Английские идиомы на букву F

Face down (someone)

Осадить кого-либо, нагнать страху

I had To face down the blackmailer who was threatening me.

Face the music

Держать ответ за что-либо, расплачиваться, “расхлебывать кашу”

“You’ve made a mistake; now you’ll have To face the music.”


Лицом к лицу

Sam was not afraid to stand Face-to-face with his enemy.

Face up to (something)

Быть готовым принять нелегкое решение

The young man was seriously injured, and he had To face up the fact that he would never be able to walk.

Face value (of something)

Номинальная стоимость

The face value of the new computer was not very high.

Face value

Кажущаяся ценность; поверхностное суждение

“If I were you, I wouldn’t trust her; take everything she does at face value.”

Facts of life

Жизненно-необходимые сведения (о сексе, женитьбе, рождении и т. д.)

Even young children should know the Facts of life.

Fair and impartial

Беспристрастный, справедливый, непредвзятый

The criminal was taken to court and given a Fair and impartial trial.

Fair and square

Открыто, честно

The competition was tough, but their team won the game Fair and square.

Fair game

Объект нападения, “легкая добыча”

The company being in a difficult situation was Fair game as a takeover target by other companies.

Fair play

Справедливое, честное отношение к кому-либо, честная игра


bank is known for its Fair play and is very popular with the clients.

Fair shake

Обхождение, хорошее отношение

At the job interview Steve was given a Fair shake.

Fair to middling

Так себе, неважно “серединка на половинку”

Jeremy was feeling Fair to middling after his heart attack.

Fair-weather friend

Человек, который может быть другом только при благоприятных условиях

Henry is a Fair-weather friend, and I can never rely on him when I have a problem.

Fall apart at the seams

Разваливаться по швам, на куски

I couldn’t wear my jeans any longer; they Were falling apart at the seams.

Fall apart

Разваливаться, плохо работать

“My car Is falling apart; I must have it repaired as soon as possible.”

Fall asleep


The child Fell asleep in her mother’s arms.

Fall back on (someone or something)

Прибегнуть к помощи кого-либо/ чего-либо

Tom had a difficult problem, but he didn’t want To fall back on anyone.

Fall back

Отставать, вернуться назад

One of the tourists Fell back from the group during an excursion.

Fall behind

Запаздывать, отставать

Josef Fell behind with his rent.

Fall by the wayside

Отстать от других, оказаться на обочине

Sally was afraid she might Fall by the wayside in the chess tournament.

Fall down on the job

Не справиться с работой

“Listen carefully to the instructions lest you should not Fall down on the job.”

Fall flat on one’s face

Полностью провалиться, потерпеть неудачу

The young actor Fell flat on his face during his first performance.

Fall for (someone or something)

Почувствовать влечение к кому-либо \ чему-либо, влюбиться

He is very handsome; women Fall for him like a row of ninepins.

Fall for (someone)

Почувствовать влечение к кому-либо, влюбиться

Jeremy is very handsome; women Fall for him like a row of ninepins.

Fall from grace

Оказаться в немилости

Samuel didn’t want To fall from grace With the woman he loved so dearly.

Fall head over heels in love with (someone)

Влюбиться по уши

Dorothy Fell head over heels in love with David.

Fall head over heels

Упасть головой вниз

Miss Moose felt strong hands push her, and she Fell head over heels down the staircase.

Fall ill


Little Bobby didn’t come to school; he must Have fallen ill.

Fall in love with (someone or something)

Влюбиться в кого-либо/ во что-либо

He had never seen the young lady, only her portrait, but he Fell in love with that and marry her he would.

Fall in love (with someone)

Влюбиться в кого-либо

He had never seen the young lady, only her portrait, but he Fell in love with that and marry her he would.

Fall in with (a group of people)

Связаться с (группой людей)

Rick Fell in with a bad group of guys and began to take drugs.

Fall into a trap

Попасть в ловушку

Paul Fell into a trap of Fanny’s charms.

Fall into line

Стать в строй, построиться в шеренгу

At the beginning of the lesson the P. E. teacher ordered the students To fall into line.

Fall into place

Встать на свои места

Everything Fell into place when Alice and her husband moved into a new house.

Fall off the wagon

Вернуться к прежним привычкам (об алкоголе и наркотиках)

Felix stopped taking drugs for a short while and then he Fell off the wagon.

Fall off

Уменьшаться, ослабевать

The number of people visiting the exhibition has begun To fall off.

Fall on deaf ears

Пропускать мимо ушей, игнорировать

The reprimand of Linda’s parents always Falls on deaf ears.

Fall on hard times

Испытать много трудностей

The people of the mining town Fell on hard times when a few mines had been closed.

Fall out of use

Выйти из употребления

Bulky tape-recorders Fell out of use Long ago.

Fall out with (someone) over (something)

Разойтись во мнениях с кем-либо, поссориться из-за чего-либо

Mary Fell out with her daughter Over where to spend their holiday.

