Английские идиомы на букву M


Master of Arts – магистр гуманитарных наук

After graduating from the university Mark received MA in economics.

Mad as a hatter

Спятивший, не в своем уме

Keep an eye on the man; he is Mad as a hatter.

Mad as a hornet

Очень сердитый

My father was Mad as a hornet when I had taken his car without his permission.

Made for each other

Созданы друг для друга

Della and Jim were Made for each other and appeared to be very happy.

Made to measure

Сделано на заказ (об одежде)

Julia always has her clothes Made to measure.

Made to order

Сделано на заказ (о мебели, ювелирных изделиях и т. д.)

My boyfriend gave me a nice necklace Made to order.

Maiden voyage

Первое плавание нового корабля

The Maiden voyage of the Titanic took place in 1912. The ship hit an iceberg in the Atlantic, and it sank four hours later.

Main drag

Главный проспект, улица в городе

Young people like walking along The main drag of the town.

Make a bed

Заправлять постель

My brother is very lazy; he never takes pains To make his bed.

Make a beeline for (someone or something)

Поспешить, пойти прямо к кому-либо \ чему-либо

Felix entered the cafe and Made a beeline For the table at which his friend was sitting.

Make a big deal about (something)

Преувеличивать важность чего-либо

My mother exaggerates even small problems; I wish she would not Make a big deal about everything.

Make a break for (something/somewhere)

Броситься к чему-либо или куда-либо

As soon as the football match ended, the fans Made a break for the stadium gates.

Make a bundle/pile

Заработать много денег

Sam’s uncle Has made a bundle on the stock market and he is very wealthy now.

Make a check out to (someone)

Выписать чек кому-либо

The volunteers were raising money for the new animal shelter and I Made a check out to them.

Make a clean breast of (something)

Чистосердечно признаться в чем-либо, облегчить душу

I decided To make a clean breast of everything, and I think I will feel better.

Make a clean sweep of (something)

Полностью избавиться, отделаться от чего-либо

I want To make a clean sweep of everything I have learnt and start afresh.

Make a cold call

Проводить опрос потенциальных клиентов по телефону

My boss asked me To make cold calls from the telephone book.

Make a comeback

Возвратиться (к прежней успешной карьере, власти, популярности)

After the injury the figure skater has been training very hard in order To make a comeback.

Make a day of it

Провести целый день, посвятить целый день чему-либо

Ms. Brown made up her mind To make a day of it and clean the whole house.

Make a dent in (something)

Делать успехи в чем-либо, продвинуться

Marcia studied hard all day, but she didn’t manage To make a dent in the amount of the material left.

Make a difference

Существенно менять дело, быть важным

It doesn’t Make a difference to me if they will invite me to stay with them or not.

Make a face (at someone)

Корчить гримасы

“Stop Making a face at the monkey,” said the mother. – “He began it first,” answered the son.

Make a fast/quick buck

Быстро и легко заработать деньги

Alan Grove Made a fast buck during the war by supplying ammunition for the army.

Make a fool out of (someone)

Выставить кого-либо дураком

“Don’t you ever try To make a fool out of me! I am not going to believe your fancy stories.”

Make a fuss (over someone or something)

Волноваться из-за кого-либо \ чего-либо, шумно суетиться

Gordon will never Make a fuss Over trifles.

Make a go of (something)

Получить хорошие результаты чего-либо, преуспевать

Fanny and Peter got engaged, but then they talked things over and decided they couldn’t Make a go of it.

Make a great show of (something)

Выставить что-либо на показ

Alec Snow tried To make a show of his new expensive car.

Make a hit

Иметь успех

The first night performance of Hamlet Made a great hit.

Make a killing

Заработать большие деньги

David Rooster Made a killing on the oil market during the boom.

Make a laughingstock of (someone)

Высмеять кого-либо, сделать кого-либо посмешищем

Young Tim likes To make a laughingstock of his fellow students, that’s why nobody in his class likes him.

Make a living

Зарабатывать на жизнь

Sara doesn’t earn enough To make a good living; She can hardly make both ends meet.

Make a long story short

Короче говоря

To make a long story short, I have never thought much of Jimmy; he is ill-mannered and boastful.

Make a meal of (something)

Съесть что-либо (как единственное блюдо)

We were not very hungry, so we Made a meal of the meat our mother had fried for us.

Make a mistake

Сделать ошибку

Pat Made a mistake in the dictation.

Make a monkey out of (someone)

Заставить кого-либо выглядеть глупо, подшутить

Anne’s classmates Made a monkey out of her by telling her the party was to be a masquerade.

Make a motion

Выдвинуть предложение (на собрании)

Mrs. Johnson Made a motion at the parents’ meeting to organize a student trip to the Field Museum.

