Английские идиомы на букву B


Bachelor of Arts – бакалавр гуманитарных наук (выпускник университета со степенью бакалавра)

Eva Brown has recently become a BA.

Back and forth

Туда сюда, взад и вперед, в ту и другую сторону

Lionel nervously paced the room Back and forth.

Back down (from someone or something)

Отступаться, отказываться от чего-либо

I saw that Ann was right, so I decided To back down from Further arguing.

Back down

Отступать, отказываться от своих притязаний или требований

I could see that Allan would Back down if I stood firm.

Back in circulation

Вернуть в обращение, снова стать доступным

The textbooks are Back in circulation; the students have returned them to the


Back of beyond

Самый отдаленный участок, глушь (у черта на куличках)

I could hardly imagine that Lucy lived so far, practically At the back of beyond.

Back on one’s feet

Снова встать на ноги (вернуть себе прежнее положение)

Ms. Drurry has undergone a serious operation and now she is Back on her feet.

Back out (of something)

Отказываться от обещания, уклоняться, отступать

“Look here, Adam! You have made a promise, and you can’t Back out Of it.”

Back the wrong horse

Делать ставку не на того (человека)

In voting for Senator Plush, voters in 1992 Were backing the wrong horse.


(сидеть) спина к спине

On the beach I saw Mary and Jane; they were sitting Back-to-back.

Back to basics

Возврат к традиционному образованию

Miss Potters is sure that it is

necessary to go Back to basics if you want to get good results.

Back to square one

Вернуться к началу чего-либо

Kelly was Back to square one in her desire to renew her project.

Back to the drawing board

Начать с чистого листа, начать все с начала

Cora must have failed to achieve good results in her experiment so she had to go Back to the drawing board.

Back to the salt mines

Вернуться к чему-либо с большой неохотой; например к работе, которую не хочется делать

The work was tedious; they finished their coffee and went Back to the salt mines.

Back up (someone or something)

Поддержать кого-либо или что-либо

Collin’s proposal was silly that’s why nobody Backed it up.

Bad blood (between people)

Вражда, неприязненные отношения между людьми

Derek and his cousin are not on speaking terms; there is much Bad blood between them.

Bad egg

Плохой человек, лодырь, бездельник

My cousin Jack is A bad egg, and I don’t want to have anything in common with him.

Bad hair day

Неудачный день, когда все идет не так как надо

Sunday was A bad hair day and everything went wrong since early morning.

Bad-mouth (someone or something)

Оговаривать кого-то, отзываться плохо о ком-либо \ чем-либо

Their neighbor Mr. Cannon is a mean person; he has the habit of Bad-mouthing everybody.

Badger (someone)

Донимать кого-либо

I was writing an essay and didn’t like my little sister To badger me with her silly questions.

Bad/rotten apple

Плохой человек (как гнилое яблоко)

My neighbor is A bad apple; he was in prison for burglary twice.

Bag of tricks

Разнообразные приемы, трюки (мешок хитростей)

If a teacher works with small children, she should have A bag of tricks to keep them busy.

Bail a company out

Давать поручительство или вносить залог за компанию

The local government decided To bail out the shoe factory in order to avoid unemployment in the town.

Bail out (of something)

Отказываться от чего-либо, прыгать с парашютом

Nick hesitated a second before Bailing out of the plane.

Bail (someone or something) out

Выручить из беды

Jack is in a fix. I don’t see any reason why we can’t Bail him out.

Bail (someone) out

Брать на поруки, вносить залог

The parents of the young delinquent had to pay much money To bail him out Of prison.

Balance the books/accounts

Подводить баланс

The job of an accountant is To balance the books of his company.

Ball is in (someone’s) court

Приоритетное решение кого-либо (на чье-либо усмотрение)

The ball is in your court; it’s up to you to make the next step in negotiations.

Ball of fire

Сгусток энергии (об активном и энергичном человеке)

– Though my Aunt Lora is 75 she is A ball of fire; she does a lot of things about the house.

Ball park figure/estimate

Приблизительное количество, примерная цифра

The contractor gave them A ball park estimate for the cost of repairing the bridge.

Ballpark estimate/figure

Приблизительная оценка или цифра

I’d like to be given A ballpark figure as to how much it would cost to buy a house.

Balls of one’s feet

Подушечки на ступне (около пальцев)

I have been walking all day that’s why The balls of my feet are very sore.

Bang for the buck

Получить сполна за свои деньги

They were not able to get much Bang for the buck when they advertised on the Internet.

Bang/beat one’s head against the wall

Биться головой о стену, делать что-либо безнадежное

Jim gave up any attempts to prove his innocence; he didn’t want To bang his head against the wall.

Bank on (someone or something)

Рассчитывать на кого-то или что-то

You know you can always Bank on me for help.

Banker’s hours

Короткие часы работы (часы работы банка)

I would like to get a job where I can work Banker’s hours most days.

Bankroll someone

Финансировать кого-либо

Colin asked his father To bankroll him as he wanted to buy a sport car.

Baptism of fire

Крещение огнем ( первый опыт часто трудный или неприятный)

When I started my own small business, I went through A baptism of fire.

Bare bones (of something)

Самые основные части чего-либо

“You can’t possibly cut out these paragraphs from your essay; they are The bare bones of the topic.”

Bargain for (something)

Рассчитывать, принимать что-либо во внимание

My father’s financial support was more than I Had bargained for.

Bargain on (something)

Планировать или ожидать чего-либо

I didn’t Bargain on having so many relatives staying in my house at the same time.

Barge in on (someone or something)

Прерывать, встревать в разговор, навязываться

I hate people to barge in on me when I am doing something important.

Bark is worse than one’s bite

Суровый с виду; не такой плохой, как кажется

My Granddad often says harsh words, but I know that His bark is worse than his bite.

Bark up the wrong tree

Ошибаться, идти по ложному следу; обвинять не того, кого следует

George Is barking up the wrong tree when he blames his troubles on his parents.

Base one’s opinion on (something)

Составить свое мнение из чего-либо (с чьих-то слов, опыта, общения)

I don’t want To base my opinion on what you told me about Tim, I know him to be a decent guy.

Bat a thousand

Быть очень успешным

Jeremy Has been batting a thousand in his attempts to earn much money.

Bat out of hell

Очень быстро, мгновенно

“What happened? Why did the man left the room like A bat out of hell?”

Bats in the belfry

Сумасшедший, эксцентричный

I guess my friend has Bats in the belfry; his plans are absolutely crazy.