Fall over backwards (to do something)

Очень стараться делать что-либо ради других

The young doctor Fell over backwards to help his patients.

Fall over oneself to do something

Лезть из кожи вон, чтобы сделать что-либо

Joe came out of his room all smiles and Falling over himself to show he was pleased to see us.

Fall short of (one’s expectations)

Не оправдать чьих-либо ожиданий

The new novel by Z. Has fallen short of my expectations.

Fall short of (something)

Не хватать чего-либо, кончаться

The soldiers Fell short of ammunition and couldn’t go on fighting.

Fall through

Потерпеть неудачу, провалиться

Through no fault of theirs the plan Fell through.

Fall to (someone) to do (something)

Выпадать кому-либо, делать что-либо; стать чьей-либо обязанностью

It usually Falls to me To wash the dirty dishes after every meal.

Fall upon/on (someone or something)

Нападать на кого-либо, атаковать

As he was walking along the street a pack of homeless dogs Fell upon Him.

Fall/drop into one’s lap

Нежданная удача

The chance to go on a trip to Baltimore Dropped into my lap quite suddenly.

Fall/get into the wrong hands

Попасть в плохие руки

I want you to be very careful lest these important documents should Fall into the wrong hands.

Falling-out (with someone)

Разногласие, ссора с кем-либо

Clarissa had A falling-out with her best friend, but they were able to make it up pretty soon.

False arrest

Незаконный арест, задержание

Toby was detained for assault, but it turned out to be a case of False arrest.

False pretenses

Ложно представленные факты

I am sure Pat was acting under False pretenses when she decided to take a part of her sister’s property.

False witness

Фальшивый свидетель

The woman turned out to be A false witness in the case of shoplifting.

Familiar with (someone or something)

Быть знакомым с кем-либо / чем-либо

Adam is very well Familiar with the flora and fauna of this region.

Fan the flames of (something)

Ухудшать ситуацию, “подливать масла в огонь”

“Don’t interfere. You’ll only Fan the flames of their quarrel.”

Far and away the best

Несомненно/ намного/ гораздо лучше

Railroad stocks were Far and away the most valuable and important on every exchange in America.

Far and wide

Везде, во всех направлениях

I lost my glove, and though I looked Far and wide for it, I could not find it.

Far be it from (someone) to do (something)

У меня нет ни малейшего желания, я далек от того, чтобы…

I know my faults; Far be it from me to deny them.

Far cry from (something)

Большая разница, отличное от чего-либо

Lord, what A far cry from this man to this woman, he thought.

Far from it

Далеко не так, совсем нет, отнюдь нет

“Far from it,” my friend answered when I asked him if he had finished reading the book.

Far into the night

Далеко за полночь

When Dick was a college student, he used to study Far into the night.

Far out

Странный, “не от мира сего”

William has always been Far out; he is a bit difficult to deal with.

Farm (something) out

Отдавать, передоверять работу кому-либо

They decided To farm out the installation of the equipment to another company.

Fast buck

Деньги, заработанные легко и быстро, “шальные деньги”

The man is always trying to make A fast buck without working very hard.

Fast talker

Жулик, умеющий убеждать; мошенник

Julian was A fast talker and was able to convince others easily.

Fat chance

Никаких возможностей, никаких шансов

“Fat chance you’ll get your money back,” Marion said angrily.

Fat is in the fire

Дело скверное, быть беде

“The fat is in the fire. If you persist in your willfulness, you’ll have yourself to blame.”

Fat of the land

То, что достается без труда, “халява”

I can’t live off The fat of the land; it’s against my principles.

Favor (someone) with (something)

Удостоить кого-либо, оказать внимание

“I would like you To favor the community people with your presence.”

Favorite son

Политический деятель, пользующийся известностью лишь в пределах своего штата

Bill Kraft is A favorite son of our state that’s why we voted for him.


Federal Bureau of Investigation – ФБР (Федеральное бюро расследования)

The FBI mostly deals with serious cases like kidnapping for example.

Feast one’s eyes on (someone or something)

Любоваться кем-либо \ чем-либо, наслаждаться зрелищем

Sitting on a bench in the park, he Feasted his eyes on the fresh green leaves.

Feather in one’s cap

То, чем можно гордиться; предмет гордости, достижение

He thinks it will be A feather in his cap to cure a difficult cardiac case.

Feather one’s nest

Разбогатеть, поживиться за чей-либо счет, “нагреть руки”

Paul, her only brother, was eager To feather his own nest at the expense of his sister and her family.

Fed up with (someone or something)

Надоесть, опротиветь

“I am Fed up with your laziness and carelessness.”

Fee simple

Полновластное владение недвижимостью; поместье, наследуемое без ограничений

The estate was held Fee simple, that is, with the right to pass it to any heir.

Feed one’s face

Есть, обедать

They decided to stop at a small cafe To feed their faces.

