Wade into

Нападать, присоединяться к (драке)

Paul was quick To wade into the boys with his fists flying.

Wag one’s chin

Болтать, молоть языком

Liza met Wanda in the tea room, and she Wagged her chin with an old friend for a long time.

Wait-and-see attitude

Нерешительная, выжидательная позиция

If you are uncertain about something, it’s always wise to take A wait-and-see attitude.

Wait on (someone) hand and foot

Делать все возможное для кого-либо, служить верой и правдой

Moira is a spoiled child because her parents Wait on her hand and foot.

Wait tables

Подавать еду (в ресторане или кафе)

To earn some pocket money Tina was Waiting tables in the college cafeteria.

Wait up (for someone)

Ждать кого-либо (не ложиться спать)

When I lived with my parents, either my mother or my father always Waited up for me when I went out.

Wait with bated breath

Ждать с нетерпением; ждать, затаив дыхание

Jack Waited with bated breath for the results of his medical tests.

Waiting in the wings

Быть готовым к чему-либо

The vice-president of the company Was waiting in the wings to help the chairman to conduct the meeting.

Wake the dead

Быть способным разбудить \ поднять мертвых

Last night our neighbors were making enough noise To wake the dead.

Walk a tightrope

Рисковать, “ходить по канату”

In a job like his a man Is walking a tight rope all the time, and he’d better be quick on his feet if he doesn’t want to fall down.

Walk all over (an opponent)

Одержать легкую победу

Our basketball team Walked all over the other team at the spring competition.

Walk all over (someone)

Использовать кого-либо в своих корыстных целях или интересах

Jill is so friendly and helpful that people Walk all over her.

Walk away/off with (something)

Стащить, унести без разрешения

I would never believe that a thief Walked off with a safe full of money in broad daylight.

Walk down the aisle together

Пожениться, пойти к алтарю

Lester Fisher and Margaret McBright Walked down the aisle together on January 15.

Walk of life

Общественное положение, род занятий

People from every Walk of life enjoy watching movies.

Walk on air

Чувствовать себя очень счастливым или взволнованным

Mary Has been walking on air since she won in the state lottery.

Walk on eggs

Быть очень осторожным

I must Walk on eggs if I want to comply with the requirements of my job.

Walk out of (something)

Внезапно уйти, покинуть что-либо

John didn’t say he wasn’t coming back; he just Walked out Of the room

Walk out on

Бросать, уходить от кого-либо

The man Walked out on his wife and children.

Walk out


The workers who Walked out on strike on Monday were fired on Tuesday.

Walk the floor

Шагать взад и в перед

In his office my boss Walked the floor, trying to reach a decision.

Walk the plank

Быть вынужденным уйти с работы

David was forced To walk the plank when the new owner bought the business.

Walking papers

Известить кого-либо об увольнении

Mr. Goodchild was not satisfied with Jack’s work and gave him his walking papers.

Walls have ears

Нас могут услышать (и у стен есть уши)

“It’s a secret. Speak in a low voice. Walls have ears, you know.”

Waltz off with (something)

Добиться легкой победы в чем-либо

Garry Waltzed off with the chess tournament yesterday.

Want for nothing

Ни в чем не нуждаться

I know that Silvia Wants for nothing, yet she is not satisfied with her life.

Warm one’s blood/heart

Согреть, согреваться, оживляться

When the Parkers came to visit on a cold night, Mr. Simon offered them a drink To warm their blood.

Warm the bench

Сидеть на скамье запасных

Tom Smith Has been warming the bench for three football seasons.

Warm the cockles of (someone’s) heart

Радовать кого-либо, согревать душу

They treated him as if he had just come back from the North Pole, and it Warmed the cockles of his heart.

Warm up to (someone or something)

Оживляться, становиться заинтересованным или дружелюбным

It takes an hour or so for some children To warm up To strangers.

Warm up

Разминаться, готовиться к игре

The football coach told them To warm up before the match.

Warts and all

Всецело, включая что-либо плохое

Jordan seems to like Leila Warts and all.

Wash one’s dirty linen in public

Говорить о личных проблемах публично; выносить сор из избы, перемывать грязное белье

Sam felt a strong distaste for the Washing anybody’s dirty linen in public.