Make a mountain out of a molehill

Преувеличивать значимость чего-либо, “делать из мухи слона”

“Don’t Make a mountain out of a molehill. I am sure you exaggerate the seriousness of your problem.”

Make a name for oneself

Стать известным, сделать себе имя

Claudia Has made a name for herself in the field of fashion.

Make a night/evening of (doing something)

Весело проводить вечер за чем-либо

It was very cold outside, so we decided to stay home and Make a night of listening to music and dancing.

Make a note of (something)

Записать что-либо, сделать пометки

I Made a note of the time to give the sick child the various capsules prescribed by the doctor.

Make a nuisance of oneself

Надоедать, досаждать

“I don’t want your brother-in-law to come and stay with us; he Is constantly making a nuisance of himself.”

Make a pass at (someone)

Приставать к кому-либо (с ухаживанием)

Mark Made a pass at Della, but she rejected his courtship.

Make a pitch (for someone or something)

Способствовать получению, продвижению кого-либо \ чего-либо

We’d Like to make a pitch for some money from the local authorities so that we can build a playground for children.

Make a play for (someone)

Пытаться заинтересовать кого-либо (в любовном плане)

Lionel is trying To make a play for the girl who lives next door.

Make a point of (doing/saying something)

Считать что-либо существенным, необходимым

We always come to the stadium to watch a football match; we Make a point of supporting our home team.

Make a point

Сообщать, указать на, доказать важность

Betty Made a point on the necessity of installing a fire alarm in the house.

Make a practice of (something)

Сделать что-либо своей привычкой

He Made a practice of jogging every morning.

Make a reservation

Зарезервировать, заказать заранее

I wish I Had made a reservation in one of the London hotels beforehand.

Make a run for it

Броситься бежать, спасаться бегством

Leo Made a run for it when he saw a fire in the building.

Make a scene

Устраивать, закатывать сцену

If they had to part, well, he would not Make a scene.

Make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear

Сделать что-либо из ничего

You can’t Make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear; the girl is not a good tennis player, so she won’t be able to win in the competition.

Make a stink (about something)

Устроить скандал из-за чего-либо

My brother Made a stink about the lost computer disks.

Make allowances for (someone or something)

Делать снисхождение для кого-либо \ чего-либо

I spoke English slowly, and Derek was ready To make allowances for me which was very sweet of him.

Make amends for (something)

Заглаживать вину, возмещать

Carry’s little bravado made her feel as if she ought To make amends.

Make an all-out effort

Сделать большое усилие

The man was insulting her, and she Made an all-out effort not to retort.

Make an appearance

Появиться, показаться

Mike ignored my invitation and didn’t Make an appearance at my birthday party.

Make an appointment (with someone)

Записаться на встречу, прием (к врачу, к юристу и т. д.)

Sue didn’t attend her French class that day because she Had made an appointment with her dentist.

Make an example of (someone)

Наказать кого-либо в назидание другим

The father punished one of the children in order To make an example of him for the others.

Make an exception (for someone)

Сделать исключение для кого-либо

The porter Made an exception for me and allowed me to park my car near the restaurant.

Make an impression (on someone)

Произвести впечатление на кого-либо

The film was very good and it Made a great impression on me.

Make an issue of (something)

Делать из чего-либо предмет спора

Nick’s wife often Makes an issue of things which are not at all important.

Make an offer

Предложить (товар или услугу)

Tom Made me an attractive offer which I could not possibly refuse.

Make arrangements for (someone or something)

Делать приготовления для кого-либо \ чего-либо, организовать

I Made arrangements for my son and his friends to go on an excursion.

Make as if (to do something)

Действовать так, как будто собираешься делать что-либо

Marion Made as if to say something, but then she thought better of it.

Make away with (something)

Уносить, захватить с собой

The thieves tried To make away with the jewelry from the shop.

Make believe

Делать вид, притворяться

Children like to play Make believe. Yesterday Julia pretended to be a doctor and Fanny pretended to be a patient.

Make book on (something)

Заключать пари, делать ставки

At the horse races people Make book on one of the horses.

Make chin music

Болтать, разговаривать

When the two old friends met, they spent the whole day Making chin music.

Make cracks (about someone or something)

Шутить, отпускать шутки на счет кого-либо \ чего-либо

The reporter Made cracks about the famous actor during the interview.

Make do with (something)

Заменять что-либо

There was no porridge for breakfast, so they had To make do with cornflakes.

Make ends meet

Сводить концы с концами

Dina’s salary is so small that she can hardly Make ends meet.

Make eyes at (someone)

Строить глазки, флиртовать с кем-либо

Marion tried To make eyes at Jimmy, but he paid no attention to her.

Make for (someone or somewhere)

Направляться к кому-либо или куда-либо

Saying this, Henry resolutely Made for the door.

Make free with (someone or something)

Свободно распоряжаться кем-либо \ чем-либо (как своим)

The nephew Made free with his uncle’s money.