Feed (someone) a line

Обманывать, “вешать лапшу на уши”

“Stop Feeding me a line; I don’t believe a word you are saying.”

Feed the kitty

Жертвовать (деньги)

We are going To feed the kitty to collect money for the new workshop.

Feel at home

Чувствовать себя как дома

“Come on in. Sit down and Feel at home.”

Feel blue

Грустить, печалиться

When Mary goes away, Tarry Feels blue. He’s lonely and sad.
Когда Мэри уходит, Терри грустит. Ему одиноко и печально.

Feel dragged out

Чувствовать себя очень уставшим, измотанным

After hard work in the garden I always feel Dragged out.

Feel fit

Чувствовать себя бодрым и здоровым

I didn’t Feel fit so I declined their invitation to go to a disco.

Feel free to do (something)

Получить разрешение делать что-либо

Here is my album; Feel free To take any photos you like.

Feel it beneath oneself to do (something)

Чувствовать ниже своего достоинства делать что-либо

Ben is not a decent guy, and I Feel it beneath myself To talk with him.

Feel like a million dollars

Прекрасно себя чувствовать

Eliza was happy; she Felt like a million dollars.

Feel like a new person

Чувствовать себя отдохнувшим и обновленным

After a few hours of sleep I Felt like a new person.

Feel like doing (something)

Быть склонным, быть расположенным делать что-либо

“I do not Feel like discussing my problems with you.”

Feel like going (somewhere)

Быть не прочь, хотеть пойти куда-либо

“Do you Feel like going anywhere tonight?”

Feel like having (something)

Быть в настроении, хотеть иметь что-либо

I did not Feel like having coffee so I had two cups of tea.

Feel on top of the world

Прекрасно себя чувствовать

I Felt on top of the world when I passed my driving test.

Feel out of place

Чувствовать себя не на месте

Jeremy didn’t know any of the guests and he Felt out of place.

Feel out (someone)

Осторожно выведать, выяснить, что человек думает

I want you To feel out Mr. Fowler and find out what he thinks about selling his piece of land.

Feel put upon

Чувствовать себя обиженным; чувствовать себя неуютно

Mary couldn’t help Feeling put upon when her husband’s friends visited.

Feel (something) in one’s bones

Интуитивно чувствовать что-либо

Jacob Felt it in his bones that he was not going to get the job that he wanted.

Feel sorry for (someone)

Жалеть кого-либо

Tim Felt sorry for his friend who had recently divorced his wife.

Feel the pinch

Быть в стесненном положении из-за нехватки денег

Marion was beginning To feel the pinch since her father’s death.

Feel up to (do something)

Чувствовать себя достаточно здоровым и отдохнувшим, чтобы делать что-либо

Hillary Didn’t feel up to attending the health club that day.

Feet of clay

Скрытый недостаток или слабость

Paul Copperfield has Feet of clay and may not last very long in his new position of a manager.

Fence (someone) in

Оградить кого-либо, ограничить свободу

I don’t like this house; it’s too small and I always feel Fenced in it.

Ferret (information or something) out of (someone)

Выведать что-либо у кого-либо

Tina used Willy To ferret the boys’ secret hiding place in the woods out of Him.

Few and far between

Отделенные большим промежутком времени или пространства

The distance was vast; small houses were Few and far between.

Fiddle around

Возиться, неумело чинить

Sue tried Fiddling around with the washing machine but it still would not work.

Fiddle while Rome burns

Ничего не предпринимать во время катастрофы

The situation in the firm became deplorable, but they seemed To be fiddling while Rome burned.

Field questions

Отвечать на вопросы

The professor began To field questions as soon as he finished delivering the lecture.


В равных долях, пятьдесят на пятьдесят

My husband and I share household chores Fifty-fifty.

Fight against time

Торопиться, делать что-либо предельно быстро

The doctor Was fighting against time to save the patient.

Fight like cats and dogs

Жить (драться) как кошка с собакой

The Johnsons have been married for years, and all this time they Have been fighting like cats and dogs.

Fight tooth and nail

Драться, бороться изо всех сил

The boy Was fighting tooth and nail to get his toys back from another boy.

Fighting chance

Хорошая возможность успеха (если постараться)

If you try hard, you might have A fighting chance to get this job.

Figure on (something)

Рассчитывать на что-либо, быть уверенным

You can Figure on having the job done in time.

Figure out (someone or something)

Пытаться понять, постигать

At last Bill Figured out how to use the new camera.

Figure out (something)

Понимать что-либо, постигать

I am trying To figure out what my friend’s plans are.

Fill in the blanks

Вставить слова в пропуски

The assignment was to Fill in The blanks with appropriate words.

Fill out (something)

Заполнить что-либо (формуляр, бланк)

I was asked to Fill out the form before I could be given a visa.

Fill (someone) in

Детально информировать кого-либо

“I would like you To fill me in about reorganization of the department.”

Fill (someone’s) shoes

Занять чье-либо место

It was difficult for Mr. Sandford To fill the shoes of the previous lecturer.