Wash one’s hands of (someone or something)

Отказаться от ответственности за кого-либо \ что-либо, “умыть руки”

Sam Davidson Washed his hands of politics long ago.

Washed up

Конченый, загубленный, изнуренный

Sullivan looks awfully sad. I hear his business has collapsed and he is all Washed up.

Waste one’s breath

Напрасно тратить слова, говорить попусту

I felt I Was wasting my breath, trying to convince Wanda not to quit her job.

Watch it!

Будь осторожен

“Watch it! Don’t hit your head on the low ceiling.”

Watch one’s mouth/tongue

Не быть грубым, следить за своим языком

“Look here, Adam! Why don’t you ever Watch your tongue? Why are you always rude to me?”

Watch one’s P’s and Q’s

Хорошо себя вести, быть вежливым

The mother warned her children To watch their P’s and Q’s while staying at their grandparents.

Watch one’s step

Соблюдать осторожность, “держать ухо востро”

You should Watch your step with the new manager; she is a very sensitive person.

Watch out for (someone or something)

Караулить, охранять кого-либо \ что-либо

“Please Watch out for the children when you go bathing in the lake.”

Watch over (someone or something)

Следить за, контролировать кого-либо \ что-либо

The duty of museum guards is to carefully Watch over the world-famous paintings.

Watch (someone or something) like a hawk

Зорко следить за кем-либо, не спускать глаз

“You’ve got To watch these guys like a hawk; they are not reliable.”

Water (something) down

Сглаживать, смягчать

His story was Watered down by making the details less vivid.

Water under the bridge

Прошлого не воротишь

“I can see how upset you are because of the divorce, but it is Water under the bridge now and you can’t do anything about it.”

Wax and wane

То возрастать, то убывать

Linda’s desire to learn French is always Waxing and waning.

Way the wind blows

Понимать, как обстоят дела; знать, откуда ветер дует

Most senators try to discover which Way the wind blows in their home state before voting on bills in Congress.

Way to (someone’s) heart

Путь к чьему-либо сердцу

They say The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Ways and means

Способы и средства, пути и способы изыскания денежных средств

The teenagers were trying to think of Ways and means to go camping for the weekend.


Water Closet – ватер клозет, туалет

There are several WC in the park.

Wear and tear

Износ, порча

There was no money for replacement on The wear and tear on their supposedly very much injured property.

Wear down

Изнашиваться, стираться

My heels are all Worn down; I need to buy new shoes.

Wear more than one hat

Иметь несколько обязанностей, совмещать обязанности

I have no desire To wear more than one hat in our office.

Wear off/away

Смягчаться, проходить, исчезать

The novelty of the news Had worn off by now.

Wear on (someone)

Сердить или раздражать кого-либо

Having to keep the child in bed when he is ill, Wears on his mother.

Wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve

Выставлять свои чувства на показ

Jeremy Was not going to wear his heart on his sleeve when he went to that last meeting.

Wear out one’s welcome

Надоедать кому-либо визитами

Serge has Worn out his welcome, and I don’t want to see him any more.

Wear out

Износиться, изнашиваться

Cheap clothes soon Wear out.

Wear the pants in one’s family

Быть главой семьи, верховодить в доме

Mr. Parker talks a lot, but it is Mrs. Parker who really Wears the pants in their family.

Wear thin

Изнашиваться, становиться тоньше

I like my old jeans, but they Have worn thin at the knees.

Weasel out of (something)

Устраниться, уклоняться от чего-либо

I have no wish to stay at work after office hours; I’d rather Weasel out of the job they want me to do.

Weather permitting

При благоприятной погоде

Weather permitting, we can keep our windows open all day long.

Weave in and out (of something)

Двигаться, обходя что-либо; объезжать

Richard was in a great hurry, so he Was weaving in and out of the traffic.

Weed out (someone or something)

Убрать не нужное, избавиться от кого-либо \ чего-либо

I decided To weed out my library because there were too many old books in it.

Week in, week out

Неделя за неделей

Week in, week out Jimmy was trying to get a good job.

