Английские идиомы на букву P


Public Address System – система оповещения по радио

The news of the flood was transmitted over the PA.

Packed in like sardines

В тесноте, “как селедки в бочке”

The place is extremely crowded; the people are Packed in like sardines here.

Pad the bill

Включить неоправданные расходы в счет

Allan tried To pad the hotel bill when he was on a business trip.

Paddle one’s own canoe

Полагаться только на себя, действовать самостоятельно

Let the girl alone and let her Paddle her own canoe.

Pain in the neck

Надоедливый, раздражающий, возмущающий (человек)

Peter is very annoying; he is A regular pain in the neck.

Paint oneself into a corner

Загнать себя в угол;

попасть в трудную ситуацию, из которой невозможно выбраться

I Have painted myself into a corner since I started missing Professor Stillford’s lectures.

Paint the town red

Устроить веселую вечеринку, предаваться шумному веселью

Jimmy didn’t work, spent a lot of money and Painted the town red. It was all quite normal.

Pale/blue/green around the gills

Выглядеть больным

“You are looking a little Pale around the gills, so you’d better go home right now.”

Palm off (something)

Всучить, подсунуть что-либо (как ценность), сбыть с рук при помощи обмана

Lloyd tried To palm his old computer off on me as one that was new.

Paper tiger

Неопасный противник, “бумажный тигр”

I think Jim Gardens is A paper tiger and has really no power in the company.

Par for the course

Ничего не

обычного, непредвиденного

There was nothing Par for the course; it was exactly as they had expected it would be.

Pass the buck

Сваливать ответственность на другого

Dora had no desire to cook dinner, so she Passed the buck to her younger sister.

Pass the hat

Собирать деньга на какой-либо проект (пустить шапку по кругу)

They Passed the hat in order to raise money for the animal shelter.

Pass the torch/baton to someone

Передать кому-либо полномочия (досл. передать эстафетную палочку)

When Jeremy Smith decided to retire, he Passed the torch to his son.

Pass through (someone’s) mind

Промелькнуть в уме

It Passed through his mind that he had met that woman before, but he didn’t remember her name.

Pass with flying colors

Успешно закончить, получить высокий балл

Most of the students in our Math class Passed the test with flying colors.

Pat on the back


The teacher gave Mark A pat on the back because he had passed a very difficult test.

Patch up a relationship

Возобновить нарушенные прежде отношения

For a long time Jerry and Liza were not on speaking terms, but they managed To patch up their relationship somehow.

Pay a king’s ransom (for something)

Заплатить огромные деньги за что-либо

I am not going To pay a king’s ransom for this used car.

Pay an arm and a leg (for something)

Заплатить кучу денег за что-либо

They Paid an arm and a leg for their new house.

Pay as you go

Платить по мере выставления счета или получения товара

The shop was forced To pay as they go when the bank refused to give them another loan.

Pay in advance

Платить заранее, (предоплата)

I registered at the hotel and Paid in advance for a single room.

Pay lip service to (someone or something)

Поддерживать кого-либо на словах, а не на деле

“If you can support the project, do it. Don’t Pay lip service to me.”

Pay off a debt/loan

Выплатить долг, ссуду

I had borrowed money from the bank and finished To pay off the loan pretty soon.

Pay off (someone)

Давать кому-либо взятку, откупиться

The shopkeeper had To pay off a gang of racketeers who were squeezing money from him.

Pay off (something)

Расплатиться с чем-либо (с долгами)

Lorna had serious intentions To pay off every debt.

Pay off

Принести прибыль, окупиться

They hope that this particular research will Pay off commercially.

Pay one’s debt (to society)

Заплатить долг обществу (сидеть в тюрьме за преступление)

The woman spent a few years in prison, Paying her debt to society.

Pay one’s own way

Оплатить расходы самому

In order To pay my own way during college, I had to get a loan in the bank.

Pay (someone) a back-handed/left-handed compliment

Отвесить сомнительный комплимент кому-либо

I didn’t mean To pay Sara a back-handed compliment when I told her how well she looked.

Pay (someone or something) no mind

Игнорировать, не обращать внимания на кого-либо \ что-либо

There was a clutter of chairs in the auditorium, but he Paid the noise no mind.

Pay the piper

Расплачиваться (за плохие или неправильные действия)

Joe acted quite insensibly and now he has To pay the piper for his wrong doings.

Pay through the nose for (something)

Платить бешеные деньги за что-либо

Ken made his family Pay through the nose for keeping him out of bankruptcy.