Fill (something) in

Вставить слова в пропуски

The assignment was to Fill in the appropriate words in the gaps.

Fill the bill

Как раз то, что нужно

The information I received will Fill the bill for what I need to finish the article.

Filled to the brim

(быть) полным до краев

“Be careful! The tea cup is Filled to the brim.”

Find fault with (someone or something)

Придираться к кому-либо/ чему-либо

She had been their cook for ten years, and they had never had occasion To find fault with her.

Find it in one’s heart to (do something)

Найти в себе мужество сделать что-либо, быть отзывчивым

“Can you Find it in your heart to forgive me?”

Find Mr. Right

Подходящая партия, будущий муж

“There is still hope that you will Find your Mr. Right,” Alice said to her daughter.

Find one’s feet

Привыкнуть к новой ситуации или опыту

Tim Brown Has finally Found his feet in his new position.

Find one’s own level

Найти для себя наиболее благоприятную позицию

It is the duty of a teacher to help his students To find their own levels.

Find one’s tongue

Найтись, что сказать

I was so mad at Tina that I couldn’t Find my tongue.

Find one’s way

Найти дорогу

The children got lost in the forest, but luckily they were able To find their way.

Find oneself

Найти себя (свои таланты, предпочтения)

The young girl tried several jobs in order to try and Find herself.

Find out (something)

Выяснить что-либо

I want To find out what has happened to my new watch.

Find (someone) guilty

Признать кого-либо виновным

The jury needed little time To find the prisoner guilty of assault.

Find (someone) innocent

Признать кого-либо невиновным

Mark Emmerson was arrested for burglary, but the judge Found him innocent.

Fine and dandy

Хорошо, здорово

It is Fine and dandy for us that the trip to Holland will take place during our Easter holidays.

Fine how-do-you-do

Затруднительное положение

The car broke down on a country road and they were in A fine how-do-you-do.

Fine kettle of fish

Неудобная, неудовлетворительная ситуация

It was A fine kettle of fish when my boss called and told me to stay after office hours.

Fine state of affairs

Неприятная ситуация

The mess in the bathroom was A fine state of affairs and I had to deal with it quickly.

Fine-toothed/tooth comb

Ничего не упускающая, тщательная проверка; поиск

The police went over the area with A fine-toothed comb, but they could not find anybody.

Fine-tooth/toothed comb

Тщательный просмотр, прочесывание

Cora went over the whole house with A fine-tooth comb, but she could not find her new pantyhose.

Finger in the pie

Участие в каком-то деле, разделение ответственности

I know that he had his Finger in the pie of a few small businesses.

Fire a gun

Выстрелить из оружия

When the man saw the dog stealing meat from the cook, he Fired a gun but missed.

Fire away at (someone or something)

Задавать много вопросов, “засыпать вопросами”

The participants of the conference began To fire away at the speaker as soon as he had finished speaking.

Firing on all cylinders

Стараться во всю

They Were firing on all cylinders when they began work on the project.

Firm hand

Твердая рука

The governor ruled the province with A firm hand.

First and foremost

Во-первых, в первую очередь

First and foremost they decided to build a new house.

First come, first served

Первым пришел – первым обслужили

“First come, first served,” the secretary said to the people waiting for her in the office.

First hand

Непосредственно из первых рук

Ann Bradley learned about her son’s serious illness First hand when she spoke to the doctor who was treating him.

First love

Первая любовь

Steve was her First love; she fell in love with him at first sight.

First of all

Прежде всего

“First of all I’d like you to tell me a few words about yourself.”

First off

Первое, первым делом

First off the dean told the students about the exact date of their exam.

First out of the gate

Первым начать что-либо делать

That project was very important for Bob, and he was First out of the gate to start it.

First past the post

Первым пересечь финишную прямую

The young skier was First past the post in the skiing marathon.


Премьера, первый показ

The first-run of the new movie will take place next week.

First things first

В начале самое важное

My Mum always says “first things first” when she starts doing some work about the house.


Из первых рук, напрямую

They learned the happy news from their friends Firsthand.

Fish for a compliment

Напрашиваться на комплимент

Alice, my classmate, Is Always Fishing for compliments.

Fish for (something)

Пытаться найти информацию о чем-либо, выуживать информацию

Rick can sit for hours Fishing for Information from the Internet.

Fish in troubled waters

Стараться получить что-либо (выгоду, информацию) нечестным путем; “ловить рыбку в мутной воде”

I hate people Fishing in troubled waters in order to gather information.

Fish or cut bait

Принять то или иное решение, одно из двух

“I see that you are not actually eager to buy the house, so you Either fish or cut bait.”

Fish out of water

Человек не в своей стихии, “рыба без воды”

The woman was like A fish out of water at the fashion show.


Странный и подозрительный

The old man with a long beard looked quite Fishy.

Fit and trim

Быть стройным, в хорошей физической форме

Lola goes to the health club because she wants to look Fit and trim.