Weigh down on (someone)

Угнетать, тяготить, беспокоить кого-либо

A huge debt Weighed down on George for several months.

Weigh on (someone’s) mind

Угнетать кого-либо, беспокоить, тяготить

I was to take entrance exams in summer and this fact Was weighing on my mind.

Weigh one’s words

Взвешивать свои слова

When Professor Smith talked to the students about becoming doctors, he spoke slowly, Weighing his words.

Weigh on/upon (someone)

Беспокоить, расстраивать кого-либо, висеть грузом на ком-либо

Sadness Weighed on Agnes’s heart when her puppy died.

Welcome (someone) with open arms

Радушно приветствовать, встречать с распростертыми объятиями

They Welcomed the delegation with open arms.

Welcome to do something

Приветствовать или одобрять какую-либо деятельность

My friend said I was Welcome to come and see her whenever I liked.

Well and good

Ну что ж хорошо

If my daughter enters a university, I will call that Well and good.



Roy’s uncle, who is Well-heeled, gave him a speedy sports car.



The Browns may not be millionaires, but they are sufficiently Well-off.


Состоятельные, обеспеченные (слои общества)

My friend’s father owns a prosperous company and his family is quite Well-to-do.

Well up in years


Julian is Well up in years, but he is very energetic.

Wet behind the ears

Новичок, молокосос

Cathy is still Wet behind the ears; she has not yet learned the tricks that the students play on each other.

Wet blanket

Нудная личность; человек, отравляющий другим удовольствие

I never take my cousin Jack to my friends’ parties because he is A wet blanket.

Wet one’s whistle

Выпить (что-либо спиртное), “промочить горло”

Uncle Sam told Steve to wait outside for a minute while he went in to the bar To wet his whistle.

Whale of (something)

Исключительно хороший

We had A whale of a time at the barbecue party.

What about

О чем? как насчет (чего-либо)

“Look here Jimmy. I want to talk to you.” – “What about?”

What are you driving at?

На что вы намекаете? Что вы имеете в виду?

My friend was very vague about it all, and I really didn’t understand What he was driving at.

What can I say?

Что я могу сказать?

“What can I say? I’m sorry that Tim turned out to be a double faced individual.”

What have you been up to?

Чем вы занимались? Что вы делали?

“I haven’t seen you for ages. What have you been up to?”

What makes (someone) tick

Что-либо, что движет кем-либо

I could never understand What made Julia tick, what made her refuse our invitation.

What one doesn’t know won’t hurt one.

Меньше знаешь, крепче спишь

What the boss doesn’t know won’t hurt him, and it’s not necessary to tell him about the missing files.

What with

Из-за, в результате

Frank couldn’t visit his aunt, What with the snowstorm and the cold he had.

Whatever will be, will be.

Что будет, то будет

I am not going to give up. Whatever will be, will be.

What’s cooking?

Что происходит?

“What’s cooking? Why has a crowd of people surrounded the car?”

What’s done is done.

Что сделано – сделано, сделанного не воротишь

It is silly of me to refuse their invitation, but What’s done is done.

What’s good/sauce for the goose is good/sauce for the gander

Что подходит одному, должно подходить и другому

“You needn’t complain about the discomforts; after all What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

What’s keeping you?

Что ты так долго? Что тебя задержало?

“Why are you so long? What’s keeping you, I wonder?”

What’s new?

Что нового?

“What’s new?” my friend asked me after we hadn’t seen each other for two months.

What’s the big idea?

Это еще что? Зачем ты делаешь это?

“I hear you are spreading false rumors about our company, What’s the big idea?”

What’s (up) with (someone)

Что случилось с (кем-либо)?

“What’s up with you? You seem to be upset about something.”

What’s up?

В чем дело? Что происходит?

“What’s up?” asked Mark as he joined his friends. “Are you going to the disco?”

What’s what

Различать, распознавать

As the weeds and the flowers were coming up together, it was difficult to tell What was what.

Wheel and deal

Торговаться, договариваться

Mr. Smith made a fortune by Wheeling and dealing on the stock market.

When hell freezes over


Victor is not trustworthy; I’ll believe him When hell freezes over.

