Данный тест посвящен теме — Модальный глагол Must. Обратите внимание, что во всех вопросах в предложенных вариантах присутствует ответ Must/Mustn’t, однако не везде он является верным. Ваша задача — правильно ответить, отличив употребление модального глагола must от других модальных глаголов или конструкций.

1. If you had video, you _____ record it yourself tonight.

A) could
B) can
C) must
D) may

2. You _____ get the 9.45 train. You could get the 9.55 and still arrive in time.

A) don’t have to
B) mustn’t
C) should
D) had better

3. You _____ be hungry. You’ve just had dinner.

A) aren’t
B) can’t
C) may
D) must

4. You _____ be hungry. You had no lunch.

A) can’t
B) shouldn’t
C) must
D) couldn’t

5. A: Is this a 24 bus coming?
B: It__ be. I can’t see the number yet.

A) might
B) can’t
C) may not
D) must

6. I’ll_____ go now.

A) should
B) must
C) have to
D) ought to

7. You _____ get the 8.45 train. It doesn’t stop at Yorkshire.

A) had better
B) mustn’t
C) should
D) don’t have to

8. You _____ go near that dog! It’s very dangerous.

A) may not
B)...don’t have to
C) mustn’t
D) needn’t

9. A: I’ve got toothache. B: You’d _____ go to the dentist.

A) better
B) should
C) used to
D) must

10. Betty has a temperature. She _____ be ill.

A) had better
B) used to
C) can not
D) must

11. Good morning sir, what _____ I do for you?

A) would
B) can
C) shall
D) must

12. _____ careful! You are making mistakes.

A) Be
B) Must
C) Do
D) Did

13. I missed the bus this morning so I _____ walk to school.

A) have to
B) must
C) had to
D) ought

14. _____ run if you feel tired.

A) Mustn’t
B) Don’t
C) Don’t have to
D) Shouldn’t

15. This _____ be the right road. There is no other way.

A) had better
B) must
C) have to
D) would rather


1 — A, 2 — A, 3 — B, 4 — C, 5 — A, 6 — C, 7 — B, 8 — C, 9 — A, 10 — D, 11 — B, 12 — A, 13 — C, 14 — B, 15 — B.

Источник: Atalay Oguz «TEST MASTER» — Baskent Education Publication

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Модальный глагол MUST