Batten down the hatches

Готовиться к трудным временам (задраивать люк перед штормом)

A big storm was brewing and the fishermen decided To batten down the hatches.

Bawl out (someone)

Орать, громко ругать кого-либо

Bawling out the children won’t get you anywhere; they won’t obey you.


Bed and Breakfast – гостиница типа “постель и завтрак”

We didn’t have much money, so we decided to stay at B&B.

Be a new one on (someone)

Быть ранее неизвестным; что-то, во что трудно поверить

It Was a new one on Jeffrey when he learnt that his father was going to remarry.

Be all ears

Внимательно слушать (я все внимание)

The little girl Was all ears when her mother read fairy-tales to her.

Be all things to all people

Все, что нужно всем

Don’t try To be all things to all people otherwise it will be difficult for people to trust you.

Be at one’s wit’s end

Быть в растерянности

Mary Was at her wit’s end whether to tell her husband about the incident or not.

Be cricket

Честная игра, джентльменское поведение

The way Ernest Fitzpatrick treated his employees was not Cricket.

Be curtains for (someone or something)

Конец кому-то или чему-то (крышка кому-то или чему-то)

It Was curtains for his old computer when it finally refused to work.

Be dealt a bad hand/deal someone a bad hand

Получить плохие карты или попасть в невыгодное положение

It looks as if Felix Was dealt a bad hand; he appears to be very upset.

Be game

Готовый сделать что-либо охотно, выражающий согласие сделать что-либо

The majority of the children Were game to go to the circus.

Be hand in hand

Держаться за руки

I saw Miranda and her husband walking Hand in hand.

Be into (something)

Интересоваться чем-то, быть вовлеченным во что-то

My little brother Is very much into chess and draughts.

Be laid up

Быть прикованным к постели, болеть

Professor Carson had to cancel his class because he Was laid up with the flu.

Be of the persuasion that (something) is so

Быть убежденным в правильности чего-то

Choosing a career is a difficult task and I Am of the persuasion that it is really so.

Be off on the wrong foot

Плохо начать что-то делать, испортить отношения

He tried to reason with his sister, but it seemed that they Were off on the wrong foot already.

Be off to a bad start

Плохо начать что-то делать

Our trip to Manchester Was off to a bad start when our bus broke down in the middle of the way.

Be off

Уходить, убегать

I am sorry I can’t talk to you now; I must Be off.

Be that as it may

Будь, что будет

“Be that as it may, I am not going to let you give up your career.”

Be the case

Доподлинный случай или ситуация

“It might Have been the case before, but now we are going to act differently.”

Be the death of (someone)

Погибель, крах, серьезная проблема

“If you eat too many sweets, it may Be the death of Your teeth,” my mother said.

Be to blame

Быть виноватым

The boy said he Was not to blame for the broken window; it was not his fault.


Break and Enter – кража со взломом

The police qualified the man’s crime as B&E.

Bean counter

Бухгалтер (beans – бобы или деньги)

The Bean counter was asked to look over the figures in the budget for the next year.

Bear fruit

Приносить плоды, иметь результат

“If you work hard at your English, it will certainly Bear fruit sooner or later.”

Bear in mind

Иметь в виду

I want you To bear in mind that the child is too small to be left alone at home.

Bear one’s cross

Нести свой крест

Nora, who had three children, was the only money earner in the family and she had To bear her cross.

Bear (someone or something) in mind

Иметь кого-либо или что-либо в виду

Wanda ought To bear this risky affair in mind; it might be a fraud, for all I know.

Bear (something) out

Подтверждать, подкреплять, поддерживать

“Your laziness can only Bear out The fact that you are not going to be a good worker.”

Bear the brunt of (something)

Нести всю тяжесть, испытывать трудности, держать главный удар

The small island couldn’t Bear the brunt of the severe storm.

Bear with (someone or something)

Быть терпеливым по отношению к кому-то, смириться с чем-либо

To be a good teacher means To bear with everyone you are teaching.

Bear witness (to something)

Свидетельствовать о чем-либо своим существованием

The entire cosmos Bears witness to the disruptive events surrounding the Big Bang.
Весь космос свидетельствует о разрушительных событиях, связанных с Большим взрывом.

Bear/hold a grudge (against someone)

Иметь зуб на кого-либо, быть сердитым на кого-то продолжительное время

Margaret Has Born a grudge against her ex-boyfriend for years.

Beat a hasty retreat

Обратиться в бегство, поспешно ретироваться

The bandits Beat a hasty retreat when the policemen attacked them.

Beat a path to (someone’s) door

Проторить дорогу, приходить толпами

The local children Have beaten a path to the door of the computer game center.

Beat around the bush

Не давать прямого ответа, “ходить вокруг да около”

“Stop Beating around the bush. I want to get a direct answer.”

Beat one’s brains out

Шевелить мозгами (много умственно трудиться)

The author Beat his brains out in order to think up the proper title for his book.

Beat one’s head against the wall

Биться головой об стену (зря тратить время, делая бесполезное дело)

While speaking to my son, I felt as if I were Beating my head against the wall.

Beat (someone) to the punch/draw

Обскакать кого-то (сделать работу прежде других)

Susan Beat Mark To the punch and completed the test ahead of him.

Beat (something) into (someone’s) head

Вбить что-либо в голову кого-либо

“Whether you want it or not, I’ll try To beat The rule Into your head.”

Beat the clock

Закончить до срока

The lecturer decided To beat the clock and finish the lecture ten minutes before the bell.

Beat the gun

Опережать, (досл. делать что-либо перед финальным свистком)

One of the football players was able To beat the gun and scored a goal.

Beat the living daylights out of (someone)

Душу выбить из кого-либо, сильно избить

A group of men Beat the living daylights out of a security guard at the bank.

Beat the rap

Избежать наказания

Having hired a sophisticated lawyer, Jeremy was able To beat the rap.

Beat the tar out of (someone)

Душу выбить из кого-либо, сильно избить

Joe’s father was a cruel man; he often Beat the tar out of his son.

Beat up (someone)

Избить кого-либо

Suddenly a man attacked Jimmy and began To beat him up.

Becoming on/to (someone)

Быть к лицу кому-либо, идти кому-либо (об одежде)

“This dark jacket doesn’t look very Becoming on you.”

Beef up (something)

Усилить, увеличить количество

Fire Chief Brown asked the police To beef up security guards around the fire site.

Before long


Before long I saw Mary and Jack walking away from the car park arm in arm.

Beg the question

Возникать (о проблеме), напрашиваться (о вопросе)

The desire to purchase modern furniture Begged the question of where to get the money for it.