When it comes right down to it

Когда дело доходит до этого

When it comes right down to it, I don’t think that Greg will keep his promise.

When it comes to (something)

Говоря о чем-либо; когда речь идет о

When it comes to Modern literature, Sue is very knowledgeable about new trends.

When least expected

Когда меньше всего ждешь

When least expected, the car breaks down in the middle of the road.

When one is good and ready

Быть полностью, совершенно готовым

Ricardo waited When Patricia was good and ready to give her consent to marry him.

When push comes to shove

Когда ситуация ухудшается

“Can I count on your goodwill, When push comes to shove?”

When the cat’s away, the mice will play

Без кота мышам раздолье

When the mother left the room, the children began to make a lot of noise. When the cat’s away, the mice will play.

When the chips are down

(быть) в трудной ситуации (chips – жетоны в казино)

Sam is not a loser, and When the chips are down, he is always able to find a way out.

When the going gets tough (the tough get going)

Когда ситуация усложняется

When the going gets tough, my father is always there to help me.

When the time is ripe

Когда приходит время

I decided to tell my mother about my engagement When the time was ripe.

Where one is coming from

Выражать свою точку зрения

When Hillary started to talk rubbish, I didn’t understand Where she was coming from.

Whet (someone’s) appetite

Возбудить чей-либо интерес, заинтересовать

I read an article about healthy foods, and it Whetted my appetite for more information about the issue.

While away the time

Приятно проводить время

I am going to buy a magazine To while away the time during the trip.

Whip up (something)

Сделать или приготовить что-либо на скорую руку

The reporter Whipped up a story about the accident; his article will be published in the local paper.

Whip up

Расшевелить, заставить быть активным

Marilyn was trying To whip up interest for a dance on Saturday night.

Whisper sweet nothings in someone’s ear

Шептать ласковые, ничего не значащие слова

Desmond Finch was courteous and pleasant, and he often Whispered sweet nothings in her ear.

Whistle a different tune

Изменить свое отношение, “запеть другую песню”

Mark announced that all smokers should be expelled from the team, but he Whistled a different tune after he had been caught smoking.

Whistle in the dark


Ron said he could fight Willy with one hand,...

but I knew that he was just Whistling in the dark.

White elephant

Пустая трата денег, обременительное имущество

That big house of theirs seems to be A white elephant; it isn’t worth its keep.

White lie

Ложь во спасенье, безобидная ложь

I didn’t want to go out with Arthur, so I told him A white lie about being very busy.

White sale

Распродажа постельного белья

Ms. Mottly often buys things at A white sale to save money.

White-tie event/affair

Официальное мероприятие

William was invited to attend A white-tie event in honor of the president of the company.

Whitewash (something)

Стараться истолковывать что-либо благоприятно, обелить что-либо

The showman was accused of trying To whitewash the outrageous behavior of one of the pop singers.

Whole ball of wax/shooting match

Все вместе, целиком

I decided to finish redecorating the apartment with the Whole ball of wax.

Whole new ball game

Совершенно новые обстоятельства

The investigation became A whole new ball game when some new circumstances had arisen.

Whole show


“Don’t try to run the Whole show; you are not the boss here.”

Whoop it up

Шуметь, буянить

The players were Whooping it up after winning the match.

Wide of the mark

Не по существу, неверно, некстати, далеко от цели

Jane spoke to the manager, but his answer was a little Wide of the mark.

Wild about (someone or something)

Быть в восторге от кого-либо \ чего-либо, быть полным энтузиазма

The students were Wild about the excursion to the Field Museum.

Wild goose chase

Бессмысленная погоня или сумасбродная затея

Jealousy sent Rena on A wild goose chase of a mysterious woman who had been seen entering her husband’s office.

Wild horses could not drag (someone away)

Ничто не может заставить кого-либо оторваться от что-либо

Wild horses could not drag Emily away from her favorite computer game.

Wildcat strike

Стихийная забастовка

The factory workers have gone on A wildcat strike, but the union is going to stop it.

Will not hear of (something)

Не разрешать, не принимать во внимание

Leila wants to go to a disco tonight, but her mother Will not hear of it.

