делать что-либо

I Stopped short of telling my brother to clear the mess in his den.

Storm is brewing

Грядут неприятности, назревает буря

I have lost my sister’s disks and I am sure a Storm is brewing.

Straight and narrow

Прямой жизненный путь, (быть честным и законопослушным)

Ronald had The straight and narrow route through life.

Straight from the horse’s mouth

Услышать прямо из чьих-либо уст

I heard the news about my friend’s promotion Straight from the horse’s mouth.

Straight from the shoulder

(говорить) прямо, без обиняков

I appreciate my friend’s open and honest ways; he always speaks Straight from the shoulder.

Straight out

Прямо, без обиняков

I told Gina Straight out that her essay was not very good.

Straighten out (someone or something)

Улучшать (положение), разрешать (задачу)

Paul did his best to Straighten out a very nasty situation.

Straighten (something) up

Привести что-либо в порядок

For a few minutes Wanda pottered about the room, Straightening things uP.

Stranger to (someone or something or somewhere)

Человек, не знакомый кому-либо; не знающий чего-либо

I opened the door and saw a man; he was a Stranger to me. I didn’t know him from Adam.

Strapped for cash

Не хватать денег, иметь мало денег

I couldn’t buy the dress I wanted because I was Strapped for cash.

Straw in the wind

Намек, предупреждение

When Nick messed up with his account, it was a Straw in the wind that he might be given a sack soon.

Straw that breaks the camel’s back

Потерять терпение, переполнить чашу терпения

When the secretary lost an important document for the third time it was the Straw that broke the camel’s back, and the boss decided to fire her.

Straw that broke the camel’s back

Переполнить чашу терпения

Alan cheated on me again and it was The straw that broke the camel’s back; I decided to break off with him.

Stretch one’s legs

Размять ноги

After he had been driving for six hours, he stopped for a while To stretch his legs.

Stretch the point

Не так строго соблюдать правила, сделать исключение

I asked my employer to Stretch the point and allow me to have flexible working hours.

Stretch the truth


I Stretched the truth a little bit when I told my Mom what a nice guy my boy friend was.

Strictly on the level

Быть честным, надежным, заслуживающим доверия

The bank clerks that the customers deal with are always Strictly on the level.

Strictly on the up-and-up

Честный, справедливый и прямой

I never do business with anyone if everything is not Strictly on the up-and-up.

Strike a balance (between two or more things)

Находить компромисс между крайностями

Paul was never able to Strike a balance between his work and his hobby.

Strike a bargain

Заключить сделку, придти к соглашению

I wanted to Strike a bargain with my friend to buy his computer.

Strike a chord with (someone)

Быть знакомым кому-либо, напомнить, вызвать отклик в душе

Greg’s words Struck a chord with me and reminded me of my better days.

Strike a happy medium

Найти золотую середину

Our professor succeeded in Striking a happy medium between being strict and being friendly to the students.

Strike a match

Зажечь спичку

He Struck a match and saw a tiny kitten in the corner of the barn.

Strike a pose

Встать в (определенную) позу

My friend wanted to take my picture and he asked me to Strike a pose.

Strike a sour note

Выражать, означать что-либо неприятное

The Dean’s speech about truancy Struck a sour note with many students.

Strike at the heart of (something)

Ударить в самое сердце

Her husband’s infidelity Struck at the heart of Mira’s idea of a happy family life.

Strike gold

Найти золотую жилу, напасть на золотую жилу

Jeremy seems To have struck gold with his new computer games product.

Strike it rich

Внезапно разбогатеть, преуспеть, “напасть на золотую жилу”

Elvira Struck it rich when she had won one million dollars in a state lottery.

Strike out at (someone or something)

Ударить или напасть на кого-либо \ что-либо

Somebody Struck out at me and snatched my purse.

Strike out

Не удаваться, потерпеть неудачу

I Struck out in my attempt at fund rising.

Strike (someone) as funny

Показаться смешным кому-либо

Jean’s new hat, of which she was very proud, Struck me as funny.

Strike (someone) as (something)

Действовать на кого-либо определенным образом, казаться кому-либо

It Strikes me as strange that Solomon has decided to take up mountaineering.

Strike (someone’s) fancy

Нравиться, вызывать интерес

I like thrillers; and the novels by Mary Higgins Clark always Strike my fancy.