Beg to differ with (someone)

Вежливо выразить несогласие с кем-либо

“I am sorry but I Beg to differ with you on that point.”

Begin to see the light

Начать понимать что-то (нашло просветление)

At first I couldn’t understand the situation, but before long I Began to see the light.

Be/have something going for (one)

Быть в чью-либо пользу, быть благосклонным к кому-либо

She Has everything going for her that’s why she is so successful.

Behind closed doors

За закрытыми дверями, по секрету, в тайне от других

The meeting devoted to the financial situation of the firm took place Behind closed doors.

Behind in/on (something)

Отставать, запаздывать в чем-то (учебе, работе)

Julia was Behind in her work, that’s why she had to stay after office hours.

Behind one’s back

(делать что-либо) за чьей-либо спиной

I hate people who gossip Behind my back.

Behind schedule

Опаздывать, не успевать делать что-либо в срок

Linda was afraid she might be Behind schedule to hand in her term paper.

Behind (someone’s) back

За чьей-то спиной, тайно

I hate people who gossip Behind my back.

Behind the eight ball

Оказаться в невыгодном положении (досл. черный шар под номером 8 в бильярде)

Benny seemed to be Behind the eight ball; he didn’t win a scholarship for which he had great hopes.

Behind the scenes

Частным образом, не на виду у всех

The lawyer had to work Behind the scenes to try and bail his client out.

Behind the times

Быть старомодным

My father’s views and ideas are very much Behind the times.

Belabor the point

Долго спорить по каждому пункту

The members of the committee Belabored the point, and as a result they couldn’t discuss all the questions.

Believe one’s ears

Верить своим ушам

I could not Believe my ears when my friend told me that he had won a million dollars in a state lottery.

Believe one’s eyes

Верить тому, что видишь; верить своим глазам

I could hardly Believe my eyes when I saw Gilbert in the costume of Father Frost.

Below average

Ниже среднего

The results of the English test were Below average, and the teacher was very upset.

Below par

Ниже номинальной стоимости

The bonds of the oil company were selling at a price that was Below par.

Belt (something) out

Громко петь, выкрикивать

There was a huge crowd in the square; people shouted and Belted out songs.

Bend over backwards (to do something)

Очень стараться сделать что-то

Elena had To bend over backwards to marry Joe.

Bend (someone’s) ear

Вести с кем-то продолжительную (нудную) беседу

“I am sorry but I have to Bend your ear for the problem is very serious.”

Bent on doing (something)

Быть настроенным на какое-то действие, склоняться к какому-то поступку

The Smiths were Bent on Buying a new house.

Beside oneself (with something)

Быть вне себя (быть расстроенным, взволнованным)

The man was Beside himself With rage when he saw that his car had been stolen.

Beside the point

Не иметь отношение к предмету спора

“Stop talking about money; it’s Beside the point now.”

Best bib and tucker

Чья-либо лучшая одежда

Tina put on her Best bib and tucker for her friend’s wedding reception.

Best-laid plans of mice and men

Хорошо продуманные планы

Even The best-laid plans of mice and men cannot prevent you from misfortune.

Best/better part of (something)

Большая часть чего-либо

The children spent The best part of summer in a scouts’ camp.

Bet on the wrong horse

Выбирать неверный курс, “поставить не на ту лошадь”

“I am sure you Are betting on the wrong horse when you try to support that project.”

Bet one’s boots

Держать пари, биться об заклад

I Bet my boots that Jeremy won’t be promoted so soon after he started his new job.

Bet one’s bottom dollar

Быть совершенно уверенным в чем-либо

Aleck could Bet his bottom dollar that his baseball team would win the game.

Better off

Улучшить ситуацию или свое положение

Elvira was much Better off when she won a solid sum of money in a state lottery.

Between a rock and a hard place

Быть в очень трудном положении (между молотом и наковальней)

The sailors got Between a rock and a hard place Trying to save the boat during the storm.

Between the devil and the deep blue sea

Между двух огней (в очень трудном положении)

Maria was Between the devil and the deep blue sea in her efforts to make peace in the family.

Betwixt and between

Быть в нерешительности; ни то ни се, так себе

I didn’t feel like going out with my friends; I was Betwixt and between whether to join them or not.

Beyond a reasonable doubt

Почти наверняка, вне всякого сомнения

The judge told the jurors to come up with a verdict of guilty only if they were convinced Beyond a reasonable doubt The man had committed the crime.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt

Вне всякого сомнения, без тени сомнения

It is Beyond a shadow of a doubt that this student used cheat sheets at the Math exam.

Beyond measure

Быть неизмеримым (о чувствах)

The girl’s dread for her step-father was Beyond measure.

Beyond one’s depth

Столкнуться с трудностями

Robert appeared to be Beyond his depth; he picked a fight with his boss and lost the battle.

Beyond one’s means

(жить) не по средствам

This expensive cottage is very much Beyond their means.

Beyond the pale

За пределами чего-либо (то, что не принято делать)

“I don’t like the way your children behave; it is totally Beyond the pale.”

Beyond words

Неописуемый, невыразимый (словами)

“The mess in your bedroom is Beyond words”.

Bid adieu to (someone or something)

Попрощаться с кем-либо

Paul took his girlfriend to the airport and Bid adieu to her.

Bide one’s time

Терпеливо ждать своего часа

“Bide your time and the opportunity of a good job will present itself”.

Big cheese

Важный человек, лидер

Though my uncle is A big cheese in the company I never ask him for help.

Big cheese/gun/wheel

Важная персона, лидер, “большой человек”

Mr. Cheeswick used to be A big wheel in his previous company, but he is not so important now.

Big enchilada

Воротила, шишка

There are many managers in our company, but Bill is the Big enchilada in it.

Big fish in a small pond

Великан среди пигмеев, “шишка на ровном месте”

“I don’t think much of Jeremy Brown; he seems to be A big fish in a small pond.”

Big frog/fish in a small pond

Великан среди пигмеев, шишка на ровном месте

“I don’t think much of Jeremy Brown; he seems to be A big fish in a small pond.”

Big of (someone)

Быть щедрым, добрым по отношении к кому-либо

It is very Big of You to let me use your books.

Big shot

Большая шишка (о важном и могущественном человеке)

This man used to be A big shot in the shipbuilding industry.


Шумный, хвастливый и глупый собеседник, говорун

Nora Dales is A bigmouth and I hate talking with her.


Важная персона, шишка

Jeremy Brown thinks he is A bigwig in the office, which he really is not.

Binge and purge

Страдать рвотой

Sue always eats too much, and she often Binge and purge her food.