Will power

Сила воли

He must have very strong Will power to be able to do this unpleasant job.

Win by a neck

Немного опередить (досл. опередить на голову)

The ski race was very close, but at the end a young skier pulled ahead and Won by a neck.

Win by a nose

Незначительно опередить

Jeremy was about to get the job, but Lionel Won him by a nose.

Win out (over someone or something)

Добиться успеха, выиграть процесс

The lawsuit lasted a long time, but we finally Won it out.

Win (someone) over

Склонить на свою сторону, расположить к себе

William Won the English teacher over and she allowed him to stay away from classes for a few days.

Win (someone’s) heart

Добиться чьей-либо любви, расположения

“If you want To win Leona’s heart, you should be kind and caring to her.”

Win (something) hands down

Выиграть с легкостью, шутя одержать победу

The tennis player Won the game hands down.

Wind down

Сократить или уменьшить

At the end of summer shops begin To wind down their stock of summer clothes.

Wind up

Заканчивать, прекращать

Jim followed the path to the right and Wound up where he started.

Wine and dine (someone)

Щедро угощать кого-либо

When Tom’s relatives come on a visit, he has To wine and dine Them.

Wing it

Делать все возможное в трудной ситуации

I was not prepared to talk to the boss, but I had To wing it.

Wing smth.

Действовать без подготовки

I was not prepared to talk to the boss, so I had To wing it.

Wink at (something)

Смотреть сквозь пальцы на что-либо

A judge must never Wink at any law-breaking.

Winning streak

Несколько побед подряд

The baseball team extended their Winning streak to six.

Wipe off


She Wiped off her drawing from the board.

Wipe out

Уничтожить полностью

The woman put some poison all over the kitchen floor To wipe out the cockroaches.

Wipe (someone’s) slate clean

Исправиться, начать с начала, исправить прошлые ошибки

Scot had been in prison for a few years, and then he was able To wipe his slate clean and start over.

Wipe the floor with (someone)

Избить кого-либо

Rick was ready To wipe the floor with the man who had insulted him.

Wise guy

Умный малый

I don’t think Mike is A wise guy, but he tries to act as if he were smarter than other people.

Wise up to

Начать понимать

At last I Wised up to the fact that the company wasn’t going to pay me more.


Остроумное или саркастическое замечание

The speaker kept up a steady stream of Wisecracks during his speech.

Wishful thinking

Стремление видеть все таким, как хочется, самообольщение

“It is your Wishful thinking that David cares for you; I know for sure he doesn’t.”



Jonny is very Wishy-washy and he won’t be able to support us.

With a heavy heart

С тяжелым сердцем

I told my friend about the accident With a heavy heart.

With a jaundiced eye

(видеть что-либо) в искаженном виде

Mr. Smith is clever, but unfortunately he sees everything With a jaundiced eye.

With a vengeance

Решительно и со рвением

I stayed away from my job for a month and then after a long break I started it again With a vengeance.

With all one’s heart (and soul)

Всей душой, охотно, искренне

Lucy is a wonderful woman; I admire her With all my heart and soul.

With all the fixings

Гарнир, всевозможное дополнение к основному блюду

In this cafe they serve meals With all the fixings.

With an eye to (doing something)

С намерением делать что-либо

Sam Willows bought a big apartment house With an eye to renting it tenants.

With an eye/view to (doing something)

С намерением, с целью (сделать что-либо)

I bought a tent and a sleeping bag With an eye to using it for camping out.

With ease

С легкостью, непринужденно

Adam answered all the questions With ease.

With every (other) breath

(постоянно) говорить, повторять что-либо

My mother always tells me With every other breath not to come home late.

With everything (on it)

Со всем, что прилагается к этому

I was hungry, so I ordered a sandwich With everything on it.

With flying colors

С огромным успехом

Victor was able to finish the race With flying colors.

With hat in hand

Униженно, смиренно

I was about to come to my friend With hat in hand to ask him to forgive me.

With impunity


Young Steve was sure he could do anything he wanted With impunity.

With it

Быть предупрежденным, хорошо осведомленным

The drug dealer was really With it when he hastily left the town.

