Functional styles and functional stylistics

Functional Style is a system of interrelated language means serving a definite aim in communication. It is the coordination of the language means and stylistic devices which shapes the distinctive features of each style and not the language means or stylistic devices themselves.

Each style, however, can be recoquized by one or more leading features which are especially conspicuous. For instance the use of special terminology is a lexical characteristics of the style of scientific prose, and one by which it can easily be recognized.

A style of language can be fined as a system of coordinated, interrelated and inter-coordinated language means intended to full-fill a specific function of communication and aiming at a defined effect. Style of language is a historical category.

The English literary system has evolved a number of styles easily distinguishable

one from another. They are not homogeneous and fall into several variants of having some central point of resemblance or better to say. All integrated by the invariant  – i.e. the abstract ideal system.

They are:

  • 1) Official(documents and papers);
  • 2) Scientific (brochures, articles, other scientific publications);
  • 3) Publicistic (essay, public speech);
  • 4) Newspaper style(mass media);
  • 5) Belles-lettres style(genre of creative writing);

Each of mentioned here styles  can be expressed in two forms: written and oral.

Stylistics is a sides that examines the complex of stylistically marked elements of any language level.

  • 1) scientific style is employed in professional communication to convey some information. It’s most conspicuous feature is the abundance of terms denoting objects, phenomena and processes characteristics of some particular field of science and technique. Also precision
    clarity logical cohesion.
  • 2) Official style is the most conservative one. It uses syntactical constructions and archaic words. Emotiveness is banned out of this style.
  • 3) Publicistic style is famous for its explicit pragmatic function of persuasion directed at influencing the reader in accordance with the argumentation of the author.
  • 4) Newspaper style – special graphical means are used to attract the readers attention.
  • 5) Belles-lettres style – the richest register of communication besides its own language means, other styles can be used besides informative and persuasive functions, belles-lettres style has a unique task to impress the reader are aesthetically.

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