Make friends

Подружиться с кем-либо

When Ivory was on holiday in Spain, he Made friends with a lot of people.

Make fun of (someone or something)

Высмеивать кого-либо \ что-либо

“I don’t understand why you are always Making fun of him.”

Make good money

Зарабатывать хорошие деньги

Pam was able To make good money doing a full-time job at a souvenir factory.

Make good on (something)

Выполнять что-либо, сдержать обещание

Sue is very reliable; she always Makes good on her promise.

Make good time

Показать хорошее время, быстро пройти или проехать какое-либо расстояние

They Made good time and arrived home quicker than I had expected.

Make hay while the sun shines

Делать что-либо в подходящее время, воспользоваться благоприятным случаем

“You should take advantage of the opportunity and Make hay while the sun shines.”

Make heads or tails (out) of (something)

Находить значение в чем-либо, понимать

Sam could not Make heads or tails of The lines and dots on the map.

Make headway

Делать успехи, продвигаться вперед

Though they had been bargaining for nearly three days, they didn’t Make headway with the agreement.

Make it as far as

Добраться куда-либо

We Made it as far as the suburbs when our car broke down.

Make it hot for (someone)

Здорово выругать, взгреть кого-либо

“If you don’t do what you must, I’ll Make it hot for you.”

Make it one’s business to (do something)

Считать своим кровным делом, своей обязанностью

I Made it my business to take care of my sister’s children.

Make it to first base

Сделать успешный первый шаг

Collin could not Make it to first base in his effort to get a new job.

Make it up to (someone)

Делать что-либо, чтобы компенсировать за невыполненную просьбу или возместить долг

I can’t give you a hand now, but I will Make it up to you tomorrow.

Make it worth (someone’s) while to do (something)

Делать что-либо выгодным, доходным для кого-либо

The supermarket Made it worth their while to work round the clock.

Make it

Удаться, получиться, преуспеть

“I meant to have visited you, but unfortunately I couldn’t Make it.”

Make (it/an event)

Посещать мероприятие

I was supposed to be present at the shareholders’ meeting yesterday, but I was not able To make the event.

Make life miserable for (someone)

Сделать жизнь невыносимой для кого-либо

The mother-in-law Made life miserable for her son and his wife.

Make light of (something)

Относиться с легкостью к чему-либо

Gina Made light of her relationship with Paul and he resented it.

Make little of (someone or something)

Умалять заслуги кого-либо, преуменьшать значение чего-либо

“If I were you, I wouldn’t Make little of your mother’s help.”

Make merry


We entertained guests last night; we ate, drank and Made merry.

Make mincemeat out of (someone)

Разбить, уничтожить, “превратить в котлету”

Jeremy felt as if someone Had made mincemeat out of him; his body ached all over.

Make mincemeat/hamburger out of (someone or something)

Избить, уничтожить, “превратить в котлету”

Jeremy felt as if someone Had made mincemeat out of him; his body ached all over.

Make mischief

Ссорить, вредить, сеять раздоры

Cora enjoys Making mischief whenever she feels like it.

Make money hand over fist

Зарабатывать много денег быстро и легко

During the World War the company Was making money hand over fist.

Make no bones about (something)

Не колебаться или не церемониться

Mike Made no bones about the matter; he despised Captain Blood.

Make no difference to (someone)

Не иметь значения для кого-либо (мне все равно)

It Made no difference to Alec if he would go to the country or stay in town.

Make no mistake (about something)

Не обманываться на счет чего-либо

I told Otto To make no mistake about Ann’s attitude to him.

Make nothing of (something)

Не придавать значения, игнорировать что-либо

I told Frieda to keep her opinion to herself, but she Made nothing of it.

Make of (someone or something)

Иметь, составить мнение о ком-либо \ чем-либо

I have known Erick for a few years but yet I can’t Make anything of him.

Make off with (someone or something)

Удрать, убежать с кем-либо \ чем-либо

Bobby took away a toy from a little boy and Made off with it.

Make one’s bed and lie in it

Отвечать за свои действия, “как постелешь, так и поспишь”

“You have let your friends down, and now nobody trusts you. You Made your bed and now you must lie in it.”

Make one’s blood boil

Очень рассердиться, “кровь вскипела”

I can’t stand Ken. His misbehavior Makes my blood boil.

Make one’s feelings known

Раскрывать свои чувства

Sam tried to conceal his love for Tamara; he didn’t want To make his feelings known.

Make one’s hair stand on end

Сильно напугать кого-либо, “волосы встали дыбом”

She heard horrible screams of the tortured people and it Made her hair stand on end.

Make one’s mouth water

Захотеть есть, “слюнки потекли”

The chicken my mother had fried was so wonderful that it Made my mouth water.

