Английские идиомы на букву Z

Zero hour

Час начала атаки

Zero hour for the bombers to take off was the early hours of the morning.

Zero in on

Прицелиться, нацелить

Big guns were Zeroed in on the enemy fort.

Zero-sum game

Выигрышно-проигрышная ситуация при которой, если выигрывает один, то неизменно проигрывает другой

It was a Zero-sum game between the salesperson and the customer, and we couldn’t tell who would win and who would lose.

Zip one’s lip

Не выдавать секрет, не болтать

“Please, Zip your lip and stop talking about the things you do not understand.”

Zonk out

Быстро заснуть, “вырубиться”

I couldn’t get a coherent word out of Stan as he Had zonked out.

Zoom in on (someone or something)

Электронное увеличение изображения во время фотографирования

The photographer Zoomed in on the butterfly which was sitting on a flower.

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