Bird brain

Очень глупый, “куриные мозги”

Miss Davidson, the secretary, is a Bird brain, and she is always making mistakes at work.

Bird in hand is worth two in the bush

Дать надежное, верное дело (не сули журавля в небе, а дай синицу в руки)

I don’t advise you to sell your shares; remember “A bird in hand is worth two in the bush”.

Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

Одна птица в руках стоит двух в кустах. (пословица)

“I think you shouldn’t spend your money so recklessly until you are able to earn more. Remember that A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”

Birds and bees

Птички и пчелки, дети в капусте (объяснение ребенку, откуда берутся дети)

The time comes when it is necessary to tell the children about Birds and bees.

Birds-eye view

Взгляд с высоты птичьего полета

They had A birds-eye view of the stage from their seats high up in the gallery.

Birds of a feather flock together

Рыбак рыбака видит издалека. (Пословица)

“Do not complain about your relatives. Remember that Birds of a feather flock together. You are very similar to them.”

Birthday suit

Голый, “в чем мать родила”

The children were bathing in the sea in their Birthday suits.

Bite off more than one can chew

Взяться за непосильное дело, не рассчитать своих сил

“I think you Bit off more than you could chew by agreeing to make arrangements for a show.”

Bite one’s nails

Нервничать, грызть ногти

I Was biting my nails as I waited for the results of the test.

Bite one’s tongue

Прикусить (себе) язык, не проговориться

I’d rather Bite my tongue than tell my parents about my problem.

Bite (someone’s) head off

Говорить сердито с кем-либо

I would have confessed my fault to my mother if I were not afraid that she might Bite my head off.

Bite the bullet

Достойно пережить трудную ситуацию

Jim decided To bite the bullet and begin to read for his final exams.

Bite the dust

Быть побежденным, пасть на поле боя, развалиться (о вещи)

Bill’s boat was so old that it might Bite the dust pretty soon.

Bite the hand that feeds one

Платить черной неблагодарностью; кусать руку, которая тебя кормит

“Remember your father still supports you, so don’t Bite the hand that feeds you.”

Bite the hand that feeds (someone)

Платить черной неблагодарностью; кусать руку, которая тебя кормит

Henry is rude to his parents who pay for his education. I think he Bites the hand that feeds him.

Bitten by (some kind of) bug

Заинтересоваться какой-либо деятельностью

My sister got interested in collecting butterflies as if she had been Bitten by some kind of bug.

Bitter pill to swallow

Проглотить горькую пилюлю; что-либо неприятное, которое надо пережить

Losing the game was A bitter pill to swallow for the whole team.

Black and blue

(быть) в синяках

I bruised my arm and it was Black and blue for a long time.

Black and white

Видеть что-либо только в черно-белым свете

My friend Melanie sees everything only in Black and white.

Black box

Черный ящик

After the airplane crash the investigators tried to find the Black box of the airplane.

Black eye

Синяк под глазом

When the boys appeared in the room, one of them had A black eye and the other a cut lip; they had been fighting.

Black market

Черный рынок

We bought a few things at The black market.

Black out

Сделать затемнение

I drew the curtains To black out the bedroom so that the rays of the sun wouldn’t wake me up.

Black sheep of the family

Паршивая овца (в семье)

My cousin Cora is a high school dropout. My relatives think her to be The black sheep of the family.

Black-tie event/affair

Официальное (формальное) мероприятие

The Nobel Prize award ceremony was a Black-tie affair.

Blackball (someone)

Подвергать остракизму, отвергать кого-либо

The children Blackballed one of the boys because he told on them.

Blacklist (someone)

Вносить кого-либо в черный список

The football team Was Blacklisted because it didn’t obey the rules.

Blackmail (someone)

Шантажировать кого-либо

The police found the man who Had been blackmailing a prosperous businessman.


Временная задержка информации, засекреченность

The police decided to have A blackout regarding the information related to the investigation of the murder.

Blast off

Выпустить в небо (о ракете)

The rocket Has just Blasted off.

Blaze a trail (in something)

Проторить путь (создать новое направление)

The astronauts Blazed a trail in exploring the cosmos.

Bleeding heart

Сострадательный (человек), болеющий сердцем за кого-либо

My aunt had A bleeding heart and she was always ready to sympathize with others.

Bleep (something) out

Заменить слово звуковым сигналом во время передачи по радио или телевидению

The harsh words of the man giving an interview on TV Were bleeped out.

Blessing in disguise

Нет худа без добра; неприятность, оказавшаяся благом

Sam’s interference in my private life turned out to be A blessing in disguise.

Blind date

Чье-либо первое свидание, устроенное друзьями

A blind date can be a huge success, or a big disappointment.

Blind leading the blind

Слепой слепого водит (о человеке, который сам ничего не знает, но пытается объяснить что-либо другому)

“Your attempts to explain to me how to use this camera are like The blind leading the blind.”

Blood is thicker than water

Свой своему поневоле брат; кровь не вода

Jeremy knows that Blood is thicker than water, but he has never helped his parents in times of trouble.

Blood runs cold

Внушать или вселять ужас, кровь стынет в жилах

I am afraid of snakes, and whenever I see a snake my Blood runs cold.

Blood, sweat, and tears

Огромное усилие (кровь, пот и слезы)

I put much Blood, sweat and tears into writing the essay.

Blow a fuse

Вспыхнуть как спичка, внезапно разозлиться

My friend Blew a fuse when I told him that I had lost his book.

Blow one’s nose


Jack took out a big handkerchief from his pocket and loudly Blew his nose.

Blow one’s own horn

Сам себя хвалить

“What annoys me is that you Are constantly Blowing your own horn.”

Blow one’s stack/top

Сильно разозлиться, “крышу снесло”

My neighbor Blew his top when I asked him not to play loud music.

Blow one’s top/stack

Сильно разозлиться (крышу снесло)

My neighbor Blew his top when I asked him not to play loud music.

Blow over

Пройти, миновать, утихнуть

The storm Blew over, leaving fallen trees, broken windows and ripped off roofs.

Blow (someone) away

Произвести большое впечатление, захватить

The circus show was so brilliant that it Blew everybody Away.

Blow (someone or something) off

Избегать кого-либо, пропустить что-либо

Jennet couldn’t Blow off the chance to go to the Mediterranean with a group of scientists.

Blow (someone’s) cover

Раскрыть чью-либо подлинную суть или цель

I didn’t know what Mark’s intention was, but I hoped To blow his cover.