Make one’s own way

Идти своим путем

Jack decided to rely on his own abilities and Make his own way in business.

Make one’s toes curl

Чувствовать себя неловко

Rick said something unpleasant and it Made my toes curl.

Make oneself at home

Чувствовать себя как дома

“Come on in and Make yourself at home. I’ll be with you in a minute.”

Make oneself conspicuous

Привлекать к себе внимание

Maria always wears extravagant clothes To make herself conspicuous.

Make oneself felt

Использовать свой авторитет, власть

During the land conflict the deputy mayor was able To make himself felt.

Make oneself heard

Говорить громко, чтобы быть услышанным

There was such a pandemonium in the classroom that the monitor could hardly Make herself heard.

Make oneself scarce

Быстро уйти

The party was boring and I thought I’d better Make myself scarce.

Make or break (someone)

Возвеличить или погубить кого-либо; “либо пан, либо пропал”

“You never know what the new business venture may do to you; it can Make or break you.”

Make out (a report/application)

Составлять (доклад, ходатайство ит. д.)

I had To make out a report about the leakage of some valuable information.

Make out (something)

С трудом разобрать, прочесть, расслышать

“I am sorry but I can’t very well Make out what you are saying.”

Make out

Справляться с чем-либо, преуспевать

“I will drop you a line to tell you how I Am making out.”

Make over (something)

Переделывать, перекраивать

After Sarah finished the dress, she didn’t like it, so she decided To make it over.

Make overtures to (someone)

Пытаться завладеть чьим-либо расположением

Linda Made overtures to her boss but nothing came out of it.

Make peace with (someone)

Мириться с кем-либо

The husband and wife were not on speaking terms for a few days and were finally able To make peace with each other.

Make points with (someone)

Добиваться чьего-либо расположения

I tried To make points with my boss, but nothing came out of it.

Make room for (someone or something)

Освобождать место для кого-либо \ чего-либо, подвинуться, посторониться

I’ve bought a lot of new books and Made room for them in the bookcase.

Make sense out of (someone or something)

Понимать смысл, значение чего-либо

I couldn’t very well Make sense out of his business plan though I tried very hard.

Make sense

Иметь смысл

Your proposal doesn’t Make sense; there is neither rhyme nor reason in it.

Make short work of (something)

Быстро справиться, разделаться с чем-либо

My bedroom had been in a mess, but I Made short work of it.

Make (someone) eat crow

Заставить кого-либо признать ошибку или взять назад свои слова

I knew Bob had made a mistake and I wanted To make him eat crow, but he didn’t yield.

Make (someone) look good

Заставить кого-либо выглядеть успешным или компетентным

Alan had won a grant for his research and it Made him look good.

Make (someone) look ridiculous

Заставить кого-либо выглядеть глупо

Albert wore old slippers and a Mickey-mouse T-shirt which Made him look ridiculous.

Make (someone or something) available to (someone)

Сделать кого-либо \ что-либо доступным, досягаемым

They Made a car available to the handicapped person.

Make (someone) sick

Внушать отвращение

I hate this guy so much that even the look of him Makes me sick.

Make (someone’s) blood boil

Приводить кого-либо в бешенство, “кровь вскипела”

I can’t stand Ken. His misbehavior Makes my blood boil.

Make (someone’s) blood run cold

Приводить кого-либо в содрогание, (кровь застыла в жилах)

The sight of the dead body of Desmond Finch Made Mandy’s blood run cold.

Make (someone’s) flesh crawl

Приводить кого-либо в ужас (мороз по коже)

Sandra heard a terrible scream outside and it Made her flesh crawl.

Make (someone’s) hair curl

Сильно испугать или шокировать кого-либо

The sight of the bleeding man with a knife in his side Made my hair curl.

Make (someone’s) hair stand on end

Заставить кого-либо сильно испугаться, “волосы встали дыбом”

The sight of the dead body Made my hair stand on end.

Make (someone’s) head spin/swim

Сбивать с толку, приводить в смятение

I had to absorb a lot of information in my Chemistry class and it Made my head spin.

Make (someone’s) mouth water

Разжигать аппетит, “слюнки потекли”

I passed the confectioner’s counter and the smell of the fresh cakes Made my mouth water.

Make (someone’s) position clear

Прояснить чью-либо позицию

I’d like To make my position clear on the issue of rising prices.

Make (something) from scratch

Начать делать что-либо с нуля

Mark Made his wealth from scratch.

Make (something) out of nothing

Создавать что-либо (проблему) из ничего

“This issue is of little importance, so don’t Make something out of nothing.”

Make (something) right/good

Исправить что-либо, восстановить

When there is something wrong with the washing machine, my father can Make it right in no time.

Make (something) to order

Делать что-либо на заказ

The furniture must Have been made to order; it looks excellent.