Fit as a fiddle

Быть в хорошей спортивной форме

Mr. Galaght does morning exercises every morning to be As fit as a fiddle.

Fit for a king

Полностью подходить, полностью удовлетворять

The design of their office is Fit for a king.

Fit in with (someone or something)

Подходить кому-либо; соответствовать, гармонировать с чем-либо

The new roommate doesn’t Fit in with the others very well.

Fit like a glove

Прекрасно подходить (об одежде)

I’d like to buy a dress which will Fit like a glove.

Fit (someone) into a schedule

Найти время для кого-либо

“I don’t think I can possibly Fit you into my schedule today.”

Fit (someone or something) in

Находить подходящее место или время для кого-либо/ чего-либо

“It is only a small car: do you think we can all possibly Fit in?”

Fit (someone) out with (something)

Снабжать необходимым, экипировать

The salesperson in the store helped To fit them out with traveling kits.

Fit (someone) to a T

Прекрасно подходить кому-либо

My friend’s new apartment Fits her to a T.

Fit the mold

Подходить под шаблон \ для работы

Sally Does not Very well Fit the mold of nanny for very small children.

Fit to be tied

Очень рассердиться или расстроиться

Kathy was Fit to be tied when she heard that her son had dropped out of school.

Fit to kill

Быть очень нарядно одетым, “быть разодетым в пух и прах”

In her beautiful evening dress Minnie looked Fit to kill.

Fix (someone) up with (someone)

Свести кого-либо с кем-либо

“Don’t try To fix me up with your brother. I don’t like him.”

Fix (someone’s) wagon

Наказать, расквитаться с кем-либо

I think it’s necessary To fix the man’s wagon because he has deceived me.

Fizzle out

Закончиться неудачно (после хорошего начала)

The show wasn’t good, and it Fizzled out Sooner than it was expected.

Flare up

Вспыхнуть вновь (о болезни)

After a while her skin disease Flared up again.

Flash in the pan

Хорошее начало, которое оканчивается провалом

The man’s artistic career was A flash in the pan. Nobody has ever heard of him since it started.

Flat broke

Полностью разориться, не иметь денег

Alfred lost all of his money at gambling and was Flat broke.

Flat out

Открыто, ничего не тая

The teacher told the boy’s parents Flat out that he would not be able to pass the exam.

Flea in (someone’s) ear

Резкое замечание, раздражающий ответ, отпор

Our boss sent the manager away with A flea in his ear about changing the schedule.

Flea market

Барахолка, блошиный рынок

I bought a very beautiful old vase at A flea market yesterday.

Flesh (something) out

Конкретизировать что-либо; увеличивать

The boss wanted us To flesh out our business project.

Flex one’s muscles

Пытаться показать свою власть

The apartment manager Was flexing his muscles when he threatened to raise the rent.

Flight of fancy

Полет фантазии

It is Sam’s Flight of fancy to go to the North Pole.

Flip one’s lid

Потерять терпение, разволноваться

My instructor Flipped his lid when I told him that I hadn’t done my homework again.

Flip out

Спятить, рехнуться

My brother Flipped out when he realized that I had lost his disk.

Flirt with the idea of (doing something)

Обдумывать что-либо, прикидывать

Nick Flirted with the idea of buying a yacht.

Float a loan

Брать заем (в банке)

The bank agreed To float a loan for the purchase of a new house.

Float (someone) a loan

Дать кому-либо (деньги) взаймы

I decided to buy a new car so I asked the bank To float me a loan.

Flog/beat a dead horse

Зря тратить силы, попусту стараться

I felt I Was flogging a dead horse when I was trying to talk my friend out of the risky business.

Flora and fauna

Флора и фауна (растительный и животный мир)

At school we learn about the Flora and fauna of the Earth.

Flunk out

Исключать из учебного заведения за неуспеваемость; провалить какой-либо предмет

I am afraid that I might Flunk out of the art course at college.

Flush with (something)

Вровень с чем-либо

The two pieces of a broken cup were Flush with each other so I had no difficulty to glue them together.


Ненадежный (о человеке или бизнесе)

This new printing house seems to be A fly-by-night business.

Fly by the seat of one’s pants

Действовать скорее интуитивно, чем исходя из знаний и логики

I hate To fly by the seat of my pants when there is nobody to help me in my job.

Fly in the face of (something)

Оставить без внимания (кого-либо, что-либо), пренебречь

The customer complained of a poor service, but the manager Flew in the face of Her complaint.

Fly in the ointment

Помеха, “ложка дегтя в бочке меда”

The problem with the weather was A fly in the ointment during their enjoyable holiday.

Fly into the face of danger

Сильно рисковать

“You Are flying into the face of danger if you decide to invest into this shady company.”

Fly off the handle

Рассердиться, сорваться на крик

The teacher Flew off the handle because one of the students was disrupting the class.