Blow (someone’s) mind

Взволновать, полностью захватить (о чувствах)

“The book is so thrilling that I hope it will Blow your mind.”

Blow (something) out of all proportion

Делать из мухи слона, преувеличивать

“Stop exaggerating! You Are blowing the problem Out of all proportion.”

Blow (something)

Провалиться (на экзамене), провалить (дело, мероприятие)

I was afraid I might Blow my first job interview.

Blow the lid off (something)

Разоблачить что-либо

I suspect that their activities are not at all legal, and I intend To blow the lid off Them.

Blow the whistle on someone

Донести на кого-либо (досл. судья свистит в свисток, если кто-либо провинится)

Jack Blew the whistle on the criminal activities of Marshall.

Blow to smithereens

Разнести на кусочки, разрушить полностью

The explosion was so strong that it Blew the bus To smithereens.

Blow up (at someone)

Бранить, делать выговор, устраивать разнос

“I am sorry To have blown up at you the other day, but I was very annoyed with you.”

Blow up in (someone’s) face

Мгновенно взорваться, потерять значимость

The information, which was supposed to be secret, suddenly Blew up in his face.


Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato – вид бутерброда (состоящий из ветчины, салата и помидор)

When I go to a cafe, I usually order a BLT sandwich.

Blue blood

Голубая кровь (аристократическое происхождение)

There are not many of the Blue bloods left who permanently live in this country.

Blue in the face

(спорить) до посинения, до изнеможения

Adam argued with his wife till he was Blue in the face, but she didn’t give in.


Знак отличия

The blue-ribbon of the Atlantic is held by the liner that has the record for the fastest crossing.


Body Odor – запах пота

BO is the smell of sweat from the human body.

Body blow

Сокрушительный удар или серьезные повреждения

Ron’s small house received A body blow when the hurricane hit the town.

Bog down

Застрять, увязнуть

I Have bogged down With all that typing I need to do today.

Boggle one’s mind

Пугать, смущать, тревожить

“I don’t want to Boggle your mind, But the absence of proper safety is dangerous.”

Boil down to (something)

Сводиться к чему-либо

His arguments Boiled down to the following: it would take a lot of money and human resources to fulfill the task.

Bona fide

Без обмана, честно

I could not very well believe that they made A bona fide effort to solve the dispute.

Bone of contention

Яблоко раздора, предмет разногласий

The inheritance their Grandfather had left to the sisters was A bone of contention for them.

Bone up (on something)

Зубрить, повторять, долбить (предмет)

I am not very good at languages, so I have To bone up on my French.


Исключительно глупый, тупой

“You are A bonehead. Why don’t you understand what I am trying to tell you?”


Книжный червь (человек, который много читает)

Pauline is said to be A bookworm; she is very fond of reading books.

Boot out

Выгонять, избавляться от кого-либо

“Did Kevin drop out of school? – Oh, no. He Was booted out! He had cheated at the exams.”

Bore (someone) stiff/to death

Надоедать до смерти

We Would have been bored stiff if we hadn’t been shown a film about London.

Bored out of one’s mind/skull

Надоесть, наскучить

The lecture turned out to be extremely dull, and I was Bored out of my mind.

Born out of wedlock

Рожденный вне брака, незаконнорожденный

In America as well as in a lot of other countries more and more children are Born out of wedlock.

Born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth

Родиться с серебряной ложкой во рту, родиться в богатой семье

They say she was Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but judging by the size of her mouth it must have been a ladle.

Bosom friend

Закадычный друг

We were Bosom friends with Jamil in 1990.
Мы с Джамилем были закадычными друзьями в 1990 году.

Boss (someone) around

Распоряжаться, указывать что делать

Parents shouldn’t Boss their children around.

Bottle (something) up

Скрывать, сдерживать чувства

Derek could no longer Bottle up his anger and frustration.

Bottom dollar

Последние деньги, последний доллар

I needed a computer badly, and I had to spend my Bottom dollar to get it.

Bottom drops/falls out of (something)

Обвал цен (настоящие цены стали ниже предыдущих)

The bottom fell out of the fruit market, and some of the companies had to stop doing business.

Bottom line

Спорный вопрос, суть дела

Miss Elvares wants to open a cafe, but The bottom line is if the caf will be profitable.

Bottom out

Достигать самой низкой точки

The goods sale has begun To bottom out, and I am not sure it will ever increase in value.

Bottoms up!

Пей до дна!

“Bottoms up,” Mark said and raised his wineglass.

Bounce a check

Возвратить чек в виду отсутствия достаточных средств на счету

Renata Bounced a check when she tried to pay for her college education.

Bounce something (an idea) off someone

Проверить чью-либо реакцию (относительно идеи или предложения)

Joe Bounced his idea for the trip to Russia off his girlfriend.

Bound and determined

Быть решительно настроенным, принять бесповоротное решение

Julia was Bound and determined to break her engagement with Mark.

Bound for somewhere

Направляться, планировать что-либо

William Is bound for A long trip around the world.

Bound hand and foot

Быть связанным по рукам и ногам

Three family members were Bound hand and foot by a stranger who into their apartment last night.

Bound to (do something)

Быть настроенным сделать что-либо

The married couple Was bound to go to Spain for their honeymoon.

Bow and scrape

Быть смиренный и покорным

George was compelled To bow and scrape to receive the information he needed badly.

Bow out

Распрощаться, откланяться, прекратить

“If you want to stay with us, you will have To bow out with some of your bad habits.”

Bowl (someone) over

Привести в замешательство, удивить

The secretary talked nineteen to the dozen and it Bowled me over.

Boys in the backroom

Группа людей, принимающая закулисные решения

The boys in the backroom informed us that the wages would be probably docked.

Brain drain

Иммиграция талантливых ученых, утечка “мозгов”

There was A brain drain from Russia to America during the stagnation period.

Brain (someone)

Ударить кого-либо по голове, размозжить голову

Suddenly the little boy took his spade and Brained His playmate.

Brain teaser


A brain teaser is a problem for which it is hard to find the answer.


Оригинальная мысль, порождение ума

The idea for building a playground for children is The brainchild of Miss Rotenberg.


Глупый, безмозглый

I think Martha is quite Brainless; she has left the door unlocked again!

Brains behind (something)

Человек, разработавший удачный план, проект и т. д.

I know for sure that Mr. Smith is The brains behind the new project.

Brainstorm something

Мозговой штурм чего-либо

The students decided To brainstorm Ideas for the homecoming ball.

Brainwash (someone)

Подвергнуть идеологической обработке

Politicians always try To brainwash common people into thinking what they want them to think.