Make (something) up to (someone)

Возмещать что-либо кому-либо, наверстывать

Ann borrowed some money from Willy, so naturally she had To make it up to him.

Make (something) worth (someone’s) while

Делать что-либо выгодный для кого-то

The father Made it worth his son’s while to help him wash the car by allowing him to use from time to time.

Make sure


“I want you To make sure if you have packed everything.”

Make the best of (something)

Использовать что-либо наилучшим образом

George Made the best of his time working as a night watch; he was able to study for his TOEFLE exam.

Make the cut

Соответствовать требованиям, подходить под установленный стандарт

The young footballer does not Make the cut, and he is not supposed to join the team this year.

Make the grade

Преуспеть в чем-либо, добиться чего-либо

Jim was able To make the grade and joined the baseball team.

Make the most of (something)

Использовать наилучшим образом

Gus was allowed to use his uncle’s library, and he Made the most of that opportunity.

Make the scene

Присутствовать на мероприятии, пойти куда-либо

Gina couldn’t decide whether To make the scene and go to the party or not.

Make time for (someone or something)

Отвести время для кого-либо \ чего-либо

Pam tries To make time for on-line studying French.

Make time with (someone)

Флиртовать с кем-либо

The woman, who was a bit drunk, was trying To make time with the bartender.

Make up for lost time

Наверстать упущенное время

I wasted a lot of time during the semester, so before the exams I had to work hard To make up for lost time.

Make up for (something)

Возмещать, наверстывать, компенсировать что-либо

Jack Made up for his lack of talent by meritorious industry.

Make up one’s face

Накладывать косметику, краситься

That girl Makes up her face badly; she looks an awful sight.

Make up one’s mind

Решать, принять решение

I haven’t Made up my mind where to go for my holiday, which is supposed to be in March.

Make up (something)

Собирать, упаковывать что-либо

Ken unpacked his bags and Made up a bundle for the laundry.

Make up (something/a story/an excuse)

Сочинять, придумывать, импровизировать

Mary couldn’t afford lessons in conventional dancing, so she Made up dances of her own.

Make up (something/money/time)

Делать что-либо; дополнять то, чего не хватает

Tim had been ill for three weeks, and naturally he had A lot of homework to make up.

Make up with (someone)

Помириться с кем-либо

Marcia had a big quarrel with Mike yesterday, and I am not sure that he will want To make up with her soon.

Make up

Мириться (после ссоры)

My friend and I often quarrel, but we usually Make up pretty soon.

Make use of (someone or something)

Использовать кого-либо \ что-либо

Nick Made use of his tools to fix my car.

Make waves

Нарушать порядок, доставлять неприятности

Harold hates To make waves; he never causes any trouble.

Make way for (someone or something)

Отойти, дать дорогу для кого-либо \ чего-либо, пропустить

The furniture movers were taking a bulky piano up to the second floor, so I Made way for them to pass.

Make/spend/lose money hand over fist

Быстро и в больших количествах делать \ тратить \ терять деньги

Adam is head over heels in debt because he Is spending money hand over fist.


Светский человек

Alec is A man-about-town and a good mixer; he likes to mess around.

Man in the street

Простой, обычный человек, (человек с улицы)

The journalist decided to ask A man in the street about the coming election.”


Честный, откровенный, прямой (разговор)

Denny had a Man-to-man talk with his friend about their common problem.

Many hands make light work

Когда рук много, работа спорится.

Many hands make light work and lots of people helped clean the town after the hurricane.

Many is the time

Часто, во многих случаях

Many is the time that Jim waited for Marion to call him, but she never did.

March to (the beat of) a different drummer

Иметь собственное \ особое мнение

Cora is known To march to the beat of a different drummer; her principles are different from most of oursus.

Mark down (a price)

Снизить цену

Those goods Have been marked down from $5 to $4.

Mark down (something)

Записать что-либо, отметить

A traffic policeman Marks down the cars that are parked in the wrong place; it’s his job.

Mark my word(s)

Помяните мои слова

“Mark my words, if you want to be successful, you must work very hard.”

Mark time (to music)

Двигаться под музыку

Dave was listening to jazz and Marking time to the music.

Mark time

Праздно проводить время

I Have been marking time for over a month since I lost my previous job.

Mark up (a price)

Выставить новую, повышенную цену

The store owners usually Mark up prices of their goods at the beginning of each season.

Mark up (something)

Измазать что-либо

The child Was marking up the freshly painted wall.

Marvel to behold

Чудо, замечательная вещь

The exotic flower is a Marvel to behold and many people come to look at it.

Match for (someone)

Быть под стать кому-либо

The Russian football team was A match for the French one.

Match made in heaven

Человек, подходящий под пару; брак, заключенный на небесах

It seemed theirs was A match made in heaven, But unfortunately they didn’t stay together forever.