Fly the coop

Удрать, убежать

The criminal was able To fly the coop because the guard hadn’t been watching him properly.

Flying high

Быть очень счастливым, радостным

My roommate Was flying high as she had passed her finals well.


Frequency Modulation – частотная модуляция (тип радио сигнала)

I like an FM station and listen to it regularly.

Foam at the mouth

Быть в бешенстве, “метать громы и молнии”

Old Simpson Foamed at the mouth when he understood that we had lied to him.

Foist (something) off on (someone)

Навязать, всучить кому-либо что-либо

The salesperson tried To foist a computer off on me, but I said I was not interested.

Fold one’s hands

Сложить руки, бездействовать, “палец о палец не ударить”

Dora Folded her hands and watched her husband quietly while he was trying to fix the car.

Fold (something) up

Свернуть что-либо (экспозицию, выставку, бизнес)

Our business was not profitable so we decided To fold it up.

Follow in (someone’s) footsteps

Следовать чьему-либо примеру, идти по чьим-либо стопам

“I thought you Had followed in your father’s footsteps. He was an architect, wasn’t he?”

Follow one’s heart

Следовать велению сердца

“You’d better Follow your heart and take the career which you are cut out for.”

Follow one’s nose

Идти прямо вперед, следуя интуиции

Jim Followed his nose until he found the movie theatre.

Follow orders

Следовать приказу, распоряжению

The policemen Were following orders when they searched every corner of the house.

Follow (someone’s) lead

Идти, делать что-либо вслед за кем-то

“I want you to Follow my lead and do exactly what I do.”

Follow suit

Иметь карту такой же масти, поступать также как кто-либо; подражать кому-либо

“If Jenny is going home early, I think I’ll Follow suit.”

Follow the crowd

Делать то же, что делает большинство; “плыть по течению”

“You shouldn’t Follow the crowd if you really want to become somebody important.”

Follow through on/with (something)

Доводить что-либо до конца, выполнять обещание

I wished to help my friend with his English, but I couldn’t Follow through with my promise.

Follow up (something)

Добавлять что-либо

That remark was extremely witty; Mark Followed it up by another one almost equally good.

Fond of (someone or something)

Любить кого-либо; увлекаться чем-либо

I am very Fond of going places.

Food for thought

Что-либо о чем стоит подумать, “пища для ума”

The long journey with its innumerable meetings provided Jeremy with much Food for thought.

Fool and his money are soon parted

У дурака деньги долго не держатся

Jimmy spends his money unwisely. A fool and his money are soon parted.

Fool around

Зря тратить время, болтаться, бездельничать

Steve spends almost his whole lunch hour Fooling around with the girls.

Foot in the door

Благоприятная возможность

“I think you can get A foot in the door if you act quickly.”

Foot the bill

Заплатить за что-либо, оплатить что-либо

The Frawlys hoped the company would Foot the bill for the ransom of eight million dollars.

Footloose and fancy-free

Вольный, свободный от обязательств

It’s good to be Footloose and fancy-free so that you can do whatever you want.

For a song

Очень дешево, “за гроши”

“Don’t think you can buy a new house For a song; houses are expensive.”

For all I care

Мне нет никакого дела, мне-то что

“For all I care, you can do whatever you wish.”

For all I know

Насколько я знаю

For all I know, the “Titanic” was the largest ship which could take about two thousand people on board.

For all intents and purposes

Фактически, на самом деле

For all intents and purposes The construction of the dwelling house was practically finished.

For all one is worth

Изо всех сил, максимально

He hung on the rope For all he was worth.

For all practical purposes

В практических целях

For all practical purposes we had to install a new computer as our old one wouldn’t work.

For all (something)

Несмотря на все это, при всем этом

For all the efforts the child makes, he can’t play the piano well.

For all the world

Решительно, во всех отношениях

He swung about his arms For all the world as if he were going through the sword exercise.

For better or worse

На горе и радость”, что бы не случилось

“Will you take Cecily to be your wife, For better or worse?” the priest asked.

For cause

Правомерные причины (которые принимаются во внимание судом)

Maria was always late for work, no wonder she was fired from her job For cause after the violation of the office rule.

For certain

Наверняка, обязательно

“You needn’t worry I’ll pay back the money For certain.”

For crying out loud

Ради бога, боже мой!

“For crying out loud, please, leave me alone!”

For days/hours on end

Много дней (часов) подряд

I don’t think I can go without food For days on end.

For dear life

Отчаянно, изо всех сил (как если бы от этого зависела жизнь)

He jumped on the running board of the car and hang on For dear life.

For fear of (something)

Из-за боязни чего-либо

They didn’t go sailing For fear of The storm that was coming.

For free


I have never been able to get anything For free.

For good measure

Чуть-чуть больше / меньше

My Mom asked me to buy one loaf of French bread but For good measure I bought two.

For good


Kimberly left the town For good.

For instance


At the university one can take up any subject as their major, art or music For instance.

