Grammatical classes of words

The words of language, depending on various formal and semantic features, are divided into grammatically relevant sets or classes. The traditional grammatical classes or words are called “parts of speech”.

Words on the upper level of classification are divided into notional and functional.

To the notional parts of speech of the English language belong the noun, the adjective, the numeral, the pronoun, the verb, the adverb.

The features of the noun are the following: 1) the categorial meaning of substance (“thingness”); 2) the changeable forms of number and case; the specific suffixal forms of derivation 3)the substantive functions in the sentence; prepositional connections; modification by an adjective.

The features of the adjective: 1) the categorial meaning of property (qualitative and relative); 2) the forms of the comparison; 3) adjectival functions in the “Sentence.

The features of the pronoun: I) the categorial meaning of indication 2) the narrow sets of various status with the corresponding formal properties of categorial changeability and word-building; 3) the substantival and adjectival functions for different sets.

The features of the verb: 1) the categorial meaning of process; 2) the forms of the verbal categories of person, number, tense, aspect, voice, mood; the opposition of the finite and non-finite forms; 3) the function of the finite predicate for the finite verb;

The features of the adverb: 1) the categorial meaning of the secondary property, 2) the forms of the degrees of comparison for qualitative adverbs; 3) the functions of various adverbial modifiers.

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