Pay up

(срочно) расплатиться

George lost a small fortune playing poker and his poor wife had To pay up.



The deputy mayor received a handsome sum of money as A payoff.


Politically Correct – полит корректный

It is supposed that all material published in a newspaper must be PC.


Physical Education – физкультура

PE was my favorite subject at school.

Pecking order

Неофициальная иерархия, сложившийся порядок подчинения

Poor Jim! He is at the bottom of Pecking order and is dominated by everybody.

Peeping Tom

Через-чур любопытный человек (любопытная Варвара)

Johnny was picked up by the police as A peeping Tom.

Penalty clause

Штрафная неустойка, штрафная санкция

There is A penalty clause in my bank loan agreement if I don’t pay out the money in time.

Pennies from heaven

Деньги, которые вы не ожидали получить

The bonus that I received from the company was like Pennies from heaven.

Penny for one’s thoughts

О чем это вы задумались?

“A penny for your thoughts,” Jim said. “My thoughts are not worth anything because I was thinking of you,” Wanda replied.

Penny saved is a penny earned

Пенни сбереженное – все равно, что заработанное, “копейка рубль бережет”

“It’s easier to spend money than to earn it. But you should remember ‘A penny saved is a penny earned’.”

Penny-wise and pound foolish

Экономный в мелочах и расточительный в крупном

They had no Penny-wise and pound-foolish policy in their company.

Per head

На одного человека, на одну персону

The bus fare cost only a small amount of money Per head.

Perfect couple

Прекрасная пара

Stella and David seemed such A perfect couple, therefore I was surprised to hear about their divorce.


Doctor of Philosophy – доктор философии

Norman Brown, who is A PhD in Philosophy, has been delivering lectures at the university for many years.

Pick holes in an argument

Находить слабые места в аргументации

The judge found it very easy To pick holes in the argument of the lawyer.

Pick the brains of (someone)

Использовать, присваивать чужие мысли

John West had the ability of Picking the brains of Other people.

Pick up the tab/check

Заплатить по счету за кого-либо

We, my sisters, my husband and me, had a nice dinner at the restaurant, and my husband Picked up the tab.

Pie in the sky

Не практичная цель или план

“Your project is A pie in the sky; I am not going to invest into it.”

Piece of cake

Легкий (ая)

That English book was A piece of cake. It was the easiest book that I had ever read.

Piece/slice of the action

Доля от прибыли

The author believed to get A piece of the action from the publishing of his new book.

Piggy bank

Копилка (в виде свиньи)

The mother gave Rita A piggy bank to put small coins into.


Переносить кого-либо на плечах или на спине

“Dad, I want you to give me a Piggyback ride.”

Pinch pennies

Быть экономным, бережливым, “считать копейки”

Wanda Pinches pennies not because she is thrifty, but because she earns very little.

Pink slip

Уведомление об увольнении

Jimmy has just received A pink slip, and it has greatly upset him.

Pit one’s wits against (someone)

Бросать вызов кому-либо

Collin decided To pit his wits against the best scholars of the university.


Очень темно, “хоть глаз выколи”

All the shutters were closed, and it was Pitch-black in the room.

Play ball (with someone)

Сотрудничать с кем-либо

It is often good business To play ball with the government.

Play by ear

Играть на слух (по слуху)

The young woman is blind, and Plays the harp by ear.

Play by the rules

Играть по правилам

One of the managers refused To play by the rules, that’s why he was given the sack.

Play cat and mouse with (someone)

Дразнить, дурачить; “играть в кошки-мышки”

“Please, stop Playing cat and mouse with me; I want to know your intentions immediately.”

Play chicken

Играть в опасные игры (посмотреть, кто первым испугается)

A few boys Were playing chicken on the playground.

Play devil’s advocate

Не принимать на веру и во всем сомневаться; быть защитником неправедного дела

Mary offered to Play devil’s advocate and argue against our case so that we would find out any flaws in it.

Play fair

Играть честно, не обманывать

The students liked their teacher because he always Played fair.

Play footsie (with someone)

Флиртовать с кем-либо (прикасаться к ногам под столом)

Nick was trying To play footsie with me during our dinner in the restaurant.

Play hardball (with someone)

Действовать решительно, круто с кем-либо

I had To play hardball with my boss to make him agree to my proposal.

Play hooky

Прогуливать занятия в школе

Simon often Played hooky and never had a valid reason for his absence.