Совершенно новый

“I strongly advise you to purchase this boat; it is Brand new.”

Breach of promise

Нарушение обещания или соглашения

Mr. Paderevski was accused of A breach of promise when he broke the contract to buy the house.

Breach of the peace

Нарушение общественного порядка и спокойствия

My neighbors were charged with A breach of the peace because they were playing loud music late at night.

Bread and butter

Средства к существованию

I am worried about the basic needs of life like food and home, so Bread-and-butter issues are very important for me.

Bread and water

Хлеб и вода

The family was very poor; they had to live on Bread and water most of the time.

Break a habit

Бросить привычку

“I want you To break your habit of smoking two packets of cigarettes a day.”

Break a law

Нарушать закон

Laws like promises shouldn’t Be broken.

Break a leg!

Желаю удачи! (используется перед выходом на сцену)

“Break a leg!” one of the actors called to the lead actor.

Break a record

Побить рекорд

The swimmer Broke his own record during the latest swimming competitions.

Break camp

Свернуть лагерь, собрать снаряжение

As the weather was getting colder, they decided To break camp and return home.

Break down (something)

Разбить на части (в целях анализа)

Metabolism is the process of Breaking down living matter into simple substances.

Break down

Проваливаться, терпеть неудачу

We had grand plans, but they all Broke down.

Break even

Работать на основе самоокупаемости, когда затраты равны прибыли

They were sure that they would be able To break even and begin to make a profit soon.

Break fresh/new ground

Начать новое дело, прокладывать новые пути

The scientists have been able To break new ground in their research for diabetes cure.

Break ground for (something)

Начать копать фундамент здания

The construction workers Broke ground for A new apartment house.

Break in (someone or something)

Разносить (об обуви), сделать что-либо нужного размера

I can’t wear my new loafers; they won’t Break in.

Break into a cold sweat (about something)

Покрыться холодным потом (от волнения / страха)

Pam Broke out in a cold sweat When she saw that terrible sight.

Break into tears


The little boy got frightened and Broke into tears.

Break loose (from someone or something)

Вырваться, освободиться, отвязаться (от кого-то/ чего-то)

The dog Broke loose from its master and started running around the garden.

Break off

Внезапно прекращать, обрывать

Trenton was too courteous; he would not Break off negotiations.

Break one’s back/neck (to do something)

Делать все возможное, работать много и усердно

Robert Broke his back to try and get the information he wanted.

Break one’s word

Нарушить свое слово, не сдержать обещание

Mike promised to help me find a good job; unfortunately he Broke his word.

Break out in a cold sweat

Покрыться холодным потом (от волнения / страха)

Pam Broke out in a cold sweat When she saw that terrible sight.

Break out in (something)

Выступить, появиться (например, сыпь на теле)

I am allergic to fish, and when I eat it, I usually Break out in a terrible rash.

Break out of (something)

Сбегать откуда-то

Bull’s-Eye and some other criminals Broke out of prison yesterday.

Break (someone’s) fall

Смягчить чье-либо падение

A six-year-old Sharon Cranston fell from a balcony, but fortunately deep snow Broke her fall.

Break (someone’s) heart

Разбить чье-либо сердце, сделать несчастным

It nearly Broke her heart to leave her old home.

Break (something) down

Объяснять что-либо просто, доступно

When I am trying to explain difficult study material to my daughter, I usually try To break it down.

Break (something) to (someone)

Сообщить плохие новости

“Branston died in a car crash. Please Break The sad news To his wife.”

Break the back of (something)

Сломить, уничтожить, погубить, сломить сопротивление

One mistake may Break the back of The whole enterprise.

Break the bank

Сорвать банк (выиграть все деньги в казино за игровым столом)

The man in the casino Broke the bank by winning all the money at a gambling table.

Break the ice

Сломать лед, заставить расслабиться

Mary’s cheerful joke Broke the ice and everybody began to enjoy themselves.

Break the law

Нарушить закон

They found out that Marcia Had broken the law, and she was sacked.

Break the news (to someone)

Первым сообщить новости

Zeta was about To break the news of her engagement To her parents on Christmas Eve.

Break through

Успешно преодолеть (трудности)

Dr. Salk failed many times, but he finally Broke through to find a successful vaccine.

Break up (with someone)

Порвать с кем-либо, прекратить отношения

Gilda decided To break up with her family and started to live on her own.


Успех, достижение, прорыв

This project experienced a major Breakthrough after a long process of experimentation.

Breath of fresh air

Глоток свежего воздуха, новый подход

“I appreciate your innovative approach to work; it’s like A breath of fresh air.”

Breathe down (someone’s) neck

Стоять за спиной у кого-либо, дышать кому-либо в затылок, заставлять торопиться

“I am sure to complete the work in time, so stop Breathing down my neck!”

Breathe easy

Вздохнуть свободно (после стрессовой ситуации)

Lola is able To breathe easy now; she has just found her lost passport.

Breathe easy/easier

Расслабиться, вздохнуть свободно (после стрессовой ситуации)

Lola is able To breathe easy now; she has just found her lost passport.

Breathe one’s last

Умереть, испустить дух

Mrs. Nolan had been suffering from a weak heart for quite some time before she Breathed her last several days ago.

Brew a plot

Замышлять (заговор, мятеж, восстание)

The conspirators Brewed a plot To destroy the English Houses of Parliament and King James the First.

Bright and early

Очень рано, заблаговременно

“I am a late riser; I hate getting up Bright and early.”

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed

(быть) очень веселым, полным радости

The kids are Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed because their mother has promised to take them to the zoo.

Brimming with (something)

Переливаться через край, переполнять (о чувствах)

Alice sounded happy though her eyes were Brimming with tears.

Bring about (something)

Осуществлять, вызывать, организовывать

His words Brought about the desired effect.

Bring down the house

Вызвать громкий смех, вызвать бурю аплодисментов

I remember that comedy well; it used To bring down the house.

Bring home the bacon

Работать на семью, зарабатывать деньги для семьи

Sam’s wife is always displeased with her husband for not Bringing home enough bacon for the family.

Bring home the importance of (something) to (someone)

Втолковывать, доводить что-то до чьего-либо сознания

He was unable To bring home to his son the importance Of Studying hard.

Bring some new facts to light

Обнаружить новые факты

The scientists Brought some new facts to light in the investigation of rare tropical diseases.

Bring (someone) around

Восстанавливать чье-либо здоровье, приводить в чувство

The paramedics were able To bring the girl around after the explosion in the cafe.

Bring (someone) into line

Убедить кого-то согласиться с вами

The coach was able To bring the members of the team Into line.