For keeps

Навсегда, насовсем; на память

I asked my friend if I could have the landscape picture For keeps.

For kicks

Ради шутки/ удовольствия, “на потеху”

The girls wore carnival costumes For kicks.

For life

На всю оставшеюся жизнь

He has chosen the career of an architect and wants to pursue it For life.

For my money

Я считаю, что касается меня

For my money, the best candidate for Congress is George Brown.

For once

На этот раз

For once she understood what I had told her.

For one thing

Прежде всего, для начала

I didn’t care much for his speech: For one thing, the subject was not interesting, for another thing, his delivery was bad.

For one’s (own) part

Относительно себя, с чьей-либо точки зрения

For his own part he did not plan to join the expedition to South Africa.

For one’s (own) sake

Для собственного блага, ради себя самого

“Be careful For your own sake.”

For openers

Начать с того, что

For openers Jerome and his friends made up their minds to draw a map.

For peanuts

Очень дешево, за гроши

We sold our old car For peanuts.

For real

Подлинный, реальный

I didn’t believe that his plans for the future were For real.

For safekeeping

На хранение

Julia put her jewelry in the bank For safekeeping.

For sale

Быть в продаже, продаваться

A store owner was hanging a sign above his door which read: “Puppies For Sale”.

For short

Для краткости

My friend’s name is Elizabeth, Liz For short.

For sure


Now I knew For sure that Anna had let me down.

For that matter

В этом отношении

John is a very good fellow, trustworthy and sensible, so is Jack, For that matter.

For the asking

По просьбе

One can get the necessary information from the librarian For the asking.

For the better

К лучшему

We hope the weather will change For the better.

For the birds

Это не серьезно, это не для меня

Doing a lot of work in the office is For the birds.

For the duration (of something)

В течение чего-либо

I had to use my friend’s computer For the duration of several weeks.

For the good of (someone or something)

Ради пользы для кого-либо/ чего-либо

The city authority did a lot of things For the good of the population.

For the heck/hell of it

Ради смеха/ удовольствия, “просто так”

The kids were wearing funny clothes just For the heck of it.

For the life of (someone)

Ни за что на свете, “хоть тресни”

The face looked familiar, but for the life of me I could not remember the man’s name.

For the most part

В основном, по большей части

For the most part the film was not bad.

For the record

Заявить что-либо для протокола

William was asked, For the record, to declare his intentions.

For the sake of (someone or something)

Ради кого-либо/ чего-либо

I have decided to join a health club For the sake of my health.

For the time being

Пока, в настоящее время

“I am really very busy For the time being, but I will see you later.”

For the world

Ни при каких условиях, “ни за что на свете”

I would not want to take this job for the world.

Forbidden fruit

Запретный плод (сладок)

My little brother is not allowed to take my textbooks; it is Forbidden fruit for him.

Force (someone) to the wall

Прижать кого-либо к стене (поставить кого-либо в экстремальное положение)

They Forced me to the wall so I had to do what they wanted.

Force someone’s hand

Навязывать кому-либо, принуждать, подталкивать

“I am not willing to Force your hand to sell your small business.”

Force to be reckoned with

Сила, с которой приходиться считаться

This young artist is A force to be reckoned with in the artistic world.

Foregone conclusion

Предрешенный исход

It was A foregone conclusion that their team would win the game.

Forever and a day

Бесконечно долго

“Why did it take Forever and a day to clear the mess in your bedroom?”

Forever and ever

Навеки, навсегда

The little girl remembered that day Forever and ever.

Fork money out (for something)

Потратить деньги на что-либо, “раскошелиться”

They had To fork out much money for fixing their old house.

Fork over (some money)

Заплатить деньги за что-либо

“You Forked over much money for the painting, didn’t you? The picture isn’t worth it.”

Fork over (something)

Передавать что-либо

The stranger asked me To fork over a parcel to my father.

Form an opinion

Составить мнение

As for the new employee I Haven’t formed an opinion about him so far.

Forty winks

Короткий сон в дневное время

If Ron, a truck driver, feels sleepy, he usually stops by the side of the road to catch Forty winks.

Foul one’s own nest

Выносить сор из избы”, разглашать семейные тайны, стараться очернить близких

“Don’t Foul up your own nest; remember your own kin helped you out!”

Foul up

Спутать (планы), запутать

We couldn’t get enough money for our project that’s why our plans got Fouled up.

Four eyes

Четырехглазый (часто так дети называют тех, кто носит очки)

My son doesn’t like to wear glasses because his classmates call him Four eyes.



My little son is A fraidy-cat; he is so easily frightened.

Fraught with danger

Чреватый опасностью, рискованный

Their trip to the remote part of Africa Was fraught with danger.

Freak out

Терять самообладание, беситься

Adam Smith Freaked out when he discovered that his flight had been delayed.

Free and clear

Полностью (владеть чем-либо), без ограничений

I own my country house Free and clear.

Free and easy

Непринужденный, без формальностей

Allan’s behavior in public places is Free and easy.