Play into (someone’s) hands

Играть на руку кому-либо

Fate Played into Tim’s hands and he got what he was craving for.

Play it by ear

Принять решение в зависимости от ситуации

Mark didn’t have a definite plan of action; he decided To play it by ear.

Play one’s ace

Использовать лучшие ресурсы (козыри)

We were going To play our ace when we decided to supply our company with new equipment.

Play one’s cards close to one’s chest

Вести переговоры в осторожной и конфиденциальной манере

Sue Played her cards close to her chest when she went to the bank to settle her problem.

Play one’s cards right

Воспользоваться своей возможностью наилучшим образом

I hope To play my cards right and get a promotion soon.

Play possum

Притвориться больным или мертвым; прикинуться не понимающим

“Don’t you try To play possum; you know what I am talking about.”

Play the market

Спекулировать, играть на бирже

Denis has inherited a lot of money and he intends To play the market.

Plea bargain

Признать свою вину (с целью смягчения наказания)

Timothy Eagles thought he would receive a light punishment if he Plead bargain.


Please Leave On – пожалуйста не стирайте (надпись на школьной доске)

The teacher wanted the information to be left on the board, so she wrote PLO on it.

Plug a product

Содействовать распространению продукта

The movie star made a lot of money by Plugging new products.


Post Meridiem – после полудня

The children usually come home from school at two P. m.

Poetic justice

Идеальная справедливость

I think it is Poetic justice that Henry got the punishment he deserves.

Point the finger (of blame) at (someone)

Винить кого-либо в чем-либо, “указать пальцем на кого-либо”

“I don’t wish To point the finger of blame at Mark, but I am sure that he is the guilty person.”

Poke one’s nose into (something)

Вмешиваться во что-либо, “совать нос”

I’d rather you didn’t Poke your nose into my private affairs.

Poker face

Бесстрастное, ничего не выражающее лицо

George had A poker face when he tried to deceive me.

Polish the apple

Льстить, стараться заслужить чье-либо расположение

Nora tried To polish the apple with Dick Barstow; she wanted to get into his favor.

Pony up

Расплачиваться, платить

It is time for Sarah To pony up and pay for the car that she bought from me.

Pop the question

Сделать предложение о браке

John Popped the question to Betty, but she refused him.

Post mortem

Вскрытие трупа для определения причины смерти

To determine the cause of the woman’s death the autopsist performed A post mortem on her body.

Pot calling the kettle black

Кто бы говорил, а ты бы помалкивал (оба хороши)

“You were as good a son as I was a brother. It’s like The pot calling the kettle black.”

Pour money down the drain

Зря тратить деньги, транжирить

Mary often buys things which she really doesn’t need; I think she Pours money down the drain.

Pour one’s heart out (to someone)

Излить душу кому-либо, высказать самое заветное

I saw that something was worrying Fanny and I said she would feel better if she Poured her heart out to me.


Prisoner of War – военнопленный

When the Second World Was ended, the negotiations regarding POWS lasted for a few years.

Powder one’s nose

Попудрить носик

Rita told her boyfriend that she would like to go to the dressing room To powder her nose.

Power of attorney


Robert Crow has been given Power of attorney over his father’s money.


Public Relations – пиар, связи с общественностью

The politician easily won the election due to good PR.

Preferred customer

Постоянный и выгодный клиент

Sally used to be A preferred customer of one of the bookstores in New York.

Preliminary hearing

Предварительное слушание

There was no need for A preliminary hearing because there was not enough evidence to charge the man with the crime.

Press the flesh

Пожимать всем руки (чтобы приобрести популярность)

If a politician wants to be more popular, he should Press the flesh of the public at large.

Prick up one’s ears

Прислушиваться, “навострить уши”

My parents seemed to be talking about me, so I Pricked up my ears.

Prima facie

На первый взгляд, кажущийся достоверным

Prima facie it appeared that the supervisor had enough evidence to take legal action against one of the employees.

Privy to something

Посвященный во что-либо

William was not Privy to Miranda’s life, so he couldn’t say whether she had any secrets.


Postscript – постскриптум

If I want to add some extra information, I write PS at the very end of a letter.


Parent-Teacher Association – Учительско-родительская ассоциация

The teacher told the pupils’ parents that a PTA meeting would be held on Friday.


Please Turn Over – пожалуйста, смотрите на обороте

Ann wrote PTO on the page of her note to make sure that I would look at the other side of the page.