Bring (someone or something) to its/their knees

Нанести поражение, поставить кого-либо на колени

The strike of the taxi drivers Brought New York to its knees.

Bring (someone) to heel

Заставить слушаться кого-либо

When John was sixteen, he thought he could do as he pleased, but his father cut off his allowance, and this Brought John to heel.

Bring (someone) to terms

Заставить кого-либо придти к соглашению

Tim and Tom, the twin brothers, Were brought to terms by their mother for riding the pony.

Bring (someone) to

Приводить в чувство

They Brought the woman to with smelling salts.

Bring (something) home to (someone)

Довести до сознания кого-либо

The teacher tried To bring home To the students the necessity of studying hard before the exams.

Bring (something) into question

Поднять вопрос о чем-то

At the meeting the Chairman Brought into question their interest in the case.

Bring (something) off

Осуществлять что-либо, успешно завершать

Lionel attempted almost the impossible and Brought it off.

Bring (something) on

Помогать расти, заставить быстро развиваться

The sun is Bringing on the flowers.

Bring (something) to a head

Обострять что-либо, завершать

This incident Brought the question of relationships among the workers To a head.

Bring (something) to (someone’s) attention

Привлечь внимание

“I want To bring The new exhibits to your Attention,” the guide said.

Bring to mind

Вспомнить, припомнить

His words suddenly Brought to mind happy episodes from her childhood.

Bring up (something)

Поднимать вопрос, заводить разговор

I was hoping someone would Bring up the question of the parking lot.

Bring up the rear

Замыкать шествие, быть в конце очереди

They set off along the sandy track; William Bringing up the rear.

Bring up

Поднимать вопрос, заводить разговор

I was hoping that someone would Bring up that point.

Broad in the beam

Иметь широкие бедра

Sara was thin in the waist but a bit Broad in the beam.

Brown bag it

Брать обед с собой на работу

I had To brown bag it every day of the week because there is no cafeteria in our office building.

Brush up on (something)

Освежить знания

I have made up my mind to attend language courses To brush up on my English.

Brush with the law

Столкновение с законом

Sam had A brush with the law because of a petty crime.


Bullshit – враки, “бред собачий”

We heard a lot of BS from our apartment manager.


Bachelor of Science – бакалавр естественных наук

Felix received a BSc in Physics from his university and found a good job.

Buck for (something)

Стремиться к цели

The young man Is bucking for a higher position in the society.

Buckle down to (do something)

Энергично приниматься за дело

The father told his son to stop fooling around and Buckle down to do his work.

Budget crunch/squeeze

Нехватка средств в бюджете

There was a severe Budget squeeze in their company and they had to stop wasting money.


Широко открыть глаза (от удивления)

I was Bug-eyed when I saw Sara whom I didn’t expect to see in my house.

Bug (someone)

Донимать кого-либо, раздражать

That man really Bugs me with his silly jokes.

Build a case (against someone)

Собирать доказательства для возбуждения уголовного дела

It was evident that Rick Thunder was guilty, yet they couldn’t Build a case against him.

Build a fire under (someone)

Подогревать, стимулировать, подстегивать кого-либо

It’s no use trying To build a fire under Robert; he is as lazy as can be.

Build castles in the air/in Spain

Строить воздушные замки, планировать невозможное

“Stop Building castles in the air and get down to real work.”

Build (something) to order

Сделать что-либо на заказ

We would like To build our bedroom furniture To order.

Build up (someone or something)

Укреплять здоровье

Healthy food Builds up the body.

Build up to (something)

Сводиться к (о ситуации)

As a matter of fact, things Were building up to be a rather unpleasant situation.

Bull in a china shop

Слон в посудной лавке (о неловком или бестактном человеке)

My boy friend is like A bull in a china shop; he is not only very clumsy, but he is also tactless.

Bump into (someone)

Случайно встретить кого-либо, столкнуться с кем-то

Eva Bumped into her cousin at the station the day before yesterday.

Bump off (someone)

Убить, укокошить

The criminal gang was going To bump off the members of another gang.

Bundle of nerves

Комок нервов

“I have become A bundle of nerves while dealing with my boss.”

Burden of proof

Бремя доказательства; необходимость доказать оспариваемый факт

Georgina had accused Jack of swindling and the Burden of proof fell on her during the trial.

Burn a hole in one’s pocket

Долго не держаться (о деньгах), “прожечь дыру в кармане”

It’s no wonder Jim is always short of money; the money often Burns a hole in his pocket.

Burn down

Сгореть дотла (о строениях)

The fire was going very strong and the restaurant Burned down to cinders.

Burn one’s bridges behind one

Сжечь за собой мосты, отрезать путь к отступлению

The sportsman Burned his bridges behind him when he decided to leave his team for ever.

Burn one’s fingers

Обжечься на чем-либо

Jeffrey Archer Burned his fingers having invested into a Canadian company which went bankrupt.

Burn (oneself) out

Стать очень усталым и разбитым из-за напряженной работы

“If you work so much, you might finally Burn yourself out.”

Burn (someone) in effigy

Сжечь изображение ненавистного человека

They Burned Hitler In effigy.

Burn (something) to a crisp

Сжечь что-либо до черноты

I Burned the toasts to a crisp and had to throw them into the garbage.

Burn the candle at both ends

Гореть на работе, слишком много трудиться без отдыха

Susan Is burning the candle at both ends; I am afraid she might get sick.

Burn the midnight oil

Засиживаться за книгами до поздней ночи

Leonard was fooling around the entire semester and now he has To burn the midnight oil.

Burn up

Сжигать, сгореть (о вещах, а не о строениях)

They gathered up all the old newspapers and Burned them Up.

Burst at the seams

Лопаться по швам, быть переполненным сверх меры

The bus was very overcrowded; it Was Literally bursting at the seams.

Burst in on (someone or something)

Стремительно войти, ворваться

While we were having dinner, our next door neighbor Burst in on us.

Burst into flames

Внезапно воспламениться

When a spark flew into the gasoline, the whole tank Burst into flames.

Burst into tears


When the father told Helen she was not to leave the house, she Burst into tears.

Burst onto the scene

Внезапно появиться где-либо

They were peacefully eating lunch when the police Burst onto the scene.

Burst out laughing


It was very difficult for her not To burst out laughing when he said this.

Burst with joy

Быть переполненным счастьем, сиять от счастья

Mrs. Greystone couldn’t but Burst with joy when she heard the news of her son’s engagement.