With no strings attached

Без каких-либо обязательств

My friend gave me his laptop to use With no strings attached.

With one hand/both hands tied behind one’s back

Справиться успешно, без усилий

John knows computers as the palm of his hand, and he fixed my computer With both hands tied behind his back.

With one/both hand(s) tied behind one’s back

Легко, без усилий

John knows computers as the palm of his hand, and he fixed my computer With both hands tied behind his back.

With one’s tail between one’s legs

Испугаться или струсить, “поджать хвост”

The boss told Mike to get out, and the latter left the office With his tail between his legs.

With open arms

Тепло, радостно встречать кого-либо; встречать с распростертыми объятиями

My friends were happy to see me and they greeted me with open arms.

With relish

С наслаждением

I was very hungry and ate my food With relish.

With respect to (something)

Относительно чего-либо, что касается

The letter was undated With respect to the time and place.

With the best of them

Также, как любой другой

The boy can learn With the best of them if he makes the effort.

Within a stone’s throw of something

Очень близко

My aunt’s house was Within a stone’s throw of the railway station.

Within a whisker of (doing something)

Почти что сделать что-либо

Sam came Within a whisker of selling his car, but he decided not to do it after all.

Within an inch of one’s life

Почти до смерти, быть на волосок от смерти

The bear clawed the hunter, and the man was Within an inch of his life.

Within calling distance

В пределах слышимости, неподалеку

Wanda’s mother told her to stay Within calling distance because dinner was nearly ready.

Within reason

В пределах разумного, умеренно

If you want to go shopping, you must keep your expenses Within reason.

Without batting an eye

Без малейшего смущения, “и глазом не моргнул”

Jimmy told his story Without batting an eye, although not a word of it was true.

Without fail

Наверняка, обязательно, во что бы то не стало

Tim had borrowed my laptop and promised to return it in two days Without fail.

Without further ado

Без проволочек

I had applied for a visa and was granted it Without further ado.

Without question

Вне всякого сомнения, безусловно

Without question, Ben Livingford was the best student in his class.

Without rhyme or reason

Беспричинно; бессмысленно

It seems to me Brian has temper tantrums Without rhyme or reason

Wolf down (something)

Есть, заглатывать что-либо с жадностью

The boy hurriedly Wolfed down his dinner and left the house.

Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Волк в овечьей шкуре

Mrs. Parker trusted the lawyer until she understood that the man was A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Word for word

Буквально, дословно, слово в слово

The policeman asked Mrs. Martin to describe Word for word exactly what had happened with her.

Word of mouth

Устная передача информации

We heard about the new supermarket By word of mouth.

Word to the wise

Умный понимает с полуслова

The boss had once spoken to Jerry about being late all the time, and he supposed that A word to the wise was enough.

Words stick in one’s throat

С трудом говорить из-за волнения, “слова застряли в горле”

I wanted to console Myra because of her loss, but The words stuck in my throat and I couldn’t say a thing.

Work hand in hand (with someone)

Тесно взаимодействовать с кем-либо, работать рука об руку

The local authorities Are working hand in hand with the population to clean the town after the flood.

Work in (someone or something)

Вклиниваться, включать (в расписание)

When Professor Deanster was planning a course of lectures, she Worked in a few ones on Russian History.

Work in

Втирать, проникать, просачиваться

The mother told Silvia to put some ointment on her skin and To work it in gently with her fingers.

Work into (something)

Просунуть что-либо (с трудом)

The shoes were rather tight and I Worked my feet into them with difficulty.

Work like a horse

Много работать, “работать как лошадь”

My grandmother is very fond of gardening, and she Works like a horse to make the garden look nice.

Work off

Избавиться, освободиться

It was a convenient way of Working off social obligations.

Work one’s fingers to the bone

Усердно работать, работать до мозолей

Susan complained that she had To work her fingers to the bone for a meager pittance of a salary.

Work one’s way through college

Работать, учась в колледже (университете)

Steve had To work his way through college at a restaurant as a waiter.

Work on/upon

Воздействовать на (кого-либо)

The pills Worked on my nerves and made me feel more relaxed.