Publish or perish

Публиковать свои труды, если хочешь преуспеть

Stuart had To publish or perish if he wanted to advance in his career at the university.

Pull one’s hair out

Быть расстроенным, обеспокоенным

Don’t Pull your hair out even if you discover that you are not a genius.

Pull one’s (own) weight

Принимать участие в чем-либо, свой вклад в общее дело

My mother wanted me To pull my weight in cleaning the house.

Pull (someone’s) leg

Подшучивать над кем-либо, дурачить кого-либо

Nathan is fond of playing tricks on people and he Is always pulling my leg when he sees me.

Pull (someone’s) tooth out

Выдернуть \ удалить кому-либо зуб

I had a terrible toothache the other day, and was relieved when the dentist Pulled my tooth out.

Pull (something) off

Удачно завершить что-либо

The plan was difficult and risky, but they Pulled it off.

Pull (something) out of a hat

Получить что-либо, как будто бы по волшебству

The young man had applied for a grant and was fortunate To pull it out of a hat.

Pull the wool over (someone’s) eyes

Вводить кого-либо в заблуждение, “втирать очки”

“You are telling me a pack of lies. Don’t think you can Pull the wool over my eyes like that.”

Pull through

Выздороветь (после тяжелой болезни), выкарабкаться

Collin’s father had a serious heart attack and they are afraid he might not Pull through.

Pull up one’s socks

Напрячь силы, подтянуться

“If I were you, I’d Pull my socks up, or you will not be able to continue taking this class.”

Pump iron

Заниматься тяжелой атлетикой

Paul has been Pumping iron for more than three years now.

Punitive damages

Убытки, присуждаемые в порядке наказания

The man was awarded a large sum of money as Punitive damages in his lawsuit against the landlord.

Puppy love

Страстная влюбленность, слепое увлечение (среди подростков)

When Martin and Pam began going around together in high school, their parents said it was just Puppy love.

Put a bug in (someone’s) ear

Нашептывать кому-либо, вдолбить в голову

I wanted to buy a new car so I Put a bug in my father’s ear.

Put all one’s eggs in one basket

Рисковать всем, поставить все на карту

Jeffrey Archer Put all his eggs in one basket by investing into a Canadian company.

Put flesh on (something)

Добавить детали к чему-либо

I decided To put flesh on my new project so that it becomes clearer and more detailed.

Put hair on one’s chest

Быть полезным для кого-либо (о пище или напитках)

I had a sore throat and Mother said that hot milk with honey would Put hair on my chest.

Put ideas into (someone’s) head

Наводить кого-либо на мысль (о чем-либо плохом), подсказывать

“You are being most irrational. Who Is putting silly ideas into your head?”

Put in one’s oar

Вмешиваться в чужие дела

Ann was doing very well until her brother came along and Put in his oar. She could have done much better without his advice.

Put in one’s two cents (worth)

Высказать свое мнение, свои соображения

Nobody ever pays any attention to Marion when she tries To put in her two cents.

Put (lay) one’s cards on the table

Рассказать все без утайки, “открыть свои карты”

I Put my cards on the table and told my parents what was worrying me.

Put on a brave face

Казаться счастливым (хотя ситуация неблагоприятная), не выдавать своих чувств

Susan was awfully afraid of the operation, but she tried To put on a brave face.

Put on one’s thinking cap

(глубоко) задуматься

Selma Put on her thinking cap and tried to decide what to do about her son’s playing truant.

Put on the dog

Экстравагантно одеваться, свободно вести себя или хорошо развлекаться

Let’s go to a luxurious restaurant and Put on the dog.

Put on the feed bag

Поесть что-либо

They immediately Put on the feed bag when they came home.

Put one’s back into (something)

Вложить силу или энергию во что-либо

I had to move the piano out of the family room, so I asked my friend To put his back into it.

Put one’s best foot forward

Делать все возможное, стараться быть на высоте

It was the necessity To put her best foot forward that was really troubling her.

Put one’s cards on the table

Рассказать все без утайки, открыть свои карты

I Put my cards on the table and told my parents what was worrying me.

Put one’s face on

Краситься, накладывать макияж

I was waiting for Nora while she Was putting her face on.

Put one’s finger on (something)

Обнаруживать точное местонахождение чего-либо

Sandra was not able To put her finger on the exact place where she had lost her purse.

Put one’s foot down (about something)

Запретить, положить конец, занять твердую позицию

This has gone far enough; he is going To put his foot down About his son’s gambling.