Matter of course

Само собой разумеющееся, в порядке вещей

They did things As a matter of course and never thought about the consequence.

Matter-of-fact manner/way

Простое изложение фактов

The witness described the accident in A matter-of-fact manner.

Matter of fact

Реальная действительность

It is A matter of fact that the old building should be pulled down as soon as possible.

Matter of life and death

Вопрос жизни и смерти, жизненно важный вопрос

“Do be serious for just five minutes! After all, it is A matter of life and death.”

Matter of opinion

Спорный вопрос

It is A matter of opinion as where to house the new art gallery.

Matter of record

Зарегистрированный факт

It was A matter of record how many unemployed there were in the city.


Конферансье, распорядитель (на балу, вечере, свадьбе)

Steve was the MC for his friend’s wedding.


Doctor of Medicine – доктор медицины

Cronin, the author of “The Citadel”, received his MD when she was 25 years old.

Meal ticket

Кто-либо \ что-либо, что обеспечивает безбедную жизнь

I believe my degree in accounting to be my Meal ticket to a good salary.

Mean business

Быть серьезным, серьезно относится

Mr. Josef Parker Meant business when he said that he was going to take over the management of the company.

Meant to be

Предназначать, быть начертанным судьбой

It was Meant to be that Jim and Mary fell in love at first sight.

Measure up to (someone or something)

Подходить (по меркам) кому-либо \ чему-либо

The new lecturer did not Measure up to Professor Young whose lectures were superb.

Meat and potatoes

Безыскусный, простой

To my mind the best approach to life is Meat-and-potatoes one.

Mecca for (something)

Мекка, святое место

The vast forests in Siberia is A Mecca for people who like hunting.

Meet one’s end/death


The young girl Met his end in an accident while running across the street.

Meet one’s match

Повстречать равного себе

Joe is the best programmer in our company; and he has not Met his match yet.

Meet one’s Waterloo

Быть разгромленным, потерпеть поражение

Unfortunately our football team Met their Waterloo when they played with the best team in our area.

Meet (someone) halfway

Идти на уступки кому-либо, идти на компромисс

His view of what should be done differed from ours, but he was willing to Meet us halfway.

Meet the requirements (for something)

Соответствовать требованиям для чего-либо

The young teacher didn’t Meet the requirements for a substitute teacher.

Meet up with (someone or something)

Случайно встретиться с кем-либо

I Met up with Steve while I was mountain skiing in the Alps.

Meet/find the right girl/guy

Встретить свою половинку

When Myrna got engaged to Tim, she thought she had found The right guy.

Meeting of minds

Полное согласие

“Were you able to achieve A meeting of minds at last?”

Melt in one’s mouth

Быть очень вкусным, таять во рту

The chocolate I ate Melted in my mouth.

Mend fences with (someone)

Стараться подружиться, установить дружеские отношения

After some disagreement Peter tried To mend fences with everybody in the group.

Mend one’s ways

Исправиться, вести себя лучше

“I don’t like the way you behave; you’d better Mend your ways.”

Mention (someone or something) in passing

Заметить кого-либо, сказать что-либо мимоходом

I met up with Della and Mentioned her name in passing while I was talking with my friend.

Mess around/about

Тусоваться, бездельничать

“I can’t understand Dave; the guy Is always messing around doing nothing.”

Mess up

Испортить, доставлять неприятности

Jenny Messed up her chance to get a good job by refusing to go to an interview.


Missing In Action – пропавший без вести

There are a few hundred MIA soldiers in Afghanistan.

Middle of the road

(человек) избегающий крайностей, умеренный

Ada’s friend is a fashion designer and her ideas are very Middle of the road.

Might as well

С таким же успехом

John was not listening to me; I Might as well be talking to a wall.

Milestone in someone’s life

Очень важное событие в чьей-либо жизни

The birth of her baby was A milestone in the young woman’s life.

Milk of human kindness

Сострадание, доброта, сердечность

My Grandmother has always been full of The milk of human kindness; everybody likes her.

Milk (someone) for (something)

Давить на кого-либо с целью получения чего-либо

Mike is a regular Gigolo and he Is milking women for as much money as he can.

Million and one

Очень много, миллион (дел)

I had to do A million and one things before my birthday party.

Million dollar question

Важный, но трудный вопрос

The Million dollar question for them was whether to move their business to Chicago or not.

Million miles away

Быть рассеянным, мечтательным

I made an attempt to talk Vivian into joining us, but I saw that she was A million miles away and I gave it up.

Millstone around (someone’s) neck

Обуза, ярмо на чьей-либо шее

Jeffrey Jones has a handicap, but it is not A millstone around his family’s neck; he is able to earn his own money.

Mince (one’s) words

Говорить нечетко, “жевать слова”

The speaker Was mincing his words and it was difficult to understand him.