Strike the right note

Взять верный тон

It’s difficult to Strike the right note when people just won’t listen to you.

Strike up a conversation with (someone)

Начать разговор с кем-либо, заговорить

I Struck up a conversation with the lady sitting next to me on the plane.

Strike up a friendship with (someone)

Завязать знакомство с кем-либо

During his stay in Congo Joe Struck up a friendship with a few natives.

Strike while the iron is hot

Пользоваться благоприятной возможностью, “куй железо пока горячо”

My friend told me about a vacancy in their office, so I decided To strike while the iron was hot and quickly applied for the job.

String along with (someone)

Следовать за кем-либо, сопровождать

Mrs. Dale Strings along with her children every morning when they go to school.

String (someone) along

Обмануть, одурачить кого-либо

Charley doesn’t intend to marry Pat – He is just stringing her along.

String (something) out

Растянуть, растянуться (о расстоянии или времени)

Last summer the swimming competitions Were strung out over a period of three weeks.

Strings attached

Сопутствующее обязательство, определенное условие

Adam wanted to rent a house but he didn’t like the Strings attached to the offer.

Stroke of luck

Удача, везение

It was A stroke of luck that I was able to get a couple of tickets for the concert.

Struggle to the death

Борьба не на жизнь, а на смерть

The war against the Nazi Germany was A struggle to the death.

Stuck in a rut

Рутина, привычный уклад жизни

After my father retired he was Stuck in a rut.

Stuck in traffic

Застрять в (транспортной) пробке

Sam was late for work this morning because he had been Stuck in traffic for about an hour.

Stuck on (someone)

Быть влюбленным в кого-либо, “запасть на кого-либо”

Lora Has been stuck on this movie star since she was a teenager.

Stuck on (something)

Засесть в голове, заклиниться на чем-либо

Lucy is Stuck on the idea of adopting a little boy from the orphanage.

Stuck up

Быть кичливым, высокомерным

Tim is too Stuck up for my liking; he insolent and conceited.

Stuck with (someone or something)

Обремененный кем-либо \ чем-либо

When my younger sister was ill, I was always Stuck with taking care of her.

Stuff and nonsense

Ерунда, чепуха

“Do you want to know what I think of it? I suppose that’s all Stuff and nonsense.”

Stuff one’s face

Набить себе желудок, много съесть

I was not hungry because I Stuffed my face in the restaurant.

Stuff the ballot box

Заполнять избирательную урну поддельными бюллетенями

A man was seen Stuffing the ballot box during the recent election.

Stuffed shirt

Чопорный, надутый, неприветливый человек

“What do you think of Henry? What’s your opinion of him?” – “I think he is A stuffed shirt.”

Stumble across/into (someone)

Случайно встретить, столкнуться с кем-либо

I couldn’t get in touch with Sofia for a long time before I Stumbled into her at the mall.

Stumble across/upon (someone or something)

Случайно обнаружить кого-либо \ что-либо, натолкнуться

Frank Stumbled across Margaret’s diary when he was looking for his passport.

Stumble into (somewhere)

Войти спотыкаясь (в комнату)

Felix Stumbled into the living-room and stretched himself on the sofa.

Stumbling block

Камень преткновения

The price of the goods was A stumbling block in the negotiations between the sales manager and the supplier.

Subject to (something)

Зависеть от чего-либо

The arrangement of a picnic was Subject to weather conditions.

Subscribe to (something)

Подписаться на (периодическое издание); поддержать или дать согласие на что-либо

I’d like to Subscribe to a magazine and a few newspapers.

Such and such


Such and such Called, but I have forgotten his name.

Such as it is

Такой как есть (неважного качества или не имеющий ценности)

You can use my bicycle, Such as it is, but it’s not in very good condition.

Such as

Такой как, например

It’s too cold in this area for certain fruit trees Such as the grapes.

Suck (someone) in

Обманывать кого-либо

George looked down in the mouth, but his appearance couldn’t Suck me in.

Sucker list

Список людей, из которых можно вытянуть деньги

My friend is on The sucker list; that is he is among those people who can be easily persuaded to buy something.

Sugar daddy

Престарелый любовник или покровитель

Silvia’s Sugar daddy is very generous.

Suggestive of (something)

Напоминающий что-либо

The picture was Suggestive of a country lane which I used to walk along in my younger days.

Suit oneself

Делать все, что захочется

“Can I do the kitchen while you are at work?” – “Suit yourself.”