Put one’s foot in one’s mouth

Попасть впросак, “сесть в лужу”

He was afraid lest he should Put his foot in his mouth, so he decided to keep silent.

Put one’s hand to the plow

Взяться за трудное дело

Stella Put her hand to the plow in order to clean the whole house.

Put one’s hands on (something)

Завладеть чем-либо

I would like To put my hands on a good computer.

Put one’s head in a noose

Вредить самому себе действием или словом, лезть в петлю

Alice Put her head in a noose when she borrowed a lot of money from Fanny.

Put one’s head in the lion’s mouth

Оказаться в опасности из-за собственной неосмотрительности

David Put his head in the lion’s mouth when he got involved in the car fraud.

Put one’s head on the block for (someone or something)

Рисковать (головой) ради кого-либо \ чего-либо

“Mind you, I am not going To put my head on the block for you.”

Put one’s heads together

Обговорить, обсудить что-либо вместе

“Let’s Put our heads together and discuss our problems.”

Put one’s mind to (something)

Уделить много внимания чему-либо

“I am sure you can do nearly anything if you Put your mind to it.”

Put one’s money where one’s mouth is

Перестать болтать и приняться за дело

“I want you To put your money where your mouth is and back up your words with action.”

Put one’s nose to the grindstone

Трудиться без отдыха, без передышки

Joe Put his nose to the grindstone and worked all day in his garage, repairing his car.

Put one’s shoulder to the wheel

Энергично взяться за работу, приналечь

“If you want to prosper in the future, you must Put your shoulder to the wheel.”

Put one’s thinking cap on


She Put her thinking cap on and tried to decide what to do with her old house which was falling to pieces.

Put one’s toe in the water

Начать что-либо делать и посмотреть, что из этого получиться

Ron decided To put his toe in the water to see if the new job is good for him.

Put some teeth into (something)

Увеличивать, наращивать (мощь, силу, значимость)

The local government plans To put some teeth into the new parking rules.

Put (someone) on hold

Заставить кого-либо ждать во время телефонного звонка

I wanted to reserve a room, so I phoned the Ritz, and the receptionist Put me on hold.

Put (someone or something) out of one’s head/mind

Выбросить кого-либо \ что-либо из головы, перестать думать

“I want you To put this silly idea out of your head; you have no notion what can happen.”

Put (someone or something) out to pasture

Удалить кого-либо на покой, перестать использовать что-либо

They finally decided To put Old Kenworth out to pasture and asked him to give up his responsibilities.

Put (someone) through

Соединить с кем-либо (по телефону)

Linda phoned the bank and they quickly Put her through to a bank clerk.

Put (someone’s) eye out

Выколоть кому-либо глаз

Jeremy became blind as he accidentally Put his eye out.

Put (someone’s) nose out of joint

Обидеть кого-либо

I didn’t mean To put my friend’s nose out of joint when I criticized his work.

Put (something) down in black and white

Записать что-либо черным по белому

They told me To put the agreement down in black and white.

Put (something) in mothballs

Положить что-либо на хранение, ставить на консервацию

My father Put our old car in mothballs and decided to buy a new one.

Put (something) on hold

Перенести что-либо, отсрочить

The construction company had To put the project on hold before the environmental issue was cleared out.

Put the bite on (someone)

Выпрашивать деньги

Joshua is always short of money, and he is constantly trying To put the bite on his co-workers.

Put the cart before the horse

Начать не с того конца, поступать шиворот-навыворот, “поставить телегу впереди лошади”

They Put the cart before the horse and took the effect for the cause.

Put the cat among the pigeons

Причинять неприятности, “пустить козла в огород”

“Don’t send your secretary to talk to the angry students; it’s like Putting the cat among the pigeons.”

Put two and two together

Смекнуть, понять

The death of his wife and the money he was going to inherit The police were sure to Put two and two together.

Put weight on

Прибавлять в весе, поправляться

Rita kept to a diet of vegetables and fruit so that she may not Put on weight.

Put words into (someone’s) mouth

Подсказать кому-либо, что надо говорить; “вложить слова в чьи-либо уста”

“Frank never said that. You are trying To put words in his mouth.”

Put/lay the finger on (someone)

Обвинить кого-либо, опознавать виновного

Norman Put the finger on the drug dealer who had sold him heroin outside the disco club.

Putty in (someone’s) hands

Легко поддаваться чьему-либо влиянию, быть как воск в чьих-либо руках

Kelly is very naLve and trustful; she is like Putty in people’s hands.

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