Ошеломляющий, поразительный

The amount of books in that book store is Mind-boggling.

Mind goes blank

Провал в памяти

I tried to remember the girl’s name, but alas My mind went blank.

Mind is buzzing

Думать о многих вещах сразу

Ann’s Mind was buzzing after she left the conference room.

Mind is in the gutter

Разговор на шокирующую тему

Sam enjoys shocking people; his Mind is often in the gutter and nobody likes to talk to him.

Mind is on (something)

Постоянно думать о чем-либо

My Mind has been on my final exams all month.


Ужасно скучный

The lecture was not interesting at all; it was Mind-numbing.

Mind one’s manners

Уметь держать себя, иметь хорошие манеры

Susan reminded her son To mind his manners while they were having dinner in the restaurant.

Mind one’s own business

Не вмешиваться в чужие дела

My friend tried to interfere in my private affairs, but I politely asked him To mind his own business.

Mind one’s P’s and Q’s

Соблюдать осторожность (в речи, поведении), соблюдать приличия

You should always Mind your P’s and Q’s and not say anything to offend people.

Mind over matter

Нет ничего невозможного

It is Mind over matter. If Helen really wants to succeed as an actress, she will be able to do it.

Mind the store

Заботиться о чем-либо (доме, хозяйстве)

I don’t like to stay home To mind the store when the rest of the family goes away for the weekend.

Mind you

Имейте в виду

“Mind you, I will do the job only if it’s urgent. If it’s not, I won’t stay at work after office hours.”

Mine of information

Неистощимый источник, кладезь информации

Sam is very knowledgeable; he is a gold Mine of information in various fields.

Mineral rights

Права на разработку минеральных ресурсов

The oil company owns all of the Mineral rights in this area.

Miscarriage of justice

Ошибка правосудия

Everybody was sure that the light sentence the burglar received was A miscarriage of justice.

Misplace one’s trust in (someone)

Довериться человеку, не заслуживающему доверия

Cora Misplaced her trust in the wrong man; she soon discovered that he didn’t deserve it.

Miss by a mile

Сильно промахнуться

The footballer appeared to be almost certain to score a goal but in fact he Missed by a mile.

Miss out on (something)

Потерять возможность

If you do too much sport, we will Miss out on Other joys of life like books and cultural events.

Miss the boat

Потерять возможность

“Tell Joanna that she’d better get ready quickly or else she will Miss the boat and not see this wonderful drama at the theatre.”

Miss the cut

Не соответствовать требованиям

At first this chess player was successful, but soon he Missed the cut and could not take part in the next tournament.

Miss the point

Не понять важность чего-либо

This is the most important part of the story, but I think most of the students Have missed the point.

Mistake (someone) for (someone) else

Ошибочно принять кого-либо за кого-либо

The man started to talk to me, but then he stopped. Evidently he Had mistaken me for somebody else.

Mix and match

Компоновать и сочетать ограниченное количество чего-либо (предметов, одежды)

I have a great variety of clothes which gives me an opportunity To mix and match various outfits.


Ошибка, неразбериха

There was A mix-up at the box office, and I was given a ticket for the wrong performance.

Mixed bag

Разнородный набор предметов или разнообразное скопление людей

In textbooks A mixed bag is a varied collection of grammar exercises.

Moment of truth

Момент истины

When you face the reality of some situation, there comes The moment of truth.

Money burns a hole in (someone’s) pocket

Быстро и неразумно тратить деньги; деньги долго не держатся

Money usually burns a hole in the girl’s pocket; she spends it very quickly.

Money doesn’t grow on trees

Не стоит сорить деньгами, деньги на деревьях не растут

“Money is valuable; you shouldn’t waste it. Remember Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

Money is no object

Цена не столь важна

Money is no object if you have decided to go on a luxury voyage in the middle of summer.

Money is the root of all evil

Деньги – причина всех бед

Many people believe that Money is the root of all evil, but I am of another opinion.

Money talks

С деньгами всего можно добиться

Money talks; it gives you power and influence over other people.

Money to burn

Много денег, “деньги куры не клюют”

Adam seems To have money to burn and never has anything to worry about.

Monkey around with (someone or something)

Попусту тратить время на кого-либо \ что-либо

“Why Are you monkeying around with your camera? You have a lot of homework to do.”

Monkey business

Обман, неэтичное поведение, противозаконная деятельность

Jack is involved in some Monkey business; he’d better get rid of it otherwise he may go to prison.

Monkey on one’s back

Серьезная, не решенная проблема

I am not very good at math, and my math course is a real Monkey on my back.

Monkey see, monkey do

Копировать, “обезьянничать”

It was Monkey see, monkey do for Derek. He copied everything that his friend did.

Mop the floor up with (someone)

Избить кого-либо

A group of youngsters Mopped the floor up with an elderly man.