Work out (a problem)

Решить проблему

Tamara had had trouble getting along with her mother-in-law, but they finally Worked it out.

Work out (for the best)

Успешно закончиться, принести результаты

If this commuter bus service Works out, it will be used in other parts of the city.

Work out

Прорабатывать, срабатывать, иметь определенный результат

The boss asked me To work out the marketing costs.

Work over

Угрожать или избить (кого-либо)

Last Saturday right after midnight, the hoodlums Worked over Timothy in the park.

Work overtime

Работать сверхурочно

I Had been working overtime almost every day last month before I finished the design of the office building.

Work up

Возбуждать, доводить до (какого-либо эмоционального состояния)

Samuel couldn’t Work up any interest in the book he was trying to read.

Work wonders (with someone or something)

Творить чудеса, быть благоприятным для кого-либо \ чего-либо

“A good night’s sleep will Work wonders with you.”

Worked up

Взволнованный, обеспокоенный

Something must have happened; Sally sounded all Worked up Over the phone.

World is one’s oyster

Все возможно для кого-либо, все достижимо

When Mark won the scholarship, he felt as though The world was his oyster.

Worm one’s way out of (something)

(с трудом) находить выход из затруднительного положения

I hate to wash up, so I decided To worm my way out of this responsibility.

Worse for wear

Поношенный, истрепанный

I had to buy a new pair of jeans because my old ones looked The worse for wear.

Worth its weight in gold

Очень ценный

The advice of my father is always Worth its weight in gold.

Worth one’s salt

Стоить затраченных денег или уважения

When the baseball team lost two games in succession, people felt that the coach was hardly Worth his salt.

Worth one’s while

Стоить затраченного времени или труда

I’d rather you didn’t repair your car by yourself; it is not Worth your while.

Worthy of the name

Достойный имени

The food in the restaurant is fantastic and the restaurant itself is more than Worthy of the great chef’s name.

Would give one’s right arm (for something)

Отдать что-либо ценное (за что-либо)

Jeffrey Would give his right arm for the possibility to see Agatha again.

Would just as soon

Скорее предпочел бы

I Would just as soon meet Tim in a restaurant than invite him to my house.

Wouldn’t touch (someone or something) with a ten-foot pole

Ни за что бы не связался с кем-либо или не ввязался во что-либо

If I knew Kimberly were so stingy, I Wouldn’t have touched her books with a ten-foot pole.

Wrap (someone) around one’s little finger

Полностью контролировать кого-либо, быть под каблуком у кого-либо

Sue is very popular with boys, and she can easily Wrap any of them around her finger.

Wrap up

Сворачивать что-либо, заканчивать

The construction workers Wrapped up the job and went home.

Wrapped up in

Чрезмерно увлекаться, быть погруженным в

Lora was so Wrapped up in her magazine that she didn’t hear me come into the room.

Wreak havoc with/on (something)

Причинять ущерб или разрушения чему-либо

The river flooded and Wreaked havoc on the towns situated on its banks.

Wring one’s hands

Беспокоиться, расстраиваться

Linda didn’t go to bed that night; she Was wringing her hands, waiting for her husband’s return from a yacht trip.

Wring (someone’s) hand

Долго не выпускать чью-либо руку

I hadn’t seen Tim for ages, and when we met he stood Wringing my hand for a long time.

Wring (someone’s) neck

Быть очень сердитым на кого-либо (желать свернуть шею)

I was ready To wring Samantha’s neck for having spoilt my holiday.

Write off (a loan/debt)

Списывать со счета, вычеркивать долг

The bank had To write off Mr. Parker’s debt because he had gone bankrupt.

Write off

Списывать со счета, вычеркивать долг

This machine was worn out, so we decided To write it off.

Write up

Написать, описать

Reporters from a lot of newspapers came to the Winter Olympics To write up the events.

Written all over (someone’s) face

На лице написано, на лице ясно отражено (какое-либо чувство, состояние)

The fact that my younger sister had eaten all the sweets was Written all over her face.

Wrong side of the tracks

Бедная часть города, неприглядная сторона чего-либо

Stella was raised on The wrong side of the tracks.

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