Suit/fit (someone) to a T

Очень подходить кому-либо

My sister’s new apartment Suits her to a T.

Sum and substance

Самая суть, квинтэссенция

The sum and substance of his objections boils down to the following.

Sum (something) up

Суммировать что-либо, подводить итог, кратко изложить

The judge Summed up the evidence.

Sunny-side up

Яичница, поджаренная только с одной стороны

I like my eggs to be fried Sunny-side up.

Supply and demand

Спрос и предложение

The Supply and demand for used cars is never very high.

Supposed to do (something)

Предполагалось сделать что-либо

“Am I Supposed to believe all that crap?”

Sure thing.

Наверняка, конечно, несомненно

“Will you be at work tomorrow?” – “Sure thing.”

Survival of the fittest

Выживание сильнейших

The survival of the fittest means the continual existence of those animals and plants which are best adapted to their surroundings.

Susceptible to (something)

Восприимчивый, чувствительный

Martha’s younger son is very Susceptible to colds.

Swallow one’s pride

Подавить самолюбие, проглотить обиду

Wanda had To swallow her pride and ask her employer for a higher salary.

Swallow (something) hook, line and sinker

Безоговорочно поверить, “заглотить наживку”

Rick told me about his disastrous situation, and I, being a gullible person, Swallowed it hook, line, and sinker.

Swamped with (something)

Быть загруженным чем-либо, быть заваленным

At present the firm Is swamped with orders for their goods.

Swan song

Лебединая песня

This film was A swan song of the great actress.

Swear by (something)

Иметь доверие к чему-либо

Emma Swears by aspirin for a headache.

Swear off (something)

Решить отказаться от чего-либо

Leo Swore off smoking when the doctor said it caused lung cancer.

Swear on a stack of bibles

Поклясться на библии

The witness Swore on a stack of bibles before he gave his testimony.

Swear on (something)

Поклясться на чем-либо

“I want you to believe me; I am ready To swear on my life.”

Swear (someone) in

Приводить кого-либо к присяге

After the election the president will Be sworn in.

Sweat blood

Быть озабоченным и напряженным

During the interrogation the man Was sweating blood.

Sweat bullets/blood

Нервничать, очень беспокоиться

During the interrogation the man Was sweating blood.

Sweat it out

Терпеливо пережидать что-либо (неприятное)

There were no vacant rooms in the hotel, and we had To sweat it out until someone signed out.

Sweat (something) out

Ждать чего-либо с нетерпением

He spent a few days Sweating out whether or not he would get the visa.

Sweep out of (somewhere)

Выскочить откуда-то

Tina’s face was stained with tears as she Swept out of the room.

Sweep (someone) off his or her feet

Вызвать чей-либо восторг, поразить, потрясти

When I saw my favorite singer appear on the stage, it Swept me off my feet.

Sweep (something) under the rug/carpet

Игнорировать неприятные вещи, стараться забыть о них

“We’d better not Sweep our differences under the rug; let’s discuss them.”

Sweet and sour

Сладко-кислый (вкус)

I don’t like dishes with a Sweet and sour taste.

Sweet nothings

Нежные, но ничего не значащие слова

Jimmy whispered Sweet nothings into my ear, but I ignored them.

Sweet on (someone)

Любить кого-либо

Sally suspected that Willy was Sweet on her sister.

Sweet-talk (someone)

Льстить кому-либо

“Don’t try To sweet-talk me into lending you my laptop.”

Sweetheart deal

Благоприятная, взаимовыгодная сделка

They made A sweetheart deal with a traveling agency to have the price of the tickets reduced.

Sweetie pie

Милый, любимый

“Stay away from me! I am not your Sweetie pie.”

Swelled head


Marcia has A swelled head; she thinks that she is the most gifted person in her class.

Swift and sure

Быстрый и верный

The Swift and sure way of getting a job is to submit your resume.

Swim against the tide/current

Действовать, преодолевая сопротивление; “плыть против течения”

I had to Swim against the tide as there was a lot of opposition to my project.

Swing into action

Начать действовать

My parents were about to come home, so I Swung into action and started to clean the room.

Swing (something)

Смочь сделать что-либо

I am not sure if I will be able To swing throwing a party.

Switched on

Быть на самом современном уровне (относительно идей, моды, увлечений)

My boy friend is Switched on modern music.

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