Указательные местоимения

Здесь вы можете пройти тест по английскому языку на тему Demonstrative Pronouns (Указательные местоимения). В тесте 10 вопросов, из четырех вариантов ответов единственный верный.

1. … is a beautiful picture.

A) these
B) this
C) those
D) the same

2. People hadn’t cars in… days.

A) such a
B) that
C) those
D) these

3. You have learnt English. I want to do…

A) those
B) such
C) the same
D) these

4. It was… a terrible day.

A) such
B) this
C) the same
D) that

5. I am not going to learn such… difficult poems.

A) those
B) a
C) –
D) these

6. I don’t want to buy… blue dress, I want that red…

A) those, one
B) these, –
C) -, one
D) this, one

7. Он живет в том белом доме.

A) He lives in this white house.
B) He lives in that white house.
C) He lives in these white house.
D) He lives in those white house.

8. Я отказался идти туда, и это его очень рассердило.

A) I refused to go there and that made him very angry
B) I refused to go there and this made him very angry
C) I refused to go there and those made him very angry
D) I refused to go there and these made him very angry

9. This book is mine and… is yours.

A) those
B) that one
C) these
D) those one

10. My brother will go to the USA… summer.

A) these
B) those
C) that
D) this


1-b, 2-c, 3-c, 4-a, 5-c, 6-d, 7-b, 8-a, 9-b, 10-d.

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