План-конспект урока по теме “My favourite book”

План-конспект урока английского языка.

Название темы урока:“My favourite book”
Тип урока:комбинированный.

Цели урока:



развитие умений монологической спонтанной речи

развитие умений обучающего чтения

развивающая valign="top" width="19">развитие языковой догадки, логического мышления
общеобразовательнаярасширение знаний о литературе Британии
Сопутств. задачи:автоматизация лексических навыков

активизация грамматических навыков

Учебно-методический комплекс:1. Английский язык: Учебник для 9 кл. общеобразоват. Учреждений.

2. Смирнова Е. Ю., Смирнов А. В. Тематическое и поурочное планирование по английскому языку. –

М.: «Экзамен», 2004.

3. Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, 2001.

4. Раздаточный материал.

5. Доска.

Языковой материал:

для повторения:

Упр. 1, 2 (с.21-22) – SB; 12 (с.18) – AB.

лексические единицы: (14): financier, villager, manager, governess, to suspect, motive, alibi, estate, revolver bullet, villain, innocent, attractive, a man of violent temper, to treat cruelly.


Структура урока:



Организационный момент

II.Фонетическая зарядка2мин.
III.Речевая зарядка3мин.
IV.Развитие умений говорения 12мин.
V.Автоматизация лексических единиц8мин.
VI.Проверка домашнего задания5мин.
Расширение знаний о литературе Британии
Подведение итогов урока. Объяснение домашнего задания. Заключение

Ход урока:

Учитель:Hello, children!
Ученики:Good morning, teacher!
Учитель:And today Alex will help me. Alex, what date is it today and who is absent, please?
Ученики:Today is the 7th of October; nobody is absent.
Учитель:Remind me, please, what was your home task?
Ученики:Our home task was to perform ex. 12 on page 18 in our AB.
Учитель:Thank you. Sit down, please.
Учитель:Look at the blackboard and repeat after me: Early to bed, early to rise makes man healthy, wealthy and wise.
Ученики:(повторяют за учителем, затем самостоятельно)
Учитель:Books play an important role in our life because they are our teachers and advisers. They teach us how to take the next step when we are in a difficult situation. They help to shape our life.Take a look at what famous people have said about books and reading, try to use them in your speech.Reading makes a full man. (Francis Bakon)History books which contain no lies are extremely dull. (Anatole France)All books are divisible into two classes: the book of hour, and the book of all time. (John Ruskin)Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. (Richard Steele)Today we will speak about your favourite books. But before that make me wise about the following: explain in English:

What is a historical novel?

What is a horror story?

What is a romance?

What is a thriller?

What is science fiction?

What is an adventure story?

What is a fairy-tale?

What is a biography?

What is a western?

Ученики:(объясняют на английском языке)
Учитель:Now let us speak about books that your family is keen on. But before that let us read about one English family and their tastes in reading. Open your books at page 21. Read paragraph by paragraph and translate, please.
Ученики:(читают текст по абзацам, переводят)
Учитель:So, reading what books the members of the family are fond of?
Ученики:(отвечают, опираясь на текст)
Учитель:(учитель предлагает рассказать о любимых книгах учеников и членов их семей) And what about your own families?
Ученики:(рассказывают о любимых книгах семьи)
Учитель:Well, now let us do ex.2 on page 22. Read the quotation and say which book can say such words of?
Ученики:(читают высказывания о книгах, называют книги, подходящие под высказывание)

Учитель:                  Go on. Let’s discuss the next point of the plan. Is reading important?

На доске написаны опорные фразы:

– to make good reading/bad reading;

– make me think;

– events happen in real life;

– face difficult situation/crises;

– to take the next step;

– help to shape our life;

– develops my imagination;

– holds my interest right to the end of the book;

– rich imagination;

– create believable characters.

Ученики:                   Отвечают на вопросы.

Учитель:And last time we read “The Problem of Thor Bridge” by Conan Doyle. What words from the ex.2 can you say about it?
Ученики:(говорят свое мнение о прочитанной книге)
Учитель:Let us now revise some words from there. Here are the cards with the words and definitions in them. Your task is to read the definitions and match the correspondent words with them.
Ученики:(выполняют упражнение – см. Приложение 1)
Учитель:Now try to remember those words!
Учитель:Right. Now let us check your home task. Read the sentences of ex. 12 on page 18 (AB), paying attention to the tense and voice you use.
Ученики:(читают предложения упражнения, обращая внимание на использование правильного времени и залога)
Учитель:And now take these cards and match the title of the book with its author. Then we will check it. (см. Приложение 2)
Ученики:(сначала самостоятельно составляют пары, затем все вместе проверяют (учитель помогает))
Учитель:Well, now Ilya, tell us what we have done today.
Ученики:Today we have discussed our favourite books, revised the words and found out the authors of some books.
Учитель:Thank you. And your home assignment will be to write short compositions on the following quotations: in 10-15 sentences write, if you agree or not with the quotations given and why. (см. Приложение 3)
Учитель:That is all for today. Your marks are… Good-bye!

Приложение 1.

financier, villager, manager, governess, to suspect, motive, alibi, estate, villain, revolver bullet, innocent, attractive, a man of violent temper, to treat cruelly.

  • 1. Someone whose job is to manage.
  • 2. To think that someone is probably guilty.
  • 3. Good looking.
  • 4. A bad person or criminal.
  • 5. Not guilty of a crime.
  • 6. A woman that lives with the rich family and teaches their children.
  • 7. To behave towards someone violently.
  • 8. Someone who controls or lends large sum of money.
  • 9. An excuse for something you have failed to do or done wrong.
  • 10. A small piece of metal that you fire from a gun.
  • 11. A large area of land in the country with one large house.
  • 12. Someone who lives in a village.
  • 13. A cruel person of a bad temper.
  • 14. The reason that makes a person do something.

Приложение 2

1The school for scandala.William Shakespeare
2Jawsb.Graham Green
3Jane Eyrec.Charles Dickens
4Three men in a boatd.Lewis Carroll
5Robinson Crusoee.Robert Burns
6Oliver Twistf.Somerset Maugham
7King Learg.Daniel Defoe
8Of human bondageh.Agatha Christie
9Detective storiesi.Charlotte Bronte
10Songs and poems about Scotlandj.Peter Benchley
11Alice in Wonderlandk.J. M. Berrie
12Peter Panl.Richard Sheridan
13The third manm.Jerome K. Jerome

Приложение 3

  1. History books which contain no lies are extremely dull. (Anatole France)
  2. All books are divisible into two classes: the book of hour, and the book of all time. (John Ruskin)
  3. Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. (Richard Steele)
  4. A man ought to read just as inclination leads him; for what he reads as a task will do him little good. (Samuel Johnson)
  5. A classic is something that everybody wants to have read and nobody wants to read. (Mark Twain)
  6. Reading is a vital form of communication with all of mankind, and wisdom of many ages. (Olzhas Suleymenov)
  7. Books and friends should be few but good. (a proverb)
  8. There’s an old saying that all the world loves a lover. It doesn’t. What all the world loves is a scrap. It wants to see two lovers struggling for one woman. (Annymous)

Types of morphemes.
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