Burst with pride

Лопаться от гордости, быть переполненным гордостью, очень гордиться

The young mother Was bursting with pride, praising her baby to the skies.

Bury the hatchet

Прекратить спор и заключить мир, (зарыть топор войны)

They Buried the hatchet and now they are friends again.

Bury/hide one’s head in the sand

Прятать голову в песок, отказываться видеть/ признавать что-либо неприятное

When the situation got tough, Phil Buried his head in the sand; he was unable to take the responsibility.

Business as usual

Продолжать как обычно

It is Business as usual for us after moving our office to a new place.

Busman’s holiday

Отпуск без отпуска; будучи в отпуске, продолжать делать свою работу

Mark is on holiday, but he is spending much time at work, so it looks he is on A busman’s holiday.

Bust a gut (to do something)

Много и напряженно работать

I am going away on holiday next week, so I’ll have To bust a gut to get my work finished before I leave.

But for (someone or something)

Если бы не что-то или кто-то

But for the rain we wouldn’t have stayed at home.

Butt heads with (someone)

Спорить с кем-либо, “сталкиваться лбами”

“I do not intend To butt heads with you about this problem because I know I am right.”

Butt in (on someone or something)

Вмешиваться во что-то, встревать в разговор

I hate people who Butt in on my conversations with friends.

Butter (someone) up

Льстить кому-либо, умасливать

It’s hard to get published if you can’t Butter up the right people.

Button one’s lip

Замолчать, прикусить язык

“I’d rather you Buttoned up your lip; I don’t want other people to know about our problems.”

Buy a pig in a poke

Купить кота в мешке

You can buy a second-hand car, but it will be like Buying a pig in a poke if you do not look at it properly first.

Buy a stake in (something)

Приобретать часть чего-либо в собственность

A large company was planning To buy a stake in a small printing business.

Buy off (someone)

Подкупить кого-либо, откупиться

The criminal’s friends tried To buy off the judge but they were not successful.

Buy out (someone or something)

Выкупить кого-либо \ что-либо

Mr. Cohan decided To buy out a few acres of farmer’s land and build a motel.

Buy (something) for a song

Купить что-либо очень дешево, “купить за пятак”

It’s a very cheap house; we practically Bought it for a song.

Buy (something) on credit

Купить что-либо в кредит

Jenny Smith had no money so she decided To buy a car on credit.

Buy (something) sight unseen

Купить что-либо не глядя

Tim Bought a cell phone Sight unseen and was very sorry afterwards.

By a hair’s breadth

Только-только, еле-еле, с трудом

Jim got to the station By a hair’s breadth to see the train ready to depart.

By a long shot

Намного, значительно

The pharmaceutical firm beat out the bids of the other similar companies By a long shot.

By a mile

При большом отрыве от остальных (в спорте)

The skier ran faster than the other competitors and won the race By a mile.

By a whisker

На волосок, чуть-чуть

He shot at me and just missed hitting me By a hair.

By a whisker/hair

На волосок, чуть-чуть не

He shot at me and just missed hitting me By a hair.

By all accounts

По общим отзывам, по общему мнению

By all accounts our show was much better than theirs.

By all appearances

По всей видимости, очевидно

By all appearances, the reason he had an accident was he had been driving for many hours and had been very tired.

By all means

Обязательно, непременно

“I’ll help you move the furniture in your room By all means, I promise.”

By and by

Вскоре, постепенно

By the street of ‘by-and-bye’ one arrives at the house of ‘Never’.

By and large

В целом

By and large, they had a good party in the open even though it was a bit cold outside.

By any means

Любыми средствами

Jim decided to win Clare’s love By any means.

By chance


“Have you seen Michele By chance? I’ve been waiting for her since morning.”

By check

(расплатиться) чеком

Marion paid for her purchases By check.

By fair means or foul

Любыми средствами, правдами и неправдами

They will do everything they can to win, by fair means or foul.
Они сделают все, чтобы выиграть любыми средствами.

By far

Значительно больше, на много больше

Alma is By far the prettiest girl among her friends.

By fits and starts

Неравномерно, скачками

“If you work By fits and starts, your progress in English will be very slow.”

By hook or by crook

Любым способом, любыми средствами

I believe Ron wants to get these disks By hook or by crook.

By leaps and bounds

Стремительно, очень быстро, семимильными шагами

Under his supervision the business began to develop By leaps and bounds.

By means of

С помощью чего-то

We were able to translate this text By means of an electronic translator.

By no means

Ни в коем случае

By no means are you allowed to sit up late!

By shank’s mare

Пешком, “на своих двоих”

My car got broken, so I had to come to work By shank’s mare.

By the book

По правилам

“I prefer to fill in documents By the book, so that nobody can find fault with me.”

By the day

Поденно, каждый день, с каждым днем

She got paid By the day.

By the dozen

Дюжиной, числом 12

Sheila counted the chicks By the dozen.

By the dozens

(покупать) дюжину = 12 штук

In English shops eggs are sold By the dozens.

By the handful


There were a lot of wild berries in the forest and we picked them By the handful.

By the hour

Почасовая (оплата), ежечасно

I parked my car for the evening and had to pay By the hour.

By the month

(платить) по месячно, каждый месяц

We rent an office space and pay By the month.

By the same token

Кроме того, к тому же, тем более что

“By the same token, I don’t feel like going anywhere tonight.”

By the seat of one’s pants

Удачно, без усилий и умения

Jane was able to complete the job By the seat of her pants.

By the skin of one’s teeth

Чудом, едва-едва, еле-еле

The team won the game By the skin of their teeth.

By the sweat of one’s brow

Работать в поте лица

Heinz succeeded in making enough money to buy a new house By the sweat of his brow.

By the way

Между прочим

“By the way, are you absolutely sure he is going on a picnic with us?”

By the week

По-недельно, каждую неделю

During their holidays they rented a boat By the week.

By the year

Каждый год, ежегодно

The workers in this firm have to renew their work contract By the year.

By virtue of (something)

Благодаря чему-то, в силу чего-то, на основании чего-то

The working class By virtue of Its ability to achieve united action is the only force capable of defeating racism.

By way of (something or somewhere)

Проходя/ проезжая мимо, по пути

Mary took a taxi and they drove to the station By way of the town square.

By way of (something)

Через, ради чего-то, с целью

David didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings; he said it only By way of joking.

By word of mouth

Устно, на словах

I don’t want to write to them; I’d rather you did it By word of mouth.


Bring Your Own Bottle – каждый приносит свою выпивку (на вечеринку)

Before my friend had a dinner party at his house she told everyone that it was BYOB.

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