Mope around

Хандрить, быть в подавленном состоянии

The day was dull; Linda was forced to stay home and she spent the day Moping around the house.

Moral turpitude

Позорное поведение

The lawyer was accused of Moral turpitude because he had distorted the facts.

More and more

Все больше и больше

More and more people are interested in learning English.

More dead than alive

Быть смертельно усталым

I had been working in the garden all day and Felt more dead than alive.

More fun than a barrel of monkeys

Очень смешной, забавный

Jonny was More fun than a barrel of monkeys, and everybody loved to hear his jokes.

More often than not

Почти всегда, очень часто

I am not much of a cook, so More often than not my husband and me eat out.

More or less

Более или менее

I More or less have decided to move out of this apartment because I don’t like it.

More (something) than one can shake a stick at

Огромное количество чего-либо

The room was verminous; there were More cockroaches than you could shake a stick at.

More than one can bear/stand/take

Больше того, что можно вынести (о неприятностях, несчастьях)

Sally had a lot of misfortune in her life; in fact More than she could bear.

More than (someone) bargained for

Больше того, на что кто-либо рассчитывал

I got a lot of information for my research; in fact More than I bargained for.

More the merrier

Чем больше (народу), тем веселее

More people than I had expected came to the party; well, The more the merrier I thought.

More to (someone or something) than meets the eye

Больше, чем кажется на первый взгляд; не все так просто

The criminal case seamed to be quite simple, but it turned out there was More to it than meets the eye.

More to (something) than meets the eye

Больше, чем кажется на первый взгляд, не так просто

There is More to the job than meets the eye, and I am not really pleased with it.

Morning after (the night before)


It was The morning after the night before and Jimmy felt awful; he shouldn’t have drunk so much.

Move heaven and earth (to do something)

Сделать все возможное, пустить все вход

Mark was ready To move heaven and earth to get Steve out of the way.

Move in on (someone or something)

Пытаться завладеть чем-либо, что принадлежит кому-либо

Alan Was moving in on Lana’s sales territory which made her lose her temper.

Move into (something)

Начать новое дело

James has decided To move into a printing business.

Move the goalposts

Несправедливо изменить правила или условия (досл. передвинуть планку ворот)

Sometimes the government officials Move the goalposts without any warning, and people’s applications are rejected.

Move to (do something)

Предлагать что-либо сделать (обычно на собрании)

The chairman Moved to have another board meeting next week.

Move up (in the world)

Продвинуться, преуспеть

The young actress is working very hard and she hopes To move up in the world.

Movers and shakers

Влиятельные люди

The movers and shakers of the city attended the opening of the new stadium.


Member of Parliament – член парламента

Josef Rickson, an MP, was kidnapped yesterday when he was driving to work.


MPEG-1 audio layer 3 – МР3, метод компрессии цифровой звукозаписи

I often listen to my MP3 player when I drive home from work


Master of Science – магистр естественных наук

Tina has been able to find a job easily because she has an MSc in Biology.

Much ado about nothing

Много шума из ничего

There was Much ado about nothing over a trifle conflict among the members of the family.

Much in evidence

Быть на виду

Silvia is the sort of woman who likes to be very Much in evidence.

Much sought after

Желаемый, востребованный, имеющий большой спрос

Pictures of old masters are Much sought after by collectors around the world.

Muddy the water

Мутить воду

His answers were evasive and it looked as if he Were deliberately Mudding the water.

Mull over (something)

Обдумывать, размышлять

It took Eva much time To mull over the new job offer.

Mum’s the word

Не выдавать секрет, помалкивать, “об этом ни гу-гу”

“Mum’s the word on the scandal. You should keep quiet about it and not tell anyone. Do you promise?”

Murder on (something)

Губительный, смертельный для чего-либо

Very cold water is Murder on houseplants.

Muscle in on (someone or something)

Вторгаться, захватить силой кого-либо \ что-либо

A large pharmaceutical company was trying To muscle in on the territory of the smaller companies.

Music to one’s ears

То, что приятно слышать

Georgiana likes being praised; it is Music to her ears.

Musical chairs

Перевод на другую работу (в этой же организации)

The sales manager seemed to be playing Musical chairs as people were moving from one position to another without any reason.

Must have

Насущная потребность

New computer software is A must have for computer users.

Muster up the courage

Собраться с духом, набраться храбрости

I am going To muster up the courage and swim across the English Channel.

My foot!

Какая чепуха!

“My foot!” I exclaimed when I learned what my boyfriend had said about me.

My goodness/my God

Боже мой!

“My goodness,” Gina exclaimed when she saw her son covered with mud from head to foot.

My gut tells me

Мой инстинкт подсказывает, “нутром чую”

My gut tells me that I am not going to become famous.

My one and only

Мой единственный(ая) (о любимом человеке)

My one and only will take me out to dinner tonight.

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