Контрольная работа Future Simple

В данной контрольной работе представлено 5 заданий разных типов.

Задание 1. Проверка знания правил образования и употребления Future Simple.

При помощи какого/каких вспомогательных глаголов образуется время Future Simple?
Объясните разницу между временем Future Simple и конструкцией to be going to.

Задание 2. Закончите предложения, используя I’ll + подходящий по смыслу глагол.

Образец: I’m too tired to walk home. I think I’ll get a taxi.

I feel a bit hungry. I think… something to eat. It’s too late to telephone Tom now… him in the morning. ‘It’s a bit cold in this room.’ – ‘Is it? … on the heating then.’

‘We haven’t got any cigarettes.’ – ‘Oh, haven’t we? … and get some.’ ‘Did you write that letter to Jack?’ – ‘Oh, I forgot. Thanks for reminding me. … it this evening.’ ‘Would you like tea or coffee?’ ‘… coffee, please.’

Задание 3. Соедините части предложения из правой и левой колонок таблицы.

Will you shut

English lessons twice a week.

He will return

Tell Tom what you said. I promise.

They will take

To Moscow in a few days

Will you please

The door, please?

I won’t

Be quiet? I’m trying to concentrate.

Задание 4. Поставьте C (Correct) напротив предложений, которые составлены верно, и W (Wrong) – напротив
предложений, которые составлены неверно.

This time next year I will am in Japan.
When you will know your examination results?
Do you think will we win the match?
That bag looks heavy. I’ll help you with it.
I will going to travel round the world.

Задание 5. Решите 5 тестов (только 1 ответ верный).
1. “Why have you got so much food?”
“Because I _____ a meal for two people.”

A) cook
B) am going to cook
C) will cook
D) had cook

2. “My car isn’t working.”
“Ask Joe to look at it. He _____ you.”

A) will help
B) helps
C) is going to help
D) helped

3. “I passed my driving test!”
“That’s great! I _____ some champagne to celebrate!”

A) am going to buy
B) will buy
C) bought
D) am buying

4. “Why have you got your old clothes on?”
“Because I _____ the grass.’

A) had cut
B) cutted
C) am going to cut
D) cut

5. Mark ___ into the army next year.

A) was going
B) goes
C) will go
D) will be go

Задание 1.

shall/will или только will Мы используем will, когда решение что-то сделать возникает в процессе разговора, а не заранее. Мы используем going to, когда уже принято решение что-то сделать.

Задание 2.

I’ll have / I’ll get I’ll phone / I’ll telephone / I’ll ring / I’ll call I’ll turn / I’ll switch / I’ll put I’ll go I’ll do / I’ll write I’ll have

Задание 3.

Will you shut the door, please?
He will return to Moscow in a few days
They will take English lessons twice a week.
Will you please be quiet? I’m trying to concentrate.
I won’t tell Tom what you said. I promise.

Задание 4.


Задание 5.


Часть материала скопирована из следующих источников:
1. Raymond Murphy “English Grammar In Use” Cambridge University Press
2. Atalay Oguz “TEST MASTER” – Baskent Education Publication

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