Free as a bird

Свободен, как птица; полностью свободен

I am as Free as a bird today so I can do whatever I want.


Соревнования, дискуссия и т. п., в которых может участвовать любой

At the party the people were involved in a Free-for-all game.

Free hand

Полная свобода для выполнения чего-либо

I was given A free hand to do what I thought necessary.

Free translation

Вольный перевод, т. е. не точный перевод

A translation that is not totally accurate is called A free translation.


Выпивка на чужой счет, угощение на “дармовщину”

Kevin likes Freeloading, and he is never ashamed of it.

Freeze (someone) out

Вытеснять кого-либо, избавляться от конкурента или навязчивого человека

“Mind, I don’t let you Freeze me out of the profits of the firm.”

Fresh out of (something)

Использовать все до конца, распродать все

On the eve of Christmas the gift shops usually Fresh out of souvenirs and presents.

Frighten (someone) out of his or her wits

Сильно напугать кого-либо

“How you startled me! You Have frightened me out of my wits.”

Frighten (someone) to death

Напугать кого-либо до смерти

I Was frightened to death when I heard gun shots outside my door.

Frighten the living daylights out of (someone)

Очень сильно перепугать кого-либо

The stranger frightened The living daylights out of the child.

Fritter (something) away

Растрачивать что-либо по мелочам

“You Are frittering away your talent, John.”

From A to Z

(знать) все обо всем, подробная информация

My friend knows about computers From A to Z.

From cradle to grave

С рождения до смерти, “от колыбели до могилы”

The doctors of the local hospital look after their patients From cradle to grave.

From dawn to dusk

От восхода до заката

The slaves worked on the plantation From dawn to dusk.

From day to day

День за днем, изо дня в день

They were waiting for the birth of the baby From day to day.

From door to door

От двери до двери

The postman went From door to door delivering mail.

From hand to hand

Из рук в руки

They passed the leaflets From hand to hand, so that everybody could read them.

From head to toe

С головы до пят

Having walked in the rain, the kids were wet From head to toe.

From near and far


The people gathered From near and far to look at the miracle.

From now on

С этого момента и далее

From now on Jim has been helping his cousin’s family to survive.

From rags to riches

От бедности к богатству; “из грязи, да в князи”

Mr. Paul Ladle is a self-made man; he went From rags to riches.

From scratch

С самого начала, с чистого листа

David started to learn painting From scratch.

From side to side

Со стороны в сторону

The wounded soldier was moaning, rocking From side to side.

From start to finish

Со старта до финиша, от начала до конца

The new performance was a great success From start to finish.

From stem to stern

С одного конца до другого

The boat looked fascinating From stem to stern.

From the bottom of one’s heart

От всего сердца, искренне, от всей души

The words of gratitude, which the girl pronounced, came From the bottom of her heart.

From the ground up

С начала, с низшей точки

Jim Bobtail designed his house and built it From the ground up.

From the heart

Искренне, честно

Sarah thanked me and her gratitude came From the heart.

From the old school

(идеи) старой системы образования

Evidently Ms Cruncher was From the old school because she forbade her grandchildren to watch TV.

From the outset

С самого начала

Sarah knew From the outset that her mother wouldn’t like her new boy friend.

From the top

С начала

We decided to take it From the top and begin again.

From the word go

С самого начала

From the word go I was sure they would let us down.

From time to time

Время от времени

They go to the theatre From time to time.

From tip to toe

С головы до пят, сверху донизу

A sweet warmth overtook Lorna From tip to toe.

From way back


Sheila and I have known each other From way back since we went to elementary school together.

Fruits of one’s labor

Плоды своего труда

A lot of New Year’s toys were The fruits of our labor.


Полноценный, вполне развитый

Having worked for a few years, Tim Noaland became a Full-fledged engineer.

Full of beans

Энергичный, в приподнятом настроении

My Granny, who is seventy, is always Full of beans.

Full of hot air

Говорить ерунду

“Stop talking nonsense! You are always Full of hot air.”

Full of it

Полон чепухи

The girl was Full of it when she told everybody about her desire to become a top model.

Full of oneself

Самодовольный, высокомерный

He who is Full of himself is quite empty.

Full steam ahead

Энергично, “на всех парах”

Charles carried out his plan; he went Full steam ahead with it.

Fun and games

Очень трудное задание (часто употребляется с иронией)

It was fun and games when Paul wrote his first article for the local newspaper.

Funny bone

Внутренний мыщелок плечевой кости

Jack hit his Funny bone today and it still hurts a little.

Funny business

Противозаконная деятельность

The young man seems to be involved in some Funny business which is probably illegal.

Funny ha-ha

Очень смешной, комичный

I can’t say the film is Funny ha-ha but it is still worth seeing.


For Your Information – для вашего сведения

My boss asked me to write FYI On the information bulletin and send it to the other members of the staff.

Краткое содержание портрет